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Adobe Battles for Flash Bashing

The flash player software comes for free and powers most of the webs into screens, video clips, Inserted advertisements, animated typography, and rich graphics. Flash these days is installed on 98% of personal computers across the globe. It is coming of use to around 85% of top 100 websites. Flash delvers 70% of online games and 75% of web video. Whatever animated content you view on the web is likely to be running on Flash. Be it online game, Online Movie, Online Players, Online Advertisements everything is powerfully and interactively delivered by Flash. According to company’s count, around 95% of smart phones have Flash capability in them. The lone holdout is Apple and its iPhone and iPad.

Shantanu Narayen the CEO of Adobe has worked with Apple from 1989 to 1995 has full plans to take Flash beyond the PCs on every smart device possible. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple is favouring HTML5. He said in a conference that “Flash looks like a technology that has had its day,” In his view Flash is a bug-ridden battery hog. He favours HTML5, a still evolving technology that does many of the same things as Flash. Jobs described Flash as a resource hungry, battery consuming application. Before this statement was voiced by the CEO of Apple, Adobe was already in progress with the development of Flash 10.1. Flash 10.1 is being designed to make video streaming and playback smoother. It will be supported by most of the latest smart phones and has iPhone-like touch screen features. Gestures like pinching the image will make it shrink or widening them would make the image to zoom. Adobe says that this new application is also better for conserving battery power.

When it comes to Flash Players role in revenue generation for Adobe, it turns out to be minimal. The real revenue generator for the company is its Creative Suit, which is a collection of Graphic Designing, Video Editing, and Web Development tools that uses Flash technology. On 22nd June Adobe achieved a 34% year over year growth, which the company has attributed to strong demand for the latest version of Creative Suite. Second quarters turnover was recorded as whopping $943 million.

Adobe’s goal in recent future is to get Flash install and running on as many mobile devices as possible. Nokia, Research in Motion and Palm will be using Flash on all soon-to-be launched mobile phones. Google is also emerging as an ally with Adobe by announcing Google TV which will be powered by Flash. Soon Google is expected to release its own tablet computer that will support flash.

Adobe isn’t betting that HTML5 goes away, but the company believes that evolution of HTML5 will take years and will easily take a decade for it to emerge as a technology complimentary to Flash.

Lastly Narayen quoted “We expect Flash to be a part of all the devices that count,”

Google’s One more Acquisition: Bump Technology!

With a huge revolution in search engine sector, Google is now looking forward to spread its wing in others arenas to grasp the whole Internet.. Google became the top tech based company in last few years, and they started dominating the market by their several offers and acquisitions. However it wasn’t until  April 2010, when Google acquired 68 distinct companies in US. Recently ,Google has set a trend of acquiring small web based companies  that offer services like search engines, online advertisements, server technology, file sharing, blogging, social network, photography, gaming, mobile software, graphics etc.

The latest news of acquisition by Google creates more mystery among the experts in the arena. They have bought Bump Technologies who offer 3D desktop environment service. That means they are taking over the online sector also, and it’s giving an alarming signal to all kinds of tech business industries. In this concern Google still didn’t disclose any official statement regarding the financial matter, but they just confirmed the deal. Bump Top offered smart desktop applications for  windows and Mac users. Bump Top enables the users to explore through the files from desktops, while Apple iPhone Smartphone and iPad Tablet could get an attention of Google in this concern. In fact Google also aims to add this facility to its Android smart phones and Android Tablet. Google is looking forward for more benefits which can be gained by Bump Tech. With this technology Google want to shiver the current market of mobile interface by multi-touch 3D desktop. Google is aiming to pose the position over Blackberry which becomes the first choice of the professionals for its nice interface and easy solution of email. But this technology can bring the new customers to Google Smartphone, because it features multi tasking ability with more comfort. It can handle a great number of PDFs, word documents and e-mail sites. By the way Google is still looking forward for some other mobile software and graphics companies for the near future business. With the money power Google is just dominating the tech industry single handedly which once was done by Microsoft. The largest search engine provider is now spreading its businesses and giving new dimensions in each sector. In first 4 months of 2010 they acquired 9 companies of several arenas. The highest paid amount by Google for buying a company was given to Double-click, an online advertising company. They were paid $3.1 billion where YouTube was paid only $1.65 billion!

Google is not only the largest search engine provider of the world, but also the most powerful networking company. In 2010 Google became a $23 billion company which is widening its area gradually. With the huge capital and asset, Google want to hold the whole tech industry but never try to manipulate it in bad manner. But Google’s sprint makes the people concerned about its last goal. Google’s upward graph of acquiring easily predicts their future plan to acquire more companies in future.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003