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Google’s Nexus One Soon To Be Sold Out In July

Google, one of the most popular and reliable search engines, has more great news. There is a new release of a smart phone. It is better than any androids so far. It is the latest smart phone with Android. Manufactured by HTC Corporation located in Taiwan, Google has launched, created and designed the Nexus One. This was introduced to the public on January 5, 2010 via Google’s website.

Nexus One Voice To Text Feature

Its main feature is that it can convert voice to text. Also, there is a voice application available that can help drivers on their way. It uses GPS (Global Positioning System) and it tracks the way of the driver. This was not sold for the use of one broadcasting affiliate network.

It has specifications that can be classified as a slate (writing tablet) smart phone. There are so far 8 countries where Nexus One phone has been introduced.

Nexus One Launch

The countries and their launch date are as listed here:

United States                    January 5, 2010

United Kingdom               January 5, 2010

Hong Kong                          January 5, 2010

Canada                                 March 16, 2010

Singapore                            April 30, 2010

Germany                             May 25, 2010

Italy                                       May 28, 2010

South Korea                       July 10, 2010

$529 dollars is the price if it is open to all networks and as expected, its operating system is Android 2.2. It has a rechargeable battery and the central processing unit or CPU has 1 Ghz (gigahertz).  Its capacity for MicroSDHC has 4Gb, but you can expand it into 32Gb. Its memory has 512 Mb. That is half of the memory of an ordinary laptop. It has 5.0 megapixels that is good for videos. The resolution is 720 x 480 pixels. It has LED (light emitting diode) flash and automatic sharpness of image. It uses the standard connectivity in digital world by using Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. It also has some additional features like Bluetooth, MicroUSB and uses A-GPS quadband. It also uses tri-band UMTS and HSDPA.

Throughout the sales, Google’s main focus was the website and the development of it. So, they decided to launch this only on websites or in Google’s official blog.  Sadly, this became their weak point. They did not sell this to the market including shopping malls or any other stores. A person could only buy this product through internet and will be delivered right to your door.

Although, there might have been a weak point still they managed to sell it out to the public. The slate smart phone decreased in numbers until it was gone. Google’s target was to sell this Nexus One to many and in fact to sell it out and be done with it by the end of July. The target was achieved and now, the Nexus One phone is exhausted.

Although, there was only a limited edition in limited countries, people are hoping that Google will launch this worldwide in the coming months. It only shows that Google, beside those applications they have like Google mail, Google maps and many more, have proved their undying marketing strategy. Blown by this strategy, people are encouraged to buy their product. Once again, Google created, marketed and sold a higher level of quality product over its contemporaries.

Google’s Tryst at a Better iPad

As we all know Google is one of the biggest players IT companies in the world. And though few years ago Google and Apple were in very good relations with each other, this was until the new boom of ultra mobile devices with OS – the iPad, iPhone and the latest iPad caused some problems. Google decided to try and enter in Apple’s niche with the developing of the Nexus – a direct competitor to iPhone. It seems they are also interested in entering the iPad sphere – ultra mobile tablets, too.

Though extremely popular, the iPad has many issues which should be addressed if Google wants to have any success at all, and not share the fate of Microsoft’s Zune Player. The iPad – though shiny little piece of tech, has few big problems. Main two are well known, others surfaced with time.

What Google should address first is the lack of full Adobe Flash support. Although HTML5 is on the way, there is still plenty of time until its effects part gains the same popularity and support as Adobe Flash. And as this type of device is intended for fun and spare time, adding Flash support will be the right thing to do. The other main disadvantage of iPad – the lack of full multitasking support should be addressed until the end of the year, but as for now, no such thing exists, except for some system and Apple developed apps running in background.

Another issue, especially for such type of device, is the lack of video capture options. What Google should include is at least front facing camera, for video calls – it is 21-st century after all. The rear facing high resolution camera is also good option, but not such necessity, this is not a small device, and probably no one will use it or digital camera on the go.

Also lots of other minor and not so minor issues can be addressed. Though the iPad browser – Safari is not bad, excluding the lack of Flash support, with no tabbed browsing it seems a little outdated – Chrome is a good way to go. Talking about apps – full access to Google apps, as office tools, could be an advantage. Of course there are other minor things that can be fixed – the iPad glossy screen is hard to use in direct sunlight, and you want to carry such ultra portable computer anywhere with you, and be able to use it without problems. The file management system can also be improved, in fact maybe creating new from scratch is the best idea, and this sphere in software development can use some totally new ideas. Also – if more operators but Verizone offer it, this will be best for the customer, and will reflect on prices immediately.

