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How to Set Up a Computer With Multiple Screens & Mice

A computer system comprises of a central processing unit, input devices and an output device. Input devices can be the keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner etc. and the output device can be video monitor, printer etc. Out of all the input and output devices, the monitor, keyboard and mouse are the most commonly used devices. Without these devices one cannot even think of working on a computer. Keyboards are used for giving text commands to the computer and a mouse is used for giving graphical commands. Normally there is only one display and mouse required on any computer but with multiprocessing and multitasking being greatly used this requirement can go further. One would like to have multiple screens connected to his or her computer to view multiple programs simultaneously on different screens. One would like to have more than one mouse connected so that multiple users can give commands at the same time.

In this post I will discuss how to connect and configure multiple display screens and multiple mice on a single computer.


Multiple displays

If you have a desktop computer then in order to have multiple displays connected you need to have dual VGA cards installed on it. Conventionally every computer comes with a single VGA adapter slot which supports only one display monitor. This is something which you have to purchase if you wish to have multiple screens on your computer and there can be no software alternative for the same. If you have a laptop then you can easily work on multiple screens because a laptop has its own display panel and it also has a slot for connecting an external VGA display. Once you get the two displays connected, all you need is to go to the ‘Control Panel’ and make the settings for screen sharing. You can have same display on both the screens or if you want you can extend the display on both the monitors. Extending is mostly used in multiple display systems so that you can extend your desktop to two and have different applications open on different display screens.


Multiple Mice

By default the operating system supports only one mouse at a time because there is just one mouse pointer on the screen. Even if you have multiple mice, still the pointer will remain one. To have more than one mouse you need some third party application to control the input commands sent by various mice. One of the applications which has proven itself quite handy is TeamPlayer. With this you can configure multiple mice on the same computer. All these mice can be connected by USB hub and can be controlled by different users. This kind of configuration and approach is useful in joint presentations where various users have to control the screen at various times.

It is not only about connecting multiple screens and mice to one computer, you can even use a single screen, keyboard, and mouse on several computers. All you would require will be some special switching devices and software.

5 Tips to use Keyboard Efficiently

Keyboard is the main input device for any computer system. Keyboard is such an important device for any computer that a computer doesn’t even boot if the keyboard is not present in it or if it is in a non-functional state. Keyboard is what we mostly use while working on computer and so we should be comfortable using it as it directly affects our productivity. If one is not comfortable using keyboard than he or she will not be able to work quickly and will end up wasting time using the mouse. In this post I will discuss 5 ways to make you comfortable with keyboards and make them easier to use.

Know all about your keyboard:

Days are gone when keyboard consisted of only numbers and alphabets. Now the keyboards are full of extra keys and special actions can be taken by these keys. These keys initially seem to be junking up the keyboard space but if you know their usage then they can be of great help. For example if you can open your default browser by just pressing the Internet key then why to use a mouse and then click on Start then Internet Explorer.

Change Keyboard Settings:

We are in a habit of using the backspace key because we tend to make mistakes. Mistakes like pressing two keys together, pressing in the middle of two keys, keeping a key down for long time. Such mistakes can be avoided by good typing practice and if not then such mistakes can be minimized by changing the Sensitivity and Repeat Delay settings of the keyboard. Open Control Panel and the Keyboard setting Window and from there you can adjust these settings.

Take Shortcuts:

Though, we don’t use or we are not aware, but each and every task can be done by the keyboard. Believe me we don’t need a mouse if we know proper keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts increases are productivity because then we can go through the options quickly and more efficiently. Browse the internet and you will get hundreds of websites listing the commonly used Keyboard shortcuts. Try memorizing the most commonly used shortcuts first and then go with the other complex ones.

Use Sticky Keys:

If you think that pressing multiple keys is not ergonomically easy for you then you can try using the sticky keys. Settings for sticky keys is again under the keyboard settings and this makes the three keys Shift, Alt and Ctrl to stick until the next relevant key is press. For example if you have to press CTRL+C then no need to press and hold the CTRL key and then press the C key, instead you can press and leave the CTRL key and then press the C key.

Select the best keyboard for yourself:

Market is full of keyboards and if you want you can spend some time in choosing the best one. Keyboards come in multiple models, shapes and sizes. There are keyboards which can be broken from middle to use separately with left and right hand. So I would suggest that browse the nearby store or on the internet and get the best one for yourself.

