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How to Increase Accessibility of your keyboard

Any desktop computer can boot without a Monitor, Mouse, Joystick, or any other input output device, but will not boot if the keyboard is missing or is faulty. The Keyboard is one of the most essential part of any computer system that it actually irreplaceable by any other device. We work mostly from the keyboard and almost all the instructions are directly indirectly passed on to the computer via the keyboard. This is the device with which we interact the most and what if this device makes us feel uncomfortable. This kind of situation will really ruin the entire computing experience and you might not be able to give your 100% while doing your task on the computer. If you are on a desktop computer then you can easily change the keyboard, but what if you are on a laptop? Here we will discuss some points which should always be kept in mind while working with the keyboards to better your computing experience.

The keyboards being manufactured these days have numerous other keys which can invoke various actions. Multimedia keyboards were launched around 6-7 years ago and became a great success. They had keys which could control the Audio, Video and after some years came in the internet ready keyboards. These keyboards can help you perform some functions which are helpful while working on the internet. Always make sure that you just not use the numbers and alphabet keys on the keyboard but also use the special keys to assist you further while working.

You in habit of using the Backspace key to erase what got missed typed? Use the Keyboard settings Window in Control Panel to fine tune your keyboard. We can alter the sensitivity of the keys and the repeat delay. It often happens that we press somewhere in between the two keys and if we reduce the sensitivity of the key we can reduce the insertion of incorrect alphabet in out document. Same goes for the repeat delay.

Why to take off your hand and use another device when you can do everything from the keyboard itself. Trust me you can complete a task much faster if you know the keyboard shortcuts than doing the same using a mouse. Why to right click on an object using the mouse when you can do the same from the keyboard. Try memorising the keyboard shortcuts and it will benefit you in long run.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts involve pressing of more than one key at the same time. If you feel that pressing more than one keys simultaneously is difficult than try using the sticky keys feature in Windows. With this feature ON you can press and leave the SHIFT key and next when you will press the C key it will perform the Copy action. This was just an example to understand the Sticky Key feature in Windows. The same style will work with all the other keyboard shortcuts and will definitely help you a lot.

Lastly if nothing is helping and your keyboard is not suiting your comfort style then go, research on the internet and purchase a suitable keyboard for yourself. There are many makes and models available for various ergonomic needs. There come keyboards which can be detached in pieces-one piece for your left hand and another for your right. There are many options available in the market all you need is a need and urge to make yourself comfortable with the keyboard.

Getting the Best Display on Your Monitor

If something always makes you thinking about your computer with Windows 7 as its operating system is “How to get the best display on your monitor”. This is a frequently asked question that is considerably simple yet the answer to it is most of the time confusing.  However if you fall under the category of people who are desperate to learn the trick but haven’t yet, you will have all that you want to know regarding it, once and for all after you are done with this article.

Display and The type Of The Screen

Windows have always been widely reputed when it comes to high class display features emphasizing chiefly on the resolution, refresh rate and color. With Windows 7 things have just got better and friendlier than ever. These display settings however are dependent on the type of monitor you happen to be using.  The display features would be varying in character from a LCD monitor to a CRT monitor. In order to get that perfect display on your computer screen you might have to adjust the setting or restore them. In order to that you must have to go through the following procedure.

Display And Resolution of the screen

LCD monitors are more into vogue nowadays as they have massively replaced the previously used CRT monitors. However CRT monitors are also very much in utility today even though it is decreased. LCD screens are way lighter and sleeker than their CRT counterparts .LCD monitors also comes in a wide gamut of shape and sizes. These include wide screens and standard width screens with ratios of 16:9 or 16:10. Talking about laptops they also use flat screens .Something that is common for both LCD and CRT monitors is that higher the number of dots per inch, better would be the clarity of the fonts. With the increasing of your screen resolution would be increasing the screen resolution. But the fact is that your computer screen resolution depends on the capability of your monitor.  Monitors with higher resolution would have more items fit in them and the items appear sharper, the reverse happens in the case of a monitor with lower resolution. Windows usually provides you with the leeway of increasing or decreasing the size of text or other items on your screen without affecting the monitor’s optimal resolution.

How to get the best display setting for an LCD monitor having Windows 7

The procedure to achieve this is particularly simple and easy. You should begin with checking the clarity of your screen. It is always advisable to leave the screen on your native resolution that is the resolution that the monitor was designed to display based on its size. You need to check the display setting from the control panel to know the native resolution of your computer. It can be done following the two steps stated below.

