Advanced operating systems and improved technology has proved its benefit in the world of computer manufacturing. The user is getting closer to the system with the help of technological achievements. Research in the field of computer hardware is making computers more useful and reliable. You can connect microphone for recording or online karaoke competitions to your desktop. You can connect your music player or iPod to computer to listen to your favorite songs. There are ports available on the front, back or side of your personal computer or laptops. These are known as jacks that connect inserted devices directly to the driver in the system.


When you insert microphone into the jack provided for the same, operating system establishes connection between microphone and sound card and thus produces required results. Many desktop computers have two common jacks. One is known as line-in jack. As the name suggests it is used to connect audio devices to the computer and other is known as line-out jack. It is used to connect speakers i.e. they give output of sound produced. One microphone jack may also be present in the front of the system. In case of laptops, they lack line-in or line-out jack. There are two jacks for microphone and headset which are located at the front side of it.

Audio Troubleshooting

Often when you connect an audio device in one of the jacks but cannot hear anything you must make sure that jacks are not muted. If you face any query while connecting the input devices, here are the solutions:

  • After plugging music player into link-in jack you have to go to control panel and search for sound button.
  • In recording tab, you have to go into the properties of Link-in tab.
  • Ensure that sound level is not set to mute and if it is so then change it to full or as per required.
  • In listen tab check ‘listen to this device’ and click OK.

As mentioned earlier, in laptop audio devices are connected to microphone jack. Perform similar steps as stated above. You have to perform changes in ‘microphone’ tab instead of ‘sound’. Check the sound coming out from speakers of laptop as microphone jack is designed to receive sound from microphone which is different from the sound of music player. You can attach microphone to the microphone jack to input sound. After setting up connection, you have to go into the microphone tab in control panel in order to ensure that the sound level is not zero. If so you have to increase it as per requirements.

Music player or many audio devices can be directly attached to the USB input port. When it is attached to USB, operating system tries to find out drivers for it and then you can access it or perform changes and actions you wish to. Connection like this does not connect the sound card with input device directly. It is more convenient to use as it doesn’t involve settings controlling the sound of the ports. Sound can be directly increased or decreased with the help of sound key.