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How to Optimize your computer for peak performance

You might have experienced disk errors at the background and all these error reports get accumulated in your hard disk and system memory. These errors may eat up a great amount of system resource on your computer and make your computer perform slower. You must regularly perform the Disk Check program and also keep removing the error reports from your computer.

Perform Disk defragmentation on your computer

Disk defragmentation is a utility which re-arranges the data on your hard disk. We often save data on our computer like files, music, videos and pictures and all these files are saved randomly on the hard disk. When we try to access any particular data, the program searches for the data on complete hard disk because the data is randomly saved. Disk defragmentation indexes the data in a manner that it is fetched very easily and saves much of the time. It also reduces the Hard disk RPM which is also very useful for system performance and power saving.

Keep running Disk clean up

Disk cleanup is another windows utility which allows you to remove unwanted files from your system. It tracks the record for files like recycle bin, temporary files, dump files, etc which are accumulated and takes the unnecessary hard disk space. You can remove all such files in single click and make the hard disk free from the junk.

Remove unwanted application from computer

Users have a tendency to download and install most of the free applications available in the market but all these are hardly in use. You should a make a note of all these applications which are used rarely and must be removed from the system.  Every application has a process which runs at the background even if you use that application or not. You can reduce the load of processor by removing all these unnecessary applications from the computer. Simply go to Add/Remove programs and it will show you the list of applications installed your computer. The wizard will also tell you the frequently used and rarely used applications. Select any application which you want to remove.

These steps are very useful and very easy to use. Some of the steps like Disk check, disk cleanup and disk defragmentation can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis and it will be performed in background as scheduled.

5 Tips to Optimize your PC performance

Some times your PC is taking too long to boot up or running applications at slow speeds. It is very annoying if your PC is taking long time to open some small programs like notepad. This problem might be due to virus or unwanted file formats  on PC. It is very important to maintain and clean up your PC at regular interval in order get the best performance from your PC. The performance of PC depends on the maintenance by its user.

It is not a tough task to speed up your computer, you just have to follow the steps given below and you can speed up your PC.

Step1: Delete cached files or erased files from system

It is very important to delete all erased files from system. You may delete the files but they are stored in the  recycle bin and use same space and size. You can delete these files from recycle bin to get extra space. There are so many unnecessary items on computer that slows down the computer.

Step2: Delete temporary internet files and cookies

Temporary Internet files and cookies can slow down the system. They are useful while browsing but so many of them slow your computer, so delete them at regular interval. To delete them in Internet explorer, just click on tools and then click Internet options. Now in Internet option go to general tab and click delete.

Step3: You can install a memory module

You can add memory modules to the system; this is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to boost the speed of your PC. You can add a RAM in 5minutes using a screw driver and easily speed up your PC. When the system has more memory it spends less time in allocating memory to all the programs.

Step4: Delete unused programs

It is always better to delete programs which you do not use. If you are a gamer then programs can pile up your computer. You have to delete all the programs which seat idle on the computer and eating space from your computer.  The more space your computer has, faster the computer runs.

Step5: Run Your Utility Programs at regular interval

If you want to speed up your system then it is very important to run the system utility programs at regular interval. There are so many disk utility like Disk Defragmenter, desk clean up or antivirus software. You just need to run these programs regularly. Install a good antivirus program on the system and scan the system regularly. There are several antivirus program available like AVG, Norton, Avast etc or you can install some cleaner programs like Ccleaner, Revo or Tweak Now; these programs clean up your computer at regular interval and help your PC to run faster then before. You can regulate these programs also like you can schedule the scans and cleaning utility at regular intervals.

These tricks are very helpful to run the system smoothly and make your work easier.

How to Optimize your performance with two monitors?

While most of the computer users use only one monitor normally, adding a second monitor allows for a greater viewing experience and promotes multitasking. All the computer package sold today have only one computer but adding a second monitor offers great benefit to the gamers and also expand viewing experience. Most of the computers used today do not have ability to cop with two monitors but you can add a video card to the system. By adding this video card you will have two or more monitor inputs. You can install any mid-high end video card on the system; Mid-high end video cards usually offer two monitor inputs. If you are adding two monitors then it will be best to add two monitors of same size, adding two different size monitor also works but it is not smooth to run mouse from one screen to another.

