Mozilla has decided to come up with frequent updates on the Firefox browser just to make sure that the final version expected by the start of October is all fabricated well. The aim is to come up with a perfect application at the proper launch with minimum chances of errors and bugs. Mozilla has released the second beta of Firefox 4.0 browser. The browser has limited changes in the interface as well as the features. Both domains have been improved considerably. In the latest version, the users can have a tab on the top of the window as it is in Windows. The second beta also consists of an “App Tabs” just to keep an eye on the most used web apps and services.

Changes in Firefox 4 Beta 2:

Firefox users using Mac OS X and Linux can now have the tabs on the top of the windows as does the user of Windows Vista or Windows 7. The menu bar has been replaced by Firefox button in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you can search any tab through the bar and you can even switch to already open tabs in the Smart Location Bar. Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2 comes with a completely new add-on manager and extension management API. The user interface of this API is said to be changed prior to the final launch.

There are further improvements in the API section for the JS-types that is a foreign function interface for extensions. Users will also have a stop and reload button in form of a single button that makes the interface of the bar quite improved compared to the previous versions. You will now have an option between a bookmark toolbar as the previous versions or a bookmark button as launched in this version. There are even new plugins involved that provide users and developers with a chance to make animations in different scripts and they all are going to work properly.

Perhaps the best of the improvement is the crash protection for all the different OS. Crash protection was released for the Windows users a few weeks back and the Mac OS X users were promised to have the crash protection in the Firefox 4. Now, your browser is not going to shut down in case any of the Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is going to crash. The rest of the tabs will stay active and restored.

The beta version of Firefox 4 also support CSS transitions and supports the HD HTML5 WebM video format. It comes with further support with the HTML5 and displays the forms in a better way. The frame of the web browser on the overall give you a prompt rendering of your request and the page loads pretty fast compared to the previous versions.

Transformations in the Beta 2:

The new beta is more responsive to user’s requests and you will certainly have a better experience using the new version. The final version is promising a lot more then the beta releases. The CSS transition and the performance improvement are certainly two of the most important enhancements that the beta 2 ensures.