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Norton® Mobile Security for Android™ 1.5 beta

It has been announced that the Android 1.5 operating system will have Norton Mobile Security. This is also said to add several new features to the device. The senior director Dave Cole recently said that this system is almost ready to be launched.

One of the features found in this antivirus software is recovering a stolen phone which is the anti theft feature. If a phone is lost or stolen then by just typing “lock” followed by a password, the phone data can be locked and suppose the phone is lost forever with no chances of getting it back and there is data which is confidential then by texting “wipe” which will again be followed with a password will help in the removal of all the data. There is also a provision for locking the SIM card. This will prevent any exchange of the card since that will also require a password. The new Android 1.5 has also a feature of locating the phone. If we can’t trace the phone and send a message to the phone,    texting “locate” followed by a password the phone reverts back saying its location with the help of Google Maps.

Security programs offer help by scanning the files before they are opened or downloaded. They also scan the SD cards automatically. Like discussed earlier the device will have the facility of blocking calls or messages from a particular number which the user desires. The ability to recognize a tablet and automatically switching to the tablet mode is another feature of Android. The price of the software has not yet been decided and it’s not yet available for sale but the free version which come with a thirty days trial pack is already.

How to Uninstall the Norton Antivirus Firewall

Symantec is a leading antivirus and security software manufacturer which has been providing computer and network security to home and business users for quite a long time.

Symantec’s major security brand is known as Norton. Norton internet security is packaged software which comes with firewall and antivirus security. Firewall is basically a program which is used to monitor the networking and internet activity on a computer or a on a network. It keeps track of the entire incoming and outgoing request and blocks malicious requests to come onto your network on computer. So, you need to have an extra firewall and Norton solves this problem for many users by providing firewall security with Norton Internet Security software package. It is known for high level of security but it is also very problematic as it also blocks some working applications and websites. Apart from it, the Norton Personal Security firewall also consumes a high amount of memory usage and makes system performance very poor.

Users can configure the firewall in a way that it does not block certain websites or application by adding the exception in the Firewall console but you might not know that how many websites or application a firewall can block, so many user either try to disable the firewall or remove the firewall from their system to get rid of such problems.

Here are some very simple steps to remove or uninstall the Norton Antivirus firewall:


First of all you need to click on ‘Start’ button and then open the ‘Control Panel’ console from the pop-up list.


This will open a new Control Panel window with all the operating system utilities and tools available on your computer. Select ‘Add/remove programs’ from the list.


‘Add/remove programs’ is the place where it shows all the installed application on your computer and it also allows you to repair and remove any installed application. Try to find Norton Personal firewall application in that list. Highlight the desired program and select ‘Remove’ to uninstall the application. It will ask you to restart the computer once after the Un-installation process is finished. You can click on ‘OK’ to restart the computer or can skit as well if you need to perform some more steps.


It is also very important to delete all the relate files and folders even if the application is uninstalled. You need to open the Programs files and folders under ‘My Computer’. Search for the folder named Norton Personal Firewall and delete the folder permanently.


Now select the ‘Search’ option from the Start menu and type the search criteria as ‘Norton Firewall, and ‘Norton Personal Firewall’ and delete all the found result. This will remove all the traces of Norton Personal firewall from your computer.

This completely depends on the user’s choice if he/she wants to keep the firewall on computer or not. It is not necessary to remove the firewall if user knows how to use and mange it.

How to Activate Norton AntiVirus

There are so many antiviruses available for your PC and you can useany one of them for computer protection. Some of most popular antivirusapplications are Norton, AVG, Avast, Avira etc. Norton is one of the mostpopular one and it is used widely in computers worldwide. Norton antivirusis manufactured by Symantec; it is used to block viruses, spyware, Trojanhorses, worms, bots and rootkits from your computer. Norton is very famousand effective antivirus and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vistaand Windows 7 and also supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 orhigher and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later. For a complete and effective protection of your computer, it is very necessary to activate your Norton Antivirus through Symantec’s LicensingPortal.

