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Mobile Malware Are on the Rise

Mobile phones are a boom in the 21st century and with their increasing use, threats from malware are on the rise. Nowadays, more and more people are using highly advanced smartphones. According to the latest reports from industry analysis more than 250 smart phones are going to be sold in the year 2011. The year 2010 has shown a drastic increase in malware on mobile devices, around 46% up from the year 2009. More phones means more targets for the troublemakers. Years of being overestimated by experts of security software, mobile malware is finally a real threat. Nowadays worms are spreading fast because smart phones are used for accessing Internet.

Around 15 variant of CommWarrior have been detected. The malware was first found in March 2005. CommWarrior exploits the Bluetooth user interface to influence victims to set-up malware on their phones. As soon as it gets active, it can extend quickly via Bluetooth connections, mails, multimedia messages and memory cards. It automatically replies to incoming messages and MMS messages.

These days some of the common mobile malware are like Cabir which drains down your cellphone battery as it copies itself with constant Bluetooth scanning, as soon as it is connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Doomboot is also a mobile malware which pretends it to be an edition of the Doom 2 video game and so it forces user to download and install it. If a user installs this malware, it would prevent the mobile from booting. This malware may also install Cabir and Commwarrior on a smart phone.

Overall these factors, with an increase in the smart phone usage, suggest that mobile malware is going to pose a big threat. Only time will tell what’s going to happen in future. People need to pay much attention on these types of threats before it is too late. Mobile users should install effective security software on their cell phones.

Google™ issues Android™ anti-fragmentation tool

You must have felt this for sure as it is a common thing. What happens when you put your computer or mobile on multiple downloads? Simply there are hitches and glitches during the process. It is really a very annoying experience when the download is scattered in fragments. It is called the fragmentation. To curb this problem, there are different anti-fragmentation applications that reserve the space for the files that are being downloaded.

This way it is possible to download and enjoy all the files. When this fragmentation occurs the computer slows down because it has to jump to the related files scattered in different locations and it makes the system slower. Google has developed an anti-fragmentation technology for the Honeycomb version of Android, also known as version 3.0. The promise made by Google seems to make it possible for one to run different applications on different devices. There is a library which makes it all possible for one to run all the applications on different devices without any glitch whether it is an advanced version or it is an older version. This anti-fragmentation application is designed to work on the new and advanced honeycomb Android based Motorola XOOM, which is a tablet PC. Whether it is a large screen or it is a small one, it is possible now to run the applications.

Google has come up with this revolutionary application that is for sure going to change the face of Internet telephony. It is now possible for the gamers and all the movie and music lovers to feel the seamless and never before download experience.

Google™ URL Shortener API

Developers, some of them at least have a tendency to pass descriptive attributes in the URL to represent hierarchies of data, transaction paths and session information. This makes the URL long and complicated to understand and remember. It makes copying a URL for posts on forums or in e-mail messages difficult and garbled. Therefore a short URL is easier and more convenient to copy or use in these modes. So, what is URL shortening? When a URL is too long, it is squeezed into few characters to be able to send them over instant messaging modes or e-mails or to share in any other way. What is Google URL shortener? It is a short URL service wherein there is an allotment of a short URL for long URLs for which service has been requested.

Then, what is Google URL shortener API? This is a method to use a common program to interact with the URL shortening service. The Google URL shortener is called, which was released in September last. The API has been released in 2011 which lets the name be carried in the URLs that are shortened. Google’s URL shortening services are fast and reliable with Google security backing. The Google URL shortening service collects statistics and generates QR barcodes too. With the API you can integrate the shortener into your websites, blogs or any web application. You can use simple HTTP means to create, inspect, and manage the short URLs from your desktop or mobile.

Using the Google URL shortening API is possible by accessing it on Google code. In the getting started guide, the API key is required to be extracted. Then you can access the API code based on the key. The Google URL shortening service protects you against phishing and spam also. As there is a word limit on messaging from social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, it is highly recommended to have your URLs shortened with to enable you to share the URLs on the messaging services.

It is also very useful to have a short URL to remember and read. Sometimes short URLs are the result of spam and phishing and are called prank URLs. With Google’s Safe Browsing connected to the URL shortening services, you can have safe sharing of your URLs that have been shortened. Sometimes there are sites that block certain domains and by blocking such URLs it restricts spamming. In case of a shortened URL getting redirected to a blacklisted domain, it bypasses the restriction set by such sites. In such a case, the URL redirection service is itself blacklisted. The Uniform Resource Identifier are mostly backed by URL shorteners. These include https, ftp, pop, imap, nntp, ldap, gopher etc. However, there are certain others not supported for security reasons. These are data: and javascript:.

Thus we can find ample reasons to have your URLs shortened and using Google shortening services is a good way of shortening that you can use.

