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Apple® iOS® 5 MobileMe event

There has been news that Apple is going to hold an event to release the much awaited iOS 5 and an updated MobileMe. A German Web site claims that according to their reliable source, the iOS 5, the new mobile operating system and the new-look MobileMe will be unveiled at an event in early April. It is also being expected that MobileMe will become free syncing service. Presently MobileMe is offered as free trial for sixty days and after that Apple charges a small fee.

There has not been any news about the release of iOS 5 or iPhone 5 from Apple’s side. But people are expecting that the new mobile operating system will come with more advanced features so that it can give a tough fight to new Windows Phone 7. Now Windows Phone 7 has already been released and has got some very strong partners like Nokia with them. (Nokia has announced that it will be using Windows Phone 7 as their primary OS for smartphones.) So it can be easily understood that why people are waiting desperately to see what Apple’s iOS 5 is going to offer. As such Apple has announced for the launch of iPad 2 recently.

The website claimed through their partner website, that they have the knowledge of the event. They said that the event will be organised at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California during the 14th or 15th week of the year.

If you analyze this news, it cannot be alleged as rumor but it can be seen as an educated guess. If we recall, last year Apple announced and showed a preview of iOS 4 on April 8. It is very likely that Apple will try to keep its development schedule fairly stable. There are many products like iOS, iPhones, and iPads to be launched this year and therefore an early April preview of iOS 5 can be expected.

A lot has already been said about the features of the new and most advanced mobile operating system. And we are also desperate to know about some of the extraordinary features of iPhone 5 which will have iOS 5 as operating system. There was also a news that iPhone 5 is expected to be launched sometime this summer.

During the announcement of iPad 2, there wasn’t any news related to MobileMe, so it is also being expected by the people that a new version will be included with iOS launch. Now if we try to recall, Apple recently started offering Find My iPhone function of MobileMe at no cost for its iOS devices. So this fact is making many analysts to predict that Apple is not going to charge anything for syncing service.

Apple® iLife ’11

iLife ’11 is the latest version of consumer media suite from Apple. It is not just about one thing, it is rather a great combination of various applications. But this time only three of those much loved apps were updated for the latest 2011 version. The three included in the latest version are – iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto. For the first time since the launch of App Store, these three applications would be made available as independent programs. Their cost would be $14.99. Exclusively for Mac, this package is absolutely free. Although the users of a similar suite from Microsoft, namely Windows Live Essentials, are enjoying such luxuries that run on Windows PCs for free. If you are not satisfied with three applications in Apple iLife ’11, you need to shell out some more dollars from your pocket and you will get iWeb site design software and iDVD by paying a price of $49. But in this what won’t be included is the online component, MobileMe, for which you have to shell out $99 every year.

In all recently purchased Mac systems, iLife ’11 suite is already installed. A good news for all those who have purchased their computers after October 20, 2010 can get iLife by just paying $6.99. iPhone 4 is a lot more improved version. The full-screen view and integration with Facebook gallery makes the gadget all the more lovable. That’s not all, you are now also able to sync the photo galleries with MobileMe galleries. iPhoto is capable of doing much more than just photo editing and organizing.

iMovie ’11 boasted of a combined timeline-storyboard editing view right from the time it was launched. And the ’11 version is a much better form of that original application. A brilliant feature is the Hollywood-style trailer creation. Now you can just drag the clips into a template clubbed to a soundtrack. Not only this, the application also lets you share it with ease on YouTube, Facebook, or MobileMe.

GarageBand ’11 is not just like the professional options life Ableton Live or Pro Tools. It doesn’t cost as high as other high-end apps. With a new feature added, namely Flex Time, it lets you improve the quality of the performances by either stretching or compressing waveforms to make a better combination with your tune. All the guitar lovers have a lot to look forward to with new virtual amps and stomp boxes that would give them more acoustic possibilities and effects.

So by now you must have all judged what’s in store for you with Apple iLife ’11. Indeed, it would be nothing short of giving your gadget a fresh lease of life. With Apple iLife ’11, you will have a gadget full of fresh, fully-loaded content that will not only give you much more flexibility but also make your gadget all the more lovable.

The New iPad Inspired MobileMe is Available for Beta Testers

Apple is one of the world’s leading creators of new devices and applications. Many of their applications are preferred to others worldwide. The reason for their high success rate and high numbers of customers is in their creativity, and ability to maintain their standard of elegance and quality. The applications for iPad and iPhone have always been widely popular among all the mobile phone and tablet PCs applications.

