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How to connect two computers using a null modem

Have you ever taken a look at all the port and connectors available at the back of your computer tower? You will find connectors like for LAN, Sound, Parallel Port (15 Pin), Serial Port (9 Pin), Serial Port (15 Pin), VGA (15 Pin) and many more. We know that VGA is used for connecting the display device, parallel port is used for connecting printers, serial ports are used for connecting old external dial-up modems, but is there any other use of serial ports? Yes the 9 pin serial port can be used for connecting two computers together so that they can communicate with each other and share data and resources together. The device which is required for making the connection over these serial ports is called a null modem and it is nothing but a simple cable with 9 pin serial port connectors at both its ends. The RS 232 serial port is quite an old component of motherboards and you will seldom find it in motherboards available today. But if you have this port available in your laptop or computer then you can easily use it to connect the two devices together.

Step 1: If you do not have an RS 232 Serial port available in your device still you can make it work over the USB port by getting USB to RS232 convertor. This will allow you to connect you null modem over USB.

Step 2: While connecting the null modem to a laptop not much of precaution is required but if you are connecting it to your desktop computer then better would be if you switch off the computer. This is precaution to avoid any electrical shock. Computer towers are generally metallic and ten to accumulate static charge while they are ON. If the tower is not properly grounded then you may get electric shock on touching it by your naked hands. So please turn off the computer, unplug it from the power supply and only then connect the null modem to the RS 232 serial port at the back of the tower.

Step 3: Now please check the orientation of the pins on the connector. This will reduce the chances of you trying to connect it to the MIDI port which is also a 9 pin connector of same shape.

Step 4: Once you have made the connection insert the disk which you would have received with the null modem cable. This disk carries special software which makes the communication between the two computers possible over the serial port. Windows by default has no way to control null modem and you would need this software installed on both the machines. In case you do not have the disk then search for software called Laplink which is meant for solving the same purpose.

ASUS Motherboards

Are you a computer geek? If you are, then you must be aware of the importance of a good motherboard? Even if you are not an IT enthusiast, as long as you work regularly using a computer you should know that the ASUS motherboard is what keeps the operating system together. Everything that is used along with the CPU such as the monitor, the mouse, the keyboard, speakers or even the printer depends upon this motherboard to function accurately. Hence, investing in a high quality motherboard is a good idea if you want to experience a long life for your PC.

The Universal ASUS motherboard:

ASUS motherboards are used all over the world for their excellent service to customers. That is why all computer users know the importance of having ASUS as their motherboards. Because of such positive reputation garnered by the ASUS group, their motherboards are always in demand. Not only are they the best as far as motherboards are concerned, the company develops chipsets for any kind of operating system known in the world. That is why an AMD user uses an ASUS motherboard and so does the Intel or the NVIDIA user.

Although all products of the ASUS group are of absolute quality, different motherboards developed by them have various facilities and utility functions. If you want to understand what a fairly good motherboard should have as its features then you should look for one that has a minimum memory space of 100 MHz that is configured according to DDR3. If you can get an ASUS motherboard that also supports a side port memory then it is an even better deal.

The reason why an ASUS motherboard provides such excellent service to its user is because of the simple flow concept followed by its developers. It can be understood by the common man if he follows a logical path of thought. Its integrated graphic performing features make the ASUS motherboard a steal to own.


In spite of being the popular name in the manufacture of motherboards the world over, ASUS has managed to keep its prices at competitive levels, making its products one of the most easily affordable in the market. The quality (clarity, resolution, sharpness, etc) of any image shown on the computer follows a direct correlation with the motherboard. The makers of ASUS have mastered the art to perfection.

However, the company also manufactures higher priced products such as the 975x motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme using processors. These higher end chipsets are of course more costly. Such advanced design chipsets are only compatible with the more exclusive versions of the ASUS motherboards. The Core 2 Duo processor also works on the ASUS Rampage formula. This is the most advanced in the category of motherboards for this type of processor, making it an ideal choice for a computer that runs a high number of programs.

The bottom line is you must have a sound knowledge of your PC and draw up an idea of your requirements for the computer before choosing the appropriate motherboard for it.

Intel ULV processor does not fit Mac Book Air

Apple’s MacBook Air cannot support the recently launched Intel Ultra Low Voltage i3, i5 and i7 processors.