When you are using two monitors at same time; it provides broader viewing experience and also multitasking ability to the user. Multitasking means it is always easy to have two applications going at the same time and switch back and forth without minimizing and restoring. You can view e-mails on one screen and open a browser on other page also you can view a spread sheet on the first screen and watch a movie on second screen. There can be many combinations if you have two monitors.

From adding an extra monitor the main benefit will be for graphics designers. They can put all the tools on one page and design on other page. When they watch the figure in bigger size the editing will become an easy task to do. It can be heightened experience for gamers; they can widen the view and turn these two monitors into a huge wide screen. You can also add more than two monitors to the computer and adding more than two monitors to a system provides an even greater viewing experience. There are games with high end graphics such as flight simulators; racing games and even first person shooters will look and feel more real. If you want to add third monitor then you need a video card that can support three monitors’ inputs or you can add one more with the existing one. Matrox has been a leading brand for many years for multi-input video cards.

There is one more popular vendor, ATI, has recently created a technology called Eyefinity.  Eyefinity has great and seamless feature like you can add more than 6 monitors in a single video card, you can additional card if needed. In a demo of this product there are four Eyefinity cards running 24 monitors on a single system. You can think the experience of having 24 monitors; it will add exceptional visualization to the system. You can do creative stuffs like you can experiment with the sizing of the window and constantly keep your eyes on the screen. Working with two monitors change the experience of the way you work with your computer.

6 ways to Optimize Emails

There are times when people get so much of mail everyday that they hardly go through each and every email thoroughly, and on an average take less than a minute to read every message. If they are not able to identify the purpose of the message, they either delete it or leave it ignored for days in the inbox.

Ways to ensure that the email gets read

Below mentioned are the six steps that ensure that the email messages are read and get the attention they deserve.

Make the purpose of the message clear: When people receive your message, they should be able to decipher the overall purpose of the content. If the content is irrelevant and confusing, the recipient would be tempted to remove it as soon as he can. A subject heading such as ‘Action Requested’ or ‘Response Requested’ should be included in the body of the message, or the due date if applicable should be a part of the subject lines.

Tell recipients what action you want them to take: You need to clearly mention in your mail about what actions you want your recipients to take. You need to be specific and should put all the material that is related to the action in one place. You not only need to specify the link between the action and the recipient’s objectives but also give due date.

Provide proper data and documents: You need to make sure that the recipients are sent all the information that they need for completing an action or to respond successfully to your request. The supporting information you send can be in the form of an attached document or in the body of the mail.

Send the message only to relevant recipients: The message should only be sent and targeted to the appropriate recipients. When you are entering the names on the ‘To’ line, you need to be thoughtful and respectful. Thus, not only should the objectives of the recipient relate to the email but the recipient should also be responsible for the action in the Subject line.

Use the CC line wisely: No reply or action should be expected from the people whose names are mentioned in the CC line; they are only expected to read the message. However, these individuals should in some way or the other be related to the overall objectives. If you are not sure whether the mail pertains to the person’s objectives, you can ask the person whether he would like to receive your mail on the topic.

Ask final questions before you click Send: Before you send the message, you need to look back and ask yourself whether you have clarified the purpose, whether you have included supporting information and mentioned a clear subject line, whether you are sending the message to the correct recipients, and whether you have run a spelling and grammar check.

By following the guidelines, you can ensure that you and your team are perfectly focused on meaningful objectives, without creating an email overload.

How to Optimize and boost up performance of ASUS EEE PC

ASUS, the maker of the world’s best selling and most award winning motherboards and chips, is a leading corporation in the digital era. With a broad range of products that also includes Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, multimedia, graphics cards and displays, desktop PCs, Servers, wireless device solutions, mobile phones and networking devices.ASUS, is driven by innovation and committed to provide quality. ASUS designs and manufactures products that meet the needs of today’s digital home and enterprise users. ASUS won 3,268 awards in 2009, and is widely credited for revolutionizing the PC industry with the EEE PC.

ASUS EEE PC is the two pound sub notebook computer; and I think it is one of the best tech gadget buys since my computer addiction began 10 years ago. As a proud user yourself, you will find it with a little effort and addition of a few extra dollars the ASUS EEE PC may have your full-sized laptop gathering dust.

