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Microsoft® offers free Windows® Azure trial

For those who are not yet familiar with the new upcoming term in the world of information technology, that is, Windows Azure, here is the meaning. Windows Azure is an operating system with cloud services. It will provide an environment for development, service hosting and service management. Microsoft is targeting consumers worldwide with multilingual support and the facility to integrate with the existing on-premises environment. It comes with a host of features like on-demand computing and storage. With the emergence of Windows Azure, the users of Microsoft Visual Studio need not worry. They can use their expertise on this new web development platform as well. In addition, popular standards and protocols are supported in Windows Azure.

As announced by the company officials, Microsoft is now offering up to 750 hours free usage on its Azure service to attract developers into trying cloud computing. The company further explained that this free trial would enable the developers to use Windows Azure without putting in any up-front investment costs. The offer succeeds another important development at Microsoft, that is, the promotion of Satya Nadella as the head of its US$15 billion server and tools business that took place a few weeks ago. The company is hoping that Nadella’s attempt at ramping up large scale consumer focused cloud services would be beneficial for them.

There are two options for the trial users. The first one is usage for 750 hours and the second one is for 25 hours. The cost would not pinch on the users’ pocket with a host of benefits that they will be able to enjoy with Windows Azure. Apart from being able to use your existing skills in familiar languages like Java, PHP and .NET, you can also be assured of being supported by a system that is trustworthy, being backed by a reliable service level agreement. It also gives a high quality service experience. In addition to this, you can also focus on your competent differentiators and search for new horizons to reap benefits. So, whether you are an expert developer or just a beginner, who still enjoys the popular languages, Windows Azure is for one and all to complete their dream web projects creatively.

Microsoft offers “HPC” on Azure

Azure is a Windows based cloud services operating system that serves as the development service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure platform, Windows Azure is a flexible platform that supports multiple languages and integrates with your existing on premises environment.

To build applications and services on Windows Azure, developers can use their existing Microsoft Visual Studio expertise in addition Windows Azure supports popular standards, protocols and languages including SOAP, XML, REST, JAVA, PHP and RUBY. Windows Azure is available now in 40 countries.

Microsoft Windows HPC server customers will soon be able to run high performance computing workloads on Windows Azure, Microsoft is announcing at this week’ SC10 super computing conference in New Orleans.

The first service pack for Windows HPC server 2008 R2, in the end of this year, Microsoft will let customers connect their on premises high performance computing systems to Windows Azure giving them on demand scale and capacity for high performance computing applications, Microsoft said.

Microsoft Windows is also providing an Azure resource for scientists that will not require an installation of Windows HPC server.

This service makes the National Center for Biotechnology information’s B last technology; it lets scientists search the human genome, available on Azure at SC10.

Microsoft said that, they will demonstrate the NCBI B last application on Windows Azure performing 100 billion comparisons of protein sequences.

This new Windows HPC service pack’s integration with Azure, In the interim, gives Microsoft what it believes is a key differentiator between it self and the likes of Amazon’s Elastic computer cloud, the ability to run super computing workloads across both in house software and over the internet on the cloud service.

The HPC software is really just a job scheduler that knows how to break up work and distribute it across a bunch of other services, integrating Windows HPC server with Azure lets a customer’s data center, talk to the Windows Azure system and spread work across the two he says, this makes sense for workloads that have large temporary spikes in calculations.

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