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Install the Office 2010 Beta

The end of 2009 saw the introduction of the first and only public beta of the ever popular and indispensable Microsoft Office 2010. Directed at the masses, this was first released as a technical preview for a smaller audience. The best things about this beta version are the changes in interface and productivity brought about by increased connectivity to the internet.

What’s New?

As such, versions of Outlook have been upgraded to included apps like the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. Being in constant contact with colleagues and maintaining a swift share network has been made all that easier with the connector. Microsoft claims that the Social Connector will soon be equipped to connect with social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. This will allow the checking of all such status updates in one platform, that of the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector.

Another option added to the public beta which increases its versatility and productivity is the new and enhanced File Menu, called the Back Stage View in the technical preview. This functionality enables the users to set permissions, handle all your documents as well as share all existent projects and notes with your colleagues. Enjoy accessibility to all tabs directly from the Ribbon without having to repeatedly back out of the File Menu View.

A few Web App implementations have been included in the beta which makes it more user and network friendly. An external memory slot of 25 GB has been added. Known as the SkyDrive, this allows all users to access their data from anywhere using a Windows Live ID. Options like PowerPivot allow consumers to access external servers and requisite data easily while negating the need of extensively downloading all said data. These program apps can also be accessed through your Windows Mobile handset. Microsoft’s aim is simply to make the Microsoft Office the communications ‘lifeline’ of any company. With that in mind, the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta seems to be moving in the right direction.

Free Preview

As for the general public, this beta is available for preview and use in all its functionality with immediate effect after its launch. What’s more, the program remains free for download till the 31st of October 2010. There are no limits to the number of downloads available to each person or computer. The Microsoft Office 2010 beta is the first of its kind that has been available in both 32-bit and 64-bit. Check with the version of your Microsoft Windows Operating System before downloading it.

To download and install the Office 2010 beta, the user only has to access the Microsoft website where the free download is available to the public. There are five variants of the Office 2010, namely, the Office Home and Student, Office Home and Business, Office Professional as well as the Office Standard and Office Professional Plus. Of these the first three are freely available in the beta itself while the last two are to be made available tolicensed users in a volume package. Installing the Office 2010 beta will be easy as there is no need to update the software on your computer. The same provisions that worked the Microsoft Office 2007 are needed for the Office 2010 beta edition.

Microsoft Challenges Google Over Docs Support

The two great software giants were almost always in a struggle to prove whose products are the best. In this competition the two company men used to find out the disadvantages of the other and prove the advantages of using their own product. This time it is Microsoft who has risen the issue of customer support in their battle.

According to Microsoft it is them who are having the tradition of supporting their customers through emails and phone calls and also through their online staffs. But as far as Google is considered they don’t offer such support to their customers says Microsoft.

Barbara Gordon who is the Microsoft corporate vice president of customer service and support has said in a blog post that she would guess negatively if Google is contacted for support on a missing or lost Google doc. She also added that even finding out their contact number would be of great difficulty. She also said that the best way to mitigate the risk of cloud downtime would be to use on premise Office.

Not only Microsoft but some of its channel providers like Evolve technologies also provide the support services to the customers. Even though Gordon missed to mention their partner channels, the CEO of Evolve Technologies, a Fairfax, VA base solution provider says that Microsoft is stronger in providing customer support compared to Google as it has a great support from its partners. His view has been supported by Daniel Duffy, CEO of Valley Network Solutions, a solution provider in California. Duffy added that Google cannot compete with Microsoft in providing local service and the ‘face time’.

Reasons and prove why Office 2010 is Superior

Microsoft has recently begun to sort out reasons and prove why Office 2010 is superior. It has started to number out the disadvantages of Google Apps’ like reliability, security issues, hidden operational costs and document fidelity compared to Office 2010.

Even though it seems that Gordon has overlooked in mentioning the role of partners of Microsoft in offering customer support, the company spokesperson didn’t forget to mention in the email. In it he has stated that the integrated services offered by both Microsoft and its channel partners are complete and this differentiates them from their competitor in this issue.

Whatever may be the advantages or disadvantages of Microsoft and the Google, the ultimate benefiters are going to be customers in receiving better support from both of them as the problem has been raised into an issue of competition. However some of the customers feel that the customer support offered by Microsoft and its channel partners is a paid service and Google’s being a free service. Some even consider that there may need not a customer support by Google as Google Apps’ are problem free.

However the Google Apps’ is still in its infancy, and it has to cross a long path and I am sure that there will be some technical problem if more user will start using Google Apps’.

