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Wi-Fi fixed by Apple iPad OS Update, Adds Bing

Apple is continuously working for finding new and user friendly electro gadgets that serve multiple purposes of the users. This is in order to get profits, enhance its reputation and more customers to it. Its products such as iPhone and iPad have gained popularity, recognition and captured market in a very short span of time. The iPad launched by Apple has been brought up with a number of innovative features. It’s functioning and working is so efficient that it is capable of fixing a number of problems related to software and networking. The operating system installed in the iPad is being upgraded; the Apple iOS 3.2.1 is capable of fixing a small number of hassling problems, mainly the Wi-Fi issue as reported by a number of iPad users and customers.

Microsoft’s Bing option is an additional feature added for Safari surfing field, but the default option is the Google search. The iOS 3.2.1 is also capable of fixing the following problems. It has an anomaly to avert the copy/paste of the PDF attachments in the E-mail.  Also there is a bug that freezes the video being played currently and also the consistency of video while making use of the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter gets disturbed.

The most remarkable thing about the Apple iPad OS update is its wireless connectivity.  The iOS 3.2.1 delivers an improved and sophisticated Wi-Fi connectivity, though the details are not provided. This would enable you to access the internet or web any where and everywhere, even in remote areas.

After the shipment of the first iPad, many of the users complained about the ineffective Wi-Fi signals, dropped connectivity and slow downloading.

The remarks and announcements made by Bing reveal the unhealthy relationship of Apple and Google, though the additional search on Bing is obviously a boon to the iPad users.  It has been announced by Apple that Bing will serve as a secondary search option after Google for iPhones, iPads and other related searches for Apple products.

The update of iOS 3.2.1 is made available on iTunes. With the growing success of Apple gadgets and the expansion of the company and its products the products by Apple have been really appreciated world wide. The [popularity helps in making its product located via several search engines, Apple will surely be able to become a market pioneer and leader and will also be able to attract new and prospective customers.  Although there are few hitches in iPad like the ineffective Wi-fi connectivity, but it can also be fixed with the help of iOS. The solution is definitely a good sign.

How To Format A Hard Drive On Windows Vista OS

Before you actually go for installing any operating system such as Windows Vista or any other, it would be a great idea to have a look around to search for all of the new drivers for the hardware which is a part of your system. There are many drivers that you would need such as the soundcard, graphics card, raid if you use it, and the motherboard drivers are considered to be the main ones which you might need.

Check for hardware in Control panel
There are certain steps which you need to follow when you want to format the hard drive. First of all have a look at the control panel of your system and see for the hardware devices which are currently installed on your system if you do not know this already. The tools such as Sisoft Sandra can also be downloaded that can give you all details about the analysis of your system for this purpose. Many of the drivers which you would need can be found on the web site of your motherboard. ATI and Nvidia are the main vendors of the graphics cards and one should be checking their web sites to know about the latest drivers for graphics. Also make sure that your system is ready for Windows Vista operating system. Before you actually go for formatting your hard drive you should first back up all of the important files and documents. This would save you from any sort of trouble because when you go for formatting your hard drive then all of the files as well as the settings would be erased. Mozilla tool can be used for saving the settings of the browser.

You can also have two hard drives in your system and keep one for the operating system and the one for saving your files and data. The future OS upgrades or re-installs would be easier with the help of this. If you do not have two hard drives then you can always make two partitions. One partition should be at least 50GB for Os and the other can be for the files and data. During the installation of Windows the partitions can be selected.

Windows Vista CD
The CD of Windows Vista is also very important and you should have it when you need to start the installation. Once you have all the necessary things such as back up disks, Windows CD, software and drivers etc then you should find that which OS is installed on your system. Windows Vista makes use of NTFS formatting process.

Change boot order
In order to start this process, put in the CD of Windows Vista and restart the computer. Change the boot sequence and make CD Rom drive the first boot device. Press F2 to enter the boot menu and then change the boot sequence from there.

After this save the BIOS and restart your computer again. You should also look for the option to boot from the CD drive. Usually by pressing the space bar you can start from the CD drive. After this the windows installation instructs for each step and you can easily proceed with the installation.

Does Windows 7 stand Tallest Amongst the OS!

Microsoft Windows 7 has been in the market for almost an year now. And there is no doubt that the operating system has been a success overall attracting a great deal of people to migrate to the operating system. The much attractive Windows Vista was not able to attract these many people towards the OS. Instead Windows Vista was more like a curse for Microsoft in the market. The engineers and their teams were cursed by many users around the world for the security problems that it had. Windows 7 made the people around the world believe that Microsoft is still able to deliver a solid Operating system.

