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MacBook® Air Wallet for the 11-inch model

In late 2010, the MacBook Air notebook was accompanied by MacBook Air wallet, a travel case which is very compact and can be used while traveling. Scratch free pockets, foam padding, and impact resistant plastic based inserts, are some of the features of the MacBook Air Wallet for the 11-inch notebook. Other features of the MacBook Air Wallet are that it has self locking zippers, and impact resistant plastic with scratch free foam padding.

The MacBook Air Wallet keeps your MacBook Air super drive, power adaptors, and accessories safe. The pocket at the back provides plenty of storage that you require. For further protection there is are impact resistant insertion pockets which are available in the MacBook Air Wallet for protection.

The stylish MacBook Air cover comes in a choice of 6 panel colors, with brown leather side panels. MacBook Air is the next generation notebook from Apple. It can remain in standby mode for a month. It has a multi-touch track-pad which is smooth and spacious. It also has a long lasting battery. The slim and thin display houses an even thinner camera. NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card is provided along with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which delivers performance that you always wanted and the luxury of going wireless with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

It is necessary to have a protective cover which is provided by Waterfield. If you are taking the MacBook Air on the road, the slim size and light weight is worthy to be taken on road. Accessories consist of mouse, adapters, chargers, Super Drive, cables etc. The MacBook Air Wallet can be easily carried and in the event of outdoor travel, you can opt for the shoulder strap and carry the MacBook Air as a standalone bag with you where ever you go. The MacBook Air Wallet comes in 6 shades of colors and is available with dealers of Apple. You pick up one of the colors namely brown, green, orange, blue, black, and light blue or more. The MacBook Air Wallet is compact, handy and safe to protect and carry your MacBook Air notebook wherever you go.

How to preserve notebook battery life

We often complain for poor battery performance our notebook computers. It drains fast as soon as the external power source is removed. But have ever thought that it we who is responsible for the same. We use the battery in such a manner that its life degrades with time and it is not able to deliver the performance which it could actually have given.

In this post I will discuss some practices which can extend the battery life and keep it running for as long as possible.

Step 1: Avoid unnecessary charging – We have a habit of charging the battery all the times. Avoid doing this. Battery should only be charged when it is completely drained out. There are batteries like Nickel Chromium batteries which remember the status of their charging and discharging. So if a battery is 50% charged and you try charging it again it will assume that you have to charge only 50% and will intimate you that it is fully charged thus reducing the battery life. So charge a battery only when it is fully drained. Avoid the habit of leaving the power connected to notebook all the times.

Step 2: Don’t Disconnect – Even if you are powering your notebook from its external power source, still you should not take the battery out of it. This maintains the maximum battery life of the notebook.

Step 3: Use the battery – Most of the times we work with a power source connected with the notebook. From now on at least once in a month use your notebook only with your battery. This will help the battery to drain out completely so that it can further be recharged. Periodic drain and recharge helps in extending the life of your notebooks battery.

Step 4: System Options – If you use your notebook without power source then make sure that you have done appropriate power settings in your notebook to preserve the battery life. You can select many options like hibernating, turning the screen off, standby mode, or sleep mode to save the precious charge in your notebook’s battery.

Step 5: Clean the connectors – You should clean the connectors of your battery once in a while so that there is not impedance at that level and your notebook gets appropriate power. This helps in proper usage of batteries and thus results in extended life.

Step 6: Keep it cool – Batteries work the best when used in a cool and dry atmosphere. Avoid using your notebook under direct sun or in direct heat. Heat seriously diminishes the batteries capability of accumulating the charge and thus reduces its life.

If you have to leave your notebook off for quite some time then make sure that the battery is not fully charged. As per manufacturers, the idle state to keep a battery is when it is 40% charged. Do not drain it completely, and neither keeps it fully charged if you have to keep your notebook off for long. These tips are not only for notebook batteries but can also be applied to cell phone batteries as well.

