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Windows® Phone 7 or Google Android®?

If one is referring Gingerbread, it is believed that it is in fact Android 2.3 and not the 3.0 as rumoured previously. It is not actually known whether the specific date on which the Gingerbread operating system may be released, however, it is heard that it is going to be before the year end, and it will be in early part of the year 2011.

So far as Droid X is concerned whether it will be updated, it is presumed that there is a high possibility of it being so; however, one will have to wait for more time prior to Motorola comes around for releasing an updated version which is compatible with software of its own. It will not be wise to assume that there will be hardware update for the Droid X soon. If one is prepared to drop one’s Storm, it will not be right to assume that there is difficulty in getting the Droid X presently, particularly because the prices are beginning to drop.

Will a Windows Phone 7 handset be much user friendly as compared to Android? Windows Phone 7 is a type of platform which is new, but one will be best served with the Wilndows Phone 7 handset in comparison to other kind of two choices. The nice entry level handset is Motorola Bravo with Android 2.1, and Sony Xperia X10 will take longer time for upgrading.

One should bear in mind that Windows Phone 7 is somewhat new, therefore, the online support will not be strong as Android. However, Microsoft targets the timely updating of its software.

Motorola Bravo: Another Smartphone from Motorola

Motorola is one of the leading telecommunications company in the world and is known for its innovations in the field of communication. Being a manufacturer of wireless telephone handsets and involved in the design and sale of wireless network infrastructure equipment, its focus is on advancing the way the world connects.

Its latest contribution in the market of smartphones is Motorola BRAVO, an experience worth cheering about, and having a compact design with the power of Android backing it up. It has a 3.7 inch touchscreen facility that allows you to bring enhanced web browsing anywhere, and with an Adobe Flash Lite 3-enabled browser, you can see more of what the web has to offer. You are thus allowed an enhanced browsing experience which is hardly true for many of the other phones in the market. With its multi-touch gestures, you can easily navigate from open browser windows to your favorite bookmarks. You can also share, stream and store content with multiple devices like computers, TV and other compatible devices.

Motorola BRAVO is an enhanced version of MOTOBLUR, the latter being the only service that continuously syncs and merges and your friends, contacts, emails, messages, and Facebook and Twitter happenings. Apart from following what really matters with the social media, BRAVO also features the ability to resize and move pre-loaded widgets.

On BRAVO, you can also be assured of the information in it being safe and backed up by MOTOBLUR even after you lose your phone for some reason. Thanks to its secure server, you will not lose the contacts and the data that keep you connected. Its fully integrated GPS tracking and remote data wipe ensures that all the content and information in it is completely restorable and backed up. The information does not only include contacts but all account settings, emails, news feeds and social networking information as well.

Talking about its other features, BRAVO has a 3 megapixel camera with digital zoom and auto focus facilities. The pictures taken can be shared by just a single touch, and uploaded to websites like Photobucket, Facebook, MySpace and Picasa. With a 2GB of onboard memory, any of the latest movies or apps can be downloaded from a lot of applications available on the Android Market. Apart from this removable 2GB Micro SD card, it has 512 MB of internal memory as well.

Some of the other Motorola BRAVO specifications are mentioned as below.

  • Connectivity: 3.5 mm, Corporate Sync, NGP, FOTA, OMA DM, Stereo Bluetooth Class 2, Version 2.1 + EDR
  • Messaging / Web / Apps: SMS, MMS, Email (Corporate Sync, Google MailTM, IMAP/POP3 embedded, Yahoo Mail) IM (Embedded – GtalkTM, WVIM), Webkit with Flash
  • Audio: FM Radio receiver, AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, MP3, WMAv9, MP3
  • Video: Capture / Streaming / Playback, H.264 (CIF – Class Video Playback at 30 fps), MPEG4
  • Form Factor: Touch Tablet
  • Antenna: Internal

With its major focus on serving entertainment purposes, Motorola BRAVO is a good buy for people more interested in social media and downloading stuff from the Internet. It is no doubt a valuable addition to the family of smartphones.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003