Sony has been offering free online games of late. Last time, it was DC Universe Online that became free-to-play. Now it is EverQuest II, another MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). This 3D fantasy game is a sequel to EverQuest, but with a different gameplay. It has high quality graphics and the user interface is more customizable than that of its predecessor. With another game made available to the users without any charges, Sony simply seems to embark upon the trend of freemium products. EverQuest II is expected to implement the changes by early December.

It is notable that the premium subscription for the game has been scrapped. There are only three different subscriptions available now – Gold, Silver, and Free. Some key changes brought up by Sony are as follows:

• Gold membership – It gives access to all races and classes. It has also been changed to non-recurring subscription. It is available at $15 per month.
• Silver membership – the subscription amount is reduced to 500 Station Cash from 1,000 Station Cash. In case you purchased this membership within 60 days prior to this change, 500 Station Cash would be refunded to your Station Wallet. It is available for $5 a month.
• Existing Platinum membership would continue until its validity period.
• The previous Bronze membership would now be termed as Free membership

However, the free level has some strings attached to it. Sony offers this game to be played online for free with some restrictions in playing options. A free member is limited to two characters and Adept-tier spell, which extends to four races and eight classes. You can purchase the other memberships with Station Cash or real-world currency.

To know the complete details on the new membership options and its implication on current members, visit executive producer Dave Georgeson’s blog.

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