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AppShopper app for iOS keeps you updated with new releases

AppShopper is an online application store for mobile devices. It is an all in one application solution store for the users all over the world. And what more this is all in one and very handy and easy to keep and handle. Here are all the apps for your device to make it more interesting and to make it friendlier. For your convenience it is categorized in different groups. Like there are applications under the name of popular applications, utilities, games, applications under the category of entertainment, and many more. You name it and AppShopper has it. What’s more there are applications that are categorized in groups like paid and free applications.

With the AppShopper, online shopping becomes very interesting and quite amusing. The best thing about this is that AppShopper is all convenient to handle. As per the news coming from sources it is believed that there is a plan to launch electronic magazines on the iPhone. It is believed that the entire magazines with complete catalog will be available on the AppShopper.

Another application which is available on AppShopper is Kik Messenger; it is a cross platform messaging application. It was revealed that this messenger has the facility to send and receive pictures and text messages with more than one people at the same time. With these applications it is all possible for one to share all the golden moments with one’s special friends. Applications like Google Earth and GPS make you able to stay informed about your location. AppShopper is all there to make your life more colorful and enjoyable.

How to Write Apps

Many people have written interesting and unique apps for computers and portable mobile devices. Earlier only good software developers could write apps. Well, times have changed. Today, a little software development experience can help you in developing apps. There are many support platforms and wizards available from various resources. Apps have become a really major and important aspect in the development and growth of most OS platform developers.

These days it is very common and easy to build your own app. Without the knowledge of programming and scripting also, with the use of a number of tools available, even non-developers can easily write apps. Some popular app development platforms, include SwebApps, PhoneGap, Kumulos, NSBasic, E-potion, IBuildApp, GameSalad, BuildAnApp, MyAppBuilder, MobBase, Kanchoo, RedLaser, and a whole range of many such app development tools. Just like a web page development, you can fill in content and write small routines, link them with a wizard and publish them. In Android, you can also test them on your own Android-based phone.

In the case of Apple iOS, even if you build an app you are expected to send it to App Store and get approval for the same. Besides, the iOS developer tools also need to be used and good development knowledge is essential. App writing can be real fun and it does not take much time to create an interesting app whether for fun or for a useful purpose. In the case of Windows Phone 7, the app hub of Microsoft provides a lot of resources. You need to be a real experienced Windows user to gain useful advantage. Of course if you learn to write on Windows, the same skills can help you to write games on the Xbox live online gaming platform.

In the case of the HP WebOS, you can use the same language that you use for creating a website. You can also write them on the web with the Ares Web App. The Google Android App Inventor is another interesting platform for writing programs in Java. The App Inventor is an interesting tool. You can develop your app in a visual way, even using a logical series of puzzle like components based on functionality and the specific interactions needed by you. A little amount of research, a creative mind and simple innovative approach, using the wonderful tools available, you can become an app writer.

RealPlayer® updates for Android™

A new version of RealPlayer has been launched for the Android operating system. It has many improvements and new features, including support for playlists. This download is now fully configurable with mobile devices. One of the improvements is the addition of a new widget to control the playback of tracks. Finally, the application interface has been redesigned. In addition it now supports the landscape mode. The application RealPlayer for Android has undergone an update as stated above. The application is a multimedia player that centralizes all your files, music, videos and photos. RealPlayer is presented as an ideal solution for managing and organizing your media files.

This update adds two major elements, managing playlists and the appearance of a widget .The application is free to download now on the Android Market. The RealPlayer updates include a new design of the screen, widget that allows playback from the home screen, improved graphics, improved way to select the folders for music, videos and photos, music playback in landscape mode, play music by folder, hide the status bar in the video, ability to select the visual mode (16:9 or 4:3), and added support for music playlists. Thus, RealPlayer app for Android-based phones helps you in experiencing high quality music.

Samsung® Acquires Liquavista to Compete in Display Technology

Samsung Electronics has announced the acquisition of Dutch company Liquavista. Samsung plans to establish itself as a leader in displays for mobile devices. In order to compete with Nokia and Apple, the company Samsung has reportedly taken this step. Liquavista was founded in 2006, when it separated from Philips Research Labs. The company has developed a new type of technology for electronic displays known as electrowetting, which allows the display of color images with a significant reduction in energy consumption. The technology can be used in applications for e-readers, cell phones, media players and other mobile devices. With the acquisition, Liquavista becomes a business unit of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics has acquired all the shares of Liquavista. Samsung will be able to obtain significant synergies through the use of current facilities and capabilities. It uses two immiscible liquids which are applied in an electric current to obtain color variations. The technique is different from companies like E-Ink, but produces a close result, which can be used in e-book readers or electronic gadgets. Liquavista has actively worked on the displays and e-paper color, and is also capable of handling moving images and video, which is one of the great challenges ahead of e-paper. After several years of refinement of technology and availability of development kits, Samsung should be able to power forthcoming commercial products using technologies of Liquavista.

