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MidWeek 16th Edition reports on plans of Microsoft®

The 16th edition of the journal MidWeek includes information about the plans of Microsoft. The company has always kept its developers at the very core of their business because it is they who actually think and create what is demanded by the people. Let us see what all was there in the 16th edition of MidWeek.

Everyone is aware of the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. Quite a lot has been said about the deal. Nokia phones powered by Windows Phone 7 will surely be a great success. This will for sure capture a large market for Windows Phone 7.

The 16th edition of MidWeek also covered the highlights of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. The release candidate is now available. The browser will also be available as an update for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is also working on releasing the development kit for the same so that more and more developers can create applications and other tools for Windows Phone 7 using the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) platform. As per Microsoft the incorporation of IE9 in the Windows Phone 7 operating system will definitely make browsing on phones a great experience. IE9 supports HTML 5 and getting it on your mobile phone will enhance the browsing to great extent. Microsoft also mentioned about its remote media streaming feature of Windows Phone 7. With this feature you can record live TV using their Windows Phone so that you do not miss your favourite TV programs while you are far from home on a vacation. A very simple step by step process has to be followed.

Other news covered by MidWeek in its 16th edition was regarding OneNote. As we know that OneNote is a note keeping application so that you can take notes on your computer just like the way you take it in your note book. You can type anywhere on the note, you can add pictures, screenshots and there is no need to be sequentially correct and organised while taking notes because you can just drag and drop the notes to organize them. With OneNote one can share his or her notes through Microsoft Outlook and let others add their notes on the same sheet. This certainly is a nice effort and has already gained quite good response.

Nokia® and Microsoft® join forces

Microsoft and Nokia have declared that they will forge a long-term strategic alliance in order to challenge their competitors in the mobile devices industry. At a news conference, President and CEO of Nokia, Mr. Stephen Elop, and Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, discussed their high level new strategy.

The alliance will be much deeper and more integrated than had it been with Android and Google. According to analysts, Microsoft’s strength will compliment Nokia’s weaknesses and Nokia’s strength will compliment Microsoft’s weaknesses. They will keep their options open if in any circumstance this plan does not materialize. They will jointly make it possible to increase the market share of their smart phones and mobile operating systems.

Nokia will offer great products, application store, maps, and assets of location to this alliance. On the other hand, Microsoft will offer Windows Phone 7 and the mobile brands which consumer desire, similar to Xbox Live, Bing and Office. Nokia will use Windows Phone 7 as their primary smart phone strategy. They will extend price points, geographies and market segments. They think this will be better for Nokia. It will give them scope to concentrate in their investments where they can differentiate best. It will give them a quicker path for the US market and it will give them a wide opportunity for taking advantage of their assets which are location based.

Microsoft® and Nokia® partnership

On February 11, 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced a joint venture regarding their future developmental strategies. Nokia is considered one of the best mobile hardware makers in the world. The company’s devices are famous for their excellent screen, high resolution cameras and other high end hardware designs. The Nokia products with their attractive, well designed and durable hardware designs can easily be compared with the other companies like Samsung, LG etc.

The only visible problem with Nokia is that the software installed by the company does not share the same standards as its hardware. While the present day smart phones have already been converted into pocket computers, Nokia devices seem to have fallen behind. This sentiment was shared by the CEO of Nokia, who confirmed the failure of the company to develop software that would come close to smart phones of other companies.  While Nokia was trying o develop its software standards, Andriod became very popular in less than two years. This made Nokia lose its leadership position in smart phone sales and proved to be a matter of concern.

Nokia therefore needed a very bold and productive move in the region of software technicalities to regain its top spot as a mobile leader. Joining hands with Windows Phone 7 was the best chance for Nokia to regain lost ground in the mobile industry. There are, however, some challenges that both Nokia and Microsoft are sure to face with this joint venture.

Prior to making a deal with Microsoft, Nokia was also in talks with Google in search of a platform for itself. Since Nokia already is working with an open source in Symbian so Google Andriod which also is an open source, should have served as the perfect platform for Nokia. It remains to be seen whether the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia will actually help in building the reputation of both the companies. Nokia has the largest customer base in Europe. Microsoft may have seen this to be a good opportunity to increase its market share in the region.

Nokia® Said to Cancel Smartphone Launch With AT&T®

X7, Nokia’s new smartphone that it had planned to enter the market with partner AT&T, has been cancelled. Nokia had planned to make a comeback into the US market with this phone in partnership with the wireless carrier AT&T. AT&T is at the second position in US in terms of market presence just behind Verizon Wireless.

