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Keyword data of Google™ offers huge benefits to businesses

The keyword data retrieved by the search engine of Google is bringing big benefits to businesses. Taking advantage of the next generation’s obsession with smartphones and mobile phones is a new application from Google – Mobile Keyword Tool. This tool provides comprehensive data on local, paid and other SEO based mobile searches which have grown over the past 2 years to five times. Your advent to the small screen is now better and easier with mobile advertising on Google. The keyword tool is updated to serve the purposes of two such tools that have been combined in making one new search keyword tool. The functions of search based keywords and the URL based search keyword tools are being combined to give you a single SEO based search engine.

The answer to the question as to what are the factors responsible for local search rankings is that among many other things it is the business category you are in, your location and the search terms that you use that will fetch results. For a location you better list your location for the available city on the search engine instead of the townships. The chances are better with a broader definition of your location. It is better to have yourself categorized than to have the keyword in your business name.

One of the most fascinating search services is the Google Trends. It is a service that online marketers, data enthusiasts, curious individuals and bloggers cannot do without. The self professed dedication of Google sets its own standards to its search engine. Google Trends is updated with daily data of search terms. It is an indispensable tool for the Internet marketers. Google Trends displays the search index for specific keywords. Along with this is the news reference where a particular keyword is analyzed for its occurrence in the news items. Apart from these two facilities, Google Trends also lists the top 10 searches in the US. It also lists search terms simultaneously for more than a single search term.

The latest search engine is Google Instant which allows more intense keyword searches. Understanding the target audience for these SEO based keyword searches only got better. Small businesses search under long tailing keywords which are SEO based results. Relevant and popular queries are offered according to the location of the searcher. You could use Google Scribe to figure out how to use Google Instant. It is very useful for people who want quick searches enabled. You need to understand as a search engine optimizer that what stage your searcher is in of his search. Once understood, it is easy to provide content for keyword based SEO searches.

Nokia® C5-03 review

Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company makes a range of phones for CDMA and GSM networks. Nokia is also developing mobile applications like music, games, videos, and maps. All these applications are available on the platform called Nokia Ovi store. Nokia has a major presence in the smartphone market and they have launched so many models which have attractive features. Nokia N8 and C7 are particularly famous in the smartphone category.

Recently Nokia announced the Nokia C5-03 in the UK market. Nokia describes this model as a stylish and one of the affordable models. The Nokia C5-03 is a 3G set and also has one of the best connectivity as Wi-Fi and HSDPA. It has also the best mobile browsing with a 3.2-inch TFT resistive touch screen. The phone has 128 MB RAM and supports up to 16GB microSD. It has a 5-mega pixel camera with VGA support of 15fps. It also has the geo tagging feature. The phone is powered by a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor and has Symbian OS v9.4. Nokia C5-03 has free Ovi apps like Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore, ESPN, Real Football Mini Edition and many more bundled with the device. It has also the better Wi-Fi connectivity that gives you freedom to connect to Ovi applications with so much of ease. In this specific model you can also add contact shortcuts to the home screen and stay close with your friends. The 3.5G connectivity is also an added advantage in the Nokia C5-03 and you can connect it to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Nokia is hoping impressive sales for C5-03 with added Ovi Maps and other applications. You can easily access the Ovi store that is built-in with this model.

In the smartphone sector, Nokia is lagging behind bigger counterparts like Apple, Samsung and HTC. Nokia N8 was recently launched but recorded an average review. Nokia is very much aware of this situation and is introducing excellent products to meet consumer demands.

Apple® now largest mobile phone provider by revenue

Apple is one of the largest developers of computers and smartphones. The company is known for its quality products. Apple has grown bigger in recent years with its products like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macbook. The company is now making a big impact in the tablet computer market with iPad. From recent reports, it is clear that Apple has now become the number-one mobile phone providers by surpassing its closest rival Nokia. There is huge competition from other mobile phone makers also which are producing mobile phones with the Android OS,

Apple continues to grow bigger. Apple sold $10.47 billion iPhone and iPhone accessories in the most recent quarter, making them way ahead of Nokia. According to AppleInsider, Nokia has earned around $9.7 billion in the recent quarter from its devices and services division. Nokia and Apple both manufacture several devices and offer services for their mobile phones. Nokia has its Ovi music app store for handheld computers and tablets in this division. Apple also has the iTunes store for its products.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made this observation about a year ago that Apple is the biggest mobile device company today. To compete with Apple, Nokia recently replaced its CEO to counter the rising surge of smartphone competitors. Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer also said about iPhone’s rapidly increasing popularity in Europe. Apple is growing due to its high-end phones not by undercutting its rivals. Apple’s dominance is getting bigger and bigger, their phones are also way user-friendly. The new iOS 4 by Apple also has some business features that were desired by the enterprise sectors. Apple has the advantage having a phone with own iOS, that makes a great advantage for Apple App store. As we are seeing the current rise in the application downloads, Apple will soon see its 10 billionth download. In spite of competition from its rivals, they are hoping a great rise in their customer base.

Motorola Updates Bug fixes for PR Gaffe

The world in the very new format of technology has started to look at life in a different way. The world considers time to be the most precious commodity in more ways than one. It is extremely important for the companies to realise this factor as fast as possible. The company of Motorola has always managed to be one of the best mobile producing companies that the entire world has to offer. There are numerous excellent handsets which the company has introduced to the market at different times. The users from almost all parts of the world have confirmed the fact that, the company of Motorola happens to be their first choice, when it comes to choosing a mobile phone. The company has always considered customer satisfaction to be their first priority in all aspects. This factor has been greatly reflected in their work. It is not for nothing that, the company is considered as one of the top ranking companies in the world of mobile phones.

