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Google to Introduce News Payment Tool

Google Inc. is going to introduce a new one click payment system which will be for the new paper publication online. According to the recent report which was published Google has dubbed the tool as  “Newspass” and it would be  providing one new revenue source for  publishers who are struggling in the digital age. According to the translation of the New York Times done for the article, which was published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that, by the end of this year Google willbe launching the integrated payment system which would be allowing the users to buy the new content with the help of a single click and the publishers would be able to use a single infrastructure for the mobile, web and the tablet for the sake of monetizing their content.

Google’s in Media Business

With the help of this payment system the consumers would be allowed to pay for the full subscriptions or to have access to the articles which will be just for one time. The whole industry of media enjoys a love and hate relationship with the Internet search giant Google. The Mountain View, who is the online publications company, would be providing great amount of the traffic to those web sites that are related to the newspaper as well as the magazines, but it has been complained by some of the people that this company has grabbed a huge and great portion of the advertising dollars which were claimed by them once. It was done in part by aggregating as well as linking to the articles. It has been said consistently by Google that it wishes to partner up with the business of media and also want to help where it is possible for the company. Google has also readily admitted that the worth of the services of the company has much to do with the quality of the content. A handful of initiatives have been rolled out by the company for the sake of helping the publishers to make some more money over the internet.

Chris Gaither – the spokesman of Google has said that the company had no specific way to announce currently about the Newspass, but the executives of Google have much the references to this kind of payment system in the past times. During the month of December, David Drummond, who is the chief legal officer has said during the World Newspaper Congress that they are greatly exploring the solutions related to technology which would be helping the publishers with some of the logistical problems that are in charging for the whole content like the billing systems that are used for the subscriptions or for the micropayments.

Google and Newspaper Association of America

During the previous fall season, it was told to the Newspaper Association of America by Google that a latest version of the Checkout micropayment platform would be helping the industry for charging the content which is available over the Internet. Many of the media outlets have tried to charge a little money for one article which includes many publishers.

China Throws ball in Google’s Court

Chinese government issued a 31 page long statement on the Internet in the start of June when many of the websites from around the world were censored in the country. With 384 million Internet users in China, the restrictions were coming up as huge to the Internet market. The country tried to restrict all the possible websites that contain information against the interests of the ruling communist party.

Google’s verdict

Officials from Google certainly came up with their perspective. They were of the point of view that though the ban and restrictions was because of the government based privacies. The ban is justified at the government level but tends to disturb the international trade opportunities. The restrictions tend to violate all the rules and regulations by the World Trade Organization. In addition, many of the multinational businesses are doing business in the online world. They have been restricted in the country restricting access to them and the commercial activities.

There have been efforts from the European as well as American governments in order to lift the ban and smooth the ties between Google and China but this didn’t serve profitable in any way and the restriction as well as the statements on it were responded well by Chinese officials.

China’s Response

China came up with a very crude response to the statement released by Google. The paper released said that the Internet administration of China is not dealing for trade interests or trade policies. The Internet administration is making domestic policies according to the rules and regulations. The WTO has no concern in this regard as it is not an organization that is dealing with internal issues of any country. The statement was given by the WTO research center at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics.

The statement was also consisting of the fact that China was not discriminating any local and international companies and both of them were given equal royalty. They have equal opportunities in the country therefore WTO is not being violated with this restriction.

Any information that is against the interest of the country as well as that violates the integrity and status of the country need to be shut down immediately. China has the right to restrict any such information that is against the interests, as well as ethical issues such as pornography and terrorism. No country around the world is completely free from Internet restrictions.

Google’s Response and aftermath

The company is coming up with changes in the region. after the search engine services being restricted in the country, the search engine that was entitled to China has been moved to Hong Kong and all request have been rerouted to Hong Kong instead of China. Google still has an office in Beijing but it seems pretty difficult for them to get their license renewed by officials. They even find it difficult to continue business in China. Google is still offering the non restricted services like Google Maps to China and the future to such services is not decided as yet.

Bullet Hole Pictures of Gregory Campbell Pulled off from Facebook

In a yet another online social networking drama, Facebook has finally removed the controversial picture of Gregory Campbell, a British MP that featured him having a bullet hole in his temple. The picture was published all across the web on several socializing platforms after Campbell criticized a report published on Bloody Sunday, an open firing case that victimized several people of the Irish Republican Army in Londonderry.