The ultra mobile tablets are whole new zone of the market, and Google has a good chance to be one of the main players in it. If they invest little time and money, they can come out with exceptional piece of technology, that will come to every home.

iAd Tussle between Google and Apple

It seems that tension is raising high between two of the major players in the IT sphere. Google and Apple once stood together against the “evil” Microsoft. But with Google slowly entering Apple’s territories – as the market for Smartphone with Nexus, and maybe tablet market, as rumors suggest, problems appeared. Apple, currently having a big cut of the mobile device market, decided to strike back.. They began development of alternative ad platform to integrate in their iOS devices.

The so called iAd platform will be integrated in iPhone 4 in an attempt to defend Apple’s positions in the online ad market. It allows ads to be integrated in applications, and revenue shared between Apple and the application developer. It allows all kind of content to be included – even full screen video commercials. With such flexibility, developers are expected to like the new iAd very much.

Interesting fact is that in the disclaimer signed by all developers, a section exists which claims that apps which are optimized in any way by “any developer or distributor of mobile devices, mobile operating systems or development environments”, can be disallowed any time from using Apple app store. Which means such app will most likely never make the revenue expected by it. Apple relies on such texts in the developer’s agreement to refuse access to app store for Google AdWords enabled apps.

Though Google has filed a complaint with the FTC (US Federal Trading Commission), and it has begun investigation, there is no certainty what the decision will be, and as this dispute is now in the hands of lawyers, it may take a while to reach an end.

Another sign of great trouble forming between ex-friends Google and Apple happened on the unveiling of iPhone 4. Steve Jobs invited his archenemy Bill Gates on the stage, showing that Apple will now support Microsoft’s Bing search engine, thus trying to make trouble for Google in its main business, search engines, too.

Statistics show that only 20% of applications downloaded from the app store until now were paid apps. Which means only 20% made money for Apple. And though the new iAd may help in making money from the rest 80%, it may also fail big time. People, who liked the, kind of, free lunch, will wonder if maybe Android powered phones are not the better option – applications number is rising slowly, but steadily, and no ads are included, well, in most of them anyway.

Only time will tell will there be place for two or more main players in the online ad business, and who will prevail in the battle of giants – the traditions of Apple and its new friend and ex-nemesis Microsoft, or the big, but still young Google.

Exclusive performance of little devices in the perspective of GPU

The GPU bench marks produce different results with slides used in the different high end phones. One such slide which is even faster than the slides used in Droid, EVO, Incredible and Android 2.2 installed Nexus is the Adreno GPU. This is kind of feature that makes the slide fast. This particular slide is aimed towards the market of the smart phones. But it is not very compatible with the high end ones. Due to its main focus is on the Smartphone market it uses the 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227. But a very little information can be obtained from the official website of the Qualcomm except that the GPU uses the 3D graphics which are of hardware accelerated type.

The system Information Tool

According to the system information tool it has been learnt that Adreno GPU is being used in this particular slide. The Adreno GPU is also used in the 1 GHz Snapdragon which has relatively much faster speed. Previously it was known that the Droid possesses the super fast GUP having a speed of 110 MHz PowerVR SGX 530. But with the emergence of the Adreno GPU, it became even faster than the Nexus.

Speed of the slide

It is known that the slides normally use the Adreno GPU. Even the Snapdragon phones use the same technology.  Now if this is the fact then the question is, in what mechanism the particular slide acts more rapidly than the others? Moreover, it is to be noticed that with the CPU speed 600MHz and the firmware still of Android 2.1 version how the slide outperformed the others. In case of many taxing benchmarks the slide surprisingly scored 2x. This is quite similar to the NeneMark1 and the GLBenchmark.

Reasons behind the above phenomena

Till now very little has been discovered regarding the speed of the slide. One explanation in this respect might be that the GPU of the slide should be first as compared with that of the other various high end phones. Generally it is known that the slide GPU is the last if you compare it with the high tech phones. However, researches are going on over this topic to find out some strong and reliable explanation in this matter.

The lower resolution factor

The factor of lower resolution is quite satisfactory in this case. Since the slide runs the resolution of HVGA vs WVGA, lesser pixels are pushed by the benchmarks. Apart from this cause there may be some other reasons those are liable for such great results.

Results of myTouch 3G Slide

Considering the GLBenchmark result for the slide we have HD PRO 1.1 – 9.5 fps and HD ES 1.1 – 59.0 fps. For the NenaMark1 the result is 18.1 fps and lastly for the NeoCore the result is 31.2 fps.