Microsoft Partners with Research In Motion

Research in Motion Limited (RIM), famous for being the company who was the creator of the Blackberry Smartphone may make a good partner for Microsoft. RIM’s stock price has been sliced in half since June 2009 where a series of disappointing earnings calls started for the Canadian-based company.

RIM’s shareholders as well as the company itself believe that a sell-off has been overdone. The company even announced that there would be a share buyback plan for its earnings call in June.

In the area of high end phones, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are the ones sustaining the market dominance. For RIM, its growth has been limited and regulated to the emerging markets. The emerging markets may be a thriving and growing market but it is also cost sensitive.

Selling high end devices in cost competitive markets leads to a declining revenue per device sold. And the Wall Street Journal doesn’t really fancy awarding high multiples to companies that are growing just because of lower prices for their products.

Since Apple and Android are in dominance, the industry is in a pressure to support these devices. RIM should change its business model such that it would goal to dominate these mobile devices. This can be done by developing software and applications for these high end phones.

As Microsoft is positioned to develop Microsoft Windows Phone 7, it will be the next generation operating system for smart phones. With RIM’s Blackberry running a next generation Win Phone 7 OS, the result is a very good synergy and back into the game future for both companies.

Another strategy that can be employed though is that Microsoft would provide an exclusive contract with RI to produce the software for its Blackberry phones without the need for a merging partnership. This option might actually be better since a buyout would be harder to negotiate.

There was also the issue of Microsoft’s failed attempt to buy out Yahoo and that issue is still quite fresh in Microsoft’s mind. Mike Lazaridis, RIM President, Co-CEO and the one who founded the company, may be as bull-headed as Yahoo and surely wouldn’t be in the mood to sell-off his baby.

Partnering with Microsoft to deliver the best operating system for phones would be a great step for RIM towards being positioned back in the market for high end phones. For this to happen, both companies should realize that their new ventures would fail without each other’s support. The newest Blackberry would fail alone as well as Win Phone 7.

The possibility of a partnership between the two companies is not really sure to be possible since talks of a possible merge has not yet been heard of but it is indeed going to be a viable partnership if ever it will commence someday. The partnership would be a truly blockbuster move for both companies. While this materializes, we could just wish that the iPhone and the Android would stop innovating for a while awaiting this anticipated development.

Latest Updates in Navigation Technology

Mapping and mapping software are a great help in the world of internet today. They provide you with direction, services, help and guidance. There was a trend when people used to ask locals in order to search for some place, now they used Google’s maps instead. They have been drawn so precisely that you can get to the accurate place with just the map support. Different services around the world are making this experience more interactive.

The latest development in the mapping world is the integration of Yelp, Gowalla and FourWhere at the single place.


Foursquare the forms the basis of FourWhere is a location based networking that has its own software for computer and mobile devices. There is also a game associated with the network. The social networking helps registered users to check in through their mobile texts or through the mobile application about the location they are at and that helps them update their locations to their friends and family. The project is being taken up by Yahoo Inc.


Gowalla started up as a social networking game on the basis of locations. The website stand-alone provides members with a feature to spot through their locations. The service runs through mobile applications or mobile websites. There used to be rewards on check-ins as well and the website was having some 150,000 users in the latest reviews.


Yelp is a service that lets you search for your desired services, communities around a specific location on the map. You enter addresses and the destination that you are after and you get results in the form of list that is usually rated by the users as well. Other details such as timings, nearest car parks, visitor counts are all given in order to best facilitate you with the location. This information is available through internet and mobile based applications.


FourWhere is a combination of all these services that update information from all the different sources once you move around on the map. Google maps have been used in all the development of this combination. It gives you with all the information about the location that you clicked for. The service automatically detects your location in case you are logging in from a computer or even a mobile device.

The combination of Yelp and Gowalla are nice features that would certainly help you have reviews about the location of your choice. It could possibly be quality of services at a local restaurant, a barber shop or anywhere around the place. The developers are also trying to integrate an intelligent system into the website to make sure that you have suggestions with respect to similar venues once you serve the platform. This system would also integrate locations that have been marked on the map with similar names just to make sure that you don’t get to the wrong place.

The site along with the information integrations from around the different platforms would certainly come up as something reliable as well as informative for all the users out there. You can get as much information about the venue of your choice that is available on the said platforms.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003