How to Increase Accessibility of your keyboard

Any desktop computer can boot without a Monitor, Mouse, Joystick, or any other input output device, but will not boot if the keyboard is missing or is faulty. The Keyboard is one of the most essential part of any computer system that it actually irreplaceable by any other device. We work mostly from the keyboard and almost all the instructions are directly indirectly passed on to the computer via the keyboard. This is the device with which we interact the most and what if this device makes us feel uncomfortable. This kind of situation will really ruin the entire computing experience and you might not be able to give your 100% while doing your task on the computer. If you are on a desktop computer then you can easily change the keyboard, but what if you are on a laptop? Here we will discuss some points which should always be kept in mind while working with the keyboards to better your computing experience.

The keyboards being manufactured these days have numerous other keys which can invoke various actions. Multimedia keyboards were launched around 6-7 years ago and became a great success. They had keys which could control the Audio, Video and after some years came in the internet ready keyboards. These keyboards can help you perform some functions which are helpful while working on the internet. Always make sure that you just not use the numbers and alphabet keys on the keyboard but also use the special keys to assist you further while working.

You in habit of using the Backspace key to erase what got missed typed? Use the Keyboard settings Window in Control Panel to fine tune your keyboard. We can alter the sensitivity of the keys and the repeat delay. It often happens that we press somewhere in between the two keys and if we reduce the sensitivity of the key we can reduce the insertion of incorrect alphabet in out document. Same goes for the repeat delay.

Why to take off your hand and use another device when you can do everything from the keyboard itself. Trust me you can complete a task much faster if you know the keyboard shortcuts than doing the same using a mouse. Why to right click on an object using the mouse when you can do the same from the keyboard. Try memorising the keyboard shortcuts and it will benefit you in long run.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts involve pressing of more than one key at the same time. If you feel that pressing more than one keys simultaneously is difficult than try using the sticky keys feature in Windows. With this feature ON you can press and leave the SHIFT key and next when you will press the C key it will perform the Copy action. This was just an example to understand the Sticky Key feature in Windows. The same style will work with all the other keyboard shortcuts and will definitely help you a lot.

Lastly if nothing is helping and your keyboard is not suiting your comfort style then go, research on the internet and purchase a suitable keyboard for yourself. There are many makes and models available for various ergonomic needs. There come keyboards which can be detached in pieces-one piece for your left hand and another for your right. There are many options available in the market all you need is a need and urge to make yourself comfortable with the keyboard.

Top 3 PC Problems

Since, time immemorial “abacus” helped man to perform simple calculations. As conscience of man kept on advancing he went on developing. A revolution came in to play when “computer” was given birth to. This wonderful thing is of great advantage t and to-date is performing a vital role for man. But, this computer can sometime become “a sea of problems” for you and you find your computer’s performance in chaos. Many a times, you see a message developed in balloon saying “Your system is running low on virtual memory” or you may witness that “Your task bar has vanished”. Sometimes you land up with a non-functioning mice or keyboard  or thicken task bar.

How can you tackle with such problems?  Can you fix such stubborn problems?

Well you can fix them manually but you also have an Automatic process in your hand.

The following instruction will help you through and guide you accordingly.


Manual approach to tackle:

Step one

How to fix a keyboard, mouse or sound device error?

You will re-start your computer by clicking on “Start” then on the “Shut Down” tab. A dialogue box appears and click on “Restart” tab. patiently wait until your system reboots. This way problems like non-working mouse or keyboard, no sound or proper display problems can be fixed.

Step two

Your system is running low on virtual memory.

You can fix this problem by increasing the virtual memory of your system. Click on the “Start” menu and then click on the “Run” tab. On the prompted dialogue box, type this “sysdm.cpl” or in case of Vista or 7 windows type the same in the search box and hit on “Enter”. On the prompted window, click on the “Advanced tab” and then in that choose the “Settings” option under the section of performance. Un-select or un-check the “Automatically manage paging file size” option. You will see a Hard Drive symbol like C:, click on that and  click on the “Custom size” option to adjust the “maximum size” of the box. Click on “Ok” to confirm and exist.

Automatic approach to tackle:

Step one

Log on to and on the homepage skim through to find the “Microsoft Support Home” tab which can be seen flocked up under the “Support” tab. In the page prompted the next, in the search bar, type “Fix It Solution” and hit “Enter” from your keyboard. From the list of result click on the “Microsoft Fix It Solution Centre” and proceed further.

Step two

If you’ve Windows related problems then skim through the LHS (Left hand side) of the page prompted. But, if you have to fix Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or WMP (Windows Media Player) related problems then skim through the desired sections on the LHS of the page.

Step three

From the list of problems enlisted, skim through to find out the problems shown which matches with the one your computer is suffering from. An automated process will then fix your problem, once you click on the desired option.

