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How to stop people from stealing your online information

Most of our personal or professional work is done on computers. We keep important files, data and other sorts of crucial and critical information on the computers. We keep many of our personal photographs on our computers and much more stuff which is likely to be very personal in nature. In today’s world computer information theft is becoming a pain with each passing day as the hackers are coming up with new technologies and ways to steal one’s personal information to get something out of it. It is said that precaution is better than cure, and this fits in this situation also. It is always good to have adequate security measures on your computer so that no one steals your information and use it incorrectly.

In this post I will give you some steps and ideas to keep your information safe on the computer and protect it from Internet theft.

Step 1: The first and the foremost thing is not to share your personal information on the Internet. Trust me this is the best way. We often end up entering our information like name, age, location, phone number etc on many websites which require us to register before accessing the content. Try entering fake information here so that nobody knows about your personal details.

Step 2: Limit access to your personal information on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut etc., so that not everybody can view the details about you. It is good if you not even let everything displayed in front of your friends as they might forward it to someone else.

Step 3: If you work on any public computer, never ever save your passwords in the browser. Browsers offer the user to save the password when they login to any website, but make sure that you do not save any password. If possible then always clear the history and temporary files while leaving the computer after work. Also make sure that you do not have auto fill feature turned on your computer because it still can save the information which you enter on various websites

Step 4: Always keep good firewalls running on your computer. Firewall is one of the best means of keeping your computer safe from intruders and it lets you know if someone tries to access your computer from somewhere. Installing a Firewall and keeping it running is not enough because you need to keep it updated as well. Always update your firewall and the antivirus software updated because they might miss on the new infections if not fully updated.

Step 5: When it comes to online purchasing, make sure that you shop from trusted websites only. If you shop from any unauthentic website then they might steal your card information and misuse it without your consent. Credit card information should not be given on any other site except the ones which use legitimate payment gateways for processing the transactions.

HTC® Wildfire S review

It takes lot to make a first impression. And HTC has made it with HTC Wildfire S. It has all the features that make it stand apart and look like a mini computer. The fast processor in it makes it so. Basically the HTC Wildfire S is a phone which is mainly meant for web browsing because of its fast browser and the operating system in it. It is basically an Android-based cell phone with all the high end features in it. Web browsing is easy because of its multi window browsing options. One can just browse the web smoothly and switch over to the next window very easily.

With the help of zoom in and zoom out options, it is very easy for you to minimize and maximize the windows you want to see. YouTube and all other websites are very easy to use because of its fast processor. You not need to wait for a long to view your favorite videos. The moment you touch the ‘Play’ button, it starts streaming. You can do all the research work on the go because of Google apps and Wikipedia.

HTC Wildfire S has all the social networking websites preinstalled in it. You need to just touch the icon to access Facebook, Twitter and Orkut in style. HTC Wildfire S has a very powerful camera (5MP), with that you can capture your special moments and tags your special ones in that. With these applications, you can capture and shoot your own video and share it online with your family and friends.

You can call it a complete communicator because it has a unique caller ID which makes you able to know not only about who is calling you but about his Facebook profile and other details as well. HTC Wildfire has numerous apps which make this Android cell phone a must buy because there are themes and skins preinstalled with the help of which you can change the whole persona of your phone. All your e-mails are delivered in a single inbox whether it is from Gmail, Rediff, Yahoo! or MSN. HTC wildfire S is an Android-based cell phone and that is why it has innovative features. You can do almost all the things you do on your PC. With its 600 MHz processor it is possible for you to surf the Internet at a high speed. It has all the connectivity options like 3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well. HTC Wildfire S has a 3.2” large screen on which you can enjoy video and browsing.

Subscriptions and digital downloads to be offered by Google

Google has evolved into an online giant which has made many people completely dependent on it, especially those involved in research. It is not only a medium through which people can access what they are looking for on the net, but also contains a variety of products with different features. The most notable among these products which have become very popular recently are the Google Chrome, Google earth, Google talk and many more. It also has a range of services like Gmail, Orkut, News, Maps and YouTube.

