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How to Add a Subform in Access 2007

Microsoft Access is a very popular application used in databases. MicrosoftAccess is used vastly in relational database management system. Working withMS Access is not so tough and you can use it with ease, to store data in itsown format based on the Access Jet database engine. If you are workingwith Access then you can link the data with other applications ordatabase. There are many versions available for MS Access; current versionis Microsoft Access 2010.

When you are working in MS access 2007, you will often get to work withrelational data. So while working with related data that is stored data inseparate tables, then you need to view multiple tables or queries on thesame form. We will show you an example of customer data from one tableand information about customer orders from another table at the same time.To do this, subforms are the best and most convenient way in MS access2007.

Subform is another form inserted into the main form in MS access 2007. Ifyou combine a form and subform is called a hierarchical form, master/detailform or parent/child form. We use subforms to show data with a one-to-many relationship. You can add Subform in Access 2007; you just need tofollow the steps given below.


First step is open the MS access and also open the form to which you wishto add a subform. We recommend you to make sure that you are in designview, click on the view menu button and then click design view. In this viewyou can create and modify database objects.


Now you will have to activate the control Wizards toolbox and click on thetoolbox icon in the Form Design toolbar to display the toolbar options. If thecontrol Wizards tool is inactive then activate it by pressing it. Next step is toclick on the Subform/Subreport tool in the toolbar options. Now you have to
notice the change in mouse cursor, it will indicate that you are now in theadd form node.


You can place the subform by left-clicking anywhere in the form. Now nextstep is to follow the instructions in the SubForm wizard to choose an existingtable or forms as your data source. If you have not defined any existingform option then there will be no availability. When you enter the next page,you have to select specific data source and the available fields from thatdata source. Now you have to provide the name for your subform and markthe checkbox if you would like to display help while working on subforms.


Now after doing everything, click finish to complete the whole process.
You can also open a subform in new window in design view. We will tell howto do this, just click on the subform to select it. Now go to design tab andmove to tools group and at last click subform in new window.

How to Create a Microsoft Access Query with multiple criteria in one field

Microsoft Access is one of the most useful components of the Microsoft Office suite of applications that acts as a database management system. The latest version of the application, Microsoft Access 2010 had been launched in early 2010, with Access 2007 being the earlier one. In its own format, Access stores data based on the Access Jet Database Engine and is also used for linking or importing data, which is stored in other applications and/or databases.

Although the software often creates problems for beginners who are not well versed with its uses, it has proved to be an extremely important application for professionals who work on it everyday. Its uses are being applied through other MS Office programs such as Word, Excel, Power Point and MS Outlook. Among the traditional features, users can access the application for creating queries, tables, forms and reports and for connecting them together with macros. It also has the facility to be able to link to data in its existing location and then using it for viewing, querying, reporting and editing.

Creation of queries, being one of the well known uses of the software, is often used a lot. A simple query can be created without much effort or knowledge; however creating one that uses multiple criteria for a field requires considering few things in mind. It is just like running a filter on the query results. For instance, if you have a table containing the complete addresses of your friends, you can run a query that would display brief information for those who stay in San Francisco, or for those who live in San Francisco and whose first name start with the letter ‘D’.

Instructions for creating an MS Access Query that uses multiple criteria in one field

Step 1: You need to first create a query in the usual manner. By using the example given above, you would need to include the fields ‘First Name’ and ‘City’. For creating a simple query, you can open the Database window, and then select ‘New’. From the dialog box that opens, click Simple Query Wizard and click on OK to go further.

Step 2: Getting back to the process of creating a query that uses multiple criteria in one field, select the query from the Database window in Query view.

Step 3: Click on Design and the query opens in Design view. Click in the Criteria text box in the ‘First Name’ field.

Step 4: Enter Like “D*” in the criteria text box to search for friends whose name begins with ‘D’, and press Enter.

Step 5: Enter ‘San Francisco’ in the Criteria text box for the ‘City’ field and press Enter.

Step 6: Switch to Datasheet view and you would see a list of all those friends who live in San Francisco and whose names begin with letter ‘D’.

You can try to experiment with your queries to see the results when you select certain criteria. However, setting different criteria could be complex and you need to expect a learning curve before you perform more complex operations.

Microsoft Access 2010 Cost Benefit Analysis

It is created for web developers who mare mainly linked to PHP, joomla, wordpress etc. It is a step that has eased the development platform for the web developers. It is a new field of advancement for web development agencies.

But it has many faults .It can also be used for creating different types of desktop applications. But it is lacking in many fields in the development area. If any user or organization wants to use it, they can easily access it from the web . There are two ways by which it can be done:

Step1. The user or firm has to create a newly and branded web based Visual studio compatible application. After this the server would be doing its work on .net for all the purpose which includes reading, writing and accessing of the database. But note down that the software that is used for doing this is not used and is not even present anywhere in the scenario. In other words the scenario that is being used is bit tough and requires well-trained and skilled developers who should have good knowledge of Ajax.

Step2. This step involves the installation level by the user, firm or organization. The user has to install the software on the share point server and then use all the other required web development and access related tools and software that exist in access.

For developers who have to access, the 2nd step is a much simpler and natural approach. With the help of these kinds of users organization can continue developing inside the Access.

As share point server is a new entry in the market and growing fast. It is one of the most on demand application in the current IT market and thus its usable cost is more and is increasing day by day. So its use while implementing the above application increases the implementation cost. Moreover users are not much friendly with share point server so it creates more complex for the users. Thus use of share point server is currently one of the drawbacks for easy implementation of above application.

Thus while implementing and analyzing users take into concern both cost as well as the complexity factor created by the guest software. So after the complete analysis alternatives are also analyzed for problems if required.

The Microsoft Access 2010 cost benefit analysis has its own pros and cons but almost all the firms using and implementing it are finding it profitable for one or the other reason. For the complexity is concerned it is just for few days till the users don’t get friendly with the newly developed applications in the IT market. With the time users will advance and these type of applications will be profitable in each and every respect. Many well known it firms are already considering it a boon for the It industry management.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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