The Competition

This is a real competitive world and everything has to stay in the competition to do quality business altogether. Likewise, Windows Vista has to compete Mac OS and Linux and there might be a lot of people who will find this to be the best amongst all. There are many of the domains where Windows 7 rule while there are others where Windows 7 needs to improve to be the best in all the traits.

Microsoft has recently announced it to be the superior OS compared to MAC OS X and Linux in the Microsoft;s Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 (WDC) this year. They also stated that Microsoft has sold more then 150 million licenses for Windows 7 ever since it has been released into the market. This certainly set it to be a distinct operating system.

Another comparison that certainly gives an edge to the Windows 7 operating system is the compatibility issues. Windows 7 certainly has a huge amount of applications that are compatible for the file system and can run spontaneously with no issues at all. There are the most critical applications designed for Windows 7 as compared to any of the Mac OS X or even Linux. When it comes to the comparison, applications do make a lot of difference and that is what sets Windows 7 on the top of the list. Apple is more concentrating on making applications for the iPhone, iPod and iPad on the App store then for the Mac OS X.

Mac has got an excellent user experience and you will hardly ever fall into a hardware incompatibility in the MAC OS while Linux does provide you a number of applications that are very essential with fast boot up and quick responses bundled with ultimate security. These are the domains where Windows 7 lacks.

Windows 7 on the Whole

Windows 7 on the overall was a great achievement of Microsoft after the release and the cold response on Windows Vista. It has all the elements that needs to be there in a modern operating system with the tools and technology defining greater standards altogether. There are many of the critic opinion that Windows 7 has many of the interface lifts of the Mac OS X and even if they have done that, they were quite successful in lifting the operating system to a great deal making it to be a standard in terms of the interface.

You can an overall excellent build operating system in terms of the interface while the experience is vibrant at the same time. Microsoft made a sensible move this time to test the operating system with a number of beta release prior to the final release just to make sure that everything was running in fine tone. There was a beta test for Windows Vista as well but that didn’t last longer and probably that is the reason to the failure of the OS in getting an overwhelming response.

Acer No Chrome OS device from us at Computex

Acer will shortly introduce its first Chrome operating system (OS) device. Multiple sources on blog sites had mentioned this news but no one had specified the type of device. Actually, Google was the first that introduced the first Chrome operating system (OS) last year. Google has designed this operating system for Tablets, Smartbooks and Netbooks. Acer already had made a statement that they are working on a Netbook that will overshadow the Chrome operating system designed by Google. They had also mentioned that they will launch this new Netbook in the middle of 2010. Acer’s Chairman, J.T. Wang mentioned that “Acer will be the first company who will introduce Chrome operating system based device”. Acer is the first PC manufacturing company who committed to work on the manufacturing of Chrome operating System (OS) based device.

In the month of November, Dell has also started to work on manufacturing a Chrome operating system (OS) device, Mini-10V Netbook. But this Netbook is still under process. Like Dell, Android is also talking about the manufacturing of a Chrome OS based device. But here interesting thing is that Android is dealing with Smart Phones and Chrome OS is only suitable for Tablets, Smartbooks and Netbooks. So in reality it is bit difficult for the coexisting of Android with Chrome operating systems.

Acer who had committed last year that they will soon launch its first Chrome operating system device has now made a new modified statement on Monday. Acer has now refused the news that “they will launch a Chrome operating System device within next two weeks.” Acer has now committed that they don’t have any plan to introduce a Chrome operating System device in a near future. It has also announced that “Acer always looks for new experiences and tries to discover such innovative things that enhance the overall performance of its products and services”. In addition to this, Acer has also announced that “they are closely watching the Google’s strategy related to its product and will surely work on Google Chrome Operating system in the future but at this time they don’t have any immediate plan for the launching of such kind of device”.

All these above statements of Acer authorities suggest that Acer is now desperately trying to detach itself from its earlier statement that was made in last year by its Chairman that “Acer will be the first company who will introduce Chrome operating System based device”. But now Acer is saying that they are just trying to follow the progress and development of Chrome operating system and Google’s other products. Acer has also signed an agreement with Google to help him in making its particular operating systems for mobile devices. On the other hand, Google has cleared it many times that Chrome operating system will not be available for Notebook devices until the end of year 2010. Now it is clear that this operating system will not be available before the starting of next year.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003