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Report: E-mail declines, but e-commerce up

Various surveys around the world are trying to analyze and present performance analyses of various segments of the markets with information technology, Internet, mobile phones, smartphones and PCs / laptops use as a base. CommScore US survey of 2010 shows a pattern of e-mail usage – web based e-mail usage in various age segments in the US. The report shows the use of web based e-mail reducing by 59 percent in the age bracket of 12 to 17. The age brackets of 18 to 54 definitely can be termed as e-commerce – users or buyers over the web. The age brackets of 55 to 65 plus, are definitely not the computer savvy lot and e-commerce does not really play a role in this bracket.

While it is not right to say that e-mail usage has gone down, the right perspective is that with the advent of powerful smartphones and tablets, mobile  e-mail has grown in the younger age group against web-based e-mail services. Social media like Facebook and Twitter have also seen a phenomenal rise in usage, as also instant messaging, and SMS.

While e-commerce has definitely grown in the last two years, and that too with severe economic downturn in the market is what requires analysis. With the smartphone explosion and easier communication over mobile apps, as also accessibility to various products from remote locations seems to be the factor for the rise of e-commerce figures. Physical retail stores and malls, physical review in person, availability of a large range on the shelves, lack of ready comparisons at stores, etc. play a major role when it comes to comparison of purchases from stores vis-à-vis online purchases. In an online purchase, you easily get details of specifications, pricing, deals, range comparisons, reviews over blogs, and various such features enhance growth in e-commerce.

However, as per the reports, a 5 percent jump was noticed in 2010 over a similar period in 2009. Accruing this to growth in e-commerce is not fair. In fact a CommScore survey also shows, that e-mail as one of the most popular activities on the web still, a 70 percent of users accessing their e-mail on the web and 30 percent of all mobile subscribers accessing e-mail through their mobile devices. Although mobile e-mail access is growing leaps and bounds, this disparity is still in the younger age bracket only. This definitely does not conclude any relationship between e-mail usage and e-commerce increase.

Windows® Phone 7 update may be delayed

Microsoft is facing issues related to their Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. Although, Microsoft is regarded as the inventor of tablets, with their very early presentations and offerings, many, many years ago, when neither Apple nor any other known international player had even thought of tablets, Microsoft appears nowhere near staging a comeback or providing an alternative to any of the competition, as of today.

With Apple, RIM, HTC, Sony and other companies, making waves in this area, Microsoft is still struggling with their new Windows Phone 7 platform. Although, Microsoft has had a history of major and stable re-entries into the markets, years after competition launched their products and platforms, in gaining world supremacy also, the smartphone platform is doing its rounds with bugs and fixes.

Over the last couple of months, Microsoft had appeared to a strong contender with their Windows Phone 7 platform, to take on the competition, starting from the CES 2011 and into the MWC 2011. However, problems faced by Microsoft on the Samsung smartphones, with their updates not performing, rather even making the Samsung smartphones not usable after the updates, have raised many eyebrows. The next blow came with the update to the Samsung problem, not working.

In February, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, had made various announcements regarding performance enhancement and the introduction of the cut-and-paste functionality, updates to the Windows Phone 7 platform, arriving by early March. The buzz in the market vide unconfirmed news items is that the updates have been delayed and could arrive somewhere around March 21st. After the introduction of Windows Phone 7-based devices in the US early November, Microsoft has yet to update basic functionality improvements, multitasking features and various other enhancements, including some like HTML 5 support.

In fact, multitasking feature in the operating system, probably codenamed “Mango”, insider reports claim may not be ready until early / mid 2012. All said and done, the Windows Phone 7 CDMA options also have not seen the light of day yet. Even with all these problems at the fore, user opinion of the Windows Phone 7 platform is good. Most users are very comfortable with the product, and generally seem to appreciate the social networking integration aspects and other simple Windows features existing.

With the Windows Phone 7 feature updates getting delayed further, and with rumors of the Microsoft Nokia collaboration agreements, reaching unforeseen levels and Nokia waiting for crucial feature enhancements, the Nokia – Microsoft venture is not expected to see the light of day with products in the market anywhere before mid 2012.

HP plans to launch PCs that can run WebOS

In this competitive world each and every company is developing new techniques to maintain a remarkable position. WebOS is an operating system used in mobile phones. This is a futuristic plan which HP would be implementing in the next year. This would definitely create a new segment in the market and would attract customers. WebOS was first introduced by Palm in the year 2009. This operating system is the successor of Palm OS. The formation of WebOS was by collecting similar things and then combining them so that they work together to sort out many functions. It works on the Linux kernel. This operating system uses the Web 2.0 technology. HP acquired Palm in the year 2010 for the WebOS operating system. The best part of WebOS is the Synergy feature. Through the accounts in Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook, a user can collect information from many resources. Even for messaging, Synergy integrates all the conversations of each contact and makes it a single chat style window. The WebOS utilizes the Webkit layout engine.