Vulnerability In Microsoft Office 2010 Detected

Researchers from VUPEN Security in France report that they have found out vulnerability in the Microsoft Office 2010. But they also said that they have not yet reported the Microsoft officially.

According to the researchers at VUPEN security, it is said that a memory corruption flaw which could help an attacker to execute code has been discovered. The company has created a code execution exploit that works with Office 2010 and bypasses Data Execution Prevention and Office File Validation features.

The bug:

The Chief Executive Officer of Vupen, Chaouki Bekrar told that the bug is caused by a heap corruption error while processing malformed data within an Excel document. Further he added that there are many security features that are enabled in Office 2010 by default which will make exploiting the vulnerability an easy job. But yet they are able to execute the code reliably through a specially crafted Excel document.

Even though the technical details of the bug are not available at present, Vupen says that the government who is one of the customers of Vupen Threat Protection Program has access to the binary analysis of the vulnerability. But it also accepts that it has not yet reported the vulnerability details to Microsoft.

Reply of Microsoft:

Jerry Bryant who is the group manager of response communications at Microsoft replied that Microsoft is already aware of the vulnerability but it does not have the details to validate the vulnerability. According to Bryant Microsoft encourages the disclosure of the vulnerability directly to the vendors. It believes that revealing the vulnerabilities to the vendors help the customers to receive high quality updates before the cyber criminals become aware of the vulnerability and exploit it thereby reducing the risks to the customers.

Bekrar of Vupen states that vupen encourages disclosure of the vulnerabilities. He added that some of the vulnerabilities are disclosed affecting MS Office Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. It is said that the customers are informed of the disclosed vulnerabilities and are advised to allow Vupen to protect national infrastructures from potential attacks.

Bekrar also stated that Vupen is still working on whether the bug affects the older versions of Microsoft and it is a very long and tedious process involving a lot of investment that it didn’t reveal Microsoft about the vulnerability. He added that Vupen is not interested in just obtaining name in disclosing the vulnerability to Microsoft which is really a very big research project for Vupen. But it is said that Vupen will disclose the details of the bug to Microsoft at a later date after the full research is complete.

In reply, Bryant says that the creators of a product are responsible to create updates to protect their customers from probable vulnerabilities.

To conclude, when VUPEN discloses the bug Microsoft will be able to come up with a solution and the users will be soon benefited. It is necessary for the company to come up with the solution as soon as possible because it is hampering the image of Micosoft’s promise for quality product delivery.

How Microsoft Crowdsourced the Making of Office 2010

Microsoft conducted several programs including feedbacks from its users before and after their introduction of their Microsoft Office 2010. Their main aim was to make Microsoft Office the best to satisfy the customers.

It was Denise Carlevato, a 10 years experienced Microsoft usability engineer and her colleagues who conducted the program. They received the feedbacks from the selected 2 million users out of the 9 million users who downloaded the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010. Based on their feedbacks along with 600 participants who participated in Microsoft’s Virtual Research Lab, Carlevato came to a conclusion what the customers need and how their product was useful.

Microsoft which was predicted by many software engineers to lose its hold in the software field after the introduction of Smartphone and Apple iphone, proved them wrong by still being number 1 in the software field.

While it is said that Google Docs are the competitors for Microsoft Office, the truth is being not so. Reports show that around 67% of the American population is using Microsoft Office while only 4% of them use Google Docs even though it comes for free. Some of the researchers like the Fosters say that Google Docs is not to be considered as a competitor for Microsoft Office at all as Google Docs lags behind MS Office in terms of penetration and customer support.

Microsoft also set a separate database to review each of the Send A Smile feedback

In the beta version of Microsoft Office a “send a smile” comment box was added so that the users can add their comments regarding suggestions to improve it. It is said that nearly 81,000 people added their e-mail ids so they could follow up with the improvement done by the engineers. The Microsoft also set a separate database to review each of the Send A Smile feedback manually to consider what are the points to add to make Office better.

Regarding the Virtual lab testing, people were encouraged to participate and engage themselves in certain tasks provided by Microsoft. While they performed the tasks, Carlevato and her colleagues watched how they performed their task and obtained reviews from them. Carlevato states that the virtual lab experience helped them how long it took to perform a task and how easy it was.

Apart from the user’s feedbacks and virtual lab tests, Microsoft also worked with students directly. About 26 students of the University of Washington participated in the program while they tested on the Office Web Apps early version. They held meeting with engineers once in a fortnight to discuss about the features that impressed them and they further wanted.