Android™ vs. iPhone® iOS

Taking a peek into the smart phone and tablet markets, the many platforms available include Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android. It is rather difficult to decide which is the best. With Apple selling over 85 million iPhones and iPads, in the last few years and with the Android platform becoming so popular worldwide, it is definitely interesting to watch why. Although the iPhone has been a commercial success, the tide seems to be turning towards a probably more powerful open source alternative , that is, the Android. While Android is an open platform device, the iPhone has a closed platform. Android supports multitasking while in the iPhone it is restricted to some applications. Android supports widgets while the iPhone iOS does not. Developers can easily publish applications on the Android market instantly while, in the case of Apple iOS it can take time. Android supports Flash while the iPhone does not.

But Apple with its sleek, beautiful handset, with its ease of use, good battery life, a better out of the box software keyboard and many such features give Apple iPhone an edge over the Android-based devices. While the question of applications is difficult to analyze with the most popular mission critical applications available for both, it is questionable as to how many people have been able to open more than the 20 to 30 percent of the apps provided by both the technologies.

Android is from Google and it is but natural that quite a few Google features have an edge on the Android against the iPhone iOS. The iPhone excels in non-Google syncing like Microsoft Outlook, Address book or iTunes. As regards version releases and consistency of updates provision, the iPhone is way ahead with Apple releasing one major update every year and all their devices receiving the new feature.

HTC Mozart with Windows Phone 7 Leaked

Microsoft came into the Mobile operating system development in the early 2004. The development was initially very slow and there were some project, like Windows Mobile “Photon” was put on hold as well. But in 2008, Microsoft understood the profit and future of Mobile operating system and started putting extra effort to develop high class mobile operating system. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s venture in mobile operating system and it’s the latest mobile operating system by Microsoft after Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 comes with new and rich user interface and it also has a good control over hardware it runs on.

The user interface in Windows Phone 7 is known as “Start screen” which is made as “Tiles”. Tiles are various application, functions and features available on the phone.

It also comprises most of the applications for popular social networking like Facebook and Windows Live. Windows Phone 7 also contains Internet Explorer which allows you to browse websites exactly as you browse on your computer. Zune makes Windows Phone 7 more unique and desirable, it will help you to manage all you multimedia files on your phone.

In UK, the Windows Phone 7 will be launched with HTC Mozart with the help of Orange. It is the biggest news so far and people are eagerly waiting to see the wonderful combination of HTC smartphone and Windows 7 mobile operating system.

Although there is no clear specification and features were disclosed for HTC Mozart, it is to be believed that HTC Mozart will have 3.7’ inch WXGA super LCD display and will have support of 1GHz processor. The smartphone will have 8 megapixel camera for bigger pictures and better picture quality. Mozat will also enrich your audio experience as it will support Dolby sound.

The Phone comes with some other great features like proximity sensor and accelerometer. It is also suspected that HTC Mozart will be a free phone with the monthly service plan of £35.

The phone will have built-in service provider applications like Orange Maps, Your Orange, Daily Orange and Orange Wednesdays. Tom Alexander, CEO of Orange said that Orange has already developed windows-based smartphone with Microsoft in 2002 and so far they have sold over two million smartphones. He also stated that Windows 7 would bring will bring the change in the industry and provide a better option to customer with security and performance.

It has always been hard to choose a smartphone and the task if going to get more complicated with this recent launch of HTC Mozart with Windows 7 operating system.

Google plans to buy Plannr

Plannr is a online based plan-maker and event coordinator. It is an email/mobile platform based tool. You can invite someone for a plan via email through Plannr. Plannr is a tool that is recently available with Google’s mobile and social acquiring spree. More clearly, Plannr is a social calendar application that keeps you up-to-the-minute and it’s a simple way to make plans. Google is going to buy Plannr, according to unconfirmed reports but still it is in news.

While the details of this alleged acquisition are still unknown. Although Google has its own calendar known as Google Calendar but the company recently reveled that it is looking to add social layer to its product. Now Google is looking for a social networking support for this application. Google has made 23 alterations so far this year. It’s interesting to know about Google that most of the acquisitions were social-related. The recent example of leading social networking website from Google is Orkut. Google has spent a large amount of budget on its social networks, which is the reason behind why Google want to grab this application in his credit. In the beginning of August, Google had already dropped $1.1 billion on the acquisitions and they haven’t even stopped since then. With plannr, Google can take a lead step in social networking. As all we know that Google is the most spreaded website on the internet with largest user and website traffic rate and this time also Google is looking for a brand new innovation. Plannr is the cutting edge technology in social networking. With the Planner application user can update their friend’s status and plan. In this way the planner helps user to keep tracks of the plans of his or her buddies and thereby the user can alter his plan, in accordance with that. The planner application features some very interesting feature that attracts everybody. For example, with a single click or a single message you can update your status and plans to all of your buddies and your buddies can do the same for you. It means you have a track or record of plans of your friends. This application could be a legend step in the social networking application as it let your buddies updated with your every single move and you can mingle your program according to them.

The plans of this application have stream updates and also the users can stream to send a message to everyone. It’s an application that updates your status via mail or message. So, it is a multi platform application. I mean this application will serve for you on mobile platform or on your computer system while using mail client. It’s a rugged combination of platform. Apart from this the planner application can also be synchronized with the Google Calender, Outlook, iCal or the calendar on your iPhone. So, it is the worth of the application and the reason behind the approach of Google toward it. This application is the next concept in social networking technology.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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