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Due To Bad Marketing Nexus One And Microsoft’s Kin Moved Out

Yes. You have heard it right. Due to bad marketing, Nexus One and Microsoft’s Kin has finally moved out. It was final. The Nexus One phone was sold in 8 countries since January 2010 to July 2010 and was sold out. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Pink Project also known as the Microsoft Kin Phone, came to an end recently. There was rivalry between both the above phones. Yet at the end, both phones vanished.

Google’s Nexus One Phone

The popular search engine, Google, had decided to launch in public the latest phone. The phone was Nexus One and it was created and designed personally by Google. This was further introduced only in Google blogs from January 5, 2010. Its main features were to convert voice to text and help drivers on their way. There was really a solid plan to sell out Google Nexus One. Google did not reach the expected phone sales and so, they limited it. Finally, the last shipment of the phones arrived. There are a few possible reasons why the Google’s Nexus One Phone flopped.

Its target date should have been earlier than January 2010. It should have been the “ber” season. This is from September of 2009 to December 2009. People often buy Christmas products during this season. If they have a stable job and are given a year-end bonus, there is a huge chance that they would have bought technology gadgets.

Their rival iPhone had offered several features like creating music, and other cool widgets inside the miniature and touch screen cell phone. The operating system of iPhone is very easy to understand and to explore. On the other hand, the Nexus One phone from Google, has an android operating system that is new to the public. The marketing strategy when it comes to launching the product also seemed weak. They only introduced it to pubic in blogs and websites.

The Microsoft’s Project Pink (Microsoft Kin)

Verizon who handled the selling of this product, finally, decided to quit too. This is because of poor income from sales. Also, Microsoft Kin had to end so that Microsoft could concentrate on their new product, Windows 7 Phone. Like Nexus One, Microsoft Project Pink also came to an end because of similar reasons.

It has a new operating system like Nexus One and the operating system is half way through the development of windows 7 phone. If you look closer, you will find that there are no games available on the phone. It also cannot handle third party application or add widgets. Initially the product cost was higher. Then when Verizon noticed that only few were interested in buying the product, they lowered the price. If a person is looking for unique gadgets and not thinking of the costs, then maybe these products will be the right ones to choose.

Both the products seemed to have weak points in features and in marketing strategy. This will be a lessoned learnt by Google and Microsoft. In a positive tone, it can be said that Microsoft and Google will be able to survive when they launch another product because of this harsh lesson they learnt.

Galaxy S Smartphone has Thrashed Google Flagship Nexus One

The Nexus one is Google’s flagship Smartphone, which is manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation. It became available on January 5, 2010 and it uses the android open source mobile operating system. The ability to transcribe voice on text, noise canceling dual microphones and GPS guided turn-by-turn voice directions to drivers are the main features of this phones. But now Google has finally admitted that its online only availability of the Nexus One Phone was a failure, and it will now bring the device to retail stores like it should have last year.

Samsung introduced its most powerful phone, Galaxy S. it is powered by Android 2.1, the Smartphone boasts a 4-inch super AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and is the first phone with Samsung’s new smart life user interface. It is the first Super phone which has managed to come out on Top. Now porting quake 3 to devices has become a national past time for some developers out there and now the game has been given its paces through Samsung’s own super-device, this results are quite revealing.

Galaxy S vs. Nexus One

Nexus one can render 22 million triangles per second and galaxy s can render a staggering 90million triangle per second. Nexus one is the fist Android phone and galaxy S is the most powerful phone. Nexus has latest Android OS Froyo 2.2 but is running on Éclair 2.2 in the video, and galaxy S has Éclair 2.1, 2.2 are round the corner. Galaxy S also known as Vibrant, will have front facing VGA camera, no LED flash, better multi touch handling, 720p video recording without rooting. It can play game better than the Nexus One.

According to the Android Police, Quake 3 has now been ported to both devices and it acts as a great test of each device’s gaming capabilities. If it was made for the super AMOLED handset, clearly the numbers are right-this is best android device for gaming.

Samsung has designed its won social networking aggregator for Android. It has other features like, a smart sharing, DLNA media sharing, daily briefing which lets you customize news, weather feeds etc. The software keyboard of this Samsung ph is quite easy to type on for its large screen. It will also ship with Skype, however for gesture-based typing. The others important features are, more of the Galaxy S’s Layar reality Browser, and the browser will deliver rich augmented reality content as well as variety of advanced location based service. The galaxy S is available from this summer; it will come in an 8GB model as well as a 16 GB model.