The company of Motorola has always produced excellent handsets. However, there are certain problems that have occurred in the case of PR Gaffe. The boot loader problem has been a major cause of irritation for several users from all parts of the world. Things went even worse, when an employee of the company, shouted back in a rough tone, when asked about the matter. The company soon apologised publicly for both events and have promised to ensure that the boot loader problem would be resolved as fast as possible. The company had the option of avoiding the problem, but was man enough to accept it. This factor has proved the basic character of the company and has managed to create a very positive turn in the context of popularity. The boot loader problem was with the fact that, the boot loader was getting locked. The users were not able to root correctly. This resulted in the malfunctioning of several applications.

However, the users were extremely positive with the fact that, the company has accepted the problem and have assured a solution at any cost. The company has already assigned an expert team for trying to find a solution to this massive problem. It is being guessed that a solution to this problem will be reached sooner than later. There are several surveys which took place in various parts of the world about the issue. It was strange to find that, most people were sympathetic with the company and was sure of it coming up with a solution. The basic reason for this has to be the long relation of trust that the companies have with the users.

The users must stay up to date with this issue. A great way of doing this would be, by using the virtual world of the internet. The internet would have several articles about the topic.

2011 can be ‘challenging’ for Microsoft: Goldman Sachs Research

Goldman Sachs is one of the largest investment firm bases in West Street New York. They primarily cater to the institutional clients in investment banking, securities and management. They provide services to major mergers and actuations to big companies. They also provide advisory services to underwriting services, asset management and brokerage services.

Apart from all these services, Goldman Sachs also performs regular research and analysis for all the major organizations on the basis of their financial structure and business planning.  In the same fashion, Goldman Sachs research note was released recently and it created a lot of buzz in the financial market. The research was about  Microsoft and it mentioned that Microsoft is about to face some challenges in the following year of 2011 and the company’s growth can drop down from 12% per annum to 7 % per annum.

The research performed by Goldman Sachs was specifically in the section of Mobile Phone and tablet PCs ventures launched by Microsoft. Last year, Microsoft has performed so many developments and got revenue benefits from its Xbox and Windows mobile project.  As per the market research, Company got almost 13.1 percent of growth in sales with these new projects.

The Goldman Sachs research says that even if Microsoft got such benefit last year, they are about to face financial challenges in the year of 2011 with their poor planning and implementation in Tablet PC.

Microsoft first came into the tablet PC market in the year of 2001 with the complete development and support dedicated to Tablet Computing. Their Tablet PCs are pen-based and comes with hand writing and voice recognition support.

The market of tablet PC is increasing day by day as a tablet PCs are very compact yet equally useful as a laptop or any personal computers. Microsoft has been doing so many evolvements in Tablet PC development but as far as the Goldman Sachs research shows, these efforts are not sufficient to attract the large numbers of investors and users.

The research has also pointed out the fact Microsoft has still not revealed the sales number of Windows Phone 7. These numbers are going to be the key revelation for the speech for Consumer Electronic Show and everyone is expecting good numbers but companies silence is saying a different story.

There have also been so many speculations, if Microsoft is going to bring the same experience in the large form-factor devices like Tablet PCs or not. As of now it seems that the Tablet PCs development and manufacturing is not in Microsoft’s major priority list and they are so far putting lot of effort and energy in Cloud Computing, Gaming console and Windows Mobile 7 development.

How to Create an Android Wallpaper

Android is a mobile phone operating system developed be Google which is open source and is available for free to manufacturers of hardware and phone carriers who want to use on their devices. Google formed a group of hardware, software and telecommunication companies called Open Handset Alliance with the goal of contributing for Android development. Android is based upon open Linux kernel. It utilizes a custom virtual machine, which optimizes the memory and hardware resources in a mobile environment.  It is truly open because it uses the basic functionality of a mobile phone like making a call, message, camera usage and allows the developers to create richer and more cohesive experiences for users. With Android users can pull in information or data on to their personal phone along with their own data. Android does not differentiate phone’s core application and third party application providing a broad spectrum of applications and services. Thus android is a fast and easy platform for development of applications providing the developers with high productivity and deep insight into their application.

Android is becoming one of the most popular cell phone platforms. It has many customizable features, the wallpaper being one of the features that can be personalized. There are certain things which you need to take care of before creating the wallpaper.

1. The first thing you should know is the size of the mobile screen keeping in mind the scrolling to the two sides. Different devices require different sizes for their Android wallpaper. For example Android phones like Nexus one require 960×800, Droid requires 960×854,

G1, Magic, Hero, myTouch require 640×480.

2. With the help of image editing applications like Photoshop or GIMP, you can create Android wallpaper of desired dimensions. Select a picture of your choice and open it in the image editor. Set the crop tool to desired dimensions aspect ratio and select the portion of the picture you want to see.

3. Be sure to resize the file and save because when you use aspect ratio the actual pixel size of the file could increase by four times than is needs to be.

4. Save the file of the Android wallpaper that you are creating to the hard drive since it might be easiest to create a directory with different sized Android wallpapers.

5. Once the file is saved it can be copied to the Android phone. Now connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable. Mount the SD card and copy all the wallpapers to it. After this disconnect the Android phone from the computer and use the gallery tool in the phone to set the new files as the device’s wallpaper.

Also there is a suggestion for selecting pictures for wallpapers. It is that you should always choose simple files which work best as wallpaper because of the scrolling, don’t select family photos as they tend to get chopped. File formats like PNG, JPG, and JPEG work well for this.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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