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HP Introduces new HP webOS 2.0

HP has unveiled the new HP webOS 2.0. We all knew that HP will come with the new OS after acquiring Palm. Earlier known as the Palm web OS, HP has changed the name to HP webOS 2.0. Let us take a look at some of the features of HP webOS 2.o.


  • Just Type

With the Just Type feature you can start an email, create an email message, update your status and search your favorite websites. There will be no need to launch an application to do all this. With the Just Type feature on HP webOS 2.0, you can do anything anywhere you want.

  • True multitasking

Got an email message while playing a game? No need to worry. You can pause the game by tapping it and can check the message, update your calendar, update your status and finally can get back to the game without any hassle.

  • HP Synergy

With the HP Synergy feature of HP webOS 2.0, you can sign in to your social networking accounts like Facebook®, Google™, Microsoft® Exchange, LinkedIn®, Yahoo!® etc, all together. You will get the birthday notifications of Facebook friends in your contacts. Your work and personal calendars will appear side by side. IMs and text messages will be combined in a single conversation. You will get all this in your phone with the help of HP Synergy.

  • Exhibition

With the new HP weebOS2.0, you can run new apps designed specifically for the HP Touchstone Charging Dock. The exhibition will automatically launch as soon as you keep your phone on the dock and will display things from your today’s agenda to a slideshow of your Facebook photos. Exhibition will work with the compatible apps on your phone.

  • Apps

With the thousands of apps for HP webOS2.0, you can refresh yourself. Stay connected with your friends and relatives with the help of social networking websites. You can play infinite number of games and can use applications that are made for finance fitness etc.

  • Favorites

Another wonderful feature of HP webOS 2.0 is that you can tag your favorite contacts. These contacts will appear as Favorites in Phone and Contacts views. These contacts will instantly show up at the top of the Contacts, Email, Messaging, and Phone apps.

  • Web

With HP webOS 2.0, you will be lost in the world of web. HP webOS 2.0 comes with support for the Adobe Flash® Plug-in 10.1 so that you can access your favorite Flash-based games, videos etc.

  • Messaging and Email

Now you can manage your email messages and IM’s more efficiently. HP webOS 2.0 comes with Yahoo! Messenger so that you can stay connected with your friends through Yahoo messenger.

  • Productivity updates

HP webOS 2.0 comes loaded with the Quickoffice® Connect Mobile Suite so that you can view Microsoft® Office Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files and can use them with online services like Google™ Docs and Dropbox.

Apart from the above features, there are features like Text Assist, auto-capitalization, spell check, and a customizable dictionary so that you can type messages easily and quickly. Along with this, there is IPsec VPN and Cisco’s SSL-based AnyConnect with which you can access data and services from your company’s intranet.

Verizon and Samsung get in Exclusive Deal

Verizon’s online store pages are the only store to sell its products. As for product promotion and advertisement every manufacturer has its own strategy: Some offer flat discount on their product, others offer free products along with their purchase. These are the common business philosophies and  Samsung is also fascinating its product along with an unusual sweetner, for the online Verizon’s store pages, Samsung is offering one product absolutely free on the purchase of one product. In clear words, if you buy one product you will get another for free. It means you will get two products at the cost of one. It’s not necessary that you have to take the free product along with you, as you’re given the option to get your free product. Well, this time Samsung had this deal with hardware.

