Early last week Google released a series of new features for better mobile management and security systems in Google run applications. This is a new addition to the already released host of mobile management capabilities in Google Applications cloud suite, earlier this year.  The new applications will have enhanced features supporting both administrators as well as connection providers of iPhone, Nokia and Windows enabled Smartphone’s.

Enhanced data security

Enterprise or premier customer’ employees are able to access company data via their iPhone or Smartphone; while ensuring the administrators of the enterprise can also limit, control and/or specify what and who access the company data with better security data encryption. The security update also helps administrators to auto-erase device data after a certain amount of failed password attempts; while also disabling the camera functionality. The security feature ensures old passwords and not reused as well reminding users of periodic change of passwords. In order to save roaming charges by employees, the security capability will disable all data synchronising when a device is outside of a territory or zone.

Google thinks

The company announced that the new updates would be available to all Google applications customers of Premier and Education packages. Google’s software engineer Dale Woodford in a blog post said it is the priority of his company to provide seamless access to each individual’s data and also ensuring the administrators can manage the data traffic to each employee’s mobile devices.  He also said Google is continuing to make or better device management options, at the same getting more devices to be able to work on their system. Google applications will also be available to be used on Android, towards the end of this year.

Mobile device controls

These new additions will further better the mobile device control features now available within Google Applications. These Google Apps lets you remotely wipe all data from lost or stolen devices; auto lock mobile phones if reported inactive for prolonged period of time; along with password security which ensures required password length, periodic updates, and compulsory alphanumeric password requirements.  The new management functionality gives options and power of usability to both end users and administrators, and also helping remote access of the data via Google Apps control panel for both users and administrators; especially administrators benefit since without the need of any additional software and dedicated servers they can manage the traffic of data to each mobile user in the enterprise.

Google had already launched the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry users earlier this year, along with updated functionality for Gmail, Google calendar as well as updated Google docs for mobile devices running on Android. The new added features to the Google applications will help Google’s penetration into the mobile market even better and ensuring enhanced functionality with the Google Apps clouds suite. The new additional functionality introduced by Google is Google Sync for the same group of iPhone, Nokia and Windows enabled Smartphone; this will help sync various programs like mail, contacts and calendar from each mobile device, so they can also be remotely accessed from Google Apps.