Dell® Latitude E6420 review

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop is meant for business applications. Its weight is 4.56 pounds and has a four-cell battery. The rugged design as well as smooth finish of the laptop feels straightforward as well as useful. It has a full sized keyboard and a 14–inch display.

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop has a compact design. There is one interesting thing about the laptop. It is very difficult to find the “Latitude” name on the laptop. It is said that the “debadged” look was a conscious design decision to give the notebook a very nice and smooth appearance. The new Latitudes are designed by keeping consumer preferences in mind. There’s a little curved bezel on both the screen and the chassis. It has an optional HD webcam of 3.2 mega pixels and noise-reducing microphones. It has high quality components, which offer a great experience, either at home or at work.

The Dell Latitude E6420 laptop is powered by the Intel Core 2 “Sandy Bridge” chips. Users have options between Intel’s HD graphics or the NVIDIA NVS 4200M chips. The operating system options include Windows 7 Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Windows Vista and Ubuntu 10.10. Dell Latitude E6420 has a 14-inch (1366-by-768) LED screen and here is also a touchscreen model. Models with screen resolution of 1600 by 900 are also available in the market. There are some user friendly features such as the ‘Delete’ is place the upper right corner, which can be found very easily. The power button’s placement is also near the same location.

The Dell Latitude notebook has a secondary hard-drive option, allowing a user to use a secondary hard drive with a different user. One of the most important things in a laptop is its connectivity; Dell Latitude E6420 has four USB 2.0 slots, an optional USB 3.0 module, Gigabit Ethernet, and lots of Wi-Fi options. This beautiful notebook also comes with a memory card reader, HDMI out, a 54-mm Express Card, and one full and two half-size mini card slots.

The new Dell Latitude E6420 shines as a business machine that can perform faster is reliable anytime anywhere, and has a lot more features that a user can surely love to use.

Best Buy: iPad has greater market share over “traditional devices”:

In an article from Wall Street Journal, Best Buy’s CEO dropped shocking statistic that the iPad is cannibalizing sales of notebook PCs by 50%. Although this figure is very high and this idea has bounced around since Apple’s tablet device debuted back in the month of March. From that “magical” day, people have been combing through many surveys and sales figures are looking for the signs that iPad’s popularity is affecting the sales of its competing electronic brand in market.

Apple is already in hype with its product and with the release of its latest product iPad, the hypes of Apple is going to be even more greater heights. The initial signs of rising Apple’s iPad began appearing as early as the month of May arrives this year, when a survey made by Retrevo revealed that the 30% of netbook shoppers chose Apple’s tablet device over a netbook. This is clear that if people are opting for Apple’s tablet instead of notebooks then iPad will be a major hit in the electronic market. More recently, the leading brand Asus has confirmed that it has reduced netbook shipments as the response of its netbook sales is decreased. The CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen cited that the iPad is the reason for this decline.

The market analysts also estimated from their calculations that the Apple tablet is stealing sales from its comparatively priced notebook. The reason behind is the trust of peoples on Apple products. Another reason for increase in the sales of Apple tablet is its mobile companion. Apart from this ones takes a look on iPad then it would be a major part of attraction among the users in electronic market. Peoples who are looking for a new hardware product in a budget ranging around $500 will preferably opt for Apple’s iPad. As peoples do not like to spend their money on PC or Mac if they have a budget to afford the new trendy, shiny iPad.

While the several analysts have noticed that iPad is stealing sales from traditional notebook market, this Best Buy admission is as significant and affecting as the first Apple’s iOS-powered tablet. The sales of iPad are affecting the sales of the traditional notebooks in a big way. The decrement in sales of near about 50% is a considerable reduction for a company that is nation’s largest consumer electronics. iPad is already in so much hype and peoples are much awaited for the announcement of release of this product in market. Apple’s iPad has announces its arrival on 26th September of this year.

Now it’s the time to think that have you also contribute to this cannibalization by purchasing an iPad as a supplement to your laptop and desktop.

How to optimize a notebook computer?

When you are using a new laptop, it works properly. After some times, you install new application and lot of softwares, which affects the speed and performance of your laptop. Laptops always require a better maintenance than desktops.

