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Music and Photo Networks Exploited by Wikileaks

With the growth of technology and eruption of a wide variety of programming languages, as also the application base required for programming changing dynamically, it has become all the more complex and difficult for law enforcing agencies to snoop, track, debug and identify the type of content being transmitted over the internet. With the internet explosion beyond the imagination of technologists and associated bodies, example, the urgent need to move to IPV 6, investigative searches also need to improve their skills to track and access information to help indict wrongdoers. The ball does not stop there. These kind of technological developments also give birth to misuse by techies, breaking into expensive research and development oriented software or applications, as also introduction of malwares into the system.

Recently, we have seen the furore worldwide of WikiLeaks pumping in a lot of highly secret documentation over the net creating a furore worldwide on governments and their methodologies of working for the good or bad on various international issues. Being beyond the scope of technology availability within the resources of the investigative agencies, the trend today is to employ private or other departmental companies to research and help in investigation, using the technology available, giving them an insight as to what and where and how of a probable crime in this advanced IT world.

One of the most interesting questions on this news of a company called Tiversa Inc. claiming evidence related to WikiLeaks using so called peer to peer networks, and provider of information resources, data availability, is like believing that you can actually find a pin in a haystack. In fact, it is also not very clear to date on the legality and whether concerned justice departments actually have official investigations called for regarding Tiversa’s downloads. Companies like LimeWire and Kazaa are free peer to peer file sharing client programs running on a wide variety of operating systems that support the Java platform.

LimeWire, Kazaa are few of the programs / applications using the commonly known BitTorrent protocols. With this, users worldwide are able to download free music, video, pictures etc. It is still too early to understand why these companies have been brought into the gamut of investigation, in the WikiLeaks case. Siphoning of information from peer to peer users is definitely a wrongdoing. The question is whether WikiLeaks siphoned information from peer to peer networks or were provided information internal sources of various organizations, which data was released on the internet.

If important and confidential information is being transmitted over a peer to peer network, is it right, is it safe and is it done. If there is such a bad practice of confidential information movement and, if WikiLeaks has been doing some unwanted snooping, and if the authorities can prove it in any way possible, it definitely needs to be curbed. Peer to peer networks are quite safe from general snooping and if informers are providing data, then this method is an ingenious one.

How find a PC for your home or business

Selecting a right PC is a very complicated task as there are number of options available in the market and it gets more complicated when you have to suggest some to get a perfect computer or you have choose the appropriate PC for a parent or you friend.

Here are some of the basing things which one should keep in mind before helping your parents of friend to buy a computer.

1. Search for all the available options:

Buying a computer is a big decision. You have to be very careful as it is a big investment as well. So the first and foremost thing is to be patient and understand their requirement. Try to understand their needs and make them understand the various use of computer like Internet browsing, multimedia use, etc. Show them some computer features and make them familiar with basic computing and also show them some basic software like MS Office, and Music players.

2. Visit computer store or on website:

It will be easier to just go out to any computer store and pick a best computer for your parent or friend or simply order the computer online; however you must keep them with you while you are buying the product. Your parents might not be comfortable for online shopping so it is better to take to the nearest store and help them choose the computer of their choice.

3. Finalize the type of computer:

It is also very important that what type of computer will be suitable for your parent or friend. A Netbook if very light in weight but very small cannot provide the better multimedia experience. A desktop will be suitable for your friend who is very enthusiast in playing video games because a desktop can be customized according to high end gaming requirement and provide a better visual and audio experience.

4. Set up computer:

Setting up the newly purchased computer is also very important. You can make your parent comfortable for various terminologies while setting up computer for him/her. It is also necessary because your parent might not be that comfortable with the hardware and it cause for a damage.

5. Make them familiar with the use of computer:

Once the computer is set up and ready to use. The next step is to make them understand the best use of the computer.  Install some basic application like MS Office and Music players on computer and create some sample document for them. Make them work on those document like edit, save, and making changes to the document and guide them for the various uses of the computer.

How to Listen to Music in Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is a versatile, stylish and intuitive application that was first introduced in Windows Vista. Here, you can browse your collection of movies, images and others with ease and comfort. What is great about the Windows Media Center is that you can play music with ease and enjoy an amazing experience. There are several functions and utilities that you can do to personalize, organize, present and play music in this application. You will certainly love to hear your favorite rhythms in style. If you have the media remote, you can wirelessly control what you are hearing as if you have your own visual music player right across the room.

