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How to Recover Messages in Outlook 2000 Installed with Internet Mail Only option IMO

Procedures for data recovery slightly varies with regard to Outlook 2000 with internet mail only option. However the conceptual approach to the whole process is same with all the versions of Outlook 2000 e-mail client. As extra configuration that’s unique to data recovery in Outlook 2000 internet mail only option, the newly created PST file folders during recovery has to be mapped as the location for POP mail delivery after recovering the data.

Functions of Inbox Repair Tool

The Microsoft designed inbox repair tool which is accompanied with the Office 2000 CD, usually is installed automatically along with Outlook 2000. However the utility is a hidden EXE file, a reason why the average users are not aware of its existence. This tool is called upon its EXE file name which is Scanpst, which describes the purpose of the utility in a nutshell, just within the name.

The inbox repair tool is utilized to analyze the directory structure of the personal folder files, which are also called as PST files because they are of .pst extensions. PST files are used by Outlook to store various data such as e-mail messages, contacts, calendar, notes, journals, appointments, and others. Even when Outlook uses other file types for saving data such as offline files which are of .ost extension, the same recovery procedures apply to .ost files too.

Finding the problems and repairing whatever it can is another important function of the inbox repair tool. Unfortunately its impossible to determine which problems are likely to be recovered by the inbox repair utility. But any serious data loss problem is likely to be beyond the scope of this particular utility, because this is designed to handle only basic level issues that are commonly experienced with Outlook 2000 and other versions.

The tool is designed to scan for any and every file that has a .pst extension. For example if an executable file has been renamed to a .pst, the utility tries to convert the file and changes it to a mountable PST file. This no doubt displays the strength of the utility with regard Outlook storage file types.

Outlook 2000 with Internet Mail Only option

As the option or the Outlook installation type suggests, the Outlook ‘2000 internet mail only option’ differs with respect to minor configurational and usage changes only. Other than that the Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2000 IMO are almost identical.

The recovery procedure too differs in a smaller scale according to the Microsoft support site, but importantly noted a difference in the process exists nevertheless. As per the general usage of Scanpst the concept and the plan of action remains the same across not only all variations of Outlook 2000, but also all versions of Outlook. In any case a back up of PST folders has to be saved when its prompted at the execution of the inbox repair utility. Because a copy of a PST back up which is of .bak file extension, can be utilized in recovering the files which Scanpst may fail to recover.

How to Recover Messages in Outlook 2000 that is Installed with Corporate and Workgroup Option

Outlook uses PST files as the storage destination for its e-mail folders, contacts, calendar and other personal data. The same recovery procedures, that are applied in PST recovery can be applied to other types of Outlook storage files as well, such as OST (offline storage files). The same application or the recovery tool, Scanpst.exe is used in recovering both types of files of Outlook 2000.

Usually the ‘Repair Inbox’ is installed automatically during system setup, since the tool is accompanied in the Microsoft Office 2000 CD. the program normally resides in \ Program Files \ Common Files \ System \ Mapi \ 1031 \ NT \ Scanpst.exe in the Office 2000 CD-ROM. On the system, a simple search for ‘scanpst’ would return the location of the Scanpst.exe inbox recovery tool.

Process of Inbox Repairing with the Scanpst Tool

Analyzing PST files directory structures, repairing them and restoring them are all part of the duties performed by Scanpst inbox repair tool. After executing the inbox repair tool, a new PST folder has to be created within the profile in which the recovery is needed, So the the items in the Lost and Found folders can be transferred to the newly created PST folder. This way both the recovered folders plus the ‘Lost and Found’ folders can be deleted so only a good copy of the needed files are remaining within Outlook. However any items that are not in ‘Lost and Found’ folder are beyond repair.

A backup of the damaged PST files

When the inbox repair tool Scanpst.exe is used, by selecting the checkbox to create a backup copy of the existing PST files would create a second copy of the PST files in a different extension, namely .BAK. The advantage of having a backup PST files is that the BAK version may be used to recover files that Scanpst fails to recover using the original PST files. Nevertheless the backup contains only a copy of the originally damaged or corrupted PST files.

A size limitation of 2GB causes saving and retrieval imitations to PST and OST files. There is utility that Microsoft has made to address this issue. However using of the PST file crop utility is subject to losing of some data in the files in order to recover the maximum.

The computers with Outlook 2000 accompanying corporate and workgroup option, are usually components of a larger network. If not the corporate and workgroup option is of no use to Outlook, nor to the system or the user. As network interruption, network failures and application errors being possible causes for PST file problems and Outlook 2000, the troubleshooting and recovery methods for PST files must become common knowledge amongst the staff in any business.

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