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How to Listen to Music in Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a versatile, stylish and intuitive application that was first introduced in Windows Vista. Here, you can browse your collection of movies, images and others with ease and comfort. What is great about the Windows Media Center is that you can play music with ease and enjoy an amazing experience. There are several functions and utilities that you can do to personalize, organize, present and play music in this application. You will certainly love to hear your favorite rhythms in style. If you have the media remote, you can wirelessly control what you are hearing as if you have your own visual music player right across the room.

Ease of Use

The Windows Media Center was designed for ease of use. It is also very detailed with its features for all the things you want to do with music. The format of accessing music from playlist, to song, to song detail is flawless and very intuitive. If you take a wrong turn, you just have to use the arrow keys or hit back to the point where you want to head. Using directional buttons, accessing music in Windows Media Center has never been this fun a process!

Finding and playing music

If you want to find music, all you have to do is to scroll up and down the startup menu of Windows Media Center. Once you have highlighted the music, a selection of controls will appear underneath that you can access from left to right. Hit on Music library and you can now select from a variety of categories. You can choose per artist, per composer, per year and so much more with ease.

Play and rate favorites

If you want to easily get the list of songs, all you have to do is select the song category. Once you hit on one of the songs, there will be a list of things you can do with the song details. Click on Edit info and from there you can choose the rating you want for your song. Save it and then play your music. That is how intuitive Windows Media Center is.

Multimedia experience

With music, one can also input a slideshow to create an amazing slideshow. All you have to do is click on the Play Slideshow button to play your images while the music is playing.

Editing and viewing a song list

If you are playing from a playlist, you can edit the arrangement of the music and arrange them or even delete the ones that are not representative of your taste.

Some Features:

Play your music with visualizations and use a variety of preinstalled visuals to fit your ambiance.

You can shuffle the music so the effect is different and unexpected when you play your playlist.

You can use Windows Media Center to buy new music and the intuitive design provides you so many options for your needs.

All in all, Windows Media Center is a complete package of intuitive fun and an exciting music player where you can do everything and never get tired of doing it.

How to Store Movies and Access the Internet on a Sony PSP

For those who do not know what a Sony PSP is, it is actually a kind of portable gaming device that is considered as one of today’s technological sensation. It is capable of consoling virtually any type of media.

A Sony PSP is capable of storing:

  • The most technologically demanding video games,
  • Music,
  • Video, and
  • Other kinds of media files as well.
  • It also has wireless capabilities, which allow you to play with it anywhere you like, even if you are mobile.

You can watch and re-watch the videos you saved on your PSP’s memory stick. Also, if you want to check out some new pictures on the Internet, you can easily connect to the World Wide Web by connecting to a particular wireless network.

Here are a few steps on how you can store movies as well as access the Internet on your very own Sony PSP.

In storing the movies you want to watch and re-watch anytime you like:

  1. You need to place your memory stick on your PSP. There is a memory card port on the left portion of your PSP, and this is the area where your memory card needs to be inserted into.
  2. For you to be able to access the memory card, you need to turn on your Sony PSP. Once you are able to do so, the first thing you need to do is to format the card in order to clear the memory. It is also your responsibility to create the necessary folders for storing your videos or other kinds of files.
  3. Now, you need to connect your PSP to your computer’s USB port. Just secure the PSP’s USB cable to the port. The computer will automatically read the Sony PSP as a flash drive or a storage device.
  4. Clicking on the My Computer icon will help you access the PSP’s main drive. But, if the auto-run is ongoing, then the PSP’s drive will directly open immediately.
  5. You can now access the movie files, if ever you have saved some already. Open the folder that contains all of the files that you want to transfer to the PSP. Just right click the file and click the Copy choice on the list. Afterwards, you need to select the destination and choose your PSP’s drive on the memory stick. Simply click the Paste command for the movies folder. If you find the recently mentioned instruction a bit confusing, there is a much easier way for copying your movie files. You can easily drag the icons of the files to the PSP folder where you want your movies to be saved.
  6. Once everything is done, you need to remove the hardware before you start to unplug the PSP from the computer. Just click on the Safely Remove command at the bottom right corner of your monitor.