Ease of Use

The Windows Media Center was designed for ease of use. It is also very detailed with its features for all the things you want to do with music. The format of accessing music from playlist, to song, to song detail is flawless and very intuitive. If you take a wrong turn, you just have to use the arrow keys or hit back to the point where you want to head. Using directional buttons, accessing music in Windows Media Center has never been this fun a process!

Finding and playing music

If you want to find music, all you have to do is to scroll up and down the startup menu of Windows Media Center. Once you have highlighted the music, a selection of controls will appear underneath that you can access from left to right. Hit on Music library and you can now select from a variety of categories. You can choose per artist, per composer, per year and so much more with ease.

Play and rate favorites

If you want to easily get the list of songs, all you have to do is select the song category. Once you hit on one of the songs, there will be a list of things you can do with the song details. Click on Edit info and from there you can choose the rating you want for your song. Save it and then play your music. That is how intuitive Windows Media Center is.

Multimedia experience

With music, one can also input a slideshow to create an amazing slideshow. All you have to do is click on the Play Slideshow button to play your images while the music is playing.

Editing and viewing a song list

If you are playing from a playlist, you can edit the arrangement of the music and arrange them or even delete the ones that are not representative of your taste.

Some Features:

Play your music with visualizations and use a variety of preinstalled visuals to fit your ambiance.

You can shuffle the music so the effect is different and unexpected when you play your playlist.

You can use Windows Media Center to buy new music and the intuitive design provides you so many options for your needs.

All in all, Windows Media Center is a complete package of intuitive fun and an exciting music player where you can do everything and never get tired of doing it.

How to Get Started With Windows Media Center

Computers have different uses depending on the users navigating the device. Some may focus on the office tools while some may enjoy it through the different games installed in your computer. Some may prefer surfing the net and chatting online through instant messaging tools and social media network sites. Moreover, some may enjoy computer through music and movies that could be listened to and watched through the PC. Indeed it is really a matter of choice from the users. But what the users should be aware of are the features that help in meeting their goal. An example of this is the multimedia aspect of the computer. For you to be able to make full use of the music and movie applications, bear in mind that there are things that you should have. Yes, this does not mainly entail the computer itself. An example of this is theWindows Media Center of the new Windows 7.

The Windows Media Center is capable of entertaining you through recording live TV movies and shows. You can watch the recorded version whenever you like and play and pause it whenever you want. Another feature of the Windows Media Center is its capability to play music through CDs and DVDs and even through the music library that you have in your PC. Lastly, the photo and video manager! This would allow you to watch videos or slideshows of the photos that you have in your computer.

In using the Windows Media Center, it is important to connect your PC to another device which is the television that is if you want to fully utilize the functions of the application. It would be much better for you to attach your computer to a high definition television set so that the qualities of the videos that will be watched and recorded are as good as the television. Moreover, it is also important to set up the Windows Media Center extender. A remote control is also available to be used for the application.

Setting up the Windows Media Center is easy. After setting up the extender and connecting everything to the right places, the next thing to be done is to make use of the media center remote and press the green button. If you are already on the page setup page, choose continue followed by custom. The next thing to do is to go to the page entitled Get the Most fromWindows Media Center. Then select yes. This will provide you with all the information that you need to have to learn more about the media canter.

You can also use the computer itself and run the media center through the help of your mouse. Click the stat button then go to All Programs. After that, scan the programs and look for the Windows Media Center. You could use the express setup or you could also manually do so by finding Tasks from the WMC page. Then select Settings, General, WindowsMedia Center Setup and Run Setup Again accordingly.

Bing App Comes Out with a Bang

What If I call the Multimedia enabled web and the mobile platform are nothing but a racetrack today? Yes, Hoards of innovations in the Information Technology hit the stores in the form of Smartphones, Media players and much more. These smart phones and Media players come to life with a software or application that runs inside them. There is an ongoing stiff competition to bring in the cutting edge technology in Mobile Phones apps. Industry players like Microsoft, Google showcase their Mobile Apps in the best possible variety to lure their customers. Well, here is a brief note on how Microsoft’s Bing App endeavors to take Google App apart in this extremely competitive Industry.

