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Microsoft® to use Dolby Digital® Technology in Windows® 8 PCs and tablets

Software giant Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will incorporate Dolby Laboratories sound technology in its upcoming operating system Windows 8-based PCs and tablets.

Windows 8 will support the playback of Dolby-encoded files, with the firm saying that it will offer out-of-the-box support. According to Microsoft, Dolby Digital Plus will be supported on all versions of Windows 8 including the ARM architecture.

Benefits of Dolby Digital Technology

“With the incredible growth of online download and streaming media, particularly for video content, this agreement ensures a great audio experience for those consumers who wish to download or stream TV and movies containing Dolby Digital Plus. Additionally, all of their existing and future home videos recorded with Dolby Digital Plus audio will work great on Windows 8 right out of the box,” said Tami Reller, CFO and CMO of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft.

The collaboration ensures the presence of Dolby Digital format on Windows ecosystem beyond Blu-ray or DVD, and creates the opportunity to bring a differentiated audio experience to Windows 8-based PCs and tablets. What should be noted here is that PC makers will be forced to pay for Dolby Digital support.

Nokia® C5-03 review

Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company makes a range of phones for CDMA and GSM networks. Nokia is also developing mobile applications like music, games, videos, and maps. All these applications are available on the platform called Nokia Ovi store. Nokia has a major presence in the smartphone market and they have launched so many models which have attractive features. Nokia N8 and C7 are particularly famous in the smartphone category.

Recently Nokia announced the Nokia C5-03 in the UK market. Nokia describes this model as a stylish and one of the affordable models. The Nokia C5-03 is a 3G set and also has one of the best connectivity as Wi-Fi and HSDPA. It has also the best mobile browsing with a 3.2-inch TFT resistive touch screen. The phone has 128 MB RAM and supports up to 16GB microSD. It has a 5-mega pixel camera with VGA support of 15fps. It also has the geo tagging feature. The phone is powered by a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor and has Symbian OS v9.4. Nokia C5-03 has free Ovi apps like Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore, ESPN, Real Football Mini Edition and many more bundled with the device. It has also the better Wi-Fi connectivity that gives you freedom to connect to Ovi applications with so much of ease. In this specific model you can also add contact shortcuts to the home screen and stay close with your friends. The 3.5G connectivity is also an added advantage in the Nokia C5-03 and you can connect it to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Nokia is hoping impressive sales for C5-03 with added Ovi Maps and other applications. You can easily access the Ovi store that is built-in with this model.

In the smartphone sector, Nokia is lagging behind bigger counterparts like Apple, Samsung and HTC. Nokia N8 was recently launched but recorded an average review. Nokia is very much aware of this situation and is introducing excellent products to meet consumer demands.

iPod® Classic

The iPod Classic was considered to be one of the largest selling electronic gadgets in the world. After its launch, more than a million units of the iPod Classic were sold within a matter of months. The true charm of the iPod Classic does not lie in the type of music and the quality of sound that it provides but the classic look that it has. The iPod Classic had never failed to mesmerize any customer with its stunning looks and along with the quality of sound and storage capacity that it had. However, recently stocks of iPod Classic have decreased at retail stores and ecommerce websites as well.

There is speculation that Apple may make changes to the iPod Classic or it may be discontinued in near future. When iPod Classic was unveiled, there was huge demand for the gadget. This led to an increase in the price of the product. With the increase in the demand for the iPod Classic, the supply also got decreased in the market. New models of iPod are also now available, which have become very popular among people. So it can be understood from this very fact that perhaps it may be the end of the iPod Classic.

RealPlayer® updates for Android™

A new version of RealPlayer has been launched for the Android operating system. It has many improvements and new features, including support for playlists. This download is now fully configurable with mobile devices. One of the improvements is the addition of a new widget to control the playback of tracks. Finally, the application interface has been redesigned. In addition it now supports the landscape mode. The application RealPlayer for Android has undergone an update as stated above. The application is a multimedia player that centralizes all your files, music, videos and photos. RealPlayer is presented as an ideal solution for managing and organizing your media files.