In accessing the World Wide Web:

  1. Of course, you need to turn on your PSP and ensure that you have adequate battery life. Because, if you do not, then you will end up suddenly disconnecting due to the interrupted power source.
  2. There is a built-in adapter for wireless networks that can be found at the PSP’s side. This detects all of the PSPs that are in close range. Afterwards, you need to change the network settings by clicking the Settings command on the pop-up menu that comes out on your PSP. Select Network settings and then press the X button.
  3. You can now make your Internet connection. Click the Infrastructure Mode. After you do so, simply click the X option. Choose the New Connection command from the list of options that you can easily find and the PSP will automatically search for any wireless networks that are in your area. However, if you know the name of the network you want to sign on to, then make things easier for yourself and simply enter the name. Once you find it, connect to tit and confirm that it is truly the one you are trying to connect to. Just select the network and then enter the pass key that is required.
  4. Type and IP address in the Address Settings command. Here, you will be asked to enter the exact name of the wireless network you are using. Now, if you are interested in testing whether or not your PSP is capable of connecting to the Internet portably, then choose the command labeled Test Connection.

MSI and ASUS Showcase 3D PCs

Avatar has indeed revolutionized the world, and paved the way for 3D revolution; now, one can find 3D television sets, PCs, laptops, and even projectors in the market, though the demand is still fairly low; nevertheless growing day by day!

New Trends
Asus and MSI have been really serious about changing the way things in the world of computers, and they’ve already announced several 3D PCs capable of playing 3D games, movies, and videos from internet. These PCs will be featured with a thicker 3D screen, provided with complementary 3D glasses, and of course high-quality speakers to enjoy the real 3D effect!

Some of them will also be provided with conversion software to produce 3D videos from 2D content, and HDMI 1.4 ports to facilitate 3D playback on the television sets. Sure thing, everyone is fascinated by the 3D concept, but due to high pricing, many of the potential customers have been holding back from investing in these costly 3D television sets. Moreover, lack of awareness has also been a significant factor that has slowed down the adoption of 3D PCs and TV sets in the market. MSI’s latest Wind Top AE2420 is more than capable of outsmarting almost every other 3D PC currently available in the market, featuring 24-inch multitouch screen, and all-in-one operation. Except the mouse and keyboard, everything else has been integrated on to the screen and the next gen MSI 3D PC will be powered by AMD’s ATI Mobility Radeon discrete graphics processors, and latest Core series Intel processors.

Another power performer was showcased in form of EeeTop PC ET 24″, which will serve as a replacement to not just a 3D HDTV but rather a home theatre system too. It will have the latest standards including USB 3.0 connectivity, and the fastest ever Blu-ray writer, which will be capable of churning out 3D converted copies of 2D movies at 720p resolution. But, the million dollar question here is whether there is enough 3D stuff already in the market? When you really look for 3D channels, 3D movies, games, and videos, you don’t have such a wide range of selection yet; this simply means that users will still be slightly disappointed to find limited choice even after spending a good deal of money on buying a 3D TV or 3D PC.

The pricing for these 3D PCs will start from $1,500 (including all the goodies such as drivers, 3D glasses etc), which is definitely fairly reasonable, keeping their extreme capabilities into consideration. Earlier this week, Asus had announced two 3D laptops, and slowly but surely we’re entering the 3D era; the transition may be slow, but the rate at which, 3D technology has progressed, has been simply remarkable!

Will MSI and Asus be the forerunner in the 3D PC market, or will the other giants also follow the league; well, only time can answer this, so stay connected!

How To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

In the current cyber world, Broadband Internet is considered as the modern standard for internet services. For people today, time and speed are the two influential decision making factors that are followed closely for all types of services. Slow traditional dial-up connections are gone thus paving the path for faster internet services and new technologies. These new innovations are either the DSL connections that connect using the telephone lines or the simple cable wires that connect using the same connection as that of the Cable TVs. If the need be, you can also subscribe to the range of wireless internet technologies such as WiMax, 3G, etc.