Google Not Planning Nexus 2

Google produced Nexus One in partnership with phone manufacturer HTC as they needed a device to help Android. However, chief executive of Google Eric Schmidt confirmed recently, there will not be a second Nexus model in the foreseeable future.

HTC the phone manufacturer

HTC has a range of models and series’ of phones running on Windows Mobile and Android. The brand is being widely used because of the compatibility of its applications with Windows PC’s. Just a piece of software called HTC sync along with a data cable is sufficient for a seamless integration between the phone and the PC. However the smart-phone manufacturer teamed up with Google only to output Nexus, and Google now confirms negative to a second in the series.

Nexus One

The Google Nexus One, according to Google was only created to help Android and it succeeded in achieving its purpose. Although many HTC models followed on Android, there were no follow ups in the Nexus series. One wonders if Google and HTC had any idea about a sequel in the series when they named the phone Nexus One. Perhaps both diverted from the initial plans because of the circumstances.

Android on the right track

Android is now an established mobile operating system that is being widely used by many leading mobile manufacturers. Google’s Android being where it is now, Google does not see the need for a Nexus Two.

Eric Schmidts’ comments

Eric Sdchmidt said that he told the board that Google did not need a Nexus Two but the Nexus One was successful. Schmidt also had indicated on the same topic that mobile devices are overtaking computers in many aspects, but basically the two are still linked. Furthermore he suggested that that reading news would move to digital devices and the content would be personalized according to the locations, interests and the knowledge of the users.

Public opinion

Although Google had a huge build up to Nexus One indicating it as an ‘iPhone killer’, it was not sufficient then to get Apple worrying according to many reviews. Nexus One was the best phone available on Android at the moment and its only fair to say that Nexus One was a feature rich smart phone with an amazing camera and a sleek design. If somehow the public verdict was in favor of Nexus One, there may have been a slight chance of another Nexus.

Another important dimension of the issue is that the current smart phone market is saturated and the number of feature rich devices is so much higher than when the Nexus One was created. Although Google implied that the Nexus One was a success, initial Android mobile phones were only capable of competing with the likes of Nokia, Palm and Windows Mobile, but the Apple iphone.

Chrome OS Tablet to be Launched After Nexus One Episode

There has been quite a lot of hype surrounding the launch of the Chrome OS Tablet. The entire technology community has been looking for the roll out of this innovative and highly promising tablet PC from the most successful company in the IT sector presently. However the bad news is that the company is probably not very enthusiastic about the release. The rumors on various social networking sites and other sources give an impression that the launch may be scrapped or at least delayed. The recent failure of the Nexus one phone in meeting the anticipated profit has also beleaguered the faith of consumers in Google. Though the launch is still on cards there is likelihood that it can be delayed.

We by now are acquainted with the fact that Google doesn’t feel like to launch Nexus Two Smartphones due to its’ not so good sales. In reveling news Eric Schmidt from Google has established that it is probable the much sought after tablet PC Chrome would not be presented by Google. He further added that similar to the Android phones, the performance of the allies will decide how well the sales go by. He further added that the company would not get into the picture to support the sales as it did for the Google Nexus one gadget. The Google Chromium Operating System development is all set and going fine. The Open source is already present for the download.

As per the top Google official Schmidt, the rumored Chrome OS tablet is quite unlikely. Earlier the online sales of the Google Nexus phone were also discontinued. There were no anticipated sales and thus the company had to virtually stop its’ web store, Nexus sales. However, as per the Google VP of engineering Andy Rubin there were success factors also included. He said “With every innovation, some parts worked better than others.”

In all equality a Google Chrome OS tablet is dissimilar to the Nexus One. Nothing like Android, Chrome OS is preordained to be practically invisible: a modest doorway to the Internet via an uncomplicated browser. This has been a source of vulnerability for the IT giant and the huge clientele seems to be disappointed with the news. There are still hopes that the new tablet PC may be introduced in the last quarter of the year. There is no doubt that the IT giant Google has established itself as one of the most innovative and successful companies which excels in all its endeavors and there had been no speculation whatsoever till the nexus episode, in the minds of people regarding any Google product or application. In the past decades, this organization has re-invented itself time and again with providing seamlessly efficient services to the wide global clientele. People look forward to each and every product being presented by Google with great hope and faith and there is hope that the Chrome OS comes out soon.