There have also been lots of speculations around Google launching a music service. The speculations continue to take shape as the online giant pitches record labels on a solution which would include both a subscription service having a cloud based locker and a la carte downloads. This service would allow users to access their music libraries through any connected device. It is invariably being talked about that the Google Music service may provide good competition to the likes of Apple iTunes and the Amazon MP3. It would function mostly like them like offering customers the choice between complete digital albums and individual tracks. However what would set the initiative apart would be the locker option that would be priced at $25 every year. It would allow the users to automatically transfer the purchased content to a cloud based account for streaming or download to authorized devices. Apart from this, social media features like playlist sharing will also be included.

Google is expected to come up with both a mobile application and an online music player. It is also in talks with the labels to provide users with the facility of checking out and listening to a full length stream of a song absolutely free for the first time. After that, the consumer would be able to access only a 30 second sample of that particular track.

It is also being said that Google is negotiating a three year licensing agreement across all the countries where the music service would be launched. This agreement includes a 50-50 subscription revenue share with master rights holders and music publishers will receive a 10.5 per cent share.

The digital music ambitions of Google began to surface in June when Google was in talks with the recording industry. According to Wall Street Journal at the time, the service would be connected to the search results which would enable users to access the link when they look for an album or a song title. Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering had said that the users would love this feature and that the music service would leverage technology through Google’s purchase of Simplify Media, a streaming media firm. The Goggle music Launch would also be eagerly awaited because of its clash with the leading Apple iTunes which currently accounts for almost 70% of all premium downloads and approximately 28% of all physical music purchases.

Let us hope that the new Google service becomes as popular and as successful as its other endeavours. For now, it is being eagerly awaited.

The Pros And Cons Of The Social Networking World

Social networking is one of the most recent means of entertainment for the masses of people all over the world. There are millions of people around the world who are deep to their neck in social networking. There are many networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Hi5 to name a few. As each month passes, more and more social networking sites are being added to the sites in the world. Millions of people have joined Facebook which is one of the most popular social networking sites and this has caused the site to expand rapidly.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of these social networking sites and they are listed here.

The positives:

  1. Cheap communication:  Communication through the internet is a lot cheaper than the communication through any other means. In fact, if you would like to communicate through these social networks, it is not only cheaper, but it is more fun too. Other than for personal communication too, these social networks are very useful and you will be able to reach out to a lot of your potential clients and also potential buyers through these social networks.
  2. Get to know people: You will be able to get to know a lot more people than you ever thought was humanly possible. The ease of communication and also the fact that these social networks have a wide range and any person who is living in the United States can reach the person who is in Australia in seconds has made this to be a unique opportunity for people who have never met each other to have a more than a friendly relationship.
  3. Job opportunities: Many of the companies are turning to the various social networking sites even for their hiring needs because f the ease with which they can hire people. Other than the hiring, the decision on which person will suit for which job can also be easily identified on these social networks. This is because the personal and professional details of all these people are listed in these networks and the attitude of the individual can also be assessed from the various activities of the individual on these social networking sites.

The negatives:

  1. Scams: There are a lot of scams that revolve around these social networking sites because most of the people who are part of these sites do not have a real name on these sites. They also put out only false details on these forums. This has made people to lose faith in the reality of these social networking sites.
  2. Nuisance: The fact that people spend a lot more time on these social networking sites has caused people to have decreased output or productivity at work because  they have been busy all the time.
  3. Addiction: There are some people who also become addicted to the social networking sites and this has caused them to spend a lot more time in front of the computer than spend time with their family or friends.
  4. Time taking: Since having many friends and replying to most of them each day takes a lot of time, it is a time consuming activity. These are some of the negative aspects of social networking.

