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Ten Reasons Why Windows 7 is IT Professionals’ Favorite

The most prominent feature of the Windows 7 operating system is its look and feel. The looks are simply astounding and create an aura of visually relaxing modes. A lot of inbuilt features can be customized.

Apparent Multitasking

The new programming compatibility of Windows 7 gives a lot of way for heavy multitasking from a single platform. This multitasking feature saves a lot of processes to be loaded at a given time.

Data Encryption and Privacy

The data and the privacy functions have been greatly worked upon in the latest build of the Windows 7. The privacy functions do not just remain confined to the realms of the hard drives but rather extend their functionality to the external and removable flash and USB drives.

Driver Issues

One of the key concerns while shifting to different operating system is the availability of drivers. The very basic native drivers are by default provided in this operating system. Thus the user is freed from the hassles of manually searching and downloading the drivers.

Previous Version Compatibility

The kernel code of the Windows 7 is based on the same architecture that was introduced in the Windows Vista operating system. Thus the compatibility issues are just minimal when you switch from a previous version to their later counterparts.

The Windows Server 2008 Facility

The Windows 7 system protocol communicates directly with the Windows server edition of 2008, thus making it possible for it to behave as a dual server. The latest facilities that are available for the remote PC management are simply amazing and outstanding. The Direct Access Management Protocol helps in syncing process during the remote desktop connection.

The Application Control Protocol

The all new feature called the AppLocker takes care of the copyright issues and the level of access to be given to the end users.

The Power of Scripting

We all are aware with the power of scripting and the essence of true scripting is unleashed in this version of Windows 7. The all new PowerShell provides the platform to schedule and many petty tiny customizable applications.

Troubleshooting Made Easy

The completely new interface of the help features available in Windows 7 can even help a novice to troubleshoot complicated assignments.

The Multicast Multiple Stream Transfer

This facility enables servers to broadcast image data to multiple clients simultaneous in group with affecting the bandwidth of the facility.

The operating system choice and a favorite to a million of customers. The all new windows 7 operating system is all set to rock your premises. So we took a look at the major ten reasons why it’s a favorite among the IT Professionals.

iOS 4.0 With Multitasking Features for iPhone

Connectivity is the most important factor in this fast paced world of today. The cutting edge technology comes with an option to enable the users to enjoy more user friendly tools. One of the top notch hardware and software manufacturers of IT industry, Apple always plays a vital role in the up gradation of newer technology with a modified idea. As a result iPhone has becomes the most featured product of Apple after its release in 2007. Apple has also released solution software of iPhone named iOS which is the operating system of the iPhone. Last month they updated the software and release iOS 4.0 with new feature which could enhance users comfort. ,especially the multitasking ability of iOS 4.0 adds a great value to the use of that software as well as iPhone.


iOS 4.0 has come into the lime light with its multitasking facility which enables the users to use iPhone for official works, when they are in need of doing several tasks at a time. This operating system is designed especially for the official documentation works and home users as they can get a chance to open as many as new work windows which will confirm faster their work speed.

The multitasking feature enables the users to run third party Apps and switch between them instantly. This can be done without slowing the system. The overall performance of the system is all the same with the multitasking feature where excessive power consumption is not necessary. This feature has no bad effect on the system and battery of iPhone.

Option of different Mode operation

Apps of iPhone can be used in two ways for performing multitasking: running and suspended. iOS 4 tries to keep as many eligible apps running as it can hold in memory at one time; the other apps remain suspended (until purged by iOS 4 or closed by the user).

Switch between Apps and pick up where the program was left

This is a great feature of multitasking ability of iOS 4.0. The users can switch into different functions or windows comfortably. Even they can enjoy the switched off program from where the program were switched off.

Audio in the background

This new feature enables the users to listen to audio from compatible third-party apps while checking email, surfing the web, playing games, and performing other tasks. This can add a great value to the iOS 4.0 multitasking ability.

Task completion in the Background

In fact switching to other tasks without interrupting the on going task is possible with the iOS 4.0. In case of photo uploading or sharing, anyone can do other task while the photo is uploaded or shared.

GPS running with all other tasks

GPS will run continuously in the background which will not only update the user’s position, but also can give a turn-by-turn direction.

The overall effort of Apple to produce “The world’s most advanced mobile operating system” which they claim in their tag line for iOS, is moving in the right direction to enable the users with more comfortably.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003