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New iPhone App updates released by Facebook

In today’s networking world, Facebook is undoubtedly the most widely used socializing website followed by its 55 million global users. Known for constantly adding new revised features for its esteemed users, Facebook recently revealed its new set of application updates. With these new updates, it’s amazing to learn that over 55 million facebook users will now have the option to perform all the small and large activities from their new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which they previously performed directly on the website. Apple has a huge market and is believed to have above 100 million Apple idevices all across the market which hence means that nearly 50% of all Apple iDevice owners are on Facebook, surfing and accessing the socializing website using their Apple idevices.

In one of its recent update sessions, the socializing network updated its previous iPhone App to a higher 3.1.3 version. This newly launched higher version includes features and also bug fixes which allows all its iPhone users to upload larger images above 720 pixels and also watch Facebook videos from their iPhones. However surprisingly, this new functionality launched by the socializing website appears to soon become a part of iOS in the nearby future as already reported by majority online news heads.

However, what frustrates most Apple idevice users is that the socializing website has of now, not yet designed a dedicated application for Apple iPads. Well, there is news that the website is working on the development of one such iPad application which may soon be released in the future. Below are a few attractive features included in the latest version of Apple iPhone apps.

iPhone 3.1.3 version features:

  • The application allows you to watch facebook videos of any duration and resolution.
  • You can easily view and become a part of all events. You can also write on the walls of all events and people.
  • The newly uploaded pictures are huge and 720 pixels wide.

Another addition to the new version is its inclusion of wide number of fixes for the given bugs:

  • Could not easily upload pictures of size smaller than a given measure.
  • Could not possibly comment onto pictures if they were accessed via notifications.
  • Initially, not more that just 2 notifications were rightly highlighted as being unread messages.
  • The recent status updates would appear unordered in the News Feed section.
  • Certain broken photo album links would appear onto the News Feed section.
  • The birthday views for the months appeared in a wrong order.
  • The last section in the friend list appeared incomplete, especially if you had less than 8 friends.
  • Also, notes along with the non-ASCII text appeared cut off towards the end.

Fixes to these previous bugs hence ensure you a better socializing time on your favorite networking website any time from any lace from your iPhone. However, if you are an iPad user and are looking forward to the new updates for iPad, have some patience before Facebook unveils its new iPad updates.

Dell Takes On Data Giants

The New Plan

In a move sure to attract the attention of data centre giants, Cisco and HP, Dell has announced the introduction of the latest rebadged member of their data and networking family.

Long viewed as a practical no frills personal computer retailer, Dell is now seen as attempting to carve an image that synergizes computing, networking and data storage with low pricing. Dell hopes to distinguish itself from major rivals by creating an integrated set of data-centre products without constraining clients into one single brand. Virtualized data centers designed with Dell products would be able to integrate vendor products and applications with ease.

The Products

The release of the Juniper network products range is in line with the previous introduction of the EqualLogic, Brocade and PowerEdge lines.

Dell’s introduction of Juniper core switching, aggregation switching and security products is meant to give customers a more comprehensive option. When their collaboration was first announced in October 2009, the expressed objective was to let Dell clients use the JunOS, a common operating system, across their whole data centre. In a follow up move, Dell is introducing a line of single and stackable core switches, as part of the integration process. The products will include the PowerConnect J-EX8208 and J-EX8216 core switches, the PowerConnect J-EX4200 stackable switch and the PowerConnect J-SRX100, all part of the branch-office Unified Threat Management appliances. These products are due in early July and pricing has not been determined yet.

The EqualLogic line also introduced significant enhancements. The new iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) firmware update allows automatic switching between solid-state drives and spinning hard drives in a network storage area. Using an algorithm, the firmware will be able to distribute the more frequently accessed data into the faster and typically more expensive solid-state drives. The PS600XVS series of storage area network (SAN) products, with prices starting from US$50,000, take advantage of this new feature. The firmware also allows better integration with VMware platforms by allowing virtual machines to be stored on the EqualLogic intelligent SAN’s and interacting with it at faster speeds compared with the traditional ESX Hypervisor.

