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Skype® Adding Ads to Windows® Version

Skype is software that lets people make calls and chat over the Internet. Two Skype users can make calls free of cost and talk for free. Skype also helps in providing new numbers and enable people to talk to other people over their mobiles or landlines. The call rates are very cheap and Skype also allows international calling. Apart from the cheap calling rates, the other features that have made Skype really popular are the instant messaging service, video conferencing and also file transfer.

Skype plans to have advertisements on the Windows platform promising that this won’t hamper the Skype experience of its customers. Skype says that the advertisements which it plans to have in Windows will appear in the home tab in countries like UK, Germany and the US. The ads will comprise of ads from Universal Pictures and Visa and many others as well. The ads are scheduled to be appearing from this week itself. The company said that the customers’ Skype experience is their prime priority and will not do anything at the cost of it. They promise that the Skype experience will remain as smooth as it was before and nothing will change the addition of ads in it.

They have also said that a lot of experiment and testing has been carried out to check how Skype responds to these ads. They also mentioned that ads have already been started in the last month or two. The ads will now start flowing at a wider basis now and the tests will keep on going on so that a check can be made whether Skype is responding properly or not and if it does not, they will make necessary adjustments.

Skype is also planning a partnership with Facebook as well. If this happens, users can connect to their friends via Skype and can send text messages and have a voice chat. About the ads Skype said that users won’t be bugged by the ads because these will appear only occasionally as they plan to show one ad from a particular brand in a day to the markets where it will be sold. They also said that the ads shown will not identify any users. If the user does not want Skype to use their personal information, they may chose the appropriate setting from the privacy options. This way the users are also not bugged and the ads can also go about easily. Another good thing that Skype did is by sticking on to one ad per day so that the users are not bugged when they log into Skype. The ads will help develop great products and can be in touch with the users through Skype.

Lenovo® to create division for tablet PCs and mobiles

Lenovo is a computer manufacturer which is very popular among consumers for high quality laptops. Now they are planning to establish two different operating divisions focused on tablet PCs and mobile phones. With the growing tablet computer market, this move will improve its chances of making an impact in this specific sector. Tablet PCs have seen healthy growth worldwide in recent times. The tablet popularity began with iPad from Apple. Seeing the latest trend, Lenovo is also preparing itself to launch new products.

Peter Hortensius, head of product development at Lenovo, said that this year will be the most important one for the tablet computers market. He also suggested that in 2011 we will see lot of winners and losers in the tablet sector. Recently Lenovo has launched the first slate PC in the shape of LePad. But it still has a long way to go to throw a prominent challenge to the Apple iPad. Undoubtedly Apple is the leader in this specific sector with 95% share worldwide.

Now with specific operating divisions, Lenovo is looking forward to build its own tablet PC soon. Last month Lenovo launched two business performance powerhouse laptops, dubbed as E220 and E420. They are powered with Intel processors and getting positive reviews.

Lenovo also showcased some of its powerful laptops at the recently held CES 2011 with the latest intel processors. Lenovo is also launching a range of ThinkCentre M90 and M91p desktop PCs. They have different processors varying from i3, i5 and i7 processors. They are expected to offer high performance. They have three type of sizes as tower, modest and eco small form factor.

With the tablet computers market growing by the day, it will be very interesting to see the competition in coming months. Lenovo is developing the tablets to stay in the competition and also to gain more faith from consumers. We hope it will be a quality product like the Lenovo laptops.

New HP Hurricane tablet for Q3 2010 release

All iPad users that thought that their tablet had a monopoly in the market can now be proved wrong. If you look at the market right now you would be convinced that there is nothing in this word that is beautiful or could even come remotely close to the iPad tablet. But it looks like this might not last for long, there could be other strong competitors in the market and they could give the Apple iPad a run for its money. It could also work the other way round, where the other tablets could slump off their sales in the market, leaving the iPad to rule the roost.

New Competition?

Continuing with the news about other tablets making its way into the market and raising the competitive bar for the iPad is something to vouch for especially in the context of HP Slate. The original plan for the HP Slate which is a tablet created by Hewlett Packard was that it was to run on the a Windows 7 OS. It seemed that HP was very eager to make known to the world about their ingenious plan and the deal that they had devised along with Palm.

However this is what probably most of us would not know especially if we are stuck onto the idea about HP and Windows 7. HP has only in the very recent times made an announcement that went public and took some of those who were desperately waiting for the HP Slate along with Windows 7 by surprise. The news now is that HP will be doing away with Windows 7 as their operating system, as they have planned on “Doubling down on webOS” in other words this also means that the HP products will carry webOS within them. Now those who do not know what the webOS is all about, then here is a small hint; it’s the OS on mobiles, the one that many feel would be a full rounder if used on the Apple iPhone OS.

Release date of HP Hurricane

The new HP tablet with the webOS will now be renamed as the HP Hurricane and is scheduled to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2010, which is some months from now. The change in the webOS is confirmed news from HP insiders. If you are still looking for some news tidbits, then there is none for now apart from the new webOS.

Competition in the tablet market will soon steam up and we will soon see a range of manufactures eying for that viable spot in the market. However who makes it to the top, will only have to be seen in the near future, especially when international sales of the HP hurricane kick off. Till its release, users will have to continue to be content with the iPad. With the competition only heating up further we might get in some more news about the HP Hurricane.

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