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How to start Microsoft® Outlook Express in Safe Mode

Microsoft Outlook Express is the default e-mail application which comes bundled with the Windows operating system till Windows XP. It got renamed as Windows Mail in Windows Vista and later the name of the actual executable remained the same. Microsoft Outlook Express is a free application which can be used to configure POP, IMAP e-mail accounts so that e-mails can be read and written. As far as the e-mail configuration is considered it is very similar to Microsoft Office Outlook, but the files and architecture of Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Office Outlook is entirely different.

Microsoft Outlook Express comes bundled with Windows and thus it is the default e-mail client, and uses the same address book which Windows has in it. Contacts in Windows Address Book and those in Microsoft Outlook Express are the same. We can have multiple identities in Microsoft Outlook Express to have various people use the application but this often results in troubles. Microsoft Outlook Express is closely integrated with the other DLLs of the operating system and many a times it crashes because of any changes in these common files. One of the most common problems which Outlook Express suffers from is that it never starts when user clicks on its icon. There can be number of reasons why this happens but many a times it can be fixed by running Outlook Express in its safe mode. Please do not confuse this Safe Mode with the Safe Mode of Windows as both are two entirely different things. Almost all the applications have a way to start them with minimal or no third party extensions enabled. This mode is called as the Safe Mode because when we start an application in its safe mode it is only the basic application which loads and no other extra plug-ins and extensions. Many a times when Outlook Express fails to start the reason is because of some plug-in, or extension which prevents it from loading in to the memory and we can fix it by trying to start it in Safe Mode.

Step 1: Click on ‘Start’ menu and then click on ‘Run’.

Step 2: If Run is not available then press the ‘Windows’ key along with letter ‘R’ on the keyboard.

Step 3: Now type ‘MSIMN /A’ in the ‘Run’ box and then press ‘Enter.’

Please note that ‘MSIMN’ is the name of the executable file of Outlook Express and it stands for Microsoft Internet Mailing and News. This name is still the same even in Windows Mail in Windows Vista and adding /A to it makes it start in its safe mode. This ways we can at least make the application to start so that we can further troubleshoot the issue. If Outlook Express starts in Safe Mode then this proves that there is any add-on or plug-in which is preventing Outlook Express to start and this can be found out by checking the list of all the add-ons under tools and options.

Send Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel

From your Word program, you can send a Microsoft Word 2007 document via email to an Excel user. The file can either be included in an email message or can be mailed as an attachment. In order to use the email function, you need to have an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express set up on your system. Other email programs can be used as well, but they have to use the MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) in their programming to make this work.

Instructions to send Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel

As an attachment

Step 1: Click on the Office button that is located in the upper left corner of the window.

Step 2: From the dialog box that appears, click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 3: Click on ‘Email’ and a blank email window would be opened. The Word File would then be added as an attachment with the file name as the title in the subject line.

Step 4: In the box corresponding to ‘To:’, type in the email address; then type in your message and press the ‘Send’ button.

As Email message

Step 1: Click on the ‘Office’ button on the top left corner of the screen, and then select ‘Word options’ that is one of the buttons on the bottom right side of the dialog box.

Step 2: Click on ‘Customize’ that is at the right hand column of the Word Options dialog box.

Step 3: In the Choose Commands area, click on the drop down arrow and click on the ‘All Commands’ option. This would give you a list of all the commands that you can add to your Quick Access toolbar.

Step 4: Keep scrolling down till you can choose and select ‘Send to Mail Recipient’. Then click on the ‘Add’ button and click on OK. The ‘Send to Mail Recipient’ button would then be added to the Quick Access toolbar located at the top of the screen.

Step 5: Click on the new ‘Send to Mail Recipient’ button and fill in the email address. The last step involves clicking on the ‘Send’ button to send the document as an email message.

You must save the file first as a text file (TXT) in case you are sending the document as an attachment. A Word-to-Excel converter can also be used for this purpose; otherwise the document would not be recognized and it will come up with odd lines of text and strange symbols. Usually, Excel does not open a DOCX file by itself but you can copy and paste the file information from Word 2007 to Excel 2007. Alternatively, you can program an Excel macro to run the document in your spreadsheet.

It must also be noted while following the instructions that you may not see an email command if you click on the ‘Office’ button and click ‘Send’. It may be because you may have a version of Office that does not contain Outlook; or Outlook might have been installed as a stand-alone program.

How to Back Up and Restore Outlook Express Data

As one of the foremost tools we use to communicate, the advent of the web and the email service is one you must use almost daily.