Dell is planning to perform similar updates to the series entry-level storage devices, the MD series, which retails from $11,000.

Joining the new lineup will be the fiber optics core switch range from Brocade, the B-RX16 with pricing starting at $38,500. The Brocade 815 and 825 Fiber Channel primary bus adapters are Dell’s only 8-Gigabit Fiber Channel while the PowerConnect 8024 will be its’ maiden 10-Gigabit Ethernet copper-based switches. It will retail from $15,000 onwards.

What The Future Holds

Dell’s data and networking share of the market is undoubtedly growing and their commitments to these latest products are more evidence of that. The iSCSI firmware updates are particularly exciting, as it would allow enterprises the option of investing in both types of drives for their internal SAN’s solution as opposed to completely converting their storage into the more expensive SSDs.

The increasing range of the product solutions are also a heartening indicator of the intent and the other data centre giants would be wise to keep track of Dell from now on.

Gateway Unveils Two New Desktops

Gateway has recently introduced two new desktops in the DT and DS series. The new series of Desktop PC has been designed to provide the ability to manage, provide security and increase the productivity of the end user. Designed for medium and large size business, the new desktop series can deliver high quality performance and can perform multi tasking.

The new DT series can deliver high quality performance and make the organization work smoothly with the resource hungry applications. The DT series comprises of DT 70, DT 50 and DT 30 desktops models while in DS series there are just two models DS 50 and DS 70.

Bundled with the latest Intel processors, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7, both the series can deliver the desired performance with high efficiency. The DT 30 is the only model that comes with the Intel Core 2 Quad processor. The series can support maximum of 16 GB of DDR3 RAM and ensure low power consumption.

The DT series can support four 2 TB serial ATA II and provide maximum storage space of 8 TB, while the DS series can support only one 2 TB serial ATA II and provide storage space of 2 TB. Meeting the Energy Star 5.0 requirement, both the series of desktops have been certified as “green product” by International Standards. Along with the Star 5.0 requirement, both series bear a stamp of the TCO ’05 certification that shows latest standard for desktop computers marking environmental and ergonomic excellence.

The DT and DS series desktops come with one-year onsite warranty, along with the two year spare parts warranty, so that customers can replace the defective product.

Fuji FinePix HS10: A New Addition From Fujifilm

Fujifilm has introduced a new DSLR camera named as Fujifilm FinePix HS10. The Fujifilm FinePix HS10 is the second camera in the world that has a 30x zoom. The Fujifilm FinePix HS10 is a god solution to the persons who take photography seriously. With solid build quality and glancing looks, Fujifilm FinePix HS10 looks and can be handled like a mid range DSLR. The Fujifilm FinePix HS10 boasts a user friendly panel with which user can speedily click photographs without facing troubles. Easy access to the functions and deep hand grip allows a user to click photographs and use the Fujifilm FinePix HS10 camera in both hands. There is a compartment for SD/SDHC card slot under the right rubber and a mini HDMI port along with the USB/AV socket under the right rubber of the Fujifilm FinePix HS10.

Features Of Fuji FinePix HS10:
• Super Wide High Resolution Fujinon 30x optical zoom along with the manual zoom.
• Extreme Telephoto Capture.
• True Wide Angle along with three image stabilisation modes in digital IS, sensor shift IS and high ISO IS
• 3.0 inches high resolution tilting LCD with maximum resolution of 1080 pixels.
• New Motion-Tracking auto focus.
• Continuous shooting in full resolution at speed of 10 fps.
• High Speed Movie capture with stereo sound in Full HD at 1000 fps.
• 10 mega pixel BSI CMOS sensor
• Advanced shooting modes with high image quality.
• Motion Remover Mode that allows user to remove moving objects from photographs.
• For automatic switching there is an Electronic Viewfinder mod.
• For ‘one shot’ sweeping panoramas there is a Motion Panorama mode.
• Command Dial and Direct Shooting Command buttons.
• JPEG and RAW capture modes for clicking photographs.

With the features stated above, the Fujifilm FinePix HS10 is available for £439.99 in U.K and for $499.95 in US.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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