Bing App on the Smartphones

The Bing App opens up a very cool, trendy and appealing home page, which has several options like Web, Images, Movies, Maps, Businesses, News and Directions. There is a search text box at the top for the customers to key in their favorite topic and a Mic symbol to its right indicates a voice-enabled search. Arrows and Icons at the screen’s lower end enable a smooth navigation.

Bing app’s enticing new features

Just touch and scroll it, Bing App will connect you to your friends, brings in movie updates and guides you to shop your favorite stuff whether it’s a garment or a gadget.  Are you hungry and looking out to have a feast for your tummy? Bing App pops up the list of restaurants or eateries for you in seconds. The App quickly does a search of Brilliant images with Zoom in and Zoom out capabilities.

Social Networking

Get to know and tweet your friends and colleagues from your Smartphone! Yes, the newly added feature in the Bing App logs you in to Facebook, Twitter and shows up the latest updates on your network instantly.

Visual Scanning

This is an amazing feature incorporated in the latest Bing App. A camera-equipped Smartphone can scan or read an Item, puts it on the web search and presents a whole lot of needed information about the item. Therefore, the next time you step out with your Smartphone with Bing App loaded into it, you do not have to fuss about anything.

Bing Maps get you to the right place

Another cool feature in the Bing App is ‘Bing Maps’ that gets you moving by showing the right directions when you drive on. Voice-guided navigation via Bing maps gives you a hassle free way of getting to you a place of your choice. It is absoloutely simple!  Just speak out on your phone and it keeps you on the move.

Google App Vs Bing App

Quite true that Bing App is out with some amazing features listed above, but Google App is already ruling the Mobile App domain. In fact, there’ s nothing much extraordinary about Google App and it is just in sync with the usual Google Search Engine with the additional Mic to the right of the search text box that lets you do a voice-enabled search. With iPhone already running Google App in it, Apple has given a place for Bing App to play in its latest iPhone 4. Bing App will give life to many other SmartPhones, iPods etc.,

Well, from here, it Looks like Bing App is hands down the best mobile App. Because the elegant software adds the much needed zeal to the hardware to make buyers go gaga over them.

Adobe Drops its idea to Offer 64 Bit Flash for Linux

Adobe Flash was previously called Macromedia Flash. This is provides a multimedia platform utilized in enhancing animation, video, and interactivity with web pages. The services of Flash are often used for advertisements and games. Lately, it is being used as a means for “Rich Internet Applications”.

About 64-bit Flash

Adobe was looking forward to offer 64-bit versions of its Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux with the main release of Adobe Flash Player. Consumers of 64-bit operating systems were advised to use 32-bit browsers sequentially to use the 32-bit plugin. The ubiquitous way taken out by Linux is to use nspluginwrapper as a transitional cover between browser and plugin. Open source implementations bear 64-bit architectures just as easily as 32-bit.

Adobe offered investigational 64-bit builds of Flash Player 10.0 for Linux x86-64. The first such release of the 64-bit Adobe Flash Player was announced on November 11 2008. Unfortunately, the project has been closed since June 15, 2010. The company, however, promises consumers that the project has not been discarded.

The authorized 32-bit player is currently being circulated in 64-bit Linux distributions, of which a few consumers have stated troubles with the 32-bit player on a few websites. Those consumers who have been affected can install the 64-bit player themselves.

Flash for 64 bit Computing

The company in an official statement has assured the consumers that the organization is dedicated to bring local 64-bit Flash Player for the desktop by providing local support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux 64-bit platforms in a forthcoming main release of Flash Player.

Mozilla lately introduced its investigational 64-bit Firefox make for Mac OS X and Linux, but these do not presently support 32-bit plugins. Most contemporary 64-bit Linux distributions already ship native 64-bit browser builds and utilize nspluginwrapper to support the 32-bit Flash player.

Many believe that the company’s excess focus on developing support for mobile computing products, lead to the set back to the ambitious project of 64-bit compatibility. Flash’s performance in handheld devices has always been in a questionable position. Their handheld devices exhibit bad performance and extreme energy consumption leading to poor standing in the market.

Adobe asserts that the fresh 10.1 version, released recently, will tackle these problems.

Only the time will tell when Adobe will complete and execute its promise of cross-platform 64-bit support systems. Many are speculating that this event may occur on the heels of the launch of HTML5- based Duke Nukem Forever.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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