Better Outlook Express

In that regard, Microsoft Outlook Express is one such application that has made e-mail communication easier and changed the way we communicate online whether its business or other purposes. The society today cherishes the function of the e-mail as one of the key aspects of communication and with Microsoft Outlook Express software; you directly download your mails from the internet easily. However, what happens when you can’t access your information because your system has malfunctioned? As a user of Microsoft Outlook Express, it lets you keep your mail accounts accessible and organized and as such, it is perhaps crucial that you back up the data you have in a hard drive or networker server. It is better to take precautionary measures than wish you had.

What to do!

First of all, to begin the procedure simply access Microsoft Outlook Express from your PC  and once there click on the “Tools” tab just at the top of the now opened Outlook Express window. You will immediately see a drop down menu from which you should pick the “Options” tab. The Options tab will open and Options window tab and from the opened options just click on the “Maintenance” tab that you will easily see and pick out from the options.

The “Maintenance” tab should now be opened and from here simply click on the “Store Folder” tab and you will immediately be presented with a store Location window. Once here, simply double click on the text in the box on the Store Location window that you have opened and then right click on the text that you have selected. A further menu will show up as a drop down list and from the list, pick “Copy” and click on the red “X” tab just above the right hand corner of every window you have opened. Once you have accomplished this simply close down Outlook Express.

After the above, you have closed your Outlook program and all you have to do is simply maneuver to the start menu and go to the “Accessories” tab from where you should pick the “Run” tab and click on it. In the Run window that you have opened, right click on the dialog box and simply pick the “Paste” tab after which just hit the “OK” button. Choose “Edit” from the top of the opened window and select “Select All” from the menu. Now click the “Copy” tab option from the edit menu and then just close the window.

Go to your desktop, right click on it and from the drop down menu choose “New” and then select “Folder” from the subsequent that comes. Simply double click on the new folder you will see, right click on the white space in the new folder and click on “paste.”

There you have, you can thus easily restore your Outlook Express data and back it up too without  hassle.

How to Get Started with E-mails on Windows 7

Emails can be accessed using any supported Email Client or directly by web based email service. Regardless of the mode with which you use your email there are few things which will always be in common.

You always will have a unique Email address

Email address is just like your home address which is unique across the globe. Email id consists of two parts separated by the ‘@’ sign. Text written after the ‘@’ sign is the name of your email service provider. Example: Gmail, Hotmail etc. Text before the ‘@’ sign is your unique user ID on your service providers server.


Password is the key to access your email account. Without this your login request will not be accepted / validated.

Root Folders

  • Inbox – Folder for incoming mails
  • Outbox – Folder for sending mails
  • Drafts – Folder for saving unsent mails
  • Sent Items – Folder for keeping a copy of sent mails
  • Trash – Folder which contains deleted mails

Getting started

To write an e-mail, click on the Create New Mail option. The title might change depending upon your service provider. In the new mail window you will find some boxes like:

To Box:

This is the box for typing the address of the recipient – the email ID of the person to whom you are sending the mail

CC Box:

This is the box for typing the email ID of the person to whom you want to send a copy of your email

BCC Box:

This box is not visible in most of the “New Mail” windows but its purpose is to send a copy of your Mail to somebody without letting other recipients to know about this. BCC stand for Blind Carbon Copy and all the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ recipients will not come to know if there was any BCC added in any mail.

Mail Box:

This box is to write the content of the mail. It’s a multiline text box and users can write the actual body of their mail here


This option is used for attaching a file to the Email. You can send pictures, music, video etc as an attachment along with your email message. All Email Service providers have their defined set of rules for handling the email attachments as this is one of the mode for spreading infections. Some Email service providers don’t allow you to send executable files as attachments. All the providers have a size limit too so before sending a large email attachment you should know if your email service provider will allow you to do so.

To access your emails on Email clients like Outlook, outlook Express, Windows Mail, Live Mail etc you need some more information other than your username and password. Information like:

  • Incoming mail server address (POP)
  • Outgoing Mail Server Address (SMTP)
  • POP port number
  • SMTP port number along with the security mode

The Email clients these days are capable enough to fetch these details directly from your email service provider’s server, but this works only for the major players like, Gmail, or Yahoo etc. For configuring other providers you need to have this information handy by yourself.

Working on Email through an Email Client gives you more and better options and capability to read your downloaded mails without even connecting to the Internet.

How to Enable Installation and Reinstallation of Windows 7

Nowadays everyone wishes that they should get best in everything. When it comes to operating system, there is no choice to Windows 7. After the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft was worried about its success but it has now become the most used and most popular operating system. Installation of this latest version of windows is much easier than the previous versions. You just have to load installation files into your system and follow the procedure.