Ultra slim Android based Laptop Released by Toshiba

Android OS has been a new entry in the world of OS and is expected to do great business around the world. An increasing number of manufacturers are taking up the OS for their smartphones or even laptops now. A recent news rose from the world of Toshiba. The laptop is an excellent development that is casting the Dual Core ARM processor as well as Android 2.1 to bring an excellent machine to you.

There was news in the beginning that the laptop model named AC-100 would be running on Linux and the processor would come from the U.K based manufacturer ARM. The laptop was said to use mobile technologies instead of the typical laptop based technology. It was termed as a smart book.

The reality

The reality of AC-100 is just amazing. You can easily get this machine running the perfect way with the design being contemporary and different from all other laptops that are in the range. The unique design would certainly get you enough experience to enjoy. The machine is powered by the Nvidia Tegra 250 combined with Android 2.1 as being the Operating system. The processor is from a line of cutting edge processors that is being used in the world of smartphones and is said to rise up to the speed of 1GHz. The processors that have been used up before this were all single core processors while the latest development that would be integrated with Toshiba is a Dual core version.

The use of Android is justified in the world today for its functionality for some of the very exotic and exhilarating smartphone experiences have been brought to you by Android. This includes Motorola’s Droid and Nexus One by HTC. The whole laptop is like a smartphone more than a laptop because of the integration of the use of the mobile broadband being used in the development. The machine is said to take less than 1 second waking up from the standby mode. This feature makes this machine “always on” like a mobile phone.

Technical Features

The laptop is uses a 1 GHz Dual core ARM processor with a memory of 512 MB DDR2. It has a built in storage space of around 32 GB that is being provided by the solid state drive. The battery life is also remarkable that gives you a power back up of around 8 years. The laptop is having a display of 10.1”. The device is also been integrated with Bluetooth 2.1 and WLAN (802.11 b/g/n) as well as mobile broadband that gives it an edge over many other machines of the same caliber. The device has one USB 2.0 port, one Mini USB and one SD, MMC port. You even have the HDMI connectivity port as well.

The laptop also has a 1.3 megapixel webcam that has an integrated microphone. The machine is expected to strike the Japanese market somewhere in the third quarter this year with a launching price of less than $500. The weight to this laptop is another factor to consider. The ultra slim laptop is ultra light as well with a weight of 870g.

Motorola’s 2GHz and Android combo for serious business

Motorola seems to bring in some real competition to the world of smartphones by producing the fastest of the smartphones in the world today. It seems that the company is not only focusing the normal customers this time. The phone was announced recently and it is expected to hit the stores by the end of this year. This is doubtlessly one of the super powered phones in the world of smartphones today that would certainly attract all the users who need power in their handheld machines as well.

The phone will certainly outrun all the products in the market in terms of power. The combination of Android and 2GHz would certainly outrun every other smartphone currently in the market. The current product line of top smartphones include HTC EVO 4G as well as iPhone 4 both use a 1 GHz processor as compared.

Why 2GHz?

The future is mobile. This is what Motorola has been focusing on while coming up with the very idea of producing such a powerful phone. There was a time when Desktop computers used to rule the world, and then came in the laptops with specifications even less then the slowest smartphones these days. This lust for power in the mobile devices increased with time until the time came when the laptops reached to such a powerful state with a real powerful processor in them. The time is not far when these notebook devices and tablets would even be replaced with powerful smartphones. The employers would be handing over some of the high end smartphones to their employees for work related activities. Motorola’s combo of 2GHz and Android is an initiative to the worldly need of tomorrow.

Rumored Specification:

We certainly cannot come up with the right specifications as the phone is just announced but certainly the rumors know more than we do. The device has a powerful processor of 2GHz and that is for sure. This has been announced even and there should be no doubt about it. There are rumors that the machine would come up with a real powerful graphics processor as well. There are strong rumors about the use of Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with complete Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. The device is also expected to have a HD display to justify the presence of the graphic processor. The machine is also said to support a 720p video output.

Why Android:

The phone is not about power only, but the OS that is being used up is expected to be the most powerful of all the available OS that are being used in the world of mobile. HTC is moving on to Android with the Nexus One and Hero while the range used to consist of all smartphones using Windows Mobile. The use of all the enterprise applications within Android would certainly give it a high end business appeal to many people around the world. Motorola is using Android 2.2 to power it machine and give it the kind of security and business friendly features.

The expected phone is something that would certainly give you the kind of functionality that one could expect in a handheld device of tomorrow.

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