This update adds two major elements, managing playlists and the appearance of a widget .The application is free to download now on the Android Market. The RealPlayer updates include a new design of the screen, widget that allows playback from the home screen, improved graphics, improved way to select the folders for music, videos and photos, music playback in landscape mode, play music by folder, hide the status bar in the video, ability to select the visual mode (16:9 or 4:3), and added support for music playlists. Thus, RealPlayer app for Android-based phones helps you in experiencing high quality music.

Download Inscriptio 1.5.0

Burning media files like music and videos and data has always been a very useful utility. It solves the problem of losing data even if your system gets corrupt.

There are so many CD/DVD recording software available in the market like Nero, Roxio, Cyberlink, etc but there one new product in the market which is getting popularity day by day, known as Inscriptio.

It is latest CD/ DVD burning developed at The product has already got the 4 start rating from SoftSea rating and it is a very reliable product in CD/DVD burning arena.

Inscripto provides very simplified feature and platform to burn and record video and audio files from your computer. Users and experts have already started liking the product due to its light in resource consuming and very easy process of installation. The product also provides an overall performance with ease of use and maintenance.

Download and install Inscriptio 1.5.0:

Inscriptio 1.5.0 was recently released on 22nd October and is compatible for all major Windows Operating System. Here are some simple steps to download and install latest version of this software:


Click here to download Inscriptio 1.5.0 .


Double click on the exe file to initiate the installation process. It will ask you to allow the installation, click on OK and the installation will begin as desired. After downloading the file follow the instructions of setting up the software.


  • Cost effective:
    The biggest feature of the product is that it is so far free of cost. Any user can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the software.
  • Customization:
    It allows you to make the custom projects to create the burning data like music with data fines, audio and videos, etc.
  • Multiple format support:
    Inscriptio is a multi support application. With ease of use, it also supports multiple files and also dual layers DVDs. It is very unique function and not available in every CD/DVD burning application. It also has the functionality of direct disk copies and it also read and save audio files direct to files.
  • Integration:
    Inscriptio also has integration with other applications like Internet Explorer and you can also use the drag and drop feature to add and remove files from any ongoing project. The layout is also very useful which allows you to view various ongoing projects and manage them accordingly.

How to create music with basic software

Today computers are not only a part of our work but also are a part of our entertainment and with it music can be a fun for students. Today a variety of music software are available in market and with the help of such software products you can easily learn and build music, can make music a fun, interactive, and convenient activity for students. Here, I am going to discuss the most three popular PC music software, starting from the beginners level to the professional level.

Let us start our discussion with beginner’s level. At this level of learning music Morton Subotnick’s Programs helps us. The developer of this software programme is Morton Subotnick. Kids in your home can unleash their capabilities in music with this fun loving and educational music program. For  children under the age of three years, parents may take control for the navigation of child for learning music. Morton Subotnick is an Award-winning      music composer Morton Subotnick and a pioneer in creating various kinds of interactive computer music systems. The basic emphasis of this programme is learning through fun. Apart from this, the programme features four different types of computer music games to challenge kids.

The another level of learning the music is intermediary level. If you have all the basic capabilities then you can jump to this level. MAGIX Music Maker is a programme developed for intermediate music learners. You can build up a variety of music with the help of this programme. MAGIX Music Maker is already a big hit in Europe. Even this software helps musicians to create music, regardless of their earlier knowledge. Music Maker provides an option to the user to select music nodes from thousands of ready-made loops and samples created with various instruments. It is also possible to import the new music clips from your real instruments like CDs or digital music files. Apart from this, Users can preview the loops and samples and can import it onto the screen. This program allows users to create up to 96 separate music tracks. The features of this programme include a sophisticated drum machine, a vocal tuner and some enhanced editing tools that automatically correct the recorded vocals.

The final level of creating music with computer tools is the Advance level. This category of music development use some advance tools to create music. You can get a grip over this tool, if you have knowledge up to the intermediate level. Music Creator Pro is such a advance music creation software tool or programme. Music Creator Pro developed by Cakewalk Company is a sophisticated PC tools. A PC keyboard can be used for this tool and even you can connect the music instruments to your computer to use this tool. The advance music development programs offers more advanced audio-mixing options as compared to the other products. This latest release of Music Creator adds “audio warp” effects and many other functions.

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