There are different ways to optimize the performance and efficiency of your laptop. There are three main methods to optimization: these are deletion of temporary files, defragmentation and uninstalling unwanted startup programs.

Switch ON your laptop and look at the icons on the desktop. A computer almost always has dozens of sharewares. Most of the times users never use these programs, but they never remove them from the computer. Go to Add & Remove Programs in the control panel and uninstall all of the trial programs. Consider using other browsers which are light in weight. Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome are smaller programs than Internet Explorer, and takes up less space on the hard drive, starts up and runs faster as well.

Startup programs also slowdown your laptop. They are number of unwanted startup programs running on your system. To see the list of programs which are set to start at startup open Start menu click on Run. Type MSCONFIG in the Run box and click Enter.  Now you will enter Into the System Configuration window, in this window click the “Startup” tab. Uncheck all the items which you do not want to start during the startup. Common programs that set to start but are unnecessary are Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office .if you are confused what to leave, leave all Microsoft applications, drivers and antivirus programs checked. In Windows Vista, you may also use Windows Defender to check your startup items. From the Control Panel, go to “Windows Defender” and click the “Tools” button. Now select the Software Explorer. You will get a box named as Startup Programs from the pull down menu. Click on Show for All Users button at the bottom of the screen. This window shows all startup programs. Now you can select those you don’t want to start, and click the “Disable” button. After performing these steps, close the window.

Now one of the most important points is that if you want speed then forgets about the beauty and visualizations. Go to performance option in control panel and see the visualization options like “shadow under mouse pointer” and show shadow under menus”. Go ahead and uncheck these options. These small settings also make a big difference in the optimization of your laptop.

On a performance oriented notebook computer, it is always joy to work. Perform all these operation and see the difference between older one and new one. While doing all these steps, you keep some important points in mind. Just uninstall your entire trials program, because you can download when you want. You can also download some programs which keep tracks of all startup programs, because sometime deletion of startup programs makes the system erratic.

How to Resolve Notebook Display Issues and Aero Functions in Windows 7

Some of the users of the notebooks who have installed the Windows 7 operating systems had to face certain problems. Windows 7 is the latest operating system which has been recently released by Microsoft. There are certain notebooks on which Windows 7 operating system is installed and their display is changed to completely black when they are connected to some external monitor or the aero function also gets disabled when these notebooks are resuming from the sleep mode. When you are facing this kind of scenario then the display should be under the Duplicate or the Projector option when the combination of the keys of Win and P are pressed together. If after this the system gets into the standby mode and also the external monitor is plugged out, and when you would resume then the display of the notebook could be completely black or the aero function can also be lost. This kind of problem would not occur if you have connected an external monitor to your notebook but are not using it or when the display is extended to some second monitor.

Causes for the problem

If there is a problem of caching then this problem might occur. The video cache is getting out of the synchronization for the refresh rate and as a result of this when the DWM i.e. the Desktop window manager tries to set any mode then it is unable to do this. So as a result it is not able to draw the desktop. As soon as you make the changes then the cache would be back in sync.

Solution to the problem

You would want to have a solution to this problem as soon as possible so as to avoid any kind of inconvenience. You can now easily resolve this issue with the help of a key combination. It is possible to tackle this issue with the help of pressing a combination of the keys. You can press the keys of ‘win’ + P and can change the configuration of the display. For instance you can change it to Extend or Computer Only. If you are still unable to fix the problem with the help of pressing the particular key combination of ‘win’ + P then you should restart your computer. With the help of restarting your computer you would be able to fix this issue easily. In this you can get rid of this problem and can work with high quality videos too. Sometimes people have to disable the aero feature by themselves if they wish to work in a way when they have good speed and high performance.

Disabled Aero on Windows 7

The aero glass interface of the Windows 7 operating system needs to have a decent video card and it is not possible for the users to use this feature on a computer which is old and clunking. If some people are very much concerned about the performance then they can also disable the aero so that the performance of the computer becomes high.

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