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How Install Microsoft Outlook 2003 on Citrix Servers

In a system, when the case arises that the Microsoft Windows Server edition 2003 does encompass the terminal services at the same time as while the Citrix metaframe presentation runs on that particular computer, then access to the other computers which are connected to that server can be gained by the administrator of the network very easily. So, programs such as Microsoft Outlook 2003 can be installed on the computer while the setup file designed for the edition of the Microsoft Office 2003 in the complete software packet will have been included to the particular shared folder present on the domain server. Further, you can then select the Microsoft outlook edition 2003 available in the list of the office programs which can be accessed during the time of the installation procedure, so to install each program individually according to your convenience.

To do the above specified exercise, you might need a little more than just hardware. To carry out the task efficiently and correctly, you would need a running Windows Server 2003 and a Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server.

How to proceed with the steps:

To initiate, go to and click on the start button available on the desktop and further budge the mouse on the option labelled as the settings option. Then go and select the control panel option available in the list. Then, point your mouse and click twice on the add and remove programs option which is available in the option list, and so on go and select the option which reads as add new programs. Further, then select the option labelled as the cd or floppy and goes and clicks the button which reads next. A browse button will be visible, click in it and then on the available Citrix server you can locate the office installation folder which is stored on this server. On the available setup.exe file double click it and the select the open button by clicking it. Then, click on the button finish, and then on the screen the office setup will appear. Then write down the product key and the name into the given fields, and further click on the nest button visible. The user’s license would have an ‘I agree’ option, click it and then select the next button visible. Choose the location where you want to save the program, and select again the next button. Select the Outlook 2003 option from the list of the options which says choose which applications to install, and again click on next. Select the install button, from begin installation window, and then allow the time for the procedure to complete and then click the finish to exit out of the window and start using the application.

How to Configure Microsoft Outlook 2003 to Receive Yahoo! Emails

Just like Google’s Gmail, Yahoo! has it own e-mail services which are widely used across the globe. Some of the Yahoo! e-mail services are paid and some are free depending upon your region. Yahoo! provides POP access to its free users and to the paid users who take the POP subscription. With POP access you can configure and download the Yahoo! mails in our computers Outlook or Outlook Express as both these Email clients support POP configuration. For Configuring any Email account using POP you would some vital information like the POP server address, the SMTP server address, the POP port numbers and the encryption type, the SMTP port number and obviously your Username and the Password. If you have this information you are ready to configure any Email account via POP in any Email client of your choice. In this article we will tell you how to configure you Yahoo! mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003.

To start with Open Outlook and if there is no Email account configured in it then you will get the add E-mail account wizard open else you need to start the Wizard by going to Tools menu. In Tools menu click on Email Accounts and then click on Add a New Mail Account. From the account type selection box you need to select POP3 and click on Next. In the User Information box fill in your username and the password and your Email ID. Now in the Incoming mail server POP3 box you need to fill in the server address of your mail. This varies in case of Yahoo and the correct server address can be obtained by calling Yahoo~ support and asking the POP server address for your email account. Similarly enter the Outgoing Mail Server SMTP address after getting it from Yahoo!. While entering the username in this window make sure that you just type the user name and do not add the ‘@’ sign followed by domain name. For example if your email id is “” then your user name would just be “test”. If you wish you can let Outlook save your password, or if wish to enter it each time you access outlook then you can leave it unsaved. Now click on the button which says More Settings and under the General Tab type a name by which this account would be identified. This is for local use only and any name can be given to it. Click on the second tab which is Outgoing Server and select My Server Requires Authentication. Further down select Use same settings as my incoming mail server. Now click on the last tab and select Save a copy on the server option if you want a backup to be always present on Yahoo! server. In the same tab enter the POP port number as 995 and SMTP port number as 587. Click on OK and close all the settings windows. Now click on Send/Receive and your Yahoo mails will start getting downloaded in your Outlook’s inbox.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003