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Motion Computing launches CL900 tablet PC

Motion Computing, a global leader in providing mobile solutions in the form of tablet PCs, announced at the CES 2011, a rugged tablet designed exclusively for business applications. Motion CL900 is a tablet designed keeping mobility of use in mind and provides access to various utilities including data in an uninterrupted way. It is expected to be available for the end users in the second half of 2011. David Altounian, Motion CEO, said that the new product from Motion will ensure and allow user’s ability to take benefit of connected applications along with enhanced productivity features in remote areas. He also said that the new rugged and much worked upon solution package that Motion CL900 offers is especially designed and aimed for the business market. Motion CL900 features an option for device expansion. It boasts of 8 hours of uninterrupted battery life, giving its user an enhanced battery package to allow them more time on the job. It is lightweight and is less than 16mm in thickness. It also features scratch proof Corning Gorilla Glass and the innovative DuPont Vertak for enhanced viewing experience during adverse lighting conditions, and many add on features like mobile broadband with GPS, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth 3.0 and a slot for a wireless SIM for communication.

Motion CL900 has Microsoft Windows 7 and will be powered by the powerful Intel Atom processor. It is rumored to be Intel’s answer to the ARM based system on a chip architecture currently powering most tablet PCs. It comes with an IT support and service plan to help cut IT support cost to the business user. Its ultra strong and clear display comes with both stylus and touch input options. It has either 30 GB or 62 GB solid state drive (SSD) and 2GB RAM.

Eddie O’Brien, Microsoft U.S. OEM Vice President, said that Motion CL900 is born out of consumer demands to meet one of the fastest growing areas of enterprise expectations and demands, terming it as a business ready mobile tablet to improve productivity of business clients and workers and meet corporate security and other requirements. He further stated that by harnessing and utilizing the power of the Windows platform to bring out an innovation in the field of business mobile computing with an innovative form factor, Motion has set itself apart from others to reach across industries and compete in new business areas. It is planned for an introductory price of less than $1000 which is pretty competitive seeing its rugged uniqueness and features.

Citrix® XenDesktop Agent for Windows® 7

XenDesktop is a server virtualization application which brings a great amount of efficiency to IT infrastructure. XenDesktop is useful for security measures since it has the advantage of using thin clients as terminals. Migrating one conventional environment with the XenDesktop, you may require repositioning existing firewall or adding new perimeter firewalls. Suppose you have a perimeter firewall amidst a client and database server within a data center. When XenDesktop is used, that firewall has to be placed such that virtual desktop as well as the user device come to one side, and database servers and the controllers of data center come on the  other side. You need to, therefore, think about creating a partition within data center to hold servers and controllers that are used by XenDesktop. Also think of having a protection for the user device and virtual desktop.

All computers in the environment need to be protected with a personal firewall on each computer. When you install the virtual desktop agent, it will prompt for the consent to change the configuration of Microsoft Windows firewall that you add important program exceptions or any port exceptions such that the virtual desktop agent operates correctly.

All network statements need to be adequately secured using encrypted as ideal to match a security policy. You will be able to secure total communication between Microsoft Windows 7 computers with the use of IPSec. In addition, the contact between the user devices as well as desktops can be secured through SecureICA, which by default is configured to 128 bit encrypting. You may configure SecureICA when creating / updating assignments.

You may give users only the permissions they need. Microsoft Windows 7 privileges are always applied to desktops as is usual – so configure the privileges with user rights assignment and through group membership with a group policy. So this is one advantage of XenDesktop which is that you can give rights of user administration to a desktop and not giving physical control over the system in which the desktop is stored. When planning for rights please keep in mind that when the non-privileged user connects to any desktop, they can see what time zone of the system is, instead of a time zone on their user device.

A user also an administrator over a desktop keeps full control to that desktop. If it is a pooled desktop, a user should be trusted like all others, including any future users. All users need to know the probable risk to the data security which is posed by such situations. Using XenDesktop over Windows 7 as an agent, has the above privileges. It is therefore necessary when using a server based system on Windows 7 to assign the user rights appropriately. Moreover, it is necessary to do so such that the data center is secure from malicious attacks.

