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HTC® Wildfire S review

It takes lot to make a first impression. And HTC has made it with HTC Wildfire S. It has all the features that make it stand apart and look like a mini computer. The fast processor in it makes it so. Basically the HTC Wildfire S is a phone which is mainly meant for web browsing because of its fast browser and the operating system in it. It is basically an Android-based cell phone with all the high end features in it. Web browsing is easy because of its multi window browsing options. One can just browse the web smoothly and switch over to the next window very easily.

With the help of zoom in and zoom out options, it is very easy for you to minimize and maximize the windows you want to see. YouTube and all other websites are very easy to use because of its fast processor. You not need to wait for a long to view your favorite videos. The moment you touch the ‘Play’ button, it starts streaming. You can do all the research work on the go because of Google apps and Wikipedia.

HTC Wildfire S has all the social networking websites preinstalled in it. You need to just touch the icon to access Facebook, Twitter and Orkut in style. HTC Wildfire S has a very powerful camera (5MP), with that you can capture your special moments and tags your special ones in that. With these applications, you can capture and shoot your own video and share it online with your family and friends.

You can call it a complete communicator because it has a unique caller ID which makes you able to know not only about who is calling you but about his Facebook profile and other details as well. HTC Wildfire has numerous apps which make this Android cell phone a must buy because there are themes and skins preinstalled with the help of which you can change the whole persona of your phone. All your e-mails are delivered in a single inbox whether it is from Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo! or MSN. HTC wildfire S is an Android-based cell phone and that is why it has innovative features. You can do almost all the things you do on your PC. With its 600 MHz processor it is possible for you to surf the Internet at a high speed. It has all the connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. HTC Wildfire S has a 3.2” large screen on which you can enjoy video and browsing.

Bing™ Bar 7.0

Bing Bar is an extended toolbar for Internet browsing. It was also known as MSN tool bar. It is developed by the team of Microsoft. It was also supported by Mozilla Firefox previously, but Microsoft has discontinued support from it on Mozilla.  Bing is developed by Microsoft and that is why it has all the features of MSN and Windows Live content and search features.

With Bing toolbar, the user is able to use the theme and color scheme he/she wants. There are different ways to customize the web search interesting. With the Bing Bar search tool you can search all the important news and analysis from all the walks of life. It is really a nice experience to customize your content you want before you. It is all there before you in a single window. You just need to click on the tags you want to see. With its customizable location tab, you can set the location to get updates of that place right across on your browser. There are all the updates from the world of entertainment, sports, music, and last but not the least business world. You have to just set up the content you want to see as your default search result. The other one feature which is very interesting is that you do not have to leave the page to see the content from the MSN news feeds.

With the breaking news feeds you are able to get all the news updates from all over the world. Whether it is local stock market updates or it is international it is all before you with the last minute updates. With the Bing Bar you are able to get all your e-mail updates and you are able to send mails right from the window of your favorite browser. It is designed in a way that it makes your work easier and this way you have an edge over others.

With other search options, Bing Bar also provides options for image search and video search options as well, with the help of which you are able to get all the information about an image or video.

Samsung® reveals GT-S5260 Star II smartphone

After the launch of Samsung Star GT-S5230, the company has till date sold over 30 million units of the same. After this roaring success, Samsung released the GT- S5260 Star II smart phone. This new product is almost the same as Star GT-S5230, barring a few changes in terms of more advanced touch screen features, Wi-Fi connectivity, integration of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Star II GT-S5260 has the same 3 inch TFT WQVGA capacitive touch screen. It now also has the TouchWiz UI 3.0 application. With this the users are able to customize the interface by adding various widgets on to the home screen. The other interesting feature is the Samsung Quick Type T9 trace keyboard. This is a really interesting development over the Apple Swype and BlindType Virtual Keyboards. T9 Trace allows the user to glide a finger around the virtual keyboard. Identifying what letters they are trying to type, gives the users a surprisingly natural and faster way to type the text. The multi IM facility makes it possible to log-in on to multiple IM accounts like Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, and Facebook chat on a single app. The multi IM 2.0 is an interesting feature to look forward to.

The other advancement over the GT-S5230 is the addition of the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n feature which has brought about wireless connectivity in this smart phone. Samsung has also added the 3.5 mm audio port to the GT- S5260 Star II, allowing the users plug in their favorite headphones for a better sound quality and voice quality to suit. The phone provides a MIDI monophonic audio player with AMR, MP3 and AAC.

The personalized user interface in the Samsung GT- S5260 Star II, with a true experience of a full touch screen, an intuitive and easy to use keyboard with the Samsung T9 Trace, and the feature of the add on Micro SD card slot, providing additional storage, is an experience to feel. The Micro SD card slot has a provision of a memory card up to a capacity of 16 GB. The TFT screen, TFT Capacitive touch screen of 256 K colors is a 3.0 inch display, with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. The Samsung GT- S5260 Star II also provides a 3 .2 mega pixel camera.

Bing™ Growing at Expense of MSN® ?