Installation of Windows 7 comes with two choices. First is upgrade in which windows replaces current version of windows on your system with Windows7. It just upgrades the windows folder and keeps other programs and application intact. You can even install Windows in custom mode. It replaces current version of operating system on your system and also all the files, applications unlike upgrade menu. Thus, it is also referred as clean installation as it completely cleans your system to install fresh copy of Windows. You might face difficulties in installation and reinstallation of operating system. This article enlists the solution for the troubles.

To choose between two versions, 32-Bit and 64-bit, of Windows 7; is the important task while purchasing fresh copy. You can download required version from internet or can buy it from nearest shop. As you know, there are various ways of installation and for each type of installation, there is different technique for each type of installation like if you may wish to install 64-Bit version on a system having 32-Bit version of Windows or you may want to format the disk while installation and so on. Now as you are ready with installation, before you begin you must first check for product key. It can be found inside the disk holder or in a confirmation mail.


If the computer is connected to the network, you have to write down name of computer after installation is finished. Later you have to take decisions regarding which version to install or how to simply upgrade etc. As discussed earlier, custom option erases everything from the partition in which you are installing Windows7. To keep back copy of files is the only way to retrieve whole data. Application programs can be reloaded using set-up files and product keys. Windows 7 does not include ‘Windows Mail’ and ‘Outlook Express’. Thus you have to depend on other e-mail reader after installation.

You must also note that programs designed to run on 32-bit version, do not run on 64-Bit. Another way of custom installation erases files not only from partition in which OS is being installed but from other partitions also. Again, Backup is the only solution for retrieval of data. When you have computer with no other OS in it, installation can be done in standard way which is to insert disk in system and follow instructions. To install 64-Bit, your computer must satisfy some basic hardware requirements like 4GB RAM and then you can install it. Otherwise it may create software and hardware issues.

Reinstallation comes into play when operating system shows error indicating missing of a file or any important driver. Advance Recovery menu will let you chose from two options viz. recovery image or installation disk. Recovery image can be obtained from computer manufacturer. If Windows doesn’t respond at all then you have to use installation file and use custom installation for recovery.

How to Organize and Cleanup Outlook Express Address Book

The general problem with most of the user is that their address books are not well organized. Their address books contain addresses that are never used, e-mail addresses in other columns, misspelled names, duplicate addresses or names. It seems you are just getting on familiar terms with your Address Book here, aren’t you?

This problem can be solved only if you give out just a little bit of your time in organizing you address book and cleaning it up by removing the unnecessary email addresses. It is very easy to do so just follow the below given steps and you can have a well organized address book which most people would be jealous of.

  • Open Outlook Express. Set up your Outlook page so the Contacts list shows on the bottom left side of your page. Go to View and then Layout to open the Window Layout Properties box. Click Contact and OK as a result of which the Contacts list appears on your screen.
  • After the contact list appears click the down arrow beside the list. Sort the whole list by Names. The names will appear in alphabetical order in your Contacts window.
  • Organize your email using the Address Book. Open your address book by clicking Address Book on the email toolbar. The address book window will appear on the screen.
  • Change your address order. Systematize your addresses by ascending or descending order. Click the column heading that you want to change. The names will be sorted from A to Z or from Z to A as per the sorting process.
  • Clean up your addresses by deleting addresses you no longer need. Click on the name or email address that you no longer want. Click or press Delete on your keyboard. The other way of deleting the addresses is that you can Right click on the name or address and move your mouse to the Delete option and click on it to delete the unwanted address.
  • New names can be added to your address book by clicking Address Book on the toolbar. Click New and then New Contact. This will open up the Properties Window. Fill in the complete detail of the contact that include the name and address of the contact. Click Ok when you are done finishing the entry of details. Thus, a new contact can be added to your list.
  • Systematically arrange the existing email addresses into groups so you can send everyone in a particular group the same email. You won’t have to worry about leaving anyone out or sending a message to the wrong person. This helps in a better communications with everyone.
  • We can create new groups so that all the people who are related to that group can be kept together in a same group. Doing so is very easy just follow the steps. Click Address Book on the toolbar. Click New and then New Group. The Properties Window opens up. Name your groups and add the email addresses for each person. Click “Ok” when you are done.

So it can be found that a well organized Address book can be of very much a help. Once should take good care in organizing the Address book as it makes your work easier, simpler and faster.

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Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
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