Fujitsu® to launch Windows® 7 business tablet

Japanese company Fujitsu has announced that it will launch a new Windows 7-based tablet computer called Fujitsu Stylistic Q550. The new Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet PC is basically designed for the enterprise users, which includes high level enterprise security. The new tablet will release in Hanover, Germany at CeBIT trade show 2011. The device houses an Intel ‘Oak Trail’ Atom processor with integrated GMA 600 graphics and runs on the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The new Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet PC comes with an anti-glare 10.1” LED backlit touch screen display which supports resolution up to 1280 x 800 pixels. It also supports touch interface, so users can operate the device with their fingers. The device offers dual cameras, one is front facing 0.3 megapixel camera and other is a 1.3 megapixel rear facing web camera. The tablet includes a 32 GB or 64 GB SSD (solid-state disk) drive with complete disk encryption. Fujitsu claims that this tablet PC will fulfill the demands of business as well as security requirements.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet has a stylus pen as an optional input method. With the help of inbuilt handwriting recognition software, the tablet automatically recognizes when customers are working with stylus pen. This time the tablet disables the touch input from the fingers and allows hands on screen without any interference. This pressure-sensitive pen also helps to make design charts, presentation, add texts or annotations to eBooks. Its new model includes an inbuilt fingerprint reader, smart card reader and Trusted Platform Module Chip (TPM) for security. The device combines 2 GB of RAM and integrates feature of a 3.5 mm audio jack and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 tablet includes Bluetooth, wireless LAN and optional connectivity of 3G broadband. According to the marketing manager of Fujitsu, Brad Hagan, other tablet PCs do not complete the security needs and requirements of the customers of enterprise worlds. The details of pricing and full specification have not been declared by the company yet. It has additional security features such as anti-theft protection and Trusted Platform Module. These features ensure data protection if the model was stolen or lost.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 provides download speeds of 14.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 5.76 Mbps. It includes some other exciting features such as HDMI output, optional mobile broadband, a simple mono speaker, GPS functionality and SD/SDHC memory card. It provides battery life of up to 8 hours, if customers require extra power and the battery discharges they can swap battery with another fully charged. The tablet will be available across the world by the end of April 2011.

Microsoft Windows 7 service pack to be released in 2011

Windows 7 is the newest Operating System of Microsoft built for use on Personal Computers home and business both, Laptops Netbooks tablets etc. Windows 7 was released in Oct 2009 with its server counterpart Windows Server 2008 R2.

Microsoft in its FAQs had stated that Windows Service Pack will be released in first half of 2011.

With the release of an update for users of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Microsoft has added fuel to rumors of Windows 7 Service pack ready for release. The Update KB976902 is stated as “a component required to install service packs”. It should be available in 1 or 2 weeks at the earliest. It is supposed to include a software pack for windows server 2008 R2 and workstation virtualization, also software for Microsoft Dynamic Memory which will allow Windows Server Hyper-V to dynamically allocate more or less memory as required to each virtual device. Also remote FX graphics are expected to be delivered at the end of the month. RemoteFX brings a boost to 3D applications and also helps deployment of Windows 7 through virtual machines using this technology. RemoteFX was acquired after the acquisition of Calista Technologies by Microsoft. Microsoft still insists these are ‘enhancements’ rather than new features. They might also inckude support for more third party federation services, better HDMI device support. The service pack is to look into several serious performance related bugs.

It is essentially a collection of security and other reliability patches which have already been previously released in the form of updates to the operating system. The first version of service pack has already been shipped to Original Equipment Manufacturers. This was reported in by TechNet through Microsoft’s Russian windows visualization team.

Windows 7 has been well received and its users are eagerly awaiting the Service Pack release. It has been a tremendous success compared to the Windows Vista. Windows Vista had such a poor reception that it was common for people to downgrade to XP however Vista and Windows 7 were both duly optimized for multicore CPUs and hard core performance in running heavy duty applications. Windows 7 also trumps Vista in booting with XP coming a close second and Vista a miserable third. Windows 7 delivered excellent results and proved its might by beating or coming close to the performance of the lightweight XP in just about every category of performance testing the three Operating Systems can be subjected to.

It comes as no surprise that many are waiting for the launch of a service pack and wondering how can Microsoft further enhance the Windows 7 experience.