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft in 2009. In July 2009, there was a partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft. Bing was integrated into the site to replace the search engine of Yahoo! in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, Brazil, Mexico and Australia are also affected by this change. The transition took place in stages and will cover France also in near future. The integration of Bing and Yahoo! will make a new image of the site because this search engine offers several new features and options such as price comparison.

There has been an increase in the use of Bing. ComScore reported that Bing has reached a market share of 12%. Without doubt, Bing is taking advantage over the competing browser. Microsoft is introducing new functions for Bing. Its determination to continue to compete with Google in this area is bringing the company to build Bing with much improved functionality to the delight of everyone. Recently Bing had reached a user base of 90 million, representing a growth of almost 50% during the last half of the year. Microsoft improved Bing’s interface, adding further enhancements, such as management of search and integration with Facebook. Currently, Microsoft is trying to built Bing via but this effort is not coming free of cost. It is noted that MSN partners and the sales staff of company are feeling that the Bing links are taking prominent space of MSN home page. The website has published a very informative article with screen shots of which has more than 70 links of Bing on the home page. Microsoft is happy to see the growth and rising revenues of Bing.

Troubleshooting problems with Windows Live ID

Through Windows Live ID you can access your Xbox game account, mails, messages, photos, media, documents, and much more using one single Windows Live account and its password. But what if you have more than one Windows Live account? You might want to use all the accounts for mailing purposes but how to decide which account you should be using for communicating and connecting with other resources which can be accessed by Windows Live, and on what basis?

A Windows Live ID is an Email ID which can be used to sign in to Xbox Live, Hotmail, Zune, MSN, Messenger, SkyDrive, & Find My Phone. This one single ID can give you access to all these resources, if you were using multiple IDs to access these different portals then you can stop doing it that ways and just use one single ID for all. Your selection of configuring the best ID amongst the few available on your Windows Phone would depend upon your work practice. If you use the ID which you use for accessing your Xbox Live account then all your GamerTag information will get configured on your Phone along with your GamerTag Avatar and the Scores. You can use this ID to play your Xbox Live games on your phone. So if you give priority to gaming then you can configure this ID on your Windows Phone.

Other consideration should be for Hotmail. If you have hundreds of contacts in any of your email ID and you use your phone primarily for Emailing and Messaging purpose then it would be good if you configure this Email ID on your Windows Phone. With this you can also go ahead and share your photos on the web using it via Windows Live Photo Gallery and can also stay in touch with friends of your contact list using the Live Messenger.

Last but not the least the consideration should be given to the Zune. It’s being given last place because the MP3s which you have in your Zune Player under some other account will still work even if you use any other ID, but yes if you have lots of Zune friends then off course you can go with the configuration of this ID on your phone so that you can stay in touch with them.

In terms of best practice, Preference should be given to the Email usage of Windows Live ID because all the other things like Zune and Xbox can be reset with your Email ID but sending a new Email address to all your contacts would not be a good idea.

6 ways to work more effectively on a virtual team

Now a day if you are working in a team and your team consists of people from different cities, then it is very important to connect with them. You can not travel all the time because it is exhausting and also not time efficient, also it can not be the day-to-day solution. While working in a virtual team it is always important to communicate between them.

There can be number of ways to work more effectively on a virtual team but we are going to tell you the most perfect 6 ways:

As you are working on a virtual team, so it is obvious that your team is not live. We recommend you the very first and easiest way to connect with them using instant messaging. Instant messaging is one of the best tools for a quick answer or opinion. Now we have some tools available like smart phones, you can connect to all the team members at once. We also recommend you to use MSN or Yahoo messenger to chat or talk with the team members.

The second and effective way is to use virtual conference room for formal meetings. You can use web based conference to connect with all at once. You can make slide presentations or conduct staff meetings with the group of people who are thousand miles apart. There are several tools available like Microsoft Office Live Meeting; you can also share necessary files and information.

The third way is to organize the meeting in a suitable way. Before organizing a meeting keep some thins in mind; it may be the agenda for today or what are the documents you need to review or what all you have decided in the last meeting. You can also send messages or e-mails to the members about the meeting and the timing of the meeting. You can use several tools to get going; these are Microsoft exchange server email account or Microsoft Office outlook.

Now one of the most important way is to set up a water cooler means set up a website for the team. Using this website you can share all the information, you can update and delete member’s documents. You can also provide access to them also to update, read and write documents on the website. If this type of website is created then you can keep track of all the new versions, update of the documents. To utilize this service, you have to provide access to a share point service to all the members.

The fifth way to work on a virtual tem is to review the edits of team members. It means you should always ready to review all the work done by co-workers. Get used to the tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Excel to edit and review the documents. It is your duty to accept or reject those documents or to distribute the document.

Now the last but not the least way is to stay in touch with co-workers. This is as important as all these described way to manage the virtual team. You can use PDAs to keep the data with you all the time and share with colleagues. You can use Windows mobiles to keep all the document and share with members even if you are away from desk.

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