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First Look: Microsoft® Office 2013

Designed with Windows 8 in mind, Microsoft Corp. has unveiled the customer preview of Microsoft Office 2013. The most recent version of Microsoft Office is primarily an effort to make over the market-leading productivity suite from merely a computer-based application to a software that can be conveniently used on any device, and from anywhere.

Incorporating an intuitive design that works well with stylus, touch, keyboard or mouse across novel Windows-based devices, the new producitivity suite has so much to offer. Its prime highlights are:

SkyDrive: Microsoft Office 2013 by default saves documents to SkyDrive, offering anytime access to content across all Windows-based devices.

Inking: The newly revealed Office 2013 enables using stylus for creating content, taking notes and accessing features. It also lets you handwrite e-mail responses, add color to content and erase mistakes.

Stay connected: An intriguing aspect about the lately released Microsoft Office 2013 is that it includes the ability to follow people, documents, teams and sites in SharePoint. To always remain up-to-date it allows viewing and embedding video, pictures and Office content in the activity feeds.

Reading, markup: The Read Mode in the latest Microsoft Office 2013 Word offers an advanced reading experience that adjusts according to the screen size of your device. Also, there is an option to zoom in or zoom out content, view revision marks, and stream videos in the docs.

Touch everywhere, utility apps, new subscription services, and digital note-taking are some other aspects incorporated in the brand new Microsoft Office 2013 suite.

The latest productivity suite by Microsoft features dramatically improved Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft PowerPoint application programs.


Microsoft® OneNote Mobile application for iPhone®

OneNote Mobile for iPhone is now available on the App Store. The application requires iOS 4.2 or later and a Windows Live ID. This is not the first Microsoft application for iOS. However, this is the first time that a component of the Office suite is available on another platform than Microsoft, because OneNote is not yet available on Mac. OneNote provides an opportunity to create text notes, as well as view and edit them.

Features such as inserting images in documents, support lists and checkboxes, allow users to create a variety of useful documents such as shopping lists, work schedules, etc. Through the integration of the product with cloud service Windows Live SkyDrive, smartphone owners will be able to access personal documents from mobile device and PCs, and synchronize the changes. It is worth mentioning the possibility of uniting the scattered notes in groups, as well as support for mobile access to the workbooks created in OneNote 2010 for Windows or OneNote Web App.

OneNote is also closely integrated with the various components of the phone, for example with the digital camera. With this function, students can capture on camera the image of blackboard in the classroom and then save the picture as a note. OneNote is part of Microsoft Office, but other Office applications from Microsoft are currently available only for Windows-compatible mobile phones (except for Microsoft Communicator Mobile for Nokia). Full-featured mobile version of Office can only run on devices based on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft officials have reported that in the future owners of Nokia phones should expect new products with Office components. The proposed version of OneNote Mobile was originally designed to run on iPhone, however, the application should work successfully on devices such as iPad or iPod Touch. According to the manufacturer for a limited period of time, the application can be downloaded from iTunes App Store for free. This application will prove a real boon for users of the iPhone.

Microsoft® OneNote iPhone® App Review

One more app is making headlines in connection with the Apple iPhone, namely the OneNote application from Microsoft. The app has been launched and lets you operate OneNote from anywhere. This interesting cloud application, basically a Web App brings in a revolution in terms of a change in perspective of making available applications on platforms of erstwhile stiff competitors namely Microsoft and Apple.

A basic word processor, OneNote can enter keyboard typed text, pictures or images and create tables. However, it is an unbound document where you can write anywhere virtually. It also does not require the act of saving as it naturally gets saved somewhere. Introduced with Microsoft Office 2003, OneNote has become popular. While it resembles the tabbed ring-binder, it is saved in pages to form a notebook. While word processors are organized to save documents as files, OneNote is used to collect, organize and share material and lets multiple edits where the changes are merged automatically.

While OneNote has been used on laptops and desktop PCs, it is also now enabled to be used on tablets and smartphones. Images, scans, embedded documents and photos can be stored as notes on OneNote. You can also search electronic ink annotations as text. Another interesting feature is that a search can be made for audio recordings with phonetics. Keeping OneNote Mobile free for some time, Microsoft has done the unimaginable, introduced the app for an Apple smartphone in the same name as OneNote before announcing a pricing structure for the same. Please note, it is absolutely essential to have a Windows Live ID for being able to use OneNote or access it over the web.

Enhancing Note taking Features through One Note

Making notes is a good habit for you as it can help to remember any important event or date. You can do planning and you can represent your ideas. Notes are becoming the major daily activity of the daily life for professionals and for even housewives. It is used to keep track of all the important thugs which one does not want to forget. In real world, everyone uses paper notes and dairy to make notes but this is history now, you cannot carry a bunch of notes when you are going to meet client or there is also a possibility of missing these notes or it can be misplaced. It is also very hard to manage these paper notes, so Microsoft has come up with the solution called Microsoft OneNote 2010. It is a standard application which can be used to make, manage and edit notes.

Below you can read some points to understand how to get more from the notes you take every day and everywhere.

Keep your own meeting minutes without learning shorthand

If you want to get the details of something important from a meeting or from any important presentations then preparing notes is a useful option because these notes can be used to refer for future references. Many a times, when we come out of any meeting or any presentation, we forget some important points or task assigned to us; notes can help to remember such things.

Gone are the days when offices used to have shorthand professionals to keep the notes from meetings, now it can be done very easily by using Microsoft OneNote 2010.

Organize your notes for follow up.

If you have to compile a list from meeting notes and the notes are on different pages or may be in different sections then you can’t sit and compile them all in OneNote 2010. You can use tag feature in OneNote which require follow up things that you want to remember like questions and any other categories of tags. If you are creating tags then you can get an instant summery of your notes like you just have to type tags regarding your notes and you will get all of your notes related to the tags.

Access and Compile the notes that you want in no time

Suppose you have to find an important note that you made some days back and that note can be on any page of your notebook, then you can use OneNote which is a great solution for your notes by Windows. All you need to do is just to go to search option of OneNote and it will provide list and links to every related note and you can find your notes easily.

You can get your notes and share virtually

You all know that internet is everywhere around us. So why not use for your notes even if you are far away from your place, it is possible for you to access and share your notes. With Windows new program OneNote 2010 you can easily get access to your notes whenever you want and wherever you and the best part is that you can share your notes worldwide and other people can access your notes even if they don’t have an OneNote 2010 program.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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