Thus, you can fix your computer’s problem with manual and automatic. All you need to do is to follow the instructions with precision and accurately.

After Windows 7 Microsoft is Scheduled to Launch A “Mouse”

The recent buzz surrounding Microsoft and Windows 7 is an innovative mouse in development at Microsoft, which would have multitouch input capabilities. This is being initiated, according to many rumors, also keeping Windows 7 users who are awaiting on changing their displays. There is nothing official about this yet, although Microsoft has already registered a domain “” and redirected it to Bing.

Revolutionary technology

The innovative mouse, as it has caught a lot of attention even before Microsoft has officially announced anything, must be consisting of some trendy features that users need alongside the new Windows 7 OS from Microsoft. Obviously the standards of products from Microsoft has always been above average and has most of the times provided with some excellent features that are unique to the devices.

Apple magic mouse

Apple magic mouse which has a lot of multitouch features, is expected to have plenty of resemblance to the expected hardware component from Microsoft. Apple magic mouse was a brilliant innovation from Apple to enhance user experience with Apple products and operating systems. Beauty of Apple magic mouse is the seamless integration with the system in both aspects hardware and software.

Windows 7 features

Windows 7 has a lot of inbuilt multitouch features that average users don’t actually have necessary hardware to explore into. One reason why multitouch mouse concepts were initiated. Multitouch mouse peripherals will not only enable users with high end features on its own, but also expand the usage of inbuilt Windows 7 features.

The price range

Some European retailers have listed a “Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse” in their sites for around 70 dollars. Whether it be an indication of the original price or not, 70 dollars for a mouse seems a bit on the higher side given the current situation of an average consumer. Even if the expected piece of hardware is a PC clone of the Apple’s magic mouse, if the functionality would justify the price, no one knows for sure yet.

Early indications

Microsoft registering the corresponding domain and several retailers listing the item in their sites are all clear indications of such peripheral being in the process. The Redmond company has also been involved in a multitouch mouse research back in 2009, which also gives a clue on something happening from Microsoft.

Recent product releases

Several mouse models have been introduced to the market by Microsoft with the average price range of them being around 40 to 50 dollars. These releases from Microsoft too indicates an upcoming high end mouse component slightly higher in price.

Brilliant software features without supported hardware to operate and explore are virtually useless. Microsoft has realized a similar issue with the features of Windows 7, an important reason why a multitouch mouse is on the making, if any exists at all.

Arc Touch Mouse to be Released by Microsoft Soon

Microsoft, the software giant, has just developed a new product in its hardware sector. It seems to be an upgrade for its Arc Mouse which is to be called the Arc Touch Mouse. This new multi-touch based mouse seems to be looking like one of Apple’s products.

This could be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse when it comes to its features and what it can do since they are pretty similar. Upon first glance, the Magic Mouse and the Arc Touch Mouse may seem to be really similar and with Microsoft’s anticipated launching this year, then Apple really has some competition on this area.

The original version of the Arc Mouse launched many years ago hence this new version is already an update of the first version. What is cool about this mouse is that it is shaped like an arc coming into contact only at the front and back, hence the name Arc Mouse.

It’s an attractive and portable little mouse and its design is probably one of Microsoft Hardware’s best. In terms of aesthetics, it comes in a cranberry colored and black colored version. The design also allows less friction in general and it also saves weight. However, since the point of contact is only the front and back, there is more pressure in those areas of contact. Using it would require a light touch but in general, it works just like an ordinary computer mouse and one would have no major problem in using it.

The updated Arc Mouse would surely be an improvement of the original one. Reports have said that the updated version would make the Arc Mouse touch-based. This rumor came from some information which spotted Microsoft registering a domain name from European retail sites called last March.

From this domain name, it was rumored that the next Arc Mouse would be touched-based. So far this is the only evidence of such upgrade. The said new mouse would have a product code RVF-00003 according to the same source. It is also estimated that this new device would command a suggested retail price of around $70

Microsoft has denied saying anything about the issue. They have refused to say any available information as of the moment. When asked, they say that nothing is available yet which indicates that Microsoft is indeed cooking up something and will be made available soon.

This piece of news is very encouraging for all the techie people eyeing the latest development in Microsoft hardware. If this new device would be as cool or even cooler than the Arc Mouse, then it would surely be another good sell for Microsoft. Apple surely has found a good rival in terms of multi-touch functionality.

Well I guess the least we can do for now is to wait for the formal launching of this soon to be touchable Arc Mouse. We’ll just keep our eyes and ears open until something more substantial would reach our news lines.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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