There are mixed responses on the myTouch 3G Slide. According to some this slide does not provide sufficient speedy and efficient performance. On the other hand some believe that the GPU of this device is truly fast.


Competitive market is always who is eating who. Who is snatching the market share from you? The best will survive and become popular leader in the market place. Google, as a company has seen much fluctuations. A few of its products roar high in the market place and no one has beaten or dared to beat it till today, for example, its search engine. But there are also a few products or services where Google couldn’t keep the hype created, matching with that of its offering. One such worse example was its mobile phone experience. One has to learn from experience and let’s assume Google has done its homework.

It’s a wait and watch strategy for the consumers and manufacturers. With the launch of Nexus One by Vodafone, the first own-designed Google’s handset, it is anticipated to prove the potential of Google’s operating system, Android. The expectations have reached the peak. With the price at which it is available for the customers, it is assumed that the integrated pack including an e-mail, web and third party application is the best bargain or worth, which is not available from any other brand, not even from iPhone yet.

Though iPhone dominates high in media coverage, it has not even covered more than 2 % of the total market. The scope for mass market coverage is yet to be explored. That is really good news for the company. Whatever brands that are available in the market are really cutting-edge technology but not marketed at a mass level. Prospects anticipate that Android from Google would change this scenario. Around 20 handsets are already flooding in the market with this system. The reason behind this is the flexibility with which Android can be adopted and used in the handset irrespective of the manufacturer across price range.

Industry analyst and experts believe that just as how Google’s search engine became the top most priority for majority of the users, similar to that, a few years down the line, people will be using the operating system Android in one way or the other through their handsets. But Google will face one solid problem. Though the operating system is flexible and is used by major handset manufacturers, Google’s own mobile sets find it tough to use its own. Also the market tactics is that the offer is free and effective. In this war of products, Apple is having an upper hand because Google is yet to launch eco-friendly products or services. Also experts opine that in Android, only one window can be opened at a time and Android does not support multi-tasking. This may go against Android. But Google has a competitive weapon as usual that the product will be free, which is a powerful tool to appeal to masses. So for knowing what will happen, one has to wait and watch in the real market place. In the area of handsets, Google has to travel miles before it succeeds. The other apprehension for the prospects will be the mobile set which is Nexus One, Google’s own brand and its incompatibility with Android. If the company could do some research in this area and provide a better versioned and sophisticated mobile set, along with its much hyped operating system, Android, the company can rule the market.

The Growing Nexus of Apple and Siri

There is good news for Apple iPhone users because Apple has acquired a brand new application. It is called as the Siri. I am sure most of you would know what exactly a Siri application is. Well, this application is nothing but voice recognition software that responds to the tasks given through voice commands. Just imagine yourself speaking to your phone and getting the answers and results from it without having to type in a text message. It is a very cool application and makes life much easier for the busy scheduled people.

Having a Siri application installed in your phone is just like having a personal secretary with you all the time. If you want to locate a nearby restaurant and you have nobody to guide you, just take your Apple iphone and utter “Where can I find the nearest restaurant?” The application, with the help of its algorithm grasps the voice and searches the internet that matches the relevant term. Here in the above example, the software would comply with the GPS application in order to give you the nearest location of the restaurant. It sounds just too good. Isn’t it?

It is not only about locating the restaurants or making use of the GPS connection with your voice. The utilities are unlimited in the sense that you can virtually do anything with this application. You can book the train tickets, flight tickets; plan the dates of a business meeting etc. This new application in the iPhone invariably makes your mobile a virtual personal assistant.

The sad thing is that Siri is available only in the United States. But it will be made accessible to all other countries in the next few years because Apple has purchased this technology and they are trying to globalize it in a larger scale. At present the Siri application comes only in iPhone and the iPad Touch. But this application will be soon coming in all the other Apple products in the near future.

This particular application is a revelation in the sense that businessmen need not depend on their personal assistants for such small tasks anymore. It is not only about the businessmen, all other Apple iPhone and iPad Touch users can make use of this wonderful application to great effect.

With its Chief Executive, Steve Jobs always on the hunt for making Apple iPhone the best in the Smartphone section with innovative and appealing technologies and applications, it is obvious that Apple will come up with even better features in the next years. One prime example is the company’s acquisition of the Intrinsity, one of the leading chip makers in the country for a whopping $121 million and in a few days it came up with the news that it has acquired the Siri as well just for the sake of improvement.

We do not know much about the Siri brand’s present state as a single stakeholder but it is sure to live long and strong until Apple uses this application in all its products.

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