Gregory Campbell, a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) became a soft target of the online death threats due to his critical remarks which he made about the most awaited Saville report. The report was based on a heart wrenching incident which saw nearly 13 people being mercilessly shot dead by the British soldiers during the civil wars that occurred in 1972, in Londonderry. The report was finally released last week on Tuesday and none of the claimed victims were armed. The report stated that the soldiers had started an open fire without giving any kind of warning to the people around. However, Campbell, a British MP who has his constituency in Londonderry, stated that more focus should be rendered to the Irish Republican Army victims, the members of whom had fought mightily during the Northern Ireland’s Troubles in order to wreck out the control of the British from the province.

Publicity on Facebook
This stance of Campbell angered a large number of Republicans which led the various networking sites such as Facebook attacking him over the stance. He was later found stating that he was informed by a member of the public that the networking site was set up and upon investigation it was known that there was a huge score of vicious references about him and his colleagues. Campbell alleged that a similar networking website of Facebook had also set up a campaign against him wherein they had published pictures and posters of him suffering a bullet hole onto his forehead. Campbell said that within just a few days of the incident, nearly 700 people from across the country signed up to the website illustrating their support to the website. As a result, the entire episode came up clearly and the action taken up by the socializing network was known.

Trying to clear the cloud from the entire episode, Campbell stated that he was constantly in the contact with the socializing website trying to ensure that these networking websites were simply closed off. He also took the help of the police investigation in order to prosecute the responsible people who had put up such posters on the socializing network. The revolutionary episode sparked a lot of flames in the province about the open firing which had taken place a couple of decades ago. Moreover, the entire news was quite annoying for Facebook and its websites which had featured the poster on the web.

How to Increase the Speed of Internet Explorer

Sometimes we experience that our web browser responds very slowly. There are a lot of reasons which can cause this problem. We can analyze to see why the Windows Internet Explorer is running slowly. We can check each aspect one by one in order to resolve this problem. We will look at and discuss five methods in order to solve this issue.

  • Windows Internet Explorer might be slow due to the old version installed on your computer. If you are using the old version of Windows Internet explorer on your computer, then it is possible that you windows Internet explorer will respond slowly. In order to upgrade your windows Internet explorer you can visit the official web site of Microsoft. Updated versions of Windows Internet explorer are available there. You can just download and install the new version in your computer. We highly recommend you to always use the up-to-date software.
  • Secondly you can reset you windows Internet explorer. When you reset the windows Internet explorer it returns to its state when it was installed first time on your computer. This method is useful for troubleshooting the problem occurred after installation. When you reset the settings of your windows Internet explorer, all the cookies, form data and previous password do not work properly. However it does not delete your favorites and some other personalized web pages. This is an advantage as you are able to reset to the original settings, but all the important and relevant aspects that you have saved will not be deleted.
  • If the problem persists there then you can try the third method. You should check if there is any problem with your Internet connection. As Internet connection depends upon your service provider. You can contact your service provider in order to resolve this problem. This can also be caused by some viruses or spywares if they are present in your computer. It is also possible that your browser response becomes slow if there is high traffic on the web page which that you want to visit. Using the latest versions can even overcome the problem of increased traffic.
  • You can install some add-ons in your windows Internet explorer 8 in order to enhance your online experience. These add-ons can also interfere or create a conflict with the other software installed on your computer. You should try to start the windows Internet explorer without add-ons in order to find if these are creating the problem. After disabling the add-ons if you find that your problem has been solved you can use Manage Add-ons in order to use the particular add-ons. Manage add-on tools allow us to find out which add –on was causing the problem.
  • You can also run Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool in your computer to fix the problem of slow response from your windows Internet explorer. As you scan your computer on a regular basis, the speed of your browser will increase due to the removal of all the unnecessary malware from your computer.

In spite of all these methods of troubleshooting, if your browser is still slow, then you have to try and get your computer repaired by a professional.

ESPN and Xbox Partnership

The two year long deal has finally come to a shape between one of the leading sports television network ESPN and one of the leading gaming console Xbox. Microsoft has finally made a deal with ESPN and have turned into a partnership according to which the ESPN’s events would all be available to the users of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

The advantage

ESPN has a complete broadband network that is known as ESPN3 the membership of which was quite expensive and was not opted by many a sports lover around the world. The access to ESPN3 will be accessible to all regular members of Xbox’s membership that is known as Xbox Live. The partnership would certainly come up as a huge news to all the sports lover around the world. Microsoft would certainly pay all the sum of the license fee on your part so that your experience on your gaming console vitalizes.

