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Google Launching Facebook Killer “Google Me”

“Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source.” was what a tweet read from the Digg founder Kevin Rose recently. Could this be a brand new social feature from Google or perhaps a combination of the existing ‘Orkut’ and ‘Google Buzz’. Experts suggests even a combined package of Orkut and Buzz alone could claim a customer base of nearly 200 million, already amounting to nearly a half of Facebook’s.

Not official yet

First of all there is no official announcements regarding ‘Google Me’ yet. Since this is supposed to be a Facebook competitor, Google probably would attempt a sudden launch in order to take Facebook by surprise. Nevertheless ‘Google Me’ has to compete for a market share of a market mostly created by Facebook itself. Regardless of the reputation of Google, the new social network component will have to prove itself first.

Facebook shaken? Probably not…

With over 400 million users, Facebook probably are not bothered in the least bit. However it all depends on what Google puts forward in the way of ‘Google Me’. If Google somehow manages to sway its Gmail users away from Facebook towards ‘Google Me’, then possibly Facebook might have something to think about.

What to expect

While some suggest a combination of Orkut and Buzz, few feel a developed version of Google profiles would come out as ‘Goofle Me’. Which ever one it is, or even a brand new Google component, no doubt will have a ton of features probably integrated into Gmail/Google mail just to make things worse to Facebook.

Competition or go along?

Competition no doubt brings the best out of rivals. However competition is not always the best method to follow. The problem here is, the credible source of Kevin Rose has specifically mentioned a rivalry of ‘Google Me’ against Facebook. While such rivalry could bring the best out of Google, consumers on the other hand may not be requiring anything against Facebook at the moment. At the end of the day all depends on what people like. Currently Facebook is being loved by the masses.

People are overwhelmed with social apps already

With the limited time that they have, average web-centric people are overwhelmed with social networking apps. The last thing they want is another place to update their status. Typical consumers of Facebook would not totally abandon accounts because of the existing networks around them, yet they may chose to use other web 2.0 apps, keeping Facebook as the primary source of networking.

What exactly is ‘Google Me’ comprised of, nobody knows yet except Google itself. In fact Google will have to come up with something phenomenal to get Facebook thinking, at least. With Facebook having millions of networking groups, pages, applications, users and businesses, ‘Google Me’ referred to as a Facebook killer is a bit exaggerating for the time being.

Getting a clearer insight into the latest Facebook privacy fiasco

The latest news about the privacy fiasco that happened at Facebook did leave a lot of people bewildered. This is the thing that shouldn’t have happened at all as it clearly states that Facebook will never divulge user information to advertisers. But, this was exactly what happened.

This was not only an occurrence at Facebook but it also other social networking sites like LinkedIn, Digg and Twitter. However, only one of them escaped this and that was Orkut. This was out of twelve networking sites that were looked into.

The way the private information was leaked out was in different ways. The most important was the HTTP server. This actually serves a positive impact as it allows website owners to get an insight about the working of their websites and which search engines send them maximum traffic.

Also, websites use it to be able to block access if the request comes to them from a website that they are not aware of in order to prevent bandwidth leeching. Knowing of the URL on its own is not dangerous however in the case of social networking sites it is because it has the name of the user and other information linked with the URL.

In order to overcome this concern Facebook has been always used to the URL that reconnects without divulging the real information. This ensures that Facebook does not use the same URL that has the private data on it.

Unluckily for Facebook, this is exactly what happened as it wasn’t actually doing anything for the adverts that have been embedded in the website. Every time a request was sent for the advert, the URL with the private information showed up. Since the uproar this has been fixed by Facebook. The restructured URL is bound to provide one with a stronger data defense, at least for the time being.

The next to face such an onslaught were Twitter and Digg however in their case it wasn’t as clear cut to fix the blame. Twitter uses Google Analytics to track the data. Twitter has a part of this embedded in the image hosted by Google Analytics. This is used to find out the data. At the same time, with Twitter it is not personally identifying and therefore, it saves them from leaking out personal information.

In the case of Twitter it is actually quite difficult to differentiate how this can be termed as data leakage. The third social networking site called Digg had a potential problem in the case of the cookies that were used in Digg. Digg’s stores the cookies with the user name used to log in. if a request is made to Digg. Com then it will show up as that. This was a problem as some sub-domains were able to use the cookies. But, the leakage of information wasn’t really possible due to cookies being specific.

To conclude, it is not regularly that social networking sites leak data. They are stringently looking into ways to stop this minor leakage.

Is it always going to be Yahoo vs. Google?

