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Here’s how you can optimize your computer

Your computer needs regular check-ups and maintenance runs to be in an optimized state. Is your PC really slow? Does it take too long to respond? Do you regularly perform any checks on your computer to see if it is running well? You must. Here are a few things that you can do to optimize your computer easily.

Disk error clean up

Disk error is a log that your computer creates whenever an error happens on the hard disk. If there’s a power outage, which doesn’t leave you with time to save your documents and shut down the PC, the Disk Error tool creates a log entry for it. If these errors get accumulated, there’s a chance that your computer might run slow. You need to run a program called Disk Check to check and clear these errors from your computer. To run this program, you need to login from the administrator account of the computer because only an administrator has the rights to run this program.

Windows update

Sometimes, your operating system might need a bug or an update to keep up with the times. That’s why Microsoft releases patches and updates on a regular basis. To automatically install these updates and patches/fixes, Microsoft came up with the tool, Windows Update. On Windows Update, you can set the option to ‘Install Updates Automatically’ to automate the Windows Update Process. You don’t have to worry about the fixes and updates anymore! They would be downloaded automatically as soon as they are available for download.

Cleaning up temporary files

Whenever you open any file or a document on your computer a copy of that is saved in a folder that’s called ‘Temp’. This folder is on RAM of your computer because it’s easy for the computer from retrieve the file from RAM than Hard Disk. This ‘Temp’ folder on your computer needs to be cleaned regularly. This folder can be cleaned with another Microsoft Tool called ‘Disk Cleanup’. Again, you need to have administrator rights on your computer to run this program.

These are a few things that you could do, to ensure that your computer is in an optimized state, all the time.

Microsoft and Lay-Off’s – Another Round?

The piece of news that started it all

About 2 weeks ago undisclosed source close to Microsoft inc. shared information with the IT community. He stated that the company is going to cut jobs in certain sectors again, following last year cut-offs, which were the biggest in the sector – up to 5000 jobs were laid off then.

Many people around the world, held their breath, but still, as the source was just “close to the company” and not internal one, they hoped the whole thing is just a hoax to lower Microsoft shares a little – just a part of the big game of the stock market. Things like this happen from time to time, as negative information on a company has immediate impact on the share price. But in this case this has happened in the past, an it was very probable the information was true.

On the 7-th of July, the company began a process which made the news sound much more like true than rumor  – “Microsoft is delivering layoff notices in selected groups as part of the strategic realignment that the company traditionally makes at the beginning of its fiscal year” the leaked news stated. What it means is that many people around the world are going to loose their jobs in very near future.  As you see, the exact number of job cuts is not stated, but it is expected to be near one thousand worldwide and above a hundred in the Seattle area alone.  Combined with the last year lay off, it gives more than 6000 employees of Microsoft are now out, looking for a new job.

What it means?

Reading about such big numbers, you may thing that Microsoft has some serious problems, but it seems this is not the case. Employed by it are more than 88000 people around the world, and as new cuts are in sectors like marketing and advertisement, the technical knowledge base will most likely not be affected by any way by the optimization process. Also bear in mind that this number stayed pretty constant even with the job cuts done last year – meaning that Microsoft has hired at least the same number of people in different niches (mainly in telecom department), trying to restructure, while the crisis dimensions become clear. And with the financial resources available, it is expected no problems whatsoever will emerge from new job cuts as well.

It is also expected that many employees fired on this round, will be invited to join Microsoft again on different positions, which also suggests another optimization process rather than some financial difficulties for Microsoft.

As of 10-th of July, the company hadn’t filed a WARN notice with the Washington State Employment Security Department, which also suggest not so big lay offs are expected as these done about the same time last year.

So, if you have Microsoft shares do not rush to sell them, the company is in good state, and no problems are expected even with these job cuts.

Windows 7: Better Customization and Optimization for Better Performance

Windows 7 operating system is getting popularity day by day and has become the most common operating system. The features provided by Windows 7 are very exciting but when the pc is slow it gradually becomes too annoying.
The speed and reliability of the operating system depends on the maintenance, customization of various aspects and the optimization for a better output. Unfortunately a majority of us do not know how to keep the system healthy and in a good condition. A few good practices and regular checkups shall keep your copy of Windows 7 at the high.

Registry Clean Up
The working of different programs in Windows 7 depends on the registry. The registry is so designed that it keeps the track of all the installed programs, their start up, how they function and the file association. With due passage of time, many invalid references develop in the registry which accumulate and cause the pc to run slowly. The best option is to use a registry cleaner or fixer.

Repairing Disk Errors
Disk errors are caused due to the gradual damaging of the sectors in the disk. The disk errors can cause the PC to hang up thus eating away your precious time. The Windows 7 has a built in utility that checks and removes the disk errors. Have a disk error check at regular intervals to keep your PC healthy.

Disk Fragmentation
A fragmented disk is always slow. To defragment the disk many third party software are available. Defragmenting the disk not only corrects the structural errors but also keeps the drives in healthy condition and thus the performance of Windows 7 increases.