1) You need to open screen resolution by clicking the start button and then clicking Control Panel, following these under Appearance and Personalization, you must click Adjust screen resolution.
2) Click the drop down list next to resolution .now check out the resolution recommended. This is the native resolution of your monitor.

How the retailers of the screen can also tell you the native resolution and other trivia of your monitor .In a nutshell if you follow the above details then you can attain your desired display on the screen of your computer.

Touchscreens Options in Windows 7

In today’s world there are revolutionary changes in computer world and the revolution comes with the introduction of touch screen technology. In short touch-screen changed the concept of hard-press to soft-press which gives a lot of ease to the end user.

With the introduction of touch screen you can tap your finger in button of viewing window of computer with less effort .The touch key board in tablet PC input panel is very easy to use and in one touch you can manage and access all program and files .The common task will be more easier by the new gestures .Now you can easily enter into the text on a touch screen without using a physical keyboard, by updated touch keyboard in tablet PC input panel. Touch screen is an electronic visual display which can detect the presence of your touch. It is very sensitive and it helps users to interact with computers with one soft touch .There are three basic systems to recognize a person’s touch:


In resistive system a normal glass panel is covered with a conductive and a metallic layer of resistive. By spacers the two layers are separated from each other and the whole set up covered by a scratch resistant layer on the top so when users touches the screen the two layers make contact with each other with that exact spot and the change in electrical field is recorded and this coordination is calculated by the computer.
In surface acoustic system two sensors (one transmitter and one receiver) are placed with the horizontal and vertical axis of the monitor’s glass plate. If the wave has been disturbed, the receiving sensor will be able to detect and accordingly locate it .It do not leave any metallic layers on the screen and produce an absolute perfect picture quality. This makes the surface acoustic wave system best for displaying graphics.
In capacitive system a glass panel is placed with a layer of stored electrical charges and some of the charge is transferred to the users when he or she touches the monitor so charge of the capacitive layer decreases in the monitor where circuits located in each corner of the monitor measures the decrease of the charge.

This type of technology is obviously very beneficial as in this technology you don’t have to input any extra device such as mouse or a key board. the user only need his or her finger to manipulate the chosen device so the possibilities with touch screen monitors are endless .Touch screen computers are commonly used in medical field , stores ,industrial applications , cell phones , ATM machines etc. Touch screen technology used in I Phone has provided user a new leap in using various applications in a single touch.
The touch screen computer’s best feature is the ease of selection without use of mouse to scroll and select .A touch screen computer users can click on music files or photos with a swipe of their finger on the computer screen. So at last we can say that if computer makes mans life easy touch screen made it even easier and effortless.

Keep Track of ‘Who does What’ on Your Computer!

Ever wondered why your computer behaves abnormally at times? Or why your personal settings look changed when no one except you uses the computer? Anyone from a virus to your own little kid can do the above things without your knowledge. Well now, you need not just wonder about these things. You can use this new system to monitor who made changes to your system and when the changes were made. You need to have administrator rights to do this. By monitoring your system in this manner, you can find out who created a user account, which person changed security settings and even who opened a file on your computer. You just have to go to the windows event viewer and find out who spied on you. Listed here are the important features of this system.Monitor Network and Web Settings

Many spyware can connect your network to a remote network can use your network for either their benefit or your destruction. Network Monitor not only monitors your network activities but also closes down any suspicious networks. Additionally it terminates the process that was trying to establish connection in the first place.

Internet Explorer Monitor

Many people complain about their home page changing frequently or their clicks leading to unwanted web pages. Spyware can manipulate your internet explorer’s restriction registry keys to redirect you to their own desire web pages. IE Restrictions Monitor will prompt you before any such action are forced by any spyware. Frequent problems such as NoFileOpen,  NoBrowserSaveAs, NoFavorites, NoFileNew and NoBrowserContextMe are easily overcome with the IE monitor.

Improved CPU Performance

the spyware processes that continuously run on your computer actually use up CPU and RAM, thus slowing down your computer. This monitor continuously scans your computer and keeps killing any spyware processes. In fact live process monitoring can ensure that no spyware installs on your computer in he first place. Due to the extreme importance of this monitoring, it is recommended that this monitor be kept on all the time.


Perhaps the best thing this software has to offer is the security to your computer. You can see when someone accesses an Active Directory object. You can monitor policy changes to your computer thus keeping track of changes such as changing administrator rights, trust policies or auditing policies. Different spyware can install cookies on your PC that helps them track your IP address and extract information from your computer. The monitor continuously deletes any cookies that try to access your system have. Now you can tell them who’s the boss!