Now in this article we will show you some steps to activate Norton antivirus. Just follow the instructions given below.


The first step is to open the internet browser and go to Symantec homepage, then go to Symantec’s Licensing Portal. Now in this page, click the linkcreate an account. Before installing a new antivirus, try to uninstall older onefrom control panel.


When you enter the link, you will have to enter the requested informationto create your Symantec account and click “Submit.” Now to acceptthe Symantec’s User Agreement, enter agree. It will take some time toconfirm that your account is created successfully and after that click thelink “Licensing Portal Home Page.”


After clicking that link, Click the button labeled “New and RenewalPurchase.” Now you will receive the serial number after purchasing theantivirus, type the serial number and lick submit. When you click submit, itwill complete the Norton Antivirus activation process. Click done to completethe process and check the email, you will receive an email confirmation fromSymantec that your Norton Antivirus was successfully activated. You can seethe expiration date in that email only.

It is very obvious that, your email receipt for your purchase containsyour product’s serial number, if you have downloaded directly from theSymantec’s websiter. If you bought the antivirus from a retailer then do notforget to check the original packaging to find the product’s serial number.

It is very important to activate Norton antivirus to protect your system fromviruses, spywares and other dangers. Norton is a very flexible, compatiblewith so many operating systems and strong to protect the computer. Werecommend you to update it at regular interval for complete protection.

How to compare an anti-virus resource usage?

McAfee, Norton or AVG Anti virus are the best means to keep your computers protected against all odds. Thus, you can give a new definition to your computer’s security with these softwares in hand. These softwares are considered the best on certain criteria like their price, performance and compatibility with the operating system in use. Moreover, a criterion which also remains in lime light is the ability of it to consume less memory of your computer and try to give the best performance.

At times it happens that these antivirus software consume a robust amount of memory and remain connected to the Internet continuously. This actually slows down your computer’s performance and you will end up feeling greatly disappointed.

Can you minimize this effect and get your computer relaxed because of this? Yes, you can do so, by simply comparing the anti virus resource usage with the help of the Task Manager. All you have to do is to follow certain steps to give your computer relaxing time.

Step one

You be required to open the Anti virus program currently installed on your PC. This you can do by simply double-clicking on the icon present on the desktop of your computer and thereby, you prepare yourself to monitor the usage of you computer’s resource being used by Anti virus currently running. But, most of the time anti virus programs will automatically open at the time of your Windows booting and you can find the icon blinking in the task bar.

Step two

Once you are done with above step, right – click on the task bar and drop down menu will appear. On the drop down menu you will see an option “Start Task Manager”, which you will then have to choose. Click on the “Start Task Manager” to open it and then follow as mentioned.

Step three

Once you click on the above mentioned tab, a dialogue box will appear. On the window prompted you will see certain tabs, you will be required to choose the “Processes” tab, by clicking on it. Then a list of entries will be displayed and you will then be required to choose from the Task manager your anti-virus program entry. Once you find the entry of your anti-virus and then look for “Memory” tab. This tab will display the amount of memory being consumed by your program. It will rather display the information in KB (Kilo bytes) and thus tell you how much memory your program is currently consuming.

Step four

Once you find the detail regarding one anti-virus program, you will be then required to compare between two or more anti-virus in order to jump to a conclusion. Leave the option of previous anti-virus amongst the entries and but keep you task manager running. Open second anti-virus program and follow step three to find out how much memory is the latter consuming during its run.

Nevertheless, you can easily guard your computer with anti-virus program, but a slow running computer due to your anti-virus program. This can also be given a new definition with the help of above mentioned steps.

