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The iPad® Now Can Take Command of Computers

You can control one PC from another by using certain applications. The process and the set-up are not easy to do, but it is used by companies as a maintenance and training tool. It is also helpful for some consumers as it can be used for troubleshooting purposes.

Now you can control a PC from a multi-touch tablet computer. There are several applications available for that. These applications are present in iPhones for years but phone screens are too small to open and operate programs on a PC. With iPad it is a different story because of its 10-inch screen.

While testing different applications on iPad to control Windows-based PCs and Macs, we found that these apps work on iPad. We concluded that touch-screen tablet computers are not a great match for traditional computers. They are designed for a mouse and keyboard. There are also some issues of Internet connection as they mostly depend on speed of the network. These limitations make the application slow when receiving things like videos.

The two apps which we tested for average consumers are LogMeln and iTeleport. LogMeln is the iPad and iPhone inbuilt app of a computer-to-computer remote-control product. The iTeleport exists from the early version of iPhone and now they also come with iPad.

You can simplify the complexity of set-up by installing a special free program on the computer that you are going to control from the iPad application. The advantage of these apps is to see and control all the computers with this installed program. The set-up is very easy and connections are also reliable and fast.

There are some issues with these apps though. One of the big issue is related to the controlling of a computer. Each one of them has two basic methods for this. The first one will allow you to move the computer’s mouse cursor and you can click the virtual mouse by tapping. In the second one, you can directly tap on the things on the remote screen. Both these apps i.e. LogMeln and iTeleport are better with their own methods. But we also found it really tedious with the regular requirement to use touch to move the image of the screen around the iPad’s display.

Both these apps are available at different costs such as LogMeln will cost you $29.99 and iTeleport will be available free for 30 days. After 30 days you need to buy this application at $2.9 a month or for one-time you can pay $24.99.

Alcatel-Lucent shrinks cell tower technology

Alcatel-Lucent will introduce new technology for wireless carriers to expand their network. The new technology is a new cell phone antenna system that puts together the technology in a small box, which can be mounted even on a lamp post. The Light Radio system from Alcatel Lucent will be ready for the trial of the carriers this year, allowing carriers to set up new cell sites faster and economically. The cell phone tower technology being shrunk fits more easily the budgets of the carriers. It is economically more viable to use a cell site which comes with an antenna.

The data processed, is expected to rise by 26 times of what it is now, by 2015, as per the reports from Cisco, on their forecast on the index for visual forecasting, conducted each year by them. Alcatel–Lucent has potentially changed the structure of the cellular network by reducing greenhouse emissions and bringing mobile broadband into new areas. Called Light Radio, the technology was showcased in London by Alcatel–Lucent’s partners Freescale and HP. It reduces the size of the technology from a filing cabinet to a small box. Apart from helping the industry reduces costs it would also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The way the carriers are gearing up for the increase in data is by adding more possible capacity to their networks to carry the traffic from radio towers to the Internet. The industry cannot provide more spectrum to carriers since there are limits to the amount of mobile data that can be transmitted on a given spectrum. One way that they can use to mobilize more spectrum is by deploying more cell sites in smaller sized area. Many carriers have already started using smaller sized cell sites and are also providing more bandwidth, for example providing personal cell sites for the home or business. To improve the indoor wireless coverage, cell sites are connected to a broadband connection to give leverage.

However, this task involves using new cell towers, which is expensive and not always feasible. This is where the Light Radio technology comes in from Alcatel-Lucent. It allows carriers to deploy smaller cell sites at less operational costs. They start with replacing larger towers with smaller cell sites. This way the carrier expenses on cell sites are cut to a bare minimum. Also, the connectivity provided to users is on broadband using cloud computing.

Therefore, with the Light Radio system, it is possible to create economies of scale; the antennas used are software configurable and reusable equipment even in the event of changing technologies like 2G, 3G, 4G etc., accessible from the same point of dispersion. This development will bring a change where carriers have to deploy and change hardware with every change in technology. The cell tower technology has been shrunk to fit the budgets of carriers and it is a major breakthrough in the technology of cell sites.

How To See if your Wireless Router is Working

The use of wireless routers has increased. There have been advancements in technology related to the number of different devices which can be connected to the router, the connection techniques, and much more. At times it becomes little difficult to troubleshoot wireless problems in case your Internet connection stops working or some other problem. Your devices may show that they are connected to the router but the router might not be functioning properly. It is very important to understand the troubleshooting techniques so that you yourself can fix many problems. In this post I will discuss some basic troubleshooting techniques which you yourself can try before calling any technician for help.

First of all understand the topology of your network. The Internet connection which is coming into your house must be having a modem, that modem must be connected to the wireless router and then the devices must be connected to the router wirelessly. If you have a modem-cum-router then you must not be having a modem, but Internet line would be going into the router directly. Let us see how to narrow down to the cause of the problem and fix it.

Step 1. Check if Internet is working on other computers or not. If it is working then the problem is with only one computer and not with the router, or modem, or the Internet connection itself.

Step 2. If Internet connection is not working on all the computers then the first best thing you can try is to power flee your router. This can be done by disconnecting all the cables from the router, switching it off and leaving it like this for a couple of minutes. Then restart the router and try again.