Cleaning up of the Desktop
While the start up is done, the desktop features are the most time taking ones to load. Therefore the more the files you keep on the desktop the more is the processing time. The wisest thing is to keep the desktop features as minimalistic as possible.

Uninstalling the Unused Programs
A recent survey of the leading PC magazine show that we generally tend to use only five percent of the programs we install. The rest of it is rarely or sometimes never used. A lot programs results into a big number of processes and thus eat up the CPU usage and thus rendering the PC slow. Therefore keep only those programs installed which are required on a daily basis.

A Good Antivirus
Viruses, Trojans and worms are those malicious codes which are deliberately there to destruct and slow down the pc. A good antivirus is highly recommended in such cases. Just installing an antivirus is not enough; one has to update it on a regular basis in order to protect the pc from the latest threats.
Sometimes a hardware update also works wonders such as adding more RAM. With the help of the above tips, the speed of the pc can be considerably increased up to 75%.
If you are smart enough to use such functionalities with proper care, you can definitely make your system intact from any issues.

IBM Has Opened a Software Development Facility in Manchester

The Manchester economy is going to be getting some help from IBM. The computer has opened up a new software development facility in the city. This is a facility that will work to hire dozens of people. It will also work to help with getting new software solutions ready for businesses. It will be an important facility to the city of Manchester and to the business world in general.

The new Manchester facility will work with IBM Power Systems services. These are services that work to help with developing new ways of handling lab functions. These include functions that can work with new business models from all over the world.

The services that the software that is being developed in Manchester has are great to see. The software will work with handling business optimization and security services. Virtualization software will also be featured here. These software options will be used to help with adding to the protections that businesses can deal with.

They can also be used to help with getting workloads to be managed in more efficient ways. This is used as a means of making sure that businesses will be able to keep from spending great amounts of money on their data centre costs.

All of the processes that this facility will be working with are important to the global economy. They are going to be used to help with making sure that businesses do not spend more on their data centre costs than what they have to work with. This will work to keep customers from having to suffer from increases in prices for goods and services that different businesses can provide.

One of the best parts of this software development facility will come from how it is going to be used to help with supporting local businesses. The facility will work to support clients in the Manchester area. These include such popular clients as the Daresbury Laboratory. The facility will also be able to handle clients from outside of the United Kingdom.

The software development facility is about ten thousand square feet in size. The facility is also linked to a local external data centre. This is an area that works with IBM System x servers and Power Systems services. This is used to help with making it easier for the facility to be able to work with more power. This power can be used to help with making it easier for the facility to work with its software development functions.

The last feature of the Manchester facility comes from the IBM Power7 systems that the facility will be using. Power7 systems are used to handle large workloads in real time situations. The systems can work quickly and support a variety of different business models from all over the world.

This new facility in Manchester is going to be a very valuable addition to the Manchester business scene. The actions that the facility can work to develop will help to make it easier for a variety of businesses to be able to work efficiently.

How to Optimize your PC through NetDuster

You purchase a new computer, bring it home, turn it on and think this will make life easy. You start installing software, surfing the net, checking e-mail and downloading games, but over a period of time your computer gets full of unwanted files and big size games and program files. The computer speed starts crawling and we cannot do anything with it conveniently. Sounds like something that happened with you?

NetDuster – a 5-in-1 Optimization and Privacy Suite is simple tools which automatically scans and clean your PC and improves its overall performance. Its powerful detection mechanisms identify and eliminate all unwanted files and applications which are hurdles in the way of your computer performance.

When we buy a brand new PC its run at its top speed because it is free from unwanted spyware and software. But as we start downloading freeware, installing applications and surfing the net the computer’s registry gets overloaded with unwanted applications and system errors. At that time the significance of this tool takes place.
This tool acts as Registry Cleaner also which scans and repairs registry of your computer and prevents your computer from frequent crashes, slowdowns and instability.

Another significant use of this Registry cleaner is that it cleans unwanted cookies. Tracking cookies are a real threat for your privacy, but there is always a good way of protecting yourself against them by this unbeatable tool that gets rid of unwanted cookies and keeps your computer 100% safe while surfing on the Internet.

Your first priority while surfing on the World Wide Web is security.

When you surf the net, it leaves a virtual trail called HISTORY. It becomes very important to remove it when you do not want anyone to see what you have browsed. Hackers and Spammers from around the globe constantly pose a threat on your computer security. This repair registry tool safeguards your privacy and automatically deletes your browser history, temporary Internet files, search history and typed URLs.

NetDuster – it is an affordable Repair Registry tool which improves its overall performance by its advanced technology which makes it an essential part of every computer. This tool is recommended by all PC technicians in the field of improving a PCs performance. It is a non-intrusive Registry cleaner tool and does not affect the PCs performance. It safeguards your privacy and deletes unwanted cookies and browser history thus becoming an crucial part of your PC.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003