Every individual has his/her opinion based on the need and the preference to choose Google or Yahoo. To me, Google is more of a Search engine; however Yahoo is a complete package of fun stuff! In my opinion, the purpose of both these websites is different.

Google – Simplicity at its best
When you hear the word Google, the first thing that strikes your mind is “SEARCH”. Google has become a synonym for Search. Google definitely wants to give an easy option (without any distraction) to the users to search information that they are looking for.

Here is what I found on Google’s Corporate page – “The perfect search engine,” says co-founder Larry Page, “would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.” When you Google…oh! Did I just use the word Google as a verb?! Google has re-defined online searching to such an extent and in fact has made it so simple that people prefer the word ‘Google’ to ‘search’! Let’s get back to what I was saying, when you Google, no one has to teach you what to do…it is just a simple search, without any ambiguity. You don’t need to spend time trying to look for the box or an icon to enter the search criteria…it’s just there in the center of the white blank page, inviting you to use it mainly for your search! Though Google’s home page gives you links to visit their other applications like Gmail, Orkut, Google Images, Maps and the Advertising programs, however it does not confuse the user from the main purpose of logging to Google, which is to SEARCH!

Yahoo – A complete Network
Yahoo on the other hand has so much of information on their homepage that calling it just a search engine would do it injustice.

On visiting Yahoo’s home page, you will have the option to check the e-mail, read the news, chat with friends, check out the “eye catching” advertisements, get updated on the happenings around the world through the News and Sports section.

Yahoo does not confine itself to search; it calls itself a “Network”, which is very true to its nature of activities on the Internet. The new Yahoo commercial makes it very clear that Yahoo is not Google! Yahoo is undoubtedly a leader in advertising and creating a Network of its own. The commercial does a very good job of differentiating Yahoo from Google. It shows the uniqueness of Yahoo as a portal catering to the needs of its viewers and giving them an option to customize their page. Yahoo’s strategy is to keep people on their site with a host of things to look at. Yahoo is certainly a successful eye catcher or I should say; a complete commercial portal!

I am not going to comment on which one is more popular, is it Google or Yahoo? I use both as they serve different purposes. Google is the leader when I need to search information and Yahoo is for the stories and news.

Take your own pick!

Are You Honestly In “Love” on Facebook?


We can easily count the number of people who do not use Internet in this fast moving world. In today’s world online surfing has become the essential tool for chatting and having relationships with each other, even if two users are miles apart. So, there is no surprise at all if people fall in love online. This is only happening all over the world. Hence social sites like Orkut, Twitter and Facebook lead a way to maintain relationships and make users to feel that they are not apart and they are always together. Hence we must be careful before starting to have a relationship with one person. However the question as to: “Why many people choose Facebook to find their relationship?” still remains a mystery.

Jasmine’s Tech Dos & Don’ts of maintaining Relationships on Facebook

First thing you must not do is specifying any relational status or post your personal information on your public page since it is not authenticated and your privacy may be compromised. When you are moving with a person in a real world you can update your status with him/her. But this is not applicable to the people who you haven’t met in your personal life. Sometimes this may also cause some bad turning in your life. Hence keep your feelings as private. If you post it public it will get display on your wall and everyone can see that. So avoid posting it on your wall.

You can share your photos, videos and any important pictures that you have taken recently with your family and can share it with your close friends and relatives who are in Facebook. Since there are private settings available in facebook, you can join a group of people and can share with them. Only they alone can see your privacy photos and information. So there will be no problem in photo sharing.

Always make sure that all settings are private. Do not share any of your personal information or feelings with others. Nowadays, it is difficult to calculate any person’s behavior and character. Even if we know the person for many years they try to publish all the information to others. How far it will work if you say it to an unknown person? After knowing the person and having an interaction session with each other you may slowly start to share your things. Do not reveal anything during first meet itself.

Do not get cheated by anyone if they give fake information or photo. Nowadays it is popular among most people. Even if you are cautious, people try to cheat you. Before seeing each other, they get married through online and then they are feeling for what they have done. Please do not commit the same mistake.


I would not say that you shouldn’t get into relationships through Facebook. If you have decided to move on love with any person just interact with him for more than a month to get to know about his behaviors and family background. If you think that he suits you and your character just go ahead.

Worth of Facebook Increases; With Increase in Digital Sky Stake

Facebook has officially outrunned Orkut and has take over the substantial lead in the race of the most users on a social networking site. It is now just behind Twitter in terms of population. This has led to a tremendous increase in value and its stake is now selling like hot cakes in market.