Gadgets at CES 2011 for Microsoft Windows 7

At CES 2011 Microsoft features Glo Interactive Digital Bible on new Windows 7-powered slates. Glo will be featured in the online Windows product Scout. At the 2011 consumer Electronics show, Microsoft announced the Windows 7-powered Glo Bible slates. Glo bible is an award winning media rich interactive Bible and also it is very famous. Glo Bible is also the Winner of the 2010 Bible of the Year award and it was selected by Microsoft corp. to showcase it as a prome example of applications touch-turned to maximize the interactivity and features of the new slate devices. It was better than the slates featured at the Microsoft booth at CES in Las Vegas.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced many of the Windows 7-powered slates during CES presentation. CES trade show floor was filled with Microsoft and OEMs Windows 7 slates at their stalls including other applications such as Immersion digital Glo Bible. Mark Relph, senior director for Windows Ecosystem at Microsoft said at CES 2011 that “Glo on Windows 7-powered slate allows users to naturally explore the places they read about, zoom into maps and timelines, and explore the rich multimedia content of the Glo Bible. Glo is a great example of the kind of immersive experiences that can be created when an application takes full advantage of the power available on these PCs.”

Nelson saba, Immersion digital also mentioned that “We are honored by Microsoft’s acknowledgement of the potential of Glo on Windows 7-powered slates, and that our multi-device strategy is working to deliver this rich multimedia Bible wherever you go.” He also added that “Our Windows 7-powered slate debut and sneak peek at the iPad go a long way toward demonstrating Glo as a versatile digital publishing platform that exploits the power of today’s rich media-capable mobile devices.” They also showed a sneak preview of Glo on the ipad at the press event during CES.

Microsoft also developed a specific Windows product Scout site for the Glo in the new slate PC section. It will showcase a destination pre-loaded on slate PC that presents products identified by the Windows 7 team for compatibility, reliability and also it will get the most out from the touch-enabled Windows 7-powered slates. These new PCs will be available by the February 1st 2011 and also it will include a free downloadable version of Glo. It will also feature best selling #1 new international version (NIV) translation of the Bible used by more pastors and consumers than any other version. This product will also include multiple upgraded options.

Peter Centofante, Immersion digital director of product design and marketing told that “We are honored to be included in Product Scout, Product Scout will introduce Glo to many users who are already familiar with the value of mobile slate devices and are looking for meaningful content to enrich their lives wherever they go.”

A Critical Outlook of Windows 7

Since its release on July 22, 2009, Windows 7 was a deviation from the usually established mode of naming operating system by Microsoft. Windows 7 which is the current operating system released by Microsoft is considered by Microsoft to be the seventh generation of its operating system, hence the name Windows 7. Although, there are reports that Windows 8 is also in the pipeline. Windows 7 was launched in six editions namely: starter, home basic, home premium, business, enterprise and ultimate.


From the time of its launch, Windows 7 surpassed all marketing expectations when compared with other Microsoft operating systems within the same period of time. In the US alone, it recorded over 200 percent increase in sales forecast. This might be attributed to lower than expected sales price, which is as low as $55, and just $30 for students wishing to upgrade. Its many features make using the operating system a joy to computing; and it is available through a network of about 45,000 retailing shops both in and outside the US.

Knocks from other OS

Other computing giants are not sleeping and letting Microsoft have a run of the way. Top on the list is Linux with its new release called Ubuntu 9. This OS has received favorable rating from users around the world. This OS is also compatible with other peripherals such as printers, and can be adopted to suit several applications. But the most significant advantage of this OS is it is an open sourced OS. This has posed a great challenge to the demand for Windows 7.

Another OS challenging Windows 7 is from Apple Computers. With the launch of Apple’s Snow Leopard OS (MacOS X 10.6), Apple has once again repositioned itself back in to the game. With reported increase in sales figures, there is no doubt that they are biting into someone’s share of the market. Although Apple is primarily serving middle to high end users, while Microsoft sell OS licenses to low end market.

The major challenge to Windows 7 will come from Microsoft Windows XP. It is getting difficult to get people to jettison the good old XP for Vista, and the same thing may well repeat itself with Windows 7. Google on its part also announced the introduction of a PC Operating System to compete with Windows, although Google Chrome as it is called is an open source lightweight operating system designed to be web based (i.e. running inside the browser) with its primary focus on supporting the Chrome browser of Googles.

With all these challenges how does Windows 7 make it and still continue the dominance of Microsoft in the operating system environment. Some analyst has commented that the actual competition is between Windows 7 and Snow Leopard; but this might not be entirely correct as Microsoft more than concentrates on the low end market of PC, while Apple deals with middle to high end of the market. All these situations go to show that despite knocks and blows from several quarters, Windows 7 is still expected to perform as other Microsoft operating systems.

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