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Microsoft® pushes more Kinect-like user interfaces

When Kinect was brought in by Microsoft, the handheld controllers for human voice commands and gestures were done away with. But now in a reversal, Microsoft wants that not just Kinect, but also Kinect-like interfaces to be used for games and other products. In other words, it is Microsoft’s opinion that natural user interfaces like Kinect should not be simply restricted to video games.

The officials of Microsoft also disclosed that their research team was busy in developing new products that will be using technology that is similar to the natural user interface like Kinect. They are of the view that these days with the world of technology changing so rapidly, it is highly important that interfaces are more intuitive, easy to use and much more adaptable to human habits and wishes.

Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group is doing research and working towards developing smart and interactive displays by making use of technology involved in Kinect. The technology put to use also includes the one that improves the display of 3D images. With plans of improving upon the display of 3D imagery, Microsoft is developing a Kinect-based virtual window that can track a user’s position relative to a 3D display to create the illusion of looking through a window.

Apart from this there is something else upon which Microsoft is working with full focus and that is the ability to include face recognition in videos. So you can dream of a future when an Xbox will have the ability of recognizing people sitting in their living room. Actually many of its 17 projects that were displayed by Microsoft at the Tech Fest 2011 make use of the natural user interfaces. Among the projects at display were: 3-D Photo-Real Talking Head (that comes with freely controlled head motions and facial expressions). It also extends the 2-D photo real talking head to 3-D.

Among other projects on display were: 3-D Scanning with a Regular Camera, Retro-Reflective Air-Gesture Display, Steerable Multiview Display, Fuzzy Contact Search for Windows Phone 7, High-Performance Cancer Screening, Interactive Information Visualizations and MirageBlocks.

Imagine yourself creating your 3-D content instead of just watching it. Microsoft is taking an initiative to demonstrate a technology that will allow to do this with your regular camera. According to Microsoft, a user will be able to create 3-D images by spinning it around on their screen, tablet or mobile device.

Then there is another project that will be helpful for business customers. Cloud data analytics will bring the cloud mapping options to Excel and that would result in making much easier the navigation of large sets of data. You also have “Fuzzy” contact search for Windows Phone 7 that solves the problem of typing in incorrectly the name on a smartphone that is used by a consumer.

Corning Inc. Notices Excellent Raise- Increasing demand of LCD TVs

Corning sales have been on a serious hike lately as the company is facing strong demand from the market. Corning Inc. has come up with a real high sales and profits because of the fact that the glass that is being used in mobile devices, LCD screens and telecommunication equipments is in a high demand because all these different products are in a high demand around the world.

The company defines the recent earning and time frame as being an exceptional quarter as both the ceramics and glass giant has come up with serious profits in the recent past.

Financial Figures:

The second quarter of 2010 that ended on June 30 has accounted for the sales to be somewhere around $1.71 billion that is quite impressive. The figures are 23% higher than the last year that accounted fewer sales on the overall. The sequential gain in the overall sales is 10% compared to the first quarter of the same year. The profit was even impressive as the company gained around $913 million profit that was on a real hike compared to the 49% less profit in the previous year. The sequential rise in profits accounts to be somewhere around 12% with earnings per share of $0.58 in the second quarter.

Market Trend:

The largest business of corning came up with the highest profit this year compared from the previous year. There was a 24% rise in the display technologies precisely. Most of the display technology was being used up in the field of LCD televisions. There were quite a lot of sales of LCD TVs around the globe that accounts for the high demand in the technology that is used up for display purposes. Analysts expect that the demand for the LCD televisions will stay on the hike for the rest of the year ensuring excellent revenue for the rest of the fiscal year as well.

LCD TV is penetrating through the market and is coming up as an excellent trend altogether as more and more people are purchasing the TV due to the convenience it offers in terms of handling and the picture quality that it is offering as time is passing. The trend of the classical CRT television has come to an end finally. In addition to that, China is expected to become the world’s largest consumer market of LCD TVs so the company is expecting to do healthy business with them in the future as well.

Corning Inc. is also planning to come up with an exclusive glass substrate facility production in China and it has also restated the expansion project of its LCD glass manufacturing site in Taichung, Taiwan just to meet the overwhelming demand of LCD televisions in the region.

Out of all that Corning Inc. have earned in the first quarter of this year, most of it was coming from the display technologies because of the fact that more and more people are interested in the enhanced display technologies than anything else in the world.

Dell LIGHTNING- The Ultimate Windows 7 Mobile Device

DELL Computers became the first company to launch a mobile based on Windows 7 platform.

DELL Lightning, a Windows 7 phone is all set to launch in the second quarter of this coming year. It has been tagged as the most awaited and most critical mobile of the decade by some of the Internet geeks. This mobile is important and critical for the software giant Microsoft, as its future in mobile computing lies on this platform. Microsoft has been facing a lot of competition after the entry of Android platform from Google. Android has been adapted by several companies alongside Microsoft’s mobile platform. Talking about the phone, it comes with a range of features that include 1GHz Qualcomm processor with 4.1 inch WVGA OLED display. The phone has an amazing five megapixel camera with integrated autofocus which also can be used in place of a digital camera. The phone comprises of 512 RAM and a staggering one GB of flash memory. The users have always wanted faster file transfer service which can be achieved now with its flash memory.

In addition to that there is a provision of an extendable eight GB MicroSD memory card which can hold approximately 3000 songs or ten movies. Its OLED screen provides brilliant contrast and visibility to users. To add up  with mobile’s connectivity, the company has provided USB 2.0 which is an essential element for faster file transfer. Its USB 2.0  offers the capacity of transferring up to 400 megabytes per second. The phone also features a 1400 mAh battery, Bluetooth device and offers Wireless broadband  and Wireless LAN b/g/ connectivity services to its users.

The phone comes with a portrait slider. Still they’re not going to match the specifications sheet, which looks even better as said above. The phone is 3G equipped which if not provided now due to some technical reasons.

The phone is also equipped with a GPS system, accelerometer, compass, and FM radio. DELL Lightning offers full flash support services, including video playback and many more.  As said the specifications are on a high note will be surely appreciated by its users. The only thing in waiting is the acceptability of the portrait slider. Though it has QWERTY keyboard, only the new and innovative portrait slider will be hinted upon. The phone shall support many music formats, such as WAV, MP3, MP4, ACC, ACC+, AMR and MIDI. The video formats that shall be supported are h263/h264, 3GP, WMV, MPEG4, and DivX.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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