This is another aborted attempt by the Finnish mobile giant to seek a foothold in the US. Nokia at one time had a large presence in US and it is the largest phone maker in the world. It was rumored to be launched in partnership with AT&T. Wall Street Journal cites the reason for the cancellation as AT&T’s refusal to commit funds for marketing or subsidy.

Nokia, however, refused to comment on this issue and said that it is a well publicized fact that they are working hard to regain leadership in the US market and that they are in active discussions with their operator partners on this strategy. They further stated their commitment with their US carrier partners to bring meaningful smartphone solutions to the market that are compelling consumer experiences, have strong operator support and a thriving ecosystem. As in any business, plans can change and deliberate decisions must be made to enable clear focus on bringing the right products to market at the right time.

Nokia has encountered problems with negotiating with the carriers who subsidize handsets for customers in return for two year contracts. Nokia on the other hand prefers selling the smartphones launched in US directly to the consumer at its own set price.

Nokia is still dependent on its Symbian OS with MeeGo still under development. Stephen Elop, the new president of Nokia, is now busy working out a strategy to sell better products at more competitive pricing to regain control in the US market and to make a move against his main competitors in the market, namely Apple’s iOS powered iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

Nokia® C5-03 review

Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. The company makes a range of phones for CDMA and GSM networks. Nokia is also developing mobile applications like music, games, videos, and maps. All these applications are available on the platform called Nokia Ovi store. Nokia has a major presence in the smartphone market and they have launched so many models which have attractive features. Nokia N8 and C7 are particularly famous in the smartphone category.

Recently Nokia announced the Nokia C5-03 in the UK market. Nokia describes this model as a stylish and one of the affordable models. The Nokia C5-03 is a 3G set and also has one of the best connectivity as Wi-Fi and HSDPA. It has also the best mobile browsing with a 3.2-inch TFT resistive touch screen. The phone has 128 MB RAM and supports up to 16GB microSD. It has a 5-mega pixel camera with VGA support of 15fps. It also has the geo tagging feature. The phone is powered by a 600 MHz ARM 11 processor and has Symbian OS v9.4. Nokia C5-03 has free Ovi apps like Doodle Jump, Shazam Encore, ESPN, Real Football Mini Edition and many more bundled with the device. It has also the better Wi-Fi connectivity that gives you freedom to connect to Ovi applications with so much of ease. In this specific model you can also add contact shortcuts to the home screen and stay close with your friends. The 3.5G connectivity is also an added advantage in the Nokia C5-03 and you can connect it to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Nokia is hoping impressive sales for C5-03 with added Ovi Maps and other applications. You can easily access the Ovi store that is built-in with this model.

In the smartphone sector, Nokia is lagging behind bigger counterparts like Apple, Samsung and HTC. Nokia N8 was recently launched but recorded an average review. Nokia is very much aware of this situation and is introducing excellent products to meet consumer demands.

Proposed alliance between Nokia® and Microsoft®

The 2010 results of the Finnish cell phone company Nokia show that low cost mobile phones were a major contributor to its sales. It enjoys a comfortable position in the sales of lower end smartphones costing a little over 100 Euros. A major chunk of the profit came from the devices and services unit or from handset sales. With a change in the head of the company Nokia is expected to change all this and make a major play to claw its way back to the top in the smartphone category.

Nokia has recently reiterated support for MeeGo, a Linux based operating system for tablets and smartphones in partnership with Intel. Nokia might head for either Android or Microsoft Windows Phone 7. Analysts say that now that Nokia has a new CEO, they should partner with Microsoft. Microsoft needs support from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to stand up against Android, and Nokia needs a new strategy to fuel its smartphone market. A combination of Microsoft’s marketing expertise and software expertise with the Windows 7 OS and with Nokia’s brand image and global sales market, could create an impact in the smartphone market. Also Nokia would get a chance to regain its lost market in North America. Microsoft could see Windows Phone 7 come at par with Android and iOS and give them a run for their money. At the moment the open source nature of Android is troubling Microsoft, which might make it just be ready to clinch a partnership with Nokia.

Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop is a Microsoft veteran apparently at good terms with the company. This would seem to be a better step than look for third party software. According to an analyst, Microsoft could create a differentiated tablet strategy with stronger enterprise support and Nokia could clearly benefit with a tablet and smartphone combined strategy that is offered by competitors.

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