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Norton for Smartphones

Days have past when mobile phones were just used for dialling and receiving calls. Now mobile phones come packed with many applications and intelligent features. Mobile phones these days are alternative for mobile computing and a device for helping you work when you move. Many mobile phones have features quite similar to those on a laptop or a notebook for keeping people in touch with their office mails, data, information, etc. These features require the phone to connect to the internet and thus makes phone vulnerable to the threats and viruses which have flooded the web by now. So far, cell phone viruses have not been a big threat, but the time is not far when these threats would require serious attention. The first Windows Mobile virus named “Duts” simply asked the owners permission to spread. It didn’t harm anything on the phone, but was an alarm for letting us know that mobile phones are also open for virus attacks. Mobile viruses can spread over Bluetooth, IR Beaming, SMS Messaging, Web browsing, and Email attachments. According to a survey done by Gartner, around 30% of US Smartphone users receive email attachments on their cell phones. As the number increases so will the risk of infection will increase.

We need not to panic as Norton has launched one of its latest products termed as “Norton Smart Phone Security” in the market for protecting the phones against such attacks.

Norton Smartphone Security protects your private and personal information on your mobile device. It stops hackers and prevents cybercriminals from stealing your information when you connect your phone to a public network. It filters annoying text/messages/multimedia content to reach to your phone. It detects and cleans viruses and other mobile threats before they could harm your phone, or the data stored in its memory.

Norton Smartphone Security Software is easily downloadable and installs on your mobile device within no time. It checks for updates every week and ensures the presence of most recent virus definitions on your phone. It doesn’t affect your mobile device’s performance or speed, but might add up the carrier charges in your phone bill.

As of now Norton Smartphone Security for Symbian/Microsoft Windows Mobile is launched and is available for purchase. It also comes with a 30 days free trial period.

Norton Smartphone Security is available for the following Operating Systems:

  • Symbian : 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile  : 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5

Minimum Requirements for installing Smartphone Security would be:

  • 1.8 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 5.0 pocket PC edition
  • 1.8 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 6.0 Professional edition
  • 1.7 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 5.0 Smartphone edition
  • 1.7 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 6.0 Standard edition
  • 1.1 MB of storage space on Symbian OS 9 series

Social Networking Technologies

Computing has taken a new turn lately as more sophisticated technologies are being invented and introduced into the market. Some of these technologies are just mind blowing. Imagine standing in front of a camera and your image is printed out with a nice background and all the necessary visual effects added to it. Better still is being able to speak to someone who speaks a different language over the phone and you understand everything he says perfectly. This is where technology has brought us today.

Emerging Technologies

At the recently held Web 2.0 Expo and TechFest, Microsoft showed off new user interfaces, developing technologies and other things the IT community can be hopeful for. The most interesting of the exhibited technologies was the live language translation software. This software combines machine translation, speech recognition and text to speech technologies to give users the ability to interact with others who speak languages different from theirs in real time. There are occasional errors though, but the program acts as a good translator medium.

Real time computing, also known as reactive computing has caught up with us with the introduction of systems that are subject to time constraints. The operation of such technologies is subject to deadlines from the triggering of an event and the time the system responds to the event. Failure to meet deadlines in real time systems such as car control systems, artificial heart pacemakers and industrial process controllers can lead to fatal consequences.


Microsoft also exhibited a social networking application, which is a smart aggregator rather than just another social networking service. This application called the Spindex takes all feeds from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services and combines all those feeds into one service. This application also does personalized trending and fetches articles of interest to the user through another application.

Another interesting technology that has become common is the social networking services. These services allow users to connect to lost friends and find new ones. Most social networking services allow for chatting, and exchange of messages among the users. Users also share images, videos, games, documents and other stuff on social networks.

Social networking services are also instrumental marketing services. Many firms, large and small are using social networking services to sell their products and services. They have also found their way into criminal investigations. Information posted by users on these social networking services are being used as evidence against users in criminal cases.

Mobile computing has also taken a center stage in today’s computing world. Most of these innovative applications have versions made for mobile phone users. The Microsoft speech recognition program for instance has a mobile version that can be installed and used on mobile phones. Most social networking services also have mobile services. The Microsoft Spindex does mobile social networking better by integrating all the other social networking services into one and delivering it to your mobile phone.

These technologies now define information and communications technologies for today. If you are not on a social network yet or are on more than one, try Microsoft’s Spindle to make your life easier. You can also go for their translation program to help you communicate with your friends who do not speak English.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003