Microsoft is not planning a Games platform as per reports. According to Microsoft, it is not planning a standalone gaming platform in the Xbox range. Microsoft has taken up a non-responsive stand towards developing a gaming platform and says that Windows 7 serves as a gaming platform.

Taking a stance on the handheld gaming, it has declared that Windows phone 7 platform is its gaming platform. Similar to Google’s Android software, the Windows Phone 7 is available for a variety of mobiles. There is not going to be a specific platform development for gaming as Peter Unangst, the senior global director of PC declares.

At present there are 5500 applications designed for the Windows Phone 7 platform. However, it is not known how many of these applications function for the gaming apps. Tech bloggers discovered an icon on Windows Phone 7 platform to Angry birds; they thought that this was Windows’ entry to the gaming platform. Much as this rumor was reported baseless, Windows Phone 7 is serving as the gaming platform offering apps to development of games. It was also reported the image was mistakenly posted on the Microsoft website and was not what it seemed like.

Microsoft’s motion controller Kinect has been released for about two months and there’s the adult company Thrixxx looking to produce 3-D sex game.

Microsoft, the maker of Kinect and Xbox, has immediately put down speculation that such game’s ability to pass certification process.

Kinect allows video game members who play the game to move characters with the use of real life actions made possible with a 3-D scanning and manipulation of objects. Kinect puts to use cameras and microphones to track movement and use voice commands like a controller.

So the Web has been buzzing earlier the present week when Thrixxx, Austria based game company, posted an article and video on YouTube which featured a 3-D game for adults using the controller for Xbox 360.

More than strategy or technology is a matter of timing that relates to Microsoft’s problem. There is a small amount of converged hand devices called smart phones which is about 15% which has since grown to about 38% last year. And just as the competition increases, Microsoft is starting up a mobile strategy. The competition is between Microsoft, Nokia and newcomers like Apple and Google even as it loses market share and mind shares.

Much as the software is being used to produce gaming software, Microsoft denies any availability of gaming software other than Windows Phone 7. It provides good base technology in Windows 7 to help anyone develop gaming software with the OS.

While it does have the ability to produce gaming software it is not intent on doing just this as a matter of principle. Microsoft does have the games which allow actions by the users on a 3 dimension level in Kinect.