Norton for Smartphones

Days have past when mobile phones were just used for dialling and receiving calls. Now mobile phones come packed with many applications and intelligent features. Mobile phones these days are alternative for mobile computing and a device for helping you work when you move. Many mobile phones have features quite similar to those on a laptop or a notebook for keeping people in touch with their office mails, data, information, etc. These features require the phone to connect to the internet and thus makes phone vulnerable to the threats and viruses which have flooded the web by now. So far, cell phone viruses have not been a big threat, but the time is not far when these threats would require serious attention. The first Windows Mobile virus named “Duts” simply asked the owners permission to spread. It didn’t harm anything on the phone, but was an alarm for letting us know that mobile phones are also open for virus attacks. Mobile viruses can spread over Bluetooth, IR Beaming, SMS Messaging, Web browsing, and Email attachments. According to a survey done by Gartner, around 30% of US Smartphone users receive email attachments on their cell phones. As the number increases so will the risk of infection will increase.

We need not to panic as Norton has launched one of its latest products termed as “Norton Smart Phone Security” in the market for protecting the phones against such attacks.

Norton Smartphone Security protects your private and personal information on your mobile device. It stops hackers and prevents cybercriminals from stealing your information when you connect your phone to a public network. It filters annoying text/messages/multimedia content to reach to your phone. It detects and cleans viruses and other mobile threats before they could harm your phone, or the data stored in its memory.

Norton Smartphone Security Software is easily downloadable and installs on your mobile device within no time. It checks for updates every week and ensures the presence of most recent virus definitions on your phone. It doesn’t affect your mobile device’s performance or speed, but might add up the carrier charges in your phone bill.

As of now Norton Smartphone Security for Symbian/Microsoft Windows Mobile is launched and is available for purchase. It also comes with a 30 days free trial period.

Norton Smartphone Security is available for the following Operating Systems:

  • Symbian : 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile  : 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5

Minimum Requirements for installing Smartphone Security would be:

  • 1.8 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 5.0 pocket PC edition
  • 1.8 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 6.0 Professional edition
  • 1.7 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 5.0 Smartphone edition
  • 1.7 MB of storage space on Microsoft Windows  Mobile 6.0 Standard edition
  • 1.1 MB of storage space on Symbian OS 9 series

Growing Vantage of Norton

Peter Norton himself wrote the code for his antivirus which later ruled the world of protection software’s market. Norton has been in this business for long and has always been a good player. Recently people have a notion that Norton products are messy and hard to install and harder to remove. People think of Norton as bulky software which consumes lots of system resources and makes the system sluggish. This notion stands low in front of the fact that Norton protects your PC wonderfully. Norton has developed various products for protecting computers which are connected to a network. It could be protection over the internet or over the intranet Norton is everywhere. After so many years of PC protection Norton has announced the launch of its project called “Norton Everywhere”. This project is for developing products which will actually protect anything and everything which is connected to a network – again Internet and Intranet both. As announced by Norton, Norton Everywhere is an initiative to provide Security, Data Safeguarding, and Infrastructure related software for various consumer devices which have capability to connect to the internet. Devices like Mobile phones, Game consoles, DVR’s, Televisions, and other smart devices. According to IDC there are 10 billion non PC devices which have the capability to connect to the internet and many of these devices lack built in security against cyber vulnerabilities. This number is expected to grow about 20 billion by 2014 and Norton is targeting the same.

Norton Everywhere is the mother project and consists of several sub/mini projects.

Some of the Sub-Projects of Norton  are:

  • Norton Connect.

It is an application for iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones with which they can connect to Norton online backup or Norton 360. It gives them access to all the files they have stored using the above mentioned backup software. This application would be available for download from iPhone store or from the online Android market.

  • Norton Mobile.

It is an application for downloading Norton software directly on mobile phones.

  • Norton DNS.

It is a DNS which filters the data for more reliability, safe browsing, and faster internet connection. It enhances the browsing experience by providing various services like antiphishing, antimalware, and antispyware at the DNS level.

  • Norton for Smart Devices.

Recently Norton has announced a strategic partnership with Mocana Corporation for initiating the Norton Smart Device project. Under this project Norton will key solutions for the protection of smart devices. This will be done by securely upgrading the devices firmware, operating system, and applications for protecting them over the internet. Norton has plans to partner with major smart device manufactures for intelligently upgrading the protection technology on their products.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003