The company has decided to use the mobile operating system, that is, WebOS in the desktops. HP has announced that the personal computers that will be shipped in 2012 will be having the ability to run WebOS. The intention behind the introduction of WebOS is to attract the software developers to create applications for the WebOS ecosystem. HP has also prepared the first tablet with WebOS. Since the company is presenting the WebOS along with the other features like tablets, smart phones and third party developers, there would be a bigger audience for vending this application. The basic idea behind including WebOS in the personal computer is to enlarge the developer ecosystem. WebOS has almost 7000 applications inbuilt in it. This particular feature helps HP to be the leading one in the market. Data security is also an important point that HP is paying emphasis on. HP has chosen to increase the device security. This would increase the amount of data that can be secured by the customers.

Either the WebOS will be working as the main operating system or it will be integrated in the Windows. HP is actually trying to bring this technology to the masses and take over the market.

Ways to Protect Your Android™ Phone from Malware

Mobile phones have changed a lot with technical innovations emerging every day. Phones are no longer devices to make and receive calls. Phones of the modern age are easily a very good example of the concept of multitasking. There are several applications that are tagged with the phones to make the entire concept of life simpler and easier for the users. However, with the increase in the level of technology, there has been a steady increase in the cyber crime rate. Users need to be very serious and careful about the security of their mobile phones. Lots of private data could be stored in the mobile phones and thus, it is even more important to protect it from unauthorized access.

Users would need to follow several steps to make their Android-based phones risk free.

Steps that the users would need to take are being listed below. Users would need to go through the steps correctly.

Step 1: Users must install a good antivirus program to ensure the safety of the device.

Step 2: Users must keep the recommended settings of the antivirus.

Step 3: Users would need to update the database of the antivirus on a regular basis.

Step 4: Users would need to follow the advice prescribed by the antivirus program. The websites which would appear to be blocked should be avoided.

Most of those websites are phishing sites and are extremely harmful.

Step 5: Users must safe guard the username and pass code of the device.

These steps are extremely easy to follow, but are extremely important to follow for all the users. Users are advised to follow the steps to ensure the required level of safety.

Update for Microsoft® Windows® Phone 7

Microsoft is in the process of releasing an update for its Windows Phone 7 operating system for mobile phones. This update is scheduled to provide functionality of copy and paste, performance enhancement, search improvement, and lots more. Some people are stating that the carriers and handset makers are responsible for the delay in the release of the update. However, let us hope that the updated Windows Phone 7 operating system will be released on the scheduled date as announced by the authorities.

Developer are ready to receive the updated Windows Phone 7 software kit (SDK) which will permit them to prepare the applications with regards the first update of Windows Phone 7 (WP7) which is being termed as “NoDo”. The “NoDo” update will be adding performance tweaks, copy and paste, searching for improved marketplace and other updates of minor nature to Windows Phone 7. “NoDo” primarily termed as the “January Update” by Microsoft is now is expected now in the early part of February. It is likely to be released very shortly as briefed by a spokesperson to the people of press and media personnel. Windows Phone 7 (WP7) succeeds the Windows Mobile range of operating systems from Microsoft. It is now widely used in smart phones.

How to Find the Correct RAM for a Computer

RAM which stands for Random Access memory is the most integral part of any computer system. Not only computers but now RAM has taken a place in almost all the automatic or semi-automatic electronic devices. This is the best way and mode of saving information, settings, or some piece of code for use of the device. RAMs are gaining more and more popularity in external storage devices like Flash Drive, MP3 Players, Mobile Phones etc. As the name suggests, RAM is a kind of memory which is fast and we can read and write to any part of it at any time. Before RAMs, the memory devices were generally sequential. Examples are tape drives. Fetching data from a sequential drive was time consuming because it has to go through all the earlier data before reaching the desired data. Just think of audio cassettes in which you have to forward all the songs before you could listen to the last song. With the development of RAM, the seek time was drastically reduced and this is the reason why every computer processor relies on RAM. Every piece of data which reaches in to the processor for processing has to go from the RAM and this is the reason why speed of RAM and its capacity plays a crucial role in speeding up any computer or making it sluggish. You can purchase a very good quality motherboard and processor but if the RAM modules installed in your computer are not of adequate size and speed, your computer will not perform well. In this post we will discuss similar intricacies of RAM module and how to get the correct RAM in case you want to add more to your computer.

RAM modules consist of several chips which are soldered together to make a module. RAM chips operate at their own frequency and this has to match the operating frequency of the motherboard. Faster the frequency, better is the performance. You can check the size of RAM installed on your computer under the properties of ‘My Computer’, but this does not tell you about the model and type of RAM installed in your machine. New types of RAM regularly come in to the market to deliver better and better performance and you cannot mix and match the RAM types. For example if you old RAM module has maximum speed of 100 MHz then you should not install a new one of lesser MHz. This will for sure increase the total amount of RAM on your computer but will degrade the performance because the old module which was working at 100 MHz will now be forced to work at lesser frequencies to cope with the new RAM module.

Before you plan to purchase a new RAM module make sure that you check the model and type of RAM which is already installed on your computer. If you have a branded computer like from HP, Dell, SONY etc., you can get this information from their websites, but if you have a custom built one, you need to physically open the tower and check for the RAM specifications manually.

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