Most often we need to install third party tweaks/software for boosting up performance of computers which should be compatible for particular model/product. Here we go for boosting-up performance of the ASUS EEE PC:

Step One

Please don’t take it in other way. I know not using an antivirus is security vulnerable and dangerous for your business-critical data and safety of your important information, which are not-to-expose outsiders. It can be harmful for your PC/Notebook. But the reason behind my point is that antivirus is resource consuming software so it can slow down your computer. If you want to use antivirus than use but you should disable its auto protect feature so it won’t scan at time of launching applications/programs.

You can also use CCleaner software for removing internet temporary files and cache which is also another source of viruses.

Step Two

Adjust your ASUS EEE PC’s virtual memory to meet your needs. Follow the below steps to do so:

Go to Control Panel then Click on System icon > Click on Advanced Tab > Click on Settings button > Performance > Change. Enter your initial memory size and maximize size for your virtual memory. It will display the message for system restarting for taking changes effect.

Step Three

Download plug-ins for Mozilla Firefox designed for compact computers and easier navigation. Some names to use: “Grab and Drag” and the “Little Fox” theme.

Step Four

Avoid software upgradation. Memory Space is precious with the ASUS EEE PC and most software upgrades, except the BIOS, is not necessary because it takes significant space.

Step Five

Upgrade the memory to 1 GB for optimal web browsing and overall speedy performance of the ASUS EEE PC.

Step Six

One of the main reasons behind slow performance and unnecessary resource consumption is background services. You can free some necessary and must-be-required resources on your computer for running your operating system and applications smoothly by ending some unnecessary Services. To terminate such service follow the below steps:

Launch task manager by pressing Ctrl+ Alt + Delete button simultaneously and then click on task manager then click on particular services which is consuming maximum and unnecessary memory space. Right click on the services you want to close and click end task.

Step Seven

By installing the Startup Cleaner software you can also see what programs start automatically with windows which you do not want and optionally disable selected items.

Because it takes more time at system boot up time and causes delay to launch operating system properly to work hassle-free.

So, you can get the best performance from your ASUS system by following above mentioned steps.

How to Optimize Your Computer

The following are the tips that will help you to improve your computer’s performance which will work on all versions of Windows operating system. The tips provided  here use the utilities that are available in  within Windows operating system. These utilities are provided to achieve best system performance without altering the registry files.

List of Utilities in Windows to Optimize Performance

  • Disk Check Utility: Go to “Start Menu” then click “My Computer.” After that you have to Right-click on the drive for which you wish to check the errors and then go to Properties. In the dialog box of that, click Tools tab there you will find the Error-Checking section. Now you have to click on Check now. A dialog box will appear to you and you have to select all check boxes and then Click Start. After that disk check will finish, Windows will take you automatically to your login screen. It’s important to note that Disk Check Utility can take more than an hour to check and clean errors on your computer.
  • Disk Cleanup Utility: Go to Start menu and then click to “My Computer.” There you will see “My Computer” dialog box. Now you have to right-click on the drive for which you wish to check the errors and then click on Properties. There you will see Disk Cleanup button and you have to click on that. This scan may take a long time to check the disk errors and it depends on the files lying inside your computer. After the completion of scan the Disk Cleanup dialog box will appear, click on that to view the Files. Now you can select or deselect the check boxes to define whether you want to keep or discard the files. When you make your decision, click OK.
  • Disk Defragmenter Utility: Go to “My Computer” dialog box and then right-click on the drive that you wish to check for the errors and then click to Properties. In the dialog box of Properties you have to click on the Tools tab, and then the Defragmentation section then click “Defragment Now.” After analyzing the computer’s hard disk drive, the Disk Defragmenter will display a message, asking you whether you wish to continue defragmentation process or not. Now you have to press Defragment to clean up the computer if necessary.
  • Internet Explorer Utilities: There are some functions provided in Microsoft Internet Explorer that will help you to make your Internet browsing faster. Go to Internet Explorer and then click on Tools menu there you will see Internet Options, click on it. Now in the General tab under the option menu go to Browsing history and then click on Settings. Now Under the History section you will find the no of Days that you can opt to keep in history. Reduce number of days provided in history as much you can to make your internet surfing faster.

Automatic Windows Update Utility: You have to configure this utility of windows only for once. Windows will then automatically update the Optimization setting information from the Internet.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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