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Mozilla® Firefox 4 for Android™

Mozilla Foundation will release the final tested code for its browser named Firefox 4 for Android enabled phones; meanwhile another beta version is expected to be released soon. The latest in this series of browser is expected to pack quite a punch. According to Jay Sullivan, vice president of products for Mozilla, during an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona said that it is loaded with a sync feature that allows user to have a clone of the information stored in the browser in your desktop on your Android enabled smartphone, features like bookmarks, saved web pages, passwords, browsing history etc will get transferred to your phone. He also said that nearly 150 or so add-ons will be available for this version of the famous web browsers mobile version.

The mobile version will not only be restricted to Android but is also coming to Nokia N900 devices. Apple iPhone users will have to do without it though as Apple insists that mobile browsers use its webkit rendering system and other terms and conditions. Firefox is also not compatible with the Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS due to other issues. However, according to Sullivan, Mozilla is looking for ways to bring to the end user the rich Mozilla experience without seeking permission from any os developer. Mozilla is also currently working on a project called Open Web Apps, under which Mozilla will build a store for web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

According to Sullivan web apps will be written utilizing metadata that would allow easy marketing and gathering of customer responses. Sullivan said that people prefer to build using HTML5 however they also want the ratings and advertisements that the native apps get. He also said that there should be no reason that every one has to use native development technology to get monetization. They should be unrelated according to Sullivan but they have been tied together. So Mozilla is trying to bring those things to the Web

Mozilla is planning to follow a strategy to promote instant personalization where irrespective of what device you are using the experience of Mozilla remains same, somewhat an advanced feature of sync. Sullivan states that the aim of Mozilla is to give it users such a technology that you could grab any device and have it log you onto a site quickly, if you want to buy something have it know your credit card details yet be secure and safe. Sullivan also maintained that Mozilla is planning to undergo an overhaul to ensure that its development schedule gets accelerated ensuring that Firefox 5 will undergo a much quicker release cycle though it will have fewer features, but it will be more agile and more reactive to the issues that are facing the market at that moment.

How to download Mozilla® Firefox 4

You can now download Firefox 4 that was launched on March 23, 2011. Mozilla Firefox 4 is the latest version of the web browser, which has been released by the non-profit organization Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox was developed as part of an open source project. To download Firefox 4, open the website of Mozilla, that is, On the webpage that opens, click on the link Firefox 4 Free Download.

On clicking this link, the download of Firefox 4 will start. First you will be prompted to save the Firefox Setup 4.0 exe file on your computer. You can save the file on the desktop. The setup file will be downloaded on your system. The file size will be around 12 MB. After Firefox 4.0 download is completed, double click on the exe file to install Firefox 4.0. If a version of Mozilla Firefox is already there on your computer, it will be upgraded to the new release. Otherwise Mozilla Firefox 4.0 will be installed on your computer. By clicking on the Mozilla Firefox icon on the desktop or through the ‘Start’ menu, you can open Firefox 4. You will notice several new features in Firefox 4 such as a simple interface, zoom in/out web pages, tagging of websites, new add-ons, better text and graphics, more customization options, content security policy, instant website identification, anti-phishing features, and lots more. So download Mozilla Firefox 4 and enjoy a pleasurable and secure web browsing experience.

Firefox 4

Rationalized Approach of Mozilla Firefox 4

It has something to do with practical and convenience rather than of style itself.

That explains the new version of Firefox Web Browser – the Mozilla Firefox 4. Classical and with a sense of reason, they will finally release its new beta version sometime in July 22.

In connection with the older version of the Firefox web browser which centers only to window users, this new beta version will center to the Mac users – Good news for them!

But what is the other feature this new version of Firefox offers?

Along with the new version is its new style of approach to Firefox users. The browser’s main specification is the “Tabs-on-Top” interface.

What is Tabs-on-Top?

Tabs-on-Top has been used by the Google Chrome and Opera. This is about bringing Tabs to the upper portion rather than the old style of former version of the web browser.

Although it would somehow be a difficult shift of the former trademark style of the Firefox web browser, designers of new version 4 said that it has nothing to do with the style but to the concepts of understanding behind the new format.

It is a practical format because of its useful and rationalized sense of style wherein each of the tools was put together into where it should be placed.

Another thing about this version is that it supports convenience to users because of its easy use and access.

In addition, there are four rationalizations of choosing this new version:

1. Conceptual model:

The Conceptual model is about the connection of the concepts and its relationship. The old version has poor conceptual analyzation wherein there is an inconsistency and incorrect                                               grouping of functions and applications. Through this, the new version will now focus on proper grouping of functions with consistency and proper placement.

2.Apps tabs:

The other one is Apps Tabs where in a specified box or tab is mainly used and specified for one application that is commonly used. This would somehow maintain and organize approach                                       of preventing applications and documents mixed together. This would also cause less space to your browser.

3.Tab base Firefox UI:

The Tab base Firefox UI on the other hand is a secondary interface, much like the latter, although it generally involves grouping documents and files to a single application. This would                                         serve as a window manager.


The last one is about the Notifications. With this, notifications from different visited sites will now be best seen without to another opened tab.

These are the four rationales behind the birth of the new version – The basis of the formation of this creation.

Additional features

Another fascinating fact about this Firefox web browser 4 is its highly new feature of CSS transitions that enables us to format our web pages, thus making it more innovative and elegant.

With this upgraded CSS formatting, we can now enjoy a more stylish way of effects that can surpass on almost any of the other web browsers.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003