Monitoring Your Subordinates

If you are working in an environment where you are the boss in charge of a number of people, you can use the monitor to great effect. You can see when someone performs a task that they were not allowed to perform, or when someone shuts down or restarts the system without prior permission. Even program activation and termination can be monitored so that you can find out from whose computer a problematic program had originated.

How to start Windows in Safe Mode

Problems with your computer are ongoing and won’t ever come to an end. A new issue is generated everyday from the ones who are more interested in deteriorating your computer experience. Windows make sure that you have ways to try to recover your computer in even the harshest ones. Safe mode is an option that is provided by Windows operating system just to make sure that you have another way to restore your computer.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a running mode of your computer that has been made solely in order to repair your computer while it has been attacked by a potential threat. Your computer starts with a very limited access to the complete file system as well as many of your hardware does not work properly in the safe mode. You are only granted with access to files and drivers that are essential for the running of your computer. You can see Safe Mode appearing on all the four corners of your monitor screen that would let you know that you are using Safe Mode.

There are instances where your computer would automatically start in the safe mode. Any recent error would be preventing your computer to start in the normal mode. This could be possibly because of a recent addition of software on your system. The best you can do to get rid of the issue is to uninstall the software.

Advantages of Safe Mode

Safe mode is perhaps the first troubleshooting mode that you can avail to repair your computer. At instances, the problems that persist on your computer in the normal mode do not appear on the safe mode run. This clearly refers that something wrong with the settings or the basic drivers causing the issue in the computer. You can eliminate the issue by restoring the default settings and reversing any driver change that has recently occurred.

Safe Mode can help you check for the software that causes harm to your system. You can do the elimination process just to get to the root cause of the computer issue using the safe mode option. Start using all the software that you usually use through your workings and see if they cause an error. If they don’t, you can move on to the next ones, while the ones do cause the issue might be the possible reason for your computer problem. Safe mode also enables you to solve the problem or get rid of the software causing error.

Tools to be used in Safe Mode

You can use a number of recovery tools in order to repair your computer and get it back to the normal state. The most important of them is the System Recovery tool that lists in the System Tools. You can restore your system to a previous date when the system was in fine tone and working perfectly.

Device manager is another of the essential tools that can help you update device drivers and get your system working perfectly in fine tone after any alien change.

How to monitor your Computer’s Performance

Computer performance is something that is a concern to every computer user. There had been software previously that used to give an approximate rating of the performance your computer was rendering, however it was not accurate as per user expectation. The task manager even had a function in the previous versions of Windows. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a new in built feature for the job. This feature helps you get scores against each component of your computer hardware that is running the operating system.

Windows Experience Index

The Windows experience index is a relative study of hardware performance on a grading system that ranges from 1 to 7.9. This windows experience index can further be used to buy software packages as well as games that you wish to run on your system. This latest caliber of measuring performance is an excellent criterion that has certainly helped computer users purchase the appropriate set of applications for their computer.

Each component of your computer hardware is being assessed using the preset programmed ratio. The basic hardware that are being analyzed are processor to see how fast a system can process information, Ram to check the capacity of data that can be moved at an instance with the speed that it renders providing memory to the system, graphics memory to check the feedback it gives as well as primary hard disk to check the speed of data processing that your hard disk renders.

There are two calibrations used in the process. A sub score against every specific hardware tested that would give the stand alone performance of the specific hardware while the base score is the overall performance score. The base score in other words is the lowest individual score that makes the performance base line. The system cannot afford software that has base scores less than that of your system.

View your computer’s base score

Viewing your computer’s base score is perhaps an easy job in  itself. You can easily follow the instructions below to check for the performance index of your computer:

  • Click the Start menu and Control Panel.
  • Type Performance Information and Tools in the search box within the Control Panel to easily find the shortcut.
  • Click on performance information and tools.
  • Click on the Rate My Computer’s performance link and wait to see the results.

An alternate way of doing this is perhaps simpler one. Follow the instructions below to get to the performance index:

  • Right click on My Computer icon and move into the Properties at the end of the list.
  • Move into the properties and it will let you know if your computer has been rated before or not. In case it has been rated, you can still have the option of Re Assessing your computers performance while if it hasn’t been rated, you can rate it for the very first time using the link on the top of the rate index score that is by default set to 1 before the run takes place.

In case you have made any hardware enhancements, you need to check the base score again to see if you have come across any improvements. The sub score would certainly rise in case you have made an improvement in the hardware that was previously giving your system the base score.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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