Apple products come together in MobileMe

Apple’s web application MobileMe provides many great features for the users of the Apple notebooks, the iPad and the iPhone. Registered users experience great benefits from features in this application. It provides calendar, contacts and mail synchronizing for all the Apple’s products (i.e. iMac, iPhone and iPad). This makes it easy for a person to transfer his calendar, contacts or mails from one device to another, keeping all the devices up to date and in sync. This is a tremendously useful feature for those who own and use more than one these devices often.  They do not have to find a contact or calendar entry in their iPhone when they are working on an iPad.

Beta release!

Apple has launched a new beta for a revised version of its web-based MobileMe calendar, similar to the MobileMe Mail client before it. The design of this application is iPad inspired and comprises of a number of valuable features in the application. In design interface of this application is similar to the Mac OS X application known as iCal. This application can be viewed in different ways such as the month view, the week view, the day view or just a list of To-do notes. You can share the calendar with other MobileMe users with the private calendar-sharing feature. You can share your calendar publicly as well with CalDAV and the read-only web view. Event invitations can be accessed using RSVPs.

Sign up as a beta tester for MobileMe

If you would like to sign up for this beta web application:

  • Go to MobileMe web page
  • Choose the Calendar option.
  • At that page, there will be a link for requesting to participate in the beta version of the application.
  • After that, you will see a message saying, “You’re signed up! We’ll send you an invitation in the coming weeks.”

All for one…but not for all?

Unfortunately, this beta will not be available for everyone. Apple said that the beta would only work with Mac OS X 10.6.4 installed. The reason for this is unknown, but may have to do with Apple wanting all its customers to upgrade to the newest edition of their Snow Leopard release. You will not be able to synchronize this application with Entourage. If you are a windows user, keep in mind that you cannot synchronize it with Microsoft Outlook yet. These two features are expected to be available in the near future.

This application is a great for Apple fans. However, Apple has a long list of issues with this application that they are working on fixing. You can help them by filing bug reports. Opting to do this will grant you access to the beta application. Your other alternative would be to wait until an official bug free release has been developed.

Does iPhone 4 Boast of Any improvements Over its Predecessors?

iPhone 4 the most awaited cell phone is available in the stores now. It is 9.3 mm thick, has 5X zoom and supports 4G. The new phone comes with Apple’s new Operating System called IOS4.this OS will not only power the iPhone4 but will also support its installation on 3GS,ans 3G phones. It can also be installed on iPod with limited features.
There are many cool features added to the iPhone4. Let’s unveil some of them here:

Has 5 Megapixel Camera with a 5X digital zoom. User needs to tap on the screen to zoom or focus. Photos can be rotated or resized by just a movement of finger. Camera supports landscape mode and photos can be categorized. Now user can select multiple photos for mass deletion.

Home Screen

Users will get the ability to categorise applications into folders of their choice. Can set custom background for home screen and lock screen. Earlier version supported upto 180 visible apps but with iPhone 4 the number has gone high to 2160.


Playlist creation and nested playlists is possible now. Volume control for Bluetooth headsets is available on the home screen
Notes, Calendar and Calculator
Notes syncing with MobileMe, Gmail IMAP and Yahoo Mail is possible. If syncing is enabled users get notes settings option below Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Settings.
Contacts and Messages
Streamlined new contact screen. The phone now includes a Search bar for searching messages. iPhone 4 gives character count while typing messages, failed messages notification. It has option to toggle OFF the ability to send group messages and has larger fonts in Mail, SMS and alerts.


It gives you the recent searches below search field along with top Hit in search. Google suggest appears below search field if search engine is set to Google. It support in-page video playback. It includes the advanced safari browser which supports HTML5 and offline data storage features. Online videos can be rotated and zoomed.


It has unified inboxes. Mails can be edited from Outbox. Display contact pictures along with emails, organize messages by threads and even open attachment in third party applications. It supports multiple exchange accounts, supports exchange Server 2010.

Other features

IPhone4 has Search with Web or Wikipedia enabled, HTTP Live streaming. Includes Bing Search, and has two cameras for video calling. iPhone’s Operating System includes APIs to alert you to many standard gestures and you can even hand code some gestures on your phone. It has a support for Apple Bluetooth Keyboards. This new version allows background music playback, so  you can listen to your favourite music while working on various applications. Copy/Paste operation has been very simplified and the clipboard can be used just by double clicking on any text.
Apple claims that we have done a lot of research in making iPhone4 a feature rich and easy to use phone. They say that this is the biggest thing happening to iPhone since iPhone.
This device is coming in two models; 16 GB iPhone for $199 and a 32 GB iPhone for $299.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003