Intel, the biggest manufacturer of motherboards in the world recently launched its new range of motherboards in the category of Ultra Low Voltage. Amongst the launched motherboards, the range includes highly powerful i3, i5 and i7 processors with varying processing speeds and enormous ultra boosting powers. Being powerful motherboards still don’t make a cut to fit into the new range of Mac Book Air. It is not only a bad news for Intel but also dismay for Apple’s Mac Book range, as it was planning to upgrade its range of AIR notebooks with faster processing. Apple was banking on Intel to come up with processors to fit into their note books, but now they are left with no good choices.

Amongst the range provided by Intel, the closest to fit into MacBook Air would have been Core i5-540UM, which has a nominal speed rating of only 1.2GH. This is much lower than the current MacBook Air’s LV Core 2 Duo at 1.86GHz or 2.13GHz. Intel’s i5 processor can boost a single core up to 2GHz when conditions are right for turbo boost. So when both the cores are boosted in prevailing suitable conditions there will be performance advantages existing on certain hyper threading friendly workloads even when running at a lower clock speed.

The current Mac Book Air runs on Core 2 Duos which runs with 6 MB memory cache while the 540 UM i5 processors run on a memory cache down to 3 MB, which is disadvantageous. The reduced memory cache is may be the reason for availing such hyper threading and super boosting.

Though the Apple may do away with the lower memory cache and may take the issue as secondary, but the main problem is related to graphics. The myriad range of Intel processors inclusive of the latest ULV processors comes with a fade lower graphics of Intel HD, which the Apple can’t accept. As it can never be compared to what Apple is currently offering that is NVIDIA 9400M integrated graphics.

Trying to fix away all the problems related to graphics and lower memory cache, Apple is trying to fix in a discrete Mobile GPU and also use its switching technology. But the problem occurs when the size of the motherboard has been made after the change is twice the size of the motherboard currently fitted into the available Mac Book Air. This only means that Apple has to still be stuck on the old fad of Core 2 Duo’s and not offer the public with any upgraded Air’s.

Other than offering a performance boost by giving away four GB of memory RAM, Apple has the only of option of settling its issues with NVIDIA to RAM in NVIDIA 320 and come up with a gripping product in the market.

High Speed Motherboards launched by ASUS

ASUS unveiled the 890FX motherboards to display the company’s hexa-core architecture’s capabilities. Using the capabilities of AMD processors, the company showcased its six core computing design.

The ROG Crosshair IV Formula and M4A89TD PRO are fitted with 890FX AMD processors which give unmatched performance and are the best in its league in the computing industry. Its fast processing and unmatched graphics shall create a new set of standards for the company. The motherboards are fitted with exclusive ASUS technologies like Core and Turbo Unlockers. The users will be facilitated with turbo boosters and high level performance, with unprecedented over clocking for higher end experience for the user. This combination teamed up with AMD processor shall change the whole computing experience system for the user and shall enable the user to achieve news heights in computing.

ASUS has incorporated various technologies and rather set a new level of standards which is very hard for the competitors to achieve. ASUS has also many awards along with awards for its motherboards for its unprecedented and high class enabling of various technologies.

Its Core Unlocker technology has earned higher than expected remarks from all over the industry, just because ASUS developed it into a concept to increase the speed of the user computing. It has been transformed into the most reliable and efficient way of transforming and unlocking various cores that are available on the motherboard. Now ASUS, with the usage of AMD 80 series processors enables to operate on full six cores of computing. It has been termed as the most powerful, smart and intelligent over clocking technology, which can enable heavy computing which include extensive using of visual software and even high level gaming.

Joe Hsieh, General Manager of Motherboard Business with ASUS, said that the company will always be there to deliver to the needs of the customer, providing them with motherboards and graphics of unprecedented heights. He said that the new technologies of Turbo and Core Unlockers will enable the best computing options, which will make them the best value for money processor for the customer.

ASUS has designed the AMD black edition and six core technology, which are enabled with Core Unlockers, that will intelligently manipulate the clock speed. With one clock they can attain even higher computing speed to ease their work harmony. This has also enabled faster than ever connectivity, which is a must for today’s world.

ASUS has always stood out in the market in terms of technology, innovation, design and price. They always been the front runner in services also, this is what places them very high and now with hexa-core technique available they are going to storm the market.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003