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Critical Vulnerabilities in Acrobat Products Fixed

Adobe Acrobat Professional and Reader launches new versions

Adobe recently came up with the release of its segment which focused lots of susceptibilities in its current versions of Acrobat Pro and Reader. It’s time to update!

There were about 18 susceptibilities of which few were critical. These extremely critical susceptibilities can be rectified by update as mentioned by the security advisory assigned by the company.

Some of these viruses are getting worsened and that calls for upgrading to the latest version. It is vital for all the users who work on functions supported by Acrobat systems to opt for the latest version to avoid errors and dysfunctional performance later. It even comprises of OSX, Windows and Linux.

Adobe’s time to update with new editions

There are new editions launched by Adobe which include Acrobat Professional and Acrobat Reader. These new versions are for Mac. Acrobat Professional is available in Universal packages but the Acrobat Reader is available in separate packages for Intel and PowerPC designs.

It is possible because of the reason that Reader is circulated free of cost in the form of an all purpose PDF viewer. It is sent out individually to initiate and looking forward to keep the size of the file as minimal as possible. In this manner, it lessens the frequency of its download.

Acrobat 9.3.3 Pro and Adobe Reader 9.3.3 refer to the critical susceptibilities (as coined by Adobe) which are found in earlier editions of the software. The Adobe security bulletin mentions that these vulnerabilities could be a reason behind Acrobat or Reader to get damaged. It can possibly lead a hacker to take the charge of your computer. Initially, such a similar susceptibility was noticed by Adobe in its software called Flash.

Process to get the updates for Adobe

The updates can only be added to the installation of the existing Acrobat and Reader version 8.3.2 or 9.3.2 of the product you were already using. If you have any other versions of the Acrobat and Reader then you need to first of all install the two new released versions and thereafter get the updates.

The updates are necessary to keep the computer away from viruses. Moreover, by upgrading to latest version, it can be accessible to the latest features which earlier editions lacked. It gives more advantages and keeps you updated with the recent additions in the software. However, please note that it is necessary to always download from trusted site else your system can be at risk of malicious viruses that will get inadvertently downloaded from these sites.

To sum it up, various sorts of susceptibilities and vulnerabilities of the Adobe were detected and so to overcome them the company has launched new updates. So, what are you waiting for, just install the updates and be in sync with latest addition in the new versions. You should always keep up to the advanced version so that you are informed about the new changes added and get benefited, protected and updated always.

Google Chrome for OSX and Linux

Till now the computers have majorly been powered by the variants of three operating systems – Windows, OS X, and Linux. Seeing the dominance of these three OS’s not many companies have tried to come up with a whole new full fledged operating system, but google has been sticking its feet in various industries and has done the same in computer operating system industry too. Google has christened its forthcoming operating system as Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome is an open source operating system which is exclusively designed for users who spend most of their computing time over the internet.

Chrome OS is based on Linux and unlike other OS’s it will not be available for download; instead it will be shipped with PCs of specific hardware configuration by the manufactures who have tied up with Google.

Talking about interface google has laid all the efforts in minimising the Operating System’s load from the machine for faster application functioning. Google is following the basic concept of Chrome browser which is to make maximum space available for work and not to utilise it by OS features itself.

Recently Google has announced that they have updated the user interface of Chrome OS and following are some enhancements:

  • The new updated interface allows users to use Chrome OS without logging into their Google account.
  • An optional sidebar has been added which will show the battery indication, time, Wireless indications etc without consuming large screen space.
  • Till now Google was supporting only SSD hard drives for storage but it has announced that Chrome will also use internet based storage; this will help the users to save more local disk space for other more important things.

The idea behind these updates is to make a browser capable of doing tasks for which people need a complete Operating System. Google is trying to make if not all, then most of the features run online. With Google Chrome OS you don’t need to download and install various applications as they will be available online and will work in a click as if they were locally installed. Google Applications like Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets will be a part of these online applications released with Chrome OS. Google is not asking the Chrome users to change the way they do their stuff, but Google is trying to change the way the Operating System allows you to do that stuff.

As announced by Google a stable release of Chrome OS will be released publically in the second half of year 2010.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003