According to P. J. Hough, corporate vice president of Office Program Management, it is not possible to make all the changes needed immediately in a big program like Office 2010. However he promises that Microsoft will be able to do all that is needed.

Whopping One Billion Users of Office 2010 – A Misleading report

After the grand success of the widely accepted and well-liked Microsoft’s earlier versions of Office productivity suite among the users, it’s time for Office 2010 package to steal the limelight. Probably because of this we read or hear statements like “There are one billion users for Office 2010”. No doubt, that Microsoft is the market leader in creating customer-friendly applications and employ efficient marketing strategies to reach out to the consumers. However, the statements like above look more of a media hype.

There are chances that this figure was obtained by extrapolating the past trends of the Office suite installations across the PCs all over the world. ComScore a marketing research and analysis organization that performs marketing services to the Internet Business giants has revealed this whopping figure of one billion users in its recent report.

What has ComScore done to arrive at this one billion number?  ComScore via its “ComScore Tech Metrix
“service obtains and monitors inputs from the PC users who willingly share with them the various hardware and software metrics. The hardware data includes PC manufacturer, Processor type and name, OS installed, Disk size and much more.  Obtained software metrics consists of various programs and applications installed, their versions, browser related data, file specifications and the various types of multimedia files etc.,

ComScore has roughly estimated the number of PCs on which office 2010 is installed. There is an absolute possibility that this a misleading figure, because the calculation is not based on number of “Users” but just the number of “Installations”, as a user may have one or more PCs that have the Office 2010 package installed. In addition, this estimation includes the trial versions and pirated versions also. When software Piracy is at all time high across the world, the inclusion of pirated version in the estimate would have easily shot up to one billion. Furthermore, the trial versions installed in the PCs might not have been updated to the original version of the suite by users, which again result in wrong data findings by ComScore.

Finally, when the entire story about the one billion figures came out with exact facts and reasoning, Microsoft officials and ComScore now claim that there are 750 million users of this office suite. Whatever said and done, Microsoft’s office suite is gaining popularity day by day, with its remarkable easy-to-understand-and-work features.

Microsoft spending needs to increase to boost Office 2010 sales

May 12th is when Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 were slated to be released by Microsoft. These products would be first introduced for professional use and about a month later they will be made available for personal consumers. With this launch,  Microsoft hopes that Office 2010 will grab a hold of the current market mostly the office productivity market. However there are two known challenges that Microsoft faces: firstly the cloud-based productivity apps, which are similar to the Google apps. Second factor that can influence sales is the condition of the world economy.

Cloud based applications are now earning a lot of attention not only from businesses but also from general consumers who want to enhance their experience. This application has  enabled businesses to cut down on their expenses and has in turn affected other business like the Windows 7 that Microsoft wanted to bring out. It is therefore without a doubt that Microsoft will ensure that Office 2010 gets due publicity and try and sell it off to as many consumers and businesses as they can.

During the Professional Developers Conference that was held in 2009 November, Microsoft had released the beta versions of a number of their applications like, SharePoint Server 2010, Office 2010, Visio 2010, Project 2010, Mobile 2010 to complete the group Office web Apps. These would have been a part of the Windows 7 ramp up. The company had hoped that the beta test alone would help to tweak these products according to users’ demands.

Microsoft will now have to work extra hard to overcome the bad publicity it got with Windows Vista. However, Office 2010 seems to be in a much better position. However, with Office 2010 Microsoft will need to convince businesses and consumers to give up using the older versions for a much new and improved version. However most businesses and consumers still think that whatever older version of the Office suite they currently use, meet their requirements and hence find no need for an upgrade. Microsoft is facing the same situation with  Windows 7, where it is trying to convince users who are still faithful to Windows XP (considered old but stable).

The cloud apps have been designed to give  stiff competition to Google Apps, and has  found its niche with both consumers as well as businesses. According to information released by Google apps, Google mentioned that they had acquired DocVerse that would work online with all Office applications. Google is also looking to make this available in their Apps store so that users can use it without any hesitation.

If Microsoft manages to convince its consumers that Office and cloud will be versatile instead of complex, then half battle would be won.

Apart from this the other factor that could influence office 2010 sales is the economy. Unlike the other Microsoft verticals, Microsoft Business division showed earnings of $4.2 billion every year from  2009. With the economy just picking up and the businesses only beginning to spend now,  sales have not yet picked up as anticipated. And if sales continue to be slow, then over the medium term Office 2010 uptake could suffer.

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