The white and blue simple interface with touch of sophistication was always lacking from other social networking sites. The trump card for Facebook is its own markup language along with added features suck as “poke”, ”wall” and advanced privacy settings which arehelpful to conduct the social networking without irritating you with constant friend requests. The simple interface has increased its popularity to such a high level with more than 600 million users and half of them online at any given point of time in a day. One of the stake holders in Facebook , Digital sky Tech. which a Russian firm recently increased its stake by further ten percent by heavily investing the company and making its hold further strong in the firm.

The major newspaper and news analyst after hearing this news were very affirmative about the growth of the company and said that the total worth of the site has increased by more than two billion dollars. There were further reports,  that the firm is still going to invest more than one billion dollars to make it presence felt large in the social networking business and after that it’ll rope in the Chinese Internet service provider Tencent to invest by more than three hundred million dollars in Facebook and then later cash in on the profits.

Facebook has its presence felt in almost all the countries with major revenue makers which are located developed countries like America, Britain, Canada and developing countries like India and China. With Zynga also in its back rope,Digital Sky Tech is planning to invest a hundred and eighty million dollars in it, as it believes Zynga is a great source of generating revenues through its gaming model. According to Digital Sky Tech, it will be able to recover its investment in both Facebook and Zynga within a year or so, as it believes Facebook is going to climb the ladder of success by attracting more users which lead to increase in its over all value and more investment from other investors, at that time it may think of cashing out on high value money. While for zynga it believes the concept of the games is based on generating revenue easily as its easily prompt the user to buy a coupon or two.

It can easily be said that the population Facebook is going to soon reach one billion mark and thus will be market value which allows it investors to cash in on all the investment they had earlier done.

utK t ` touch on the remote wheeling with Apple TV, a media server and DirecTV receiver the room transforms into a more than a theater. As the TV cabinet raising along the border of the bed the speaker hidden into the ceiling roll down and provide a show of excellence. The most powerful systems of all which had   the most powerful lighting sytem which was also activate with the touch of a remote and powered by Lutron Lighting system.

The awards are sure to stay for long and are proving a huge hit even in its early stages. They pick up the best from the best, which is chosen by the best. So Thumbs Up! And do keep building more innovative and electrically smart houses.


From scrapping and poking to tweeting, social networking sure has come a long way. It no longer remains a tool to connect with friends for occasional chats but has evolved into a powerful medium of communication and also a business tool.

Users simply used to log on to the web through their browsers to access their social networking accounts but nowadays there are a multitude of clients for different platforms from desktop to mobile. There are even online services which let you manage multiple accounts in one place. To start with there is “” which lets you access Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, hi5 and also MySpace. All in all it is a complete suite to update all your social networking accounts in one place. Power also provides you the facility of updating photos and also URL shortening. Power is more of a netbook option, desktop users would rather go for something like Seesmic Desktop. Powered by Adobe Air, Seesmic Desktop is available for free download at It also features an online counterpart for netbooks. Managing multiple social networking accounts is a breeze. Its features multiple account managing, profile views and auto complete.

For the twitter friendly people there is TweetDeck, also based on Adobe Air, it features multiple account management. Many of its features are quite similar to Seesmic Desktop. For the Mac community there is Tweetie or the Mac Lounge. Both are fun desktop clients for updating your Twitter status. Another interesting client is Brizzly. It has fun features such as grouping and also an unique feature called mute where updates you do not want to know about temporarily can be blocked. There is also support for Facebook. Facebook has launched its own official desktop client called the Facebook Desktop. Powered by Adobe Air, it is simply is a browser with only functionality for Facebook. The prize for the best of all desktop clients however goes to Digsby. It is a complete package deal which offers social networking, email and also IM. It lets you log on to Yahoo!, Gtalk, MSN and Facebook Chat while also accessing your email and updating your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook status. It also features a real time Newsfeed box for notifications.

While desktop clients make social networking easier for those who hate to go through the whole procedure of logging onto every site there are others who are hooked onto the web. A browser add-on would suit them perfectly. For example there is the Facebook Toolbar for Firefox which shows notifications in real time like pokes and messages. There is also a chat icon which can be opened. Echofon is also a famous twitter update browser add-on. With windows for timeline, mentions and direct messages it completes your Twitter experience. It also supports multiple accounts. Yono is another nice browser add-on for Firefox. It lets you update your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace among other social networking sites. It also features an IM client for Yahoo! and Gtalk.

On the mobile front there are innumerable apps which help you in your social networking. Phones such as iPhone and Google Nexus One have a number of apps from third party developers. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut have their own mobile versions which make it easier to access them on the phone. Fring is one of the more popular platform independent social networking tool.
Social networking clients are not just for convenience but also to make your experience fun and exciting. So go ahead and give each one a try.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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