Microsoft is expecting to reach a wider horizon through this association as people using the console would enjoy the gaming experience even more than the normal conditions as being updated from the real time world of sports world. This way, more people would be certainly attracted towards becoming members to Xbox live as well.


The prior feature that the association guarantees is the very access to ESPN3 that is the broadband channel from ESPN. This would give you an exciting new look by keeping yourself updated with the happening around the world of sports brought to you by ESPN. The very spirit of gaming would certainly be enhanced this way becoming richer. The live event experience would certainly be a fun to all the gaming fans.

The joint venture would certainly be accompanied with collaborative technology. This way, the gaming lover would enjoy both the benefits of gaming along with news and other updates. The feature would let them bring closer to other online friends from around the world. They could even be able to play trivia quizzes. The new collaboration would also feature voice recognition that would be used to answer quizzes along with the gaming experience.


The collaborative feature would certainly come up with in the end of this year and would certainly be of no threat to any other renderer around the world as this association is targeting the members of Xbox live only and no other audience would be entertained this way. This would bring the users of Xbox 360 in touch with some 3500 sporting events that occur around the world that ESPN network focuses on through the year.

The outcomes would be quite exciting as you would certainly have a watch on the Golf tournaments, Soccer matches, NBA, MLB and tennis matches. This all would be available to them in the DVDR format that they could even use to replay their favorite matches. In brief, this would get Xbox members with all the exciting features that the broadband channel of ESPN in form of is offering online.

The scope of both the ESPN network and Xbox Network would certainly expand with this development. This is perhaps an excellent collaboration between both the main stakeholders in their respective scopes.

How to Diagnosis your Hard Disk Drives

The year 1956 was the inception of hard disk drives. The hard disk drives got an upper hand over the floppy drives and thus were able to get immense impact on the storage of the computers. It sorted out all the possible storage issues and got solutions which were the most cost effective. The hard disk drive consisted of platters, spindles and metal cases. Most importantly the storage capacity of had disk drive was in tera bites and gigabytes which was fairly enough for the systems. The newer versions of hard disk drives come along with error correction techniques, which help in fixing the errors in the hard disk drive on its own. In many a situation the head of the HDD gets in contact with the platter which creates scrathes, scrapes on the platter. Thus the diagnosis of the hard disk drive is the must and the steps that could help you perform an efficient diagnosis of HDD:

  • Be sure that you stick to the ground rules and never play around with it

There are few basic guidelines that one must be abided with while diagnosing the hard disk drive. The HDD has all the information about the operating system, programs, softwares and lot more. Therefore handle the HDD with absolutely great care. Never touch the hard disk drive with naked hands and avoid physical exposure of the platters to outside environment. Never format the system without backing up the important information.

  • Identify whether it is a hardware problem or a software issue

A proper investigation could answer whether the failure is a resultant of hardware issues or software conflicts which again helps in developing the right strategy to resolve it.

  • Get yourself equipped and check whether the hard disk makes noise

If you find the hard disk making noise, get yourself equipped with tools to open the hard disk and put it aside. you could either get it fixed in repairing store or could help yourself sort it out by taking help online.

  • Check out in BIOS whether your HDD reflects unformatted

If the HDD reflects as unformatted in the BIOS as one should get the HDD taken off from the system and try it out in some other windows machine.

  • Have the converters ready if want to change HDD from desktop to laptop

If you wish to connect a laptop HDD to a desktop HDD or the other way round, the older versions would not support it however the newer system do support them but demands converters from SATA to PATA,SCSI to USB or fire wire.

  • Never write data on the broken HDD

It is essential that any broken must not be formatted or must not write on it as the data would be at complete loss.

  • Use repair PC in case of damaged or erased operating system files

In situation where the operating systems files are erased or damaged, the disk could still be retained fro data using repair PC.Get the data transferred and saved.

  • Move the HDD drive to its own CPU

Move the HDD to its original system, get the operating system and start loading all your files and folders back to the HDD.Install all the drivers and programs. If there is any drive that appears to be unformatted, follow the data recovery software. Analyze the drive and unzip the programs. After the disk is fully accessible you are all set to go.

Rely on a technical site which could give you comprehensive information as you might get confused, it could be the best helping hand to you.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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