Google Planning Another Social Media Venture

Google plans a fresh attempt with social media through a social networking site apparently named Google Me. This will not be the first of its kind with Google already have tried and failed in the shape of Orkut, Google Buzz, Google Latitude etc. It is an apparent effort to compete with facebook. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.

Angelo confirms the news

“Google me” sounds more like a last minute wrap up for a name than anything else but hey! So did Apple back then? Kevin Rose let the buzz start with a tweet on Sunday that Google will be working on a social networking site of its own perhaps to give facebook a run for its money as facebook is probably the only significant competitor for Google when it comes to attention on the internet. The speculation was given some surety by Adam D’Angelo when he acknowledged on Quora that Google me was a real project and there was a proper team working on it, he even expressed his complete confidence about it.

What could Google Me be?

With little information disclosed from the company itself we are left guessing as to what exactly could Google me be? Apparently, it would be related to one’s Google profile that started fading away with the debut of Google’s Buzz earlier this year. For those who don’t know, Google buzz facilitates sharing links, pictures and thoughts with all known through people’s Google profile. Quiet similar to Twitter, however, Buzz did not exactly affect facebook’s popularity or growth in anyway, Google me however threatens to do precisely that. Probably it would be something that had status updates, news feeds, and picture albums like facebook within one’s Google profile.

Google’s flings with social media have always been short and elusive. Orkut might be having a great time this month with Brazil in the world cup quaterfinals, but that’s just about where Orkut’s visibility ends. According to the talks a whole new team has been set to work for the project, better privacy and data exchange can be expected this time the accounts will probably be based on your Google account only.When Google buzz first came into the picture it had huge privacy issues, by the time Google fixed them the excitement had died down and it never caught on with the public again. Google latitude has a comparatively better user base but even that has star up issues.

This year Google attempt s to revise its social strategy, Google me is probably a project designed by an entirely new group of Google engineers.

The basic expectations we can have from Google is that it should do its due homework on privacy and data export before introducing Google Me as a rival to facebook

Google Plans a Facebook Rival

There is a huge rumour doing the rounds that Google plans to launch its own social networking site called Google Me to compete with Facebook. There are reasons to believe that the news is credible, however it is unclear as to how it would function. There is however enough reason to believe that once put together successfully Google Me could actually take facebook on. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.

Why is the news credible?

The news can be considered credible because on the one hand Rose is as famous for spreading rumours as he is for getting them right and on the other hand, if experts are to be believed, Google already has most of the required tools for a social networking site functioning. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen. The first being the Google Profiles function that helps you create a personal page with your info on it, the second is Google Buzz which is Google’s own battered twitter, the third being Google latitude that facilitates sharing of location. Apparently Google Me would be an amalgamation of these three services.

How will Google me function?

However the way this is going to function is quiet unclear a majority of the people are left speculating, some say it might just be an upgraded Google Profiles service. But how does the company plan to integrate it with Buzz, latitude and Orkut is yet to be seen.

Experts like The Next Web’s Brad McArty favour the combination of Google Buzz and Google’s Brazilian networking service-Orkut. He says that keeping in mind the fat that orkut requires a Google account and Buzz requires Gmial a combination of both gives us a good two hundred million users, which is already half as many in facebook. While some people term it just as another trouble shoot effort by Google in the area of social networking, many are expecting a big clash between two of the greatest web giants.  If this plan be considered, one can easily make out that once Google Me comes into the picture it will for sure give facebook a run for its money.

Another misguided attempt by Google

One the other hand there are many who remain unfazed and advise the same for facebook, many people like The San Francisco Weekly’s Alexia Tsotsis reminds us of what became of Google buzz that was to rival Twitter. She thinks that Google is just throwing social networking efforts against the wall and waiting for one that sticks.

Others however have reason to believe that a war between the world’s two greatest web giants can be expected. Will google learn from its mistakes or will Google Me take the beaten track as well is yet to be seen

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