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How to Change the Language in Microsoft Excel

In this new age, people are using different kinds of technologies to get a better life and people have different kind of ways for it. Few decades ago, you should had to do your work by yourself, you don’t have any machine for that but now you have many machines to help you out and also few decades ago you have to write all the things on paper but now you can take a computer type the matter and you get a print out in seconds. So keeping these kinds of works in mind years ago Microsoft made its office, a program which has made by Microsoft and it called Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Excel is main part of Microsoft Office and without MS Exce,l MS Office would not be complete. Microsoft Excel is for your work, yes different kind of work like making reports, charts, graphs and making data files.

You can enter data and you can analysis the data in different ways.

Microsoft excel is very useful for business purpose also it can be used for proposes such as you can make your annual reports, your presentations etc. on it and you get the exact and clear results. You can use their default formulas or you can create by yourself, by using their formulas you can calculate data in it, you just have to enter your values and you get your results in just a few clicks. There are many ways to use Microsoft Excel in your daily life and one of the biggest uses of that is making graphs. If you want to plot a graph then you should use Microsoft Excel because it delivers the best graphs and you can make easily a graph on it.

If you are using Microsoft Excel and you want to change the default language in Microsoft Excel then you can do this easily. Microsoft allows you to work in any of hundreds of available languages.

If you want to Change the Language in Microsoft Excel then below are steps for you.

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Excel and click on the Microsoft Office button in the top left handed corner of your screen and go down to Microsoft Excel options. Now, you will see a window will appear and in that window you can click the popular tab which is on the left hand side of the screen. You can see a button at the bottom of the window that labeled Language Settings.

Step 2:

You can now click the Language Settings button and then select any languages that you want to work in from the box on the left click Add and to move it to the box on the right. Finally in the drop down box on the bottom of the screen labeled Primary editing language and select the language that you want to work in by default. You can now click OK to close the window and then click OK again.

How to Interpret Data Using MS Excel

MS Excel in one of the very powerful office application tools for data representation and interpretation.

It is a spreadsheet application and gives us an organized way to manage data for all small and medium businesses.

There are various in-built tools, like charts, graphs, tables, and calculation, present in MS Excel which helps us for data mining and processing in efficient manner.

Using MS Excel, any user can analyze, collate and interpret data very easily. You can also use reports and charts to show the graphical representation of any office and sales related data in you presentation.

Here are some of the ways to interpret data using MS Excel:


The first way it by importing and organizing data into a spreadsheet. You should ensure that you use clear and appropriate column headings and you must also name the tabs in case of multiple sheets in one spreadsheet.

The correct formatting and naming will help you to find the correct data easily and faster.


Pivot Table or Chart

You can create a pivot table or can make a chart to organize data in a summary manner.

You must highlight the entire data which you want in the pivot summary which includes headings as well.  Now select the “Data” option in the toolbar and then go to “Pivot”. From the ‘Pivot’ option list, select ‘Pivot Chart Report’.

Now you must follow the steps asked in the wizard, which is used to create the hart and the table. Now drag the headings in the different sections which will organize the data in summary. The headings can be changed anytime required and table can be refreshed after any change or new data entry.


Data filter

Select the data which is to be filtered and then select ‘Data’ and then ‘Filter’ option. You can either select ‘Auto Filter’ or ‘Advance Filter’ option in the list where ‘Auto Filter’ is used to filter each heading item by unique data in the column and ‘Advanced Filter’ can filter the data as a range and can be copied to new excel file as well.


Create Chart

Click on ‘Insert’ and then select ‘Chart’. This will load the Chart selection screen from where you need to select the type of chart, the data range, and the way the data will be represented in the chart.

The chart can be created either on the same sheet or on a new a sheet as well.


Use formulas and calculation.

MS Excel also provides the functionality to use formulas to perform basic and advanced calculation in the worksheet. You can use addition, subtract, multiply and other formulas to calculate and represent the data.


Use basic Sort

Select the entire data which you want to sort with headings. Select ‘Data’ and then go to ‘Sort’ option. The data can be sorted in ascending or descending order. You can also use multiple criteria to sort the same set of data.

How to Use the Access 2007 Query Wizard

Microsoft Office is a well known program which you use in your daily life when you are working on computer. Microsoft Office has different kinds of programs to help you at your desk. MS Office is used everywhere in the world, whether you are in US, Australia, Africa and Asia, it’s getting used in all over the globe.

There are many software programs in Microsoft Office like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access etc. Microsoft Access is a program for databases. You can store data with MS Access; it stores the data in its own format which based on the Access Jet Database Engine. MS Access can also import or link directly to data if data has stored in other applications and databases.

Microsoft Access 2007 has a Query wizard, by this wizard you can create queries using the Structured Query Language which is also known by SQL, this language normally used to retrieve data from a database, in MS Access you can specify fields from multiple data source and the query wizard can also calculate averages, counts, maximum and minimums and sums.

Following are steps to use the Access 2007 Query wizard

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Access 2007 and when it opens then open an Access 2007 database now the database window appears automatically and it will display shortcuts for opening objects of database and you can create new objects.

Step 2:

Now you can look under the Objects panel on the upper left of the database window and you can click on the item labeled Queries after that click on the item labeled New in the tool bar of the database window to open up the New Query dialog box.

Step 3:

You can create a query using one of the query wizards which displayed in the New Query dialog box, for most of the queries you would select the Simple Query wizard and now click on the OK button.

Step 4:

Now follow the prompts given in the Query wizard dialog boxes you can see the last dialog box will provide the option of running the query or viewing the query structure in Design view.