Having a broadband connection at your workplace or home is extremely convenient for downloading files, movies, images, etc. or even transferring important files to your clients and friends. In the initial stage, your internet speed will be simply amazing but with the passing time, you will see a sudden decline in its actual speed. Just as more and more people start using the same connection with the same bandwidth, your internet speed will slow down drastically. Usually, people using the cable internet connection are more susceptible to this speed issue. Similarly, when a large number of people use the internet under the same sub-network and consume huge amount of bandwidth, your broadband speed will surely face a great dip. Well, if you are also facing a similar problem, here are a few points to help you improve your broadband internet connection speed.

  • Keep a check on your speed: Comparing the speed as promised by your Broadband provider against the actual speed you are receiving is extremely essential. As a result, it gets essential that you check your actual internet speed before making a complaint. Usually, the speed is measured in MBPS (Megabits per second) or KBPS (Kilobits per second). When you compare the two speeds, you will notice that the actual speed is a lot lower than the provided speed.
  • Reset IP address: Usually, the slowdown in the speed is caused due to the rising number of total people using the similar subnet connection. In such conditions, resetting the IP address will help you to automatically retrieve a fresh IP from the system. All you need to do is simply click through your network settings and then click on “Renew DHCP Lease”.
  • Check other active background applications: Apart from the problem with your connection, it is also possible that your own computer is the culprit. Hence, it is necessary that you check out the OS for enabled Automatic Updates which will keep downloading new files for your softwares, movies, songs, etc. without your knowledge. If the system is enabled, it is better that you disable it.
  • Secure your wireless internet network: A similar problem with you internet speed is caused if your wireless connection is not protected and is intruded by other users. Hence, it is better to have your network protected using an encrypted protocol.

Make sure that you check all of these points if you are also facing issue with your broadband speed.

The Hurricane is here to sweep you off your feet: Learn about HP’s latest Notebook

Notebooks and tablet computers are an essential component of the computing world today. The need for people to access computers everywhere they go, has led to the invention of smaller and portable computers that can easily be moved from place to place. Notebook and Tablet computers are portable computer devices that are also efficient. They are light in weight and can be easily carried about. Some of them are so small they can even be held in the palm of the hand.

There has been increasing competition in the market for notebooks and tablet computers in recent years as more and more firms are coming up with new products. New firms are also getting into the computing market daily.

What is the Hype about?

The most recent entry into the notebook and tablets computer market has been announced by HP, a firm that has been producing computers for a long time. HP announced its intention to release its new Palm WebOS based slate. Codenamed “The Hurricane”, the device will be launched in Australia by the end of the year.  HP discarded its initial intentions for the Windows 7 based touch tablet slate PC in favor of the Hurricane. Analyst suggest that this move could be the result of HPs offer to buy Palm.  At the time, Palm had been working on a WebOS based tablet that could be a competitor to Apple’s iPad.

It could even be true that by the time The Hurricane is launched, another computing firm would have come out with another tablet computer solution. This is how things are working now. The use of tablets and notebooks has become very common because even the middle class is able to afford them.

Has a new trend already set in?

Tablets and notebooks may be common because of their portability. Students, business people, teachers and even parents find the use of these devices as they can move them around from place to place, unlike a desktop computer. They can carry with them their applications, documents, databases, movies and music wherever they go. These devices also have chargeable batteries that make them even more portable. They can be charged and used later, meaning that one does not always need electrical power to operate them.

Tablets and notebooks also take less storage space. Unlike a desktop that needs a dedicated table in an allotted space in a room, a tablet or notebook can be folded and stored in a handbag or even under a pillow.

Tablets and notebook computers also have features and facilities that are not found in desktops and other computers. Tablet computers come with inbuilt web cams, microphones, speakers and so on. They also come with higher computing power, faster processors, larger memories, larger hard disk storage, better screen resolutions and many more.

Compared to the features they have to offer, the Tablets and notebook computers come at a low cost. Users are now able to afford these new technological advancements as it is essential for their daily lives. Initially when the huge computers that can take up full rooms came, they were so expensive that, only large multinational companies could afford them. Now the cost has decreased and there is an increase in the features of all kinds of tablets and notebooks.

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