Step 3. If it still doesn’t work then remove the router and connect one of the computers directly to the modem and see if the Internet connection is actually up till the modem or not. If Internet works this ways then definitely the problem is with the router as it is not able to pass the connection beyond it, and if Internet is not working even at the modem then power flee the modem as well.

Step 4. If power fleeing the modem resolves the problem then it is good enough and you can connect the router again in between, but if not then you need to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider because your modem might need to be reconfigured or your connections status needs to be checked at the server or physical level.

Step 5. In case the modem is working but the router is not then you need to go into the router console and check the wireless LAN and DHCP settings. If you have a static IP assigned to the router then check for the same as well. You might want to reset the wireless router and re-configure it to fix the problem.

iPhone® launched for customers of Verizon

With the launch of the much awaited iPhone for the subscribers of Verizon, analysts are making statements regarding the likely sales percentage of Verizon and whether it will be able to sustain the market pressure or not. Chief market analyst Mike Abramsky has forecast that the Verizon version of iPhone should sell around one million units in the first week of its launch itself. The analyst from RBC Capital also believes that at such a huge demand for the Verizon models, it might get out of stock soon. This forecast, however, varies from analyst to analyst, with some seeing the sale numbers for the Verizon model crossing two million.

Verizon became the second carrier for the Apple iPhone. It is a CDMA version of the AT&T iconic smart phones. The main reason behind Verizon selecting the CDMA version is that it does not wish to make changes in the iPhone network functionality as this will be required to carry forward LTE network. The price band kept for the CDMA phone is $199 for the 16 GB model and $299 for the 32 GB device with a contract for two years. The Verizon set of CDMA phones also will facilitate Wi-Fi connections with the option to connect to five different devices at the same time. The data plan that is to be provided for these sets is $15 and $30 per month for unlimited services.

Analysts feel that the affordable price band will attract more customers. It would be interesting to see if the Verizon phones are able to keep up with the expectations of New Yorkers that is visible with the crowding of the Verizon mobile stores. How good the CDMA sets perform depends on how well the phone are made to compete with other brands.

Microsoft® Update Trims USB AutoRun for Security

In today’s globalized world the competition to be the best is increasing day by day. The software industry is also striving to achieve the highest level. This enables the role of security of data at vivid levels; it could be enterprise or any individual. Any data that is transferred or sent to any client is generally sent through a network. It is very necessary that the channel or network used for the exchange of data or information must be secure enough to be hacked or misused.

Microsoft has announced that it has changed the AutoRun function on all Windows versions, excluding Windows 7. The company has announced that when the update which is KB971029 will be applied, the menu option would change. When the user inserts a USB device to execute the program then the menu option will no longer be seen. But still the standardized menu option that is used to view the files will remain unchanged. The activities of CD and DVD media are unchanged.

This feature has been introduced just to stop malicious infection to travel from one computer to the other through USB drives. This kind of malware was out for many years and is the most important characteristic of Conficker worm. To secure the AutoRun feature, Microsoft is continuously working on it. This feature is the latest step taken by Microsoft. All kinds of USB storage media are being affected including the USB hard drives and also the Flash media. Although the U3 class devices remain unchanged. This is so because of the cryptographic USB keys. So the U3 class devices will still run the older version of AutoRun. So the update is regarded as non-security. This update is also mentioned as important by Microsoft, so this can be understood as the update is applied by default for the clients with proposed settings. This feature is both for the Windows Update and also the Windows Server Update Services.

Microsoft is working continuously to make its product safe and secure. This is one of the many steps taken by Microsoft to enhance the product’s activities and keeping it secure at the same time. This feature is recommended for both the Windows series and the Windows Server 2008. Therefore, using this update would surely help the customer to prevent malicious infection from USBs, but viruses are never ending threats. Software enterprises are continuously working to make the computer secure and safe.

AT&T® says unlimited data plans can be ported to iPad® 2

Since the original release of iPad, users can sign up a 3G data plan for unlimited period at the rate of thirty dollars per month without any contract. AT&T has announced that users will be able to port unlimited data plans for use on the new iPad 2.

As per a spokesperson of AT&T, particular details regarding these plans are still not available. It is likely that owners of new iPad 2 sign up in their current account for new iPad 2, otherwise AT&T may extend its option for new post paid data program to the customer with the current wireless accounts.

Currently Verizon is extending unlimited data plans for the iPhone 4, however, only will extend tiered plans in respect of iPad 2. Owners of new iPad 2, who have changed their earlier unlimited plan and require more than 2GB data usage, can change the plan. AT&T has declared that they have been named as 2010 North American Company of the Year in Business Communications, and they have been awarded the 2010 Market Share Leadership of the Year Award for Telecom Services. Frost and Sullivan, the leading analyst firm has been privileged along with AT&T for these coveted recognitions for accomplishment of the company. As per Frost and Sullivan, AT&T remains as the leader in the space of business communications having their top sharing of revenue in each segment of applications and services for network, owing to the major reason for the expanding network footprint and services which it extends.

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