Step 5:

You can use Design view to fine tune the query or use the query wizard to write again the query from scratch; this is repeatedly done with complex queries or large databases where the query structure used by the query wizard does not provide flawless performance.

Top 5 tips on working on Windows Phone

Microsoft has just recently launched a Windows Phone, which integrates various applications of MS office and provides  seamless navigation in mobile phones. Since its a new phone in the market, there are still a lot of consumers that have gotten used to the applications and the interface the the phone has to offer.

Here are some tips that may help you to understand Windows Phone better.

  1. Copilot live, is an application which is based on mobile phone satellite navigation, its providing different kind of 2d, 3d maps and real-time traffic update, you can use this service when you are on the road and you need a guidance, you can use its maps and get your way clear, its available in 30 languages and it has a great efficient routing which supports almost all major countries in the world.
  2. The another application which is called Outlook mobile extender, this is an application for Microsoft office outlook in your mobile phone devices, you can use this service for SMS , e-mail messages, print, search and organize your computer in the familiar interface of outlook.
  3. If you want to use internet in your windows phone then you can use three ways, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS, you can check your phone for connectivity or you can ask for your internet provider to know that which kind of connection will be best for you.
  4. You can open the default web browser and just type the URL that you want to open and you can browse any website you want, you can use Wi-Fi instead of Dial-Up connection this will be cheaper to you. You can download different kind of applications using the internet and enjoy your mobile as an entertaining device, you can download yahoo messenger or Skype and you can chat with your relatives and friends when you want, you can buy and download e-books and read your favorite books on your phone.
  5. With your windows phone you can be a good photographer, you can take pictures with their mega pixels cameras and with big and clear display screen, you can use your mobile to enjoy all the multimedia content like, watching videos online, making videos with their camera, listening music.

Use the above mentioned points, to use your windows phone and enjoy your life with these kind of new technology phones where your phone is not just to call and talk but its useful as a multimedia device.

How to Create a BOM Using MS Excel

BOM or Bill of Material is a documentation for all the raw material, components and other parts and quantities but it is not necessary that all the physical material are described in BOM. It contains all the major information and list of components for the project.

There are number of ways to make BOM and you can do that by using MS Excel as well. This wonderful tool and the statistics and calculation capacity of MS Excel make the task very simple.

Here are some of the basic steps to create a BOM using MS Excel:


Open MS Excel application by selecting the Microsoft Office Suite program in the Start Menu.


Once the MS Excel application open, select ‘File’ menu and then select ‘New’ option. The navigation can be different in different versions of MS excel.


At this point, you would need to choose the perfect template for the file you are trying to create. For this you need to go to Office Online website and type the ‘bill of material’ in the search box. Now click on ‘Go’ on the webpage or press Enter from the keyboard.


The page will load various templates related to search result and you have to be very careful while choosing the appropriate item for your BOM. Select the correct file and then click on ‘Download’ which will open the template in a new worksheet. Now go to the ‘File’ Menu and select the ‘Save as’ option to save the worksheet. It will ask you to enter the file name so type-in the file name as per your requirement and save the file at your desired location from where it is easily accessible. Again, the navigation to save the file may differ in different version of MS Office application.


Now comes the part where you would need to enter the components related to the project or product development like entering the job name with material description and the cost and quantities of the material. You would also need to enter the information like the dates purchased and used.

These are some very basic steps to create the BOM using MS Excel and keep a track of everything related to production.

MS Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft Office is the most trusted and the most used application software across the globe. Microsoft has recently revealed the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac i.e. MS Office for Mac 2011.

Let us take a look at some of the infesting features of MS Office for Mac 2011:

Outlook Integration

Now, you can see and manage your mails with the new Microsoft Outlook. MS Outlook for Mac is an all in one application for your e-mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks. You can collapse your multiple emails and can watch them in one quick view.

Office Web Apps

With Windows Live SkyDrive, you can store and edit your documents and your presentation online and from anywhere. You can also access your document from any computer with the help of Office Web Apps. Just log into the and you can work from anywhere.


With MS Office for Mac 2011, you can coauthor documents, add video and audio to chats on real time basis. With MS Office for Mac 2011 being compatible with Microsoft Windows, you can connect to anyone anywhere.


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 has an amazing feature known as the ribbon. The MS Office for Mac 2011 ribbon and toolbar displays all the commonly used commands. So that means there is no need to look for the same option every time.

Template Gallery

Now, you can easily create amazing documents with the new Template gallery in MS Office for Mac 2011 without any hassle. There are templates in large formats so that you can see the layouts, graphics and fonts and can edit them easily.

Photo Editing

With a full suite of media editing options in Office for Mac 2011, you can edit everything from in-document photo finishing to color-corrections to background removal.

Full Screen View

MS Office for Mac has a full screen view that enables you to read and write the document on full screen mode. With the full screen feature, you can easily focus on the task by blocking out all other windows and menus on your screen.

Broadcast Slide Show

With the PowerPoint for Mac 2011 you can present your presentation to multiple people remotely that will improve communication and will reduce travel cost. Just connect to Internet and you can broadcast your presentation to anyone anywhere.


The MS Office for Mac 2011 has a feature for Excel for Mac 2011 knows as Sparklines. With Sparklines in Excel for Mac 2011, you can create small charts in a single cell.

Visual Basics

Another interesting feature of MS Office for Mac 2011 is the automating repetitive tasks in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This feature includes IntelliSense, which uses auto completion to complete the words and symbols.

Reorder Objects

With MS Office for Mac 2011, you can reorder layers of text, photos, and graphics, you can create documents with great picture quality than ever, also you can rearrange them with hassle free copying and pasting.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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