So you will get two hardware products on the purchase of one. It’s been heard that Samsung made this deal with its top tier mobile handsets but Samsung made this attractive offer on Verizon online store along with certain conditions that you have to fulfill before you can take the benefit of this offer. As regarding the mobile handset, Samsung has made a deal with a two-year commitment. According to this deal, if you want to get a mobile handset absolutely free on the purchase of one then you have to take a monthly data plan of minimum $29.99 for the next two years. Apart from this the nicest thing about Verizon’s online store is that it offers free Pixi Pluses with the purchase of Palm’s webOS handsets. You should also keep in mind that your initial outlay here is quite lofty about $400 but the two separate $100 mail-in rebates bring its cost down. So it’s absolutely free in pecuniary terms but probably not free from headaches. No wonder people keep spitting out the new phones. You want to buy the latest technology trend in your mobile device but the machine that you want to purchase is going to be obsolete in a spec shit of 2 weeks when they released something better. So, in the market of electronics, whatever you purchase becomes obsolete in a very short span of time and you need better every time. That is the reason behind the success of electronic product sales. Every time a new model of electronic gadget is released, customers get attracted toward it. Apart from it, to increase sales with the release of new product launch, companies make attractive offers along with their products. Samsung is also included in such a race and make a great deal with Verizon’s online store. Surely offering two products on the purchase of one attracts customers a lot.

So, we can say that Samsung is going to take a lead in electronic market with its sharp strategy to facilitate the offer (with unusual sweetner of buy one get one free) through Verizon’s online store pages.

Galaxy Tape: Samsung enters the Tablet arena

Samsung remains to be the second of the most earning mobile devices after Nokia internationally. The company has launched some real fantastic machines in the world of mobile devices. Though both Nokia and Samsung are not well paced in meeting the global demands of setting high standards in the cutting edge latest technologies, the company is still striving to maintain a good repute in the world of such devices by setting quality standards. The first of Samsungs product in the Table arena is the strangely named Galaxy Tape.


Apple has launched iPad and despite its ineffectiveness in providing the exciting services, the Apple logo has alone made two million units in two months. The tech geeks haven’t found to be anything extraordinary in them. HP is also coming up with the HP Hurricane that is running on the recently taken over Palm WebOS. The BlackBerry tablet is another of the current lineup in the tablet market with RIM doing the job as OS. Following them is the recently launched OS from Google in the form of Android that is being used up by Dell Streak.

Galaxy Tape- a closer look:

The device was supposed to be named Galaxy Tab that might have made a sense though. Galaxy Tape makes no logical sense as the tapes have long been taken over by many different technologies available around the world these days. Name is just the only thing that is non-happening in the device. The overall impact is pretty impressive and has attracted a great deal of tech geeks from around the world.


The device has a reasonable 7-inch Super AMOLED display, something that Samsung is revolutionary at. The display is a flat screen one giving some of the vibrant colors and textures. The device is running a 1.2 GHz A8 processor that gives it enough power to process some of the excellent applications around the Android world. The OS that is being used up is Android just like the Dell Streak but some of the exciting features set the Galaxy Tape distinguished compared to Dell’s Table PC.

Galaxy Tape has an internal storage of 16 GB that can be expanded to 48 GB with the microSD card slot available with the phone. The expected weight of the device is said to be around 12 ounces that is fairly reasonable. The display as well as the input sensing makes the device distinct amongst many of its rivals currently in the market. The TouchWIZ UI was not warmly welcomed in the smartphones but is expected to give a excellent experience to the people using the table PC.

Galaxy Tape is running on the Google’s Android OS that has been taken up by many manufacturers around the world of mobile devices. The device is supposed to strike the market with some of the very exciting features. Though the iPad didn’t come up that revolutionary in the Tablet PC world, still, that is being set as the standard and expectations are that Galaxy Tape can do great deals on the condition that the software and hardware are well coordinated in the device.

The Hurricane is here to sweep you off your feet: Learn about HP’s latest Notebook

Notebooks and tablet computers are an essential component of the computing world today. The need for people to access computers everywhere they go, has led to the invention of smaller and portable computers that can easily be moved from place to place. Notebook and Tablet computers are portable computer devices that are also efficient. They are light in weight and can be easily carried about. Some of them are so small they can even be held in the palm of the hand.

There has been increasing competition in the market for notebooks and tablet computers in recent years as more and more firms are coming up with new products. New firms are also getting into the computing market daily.

What is the Hype about?

The most recent entry into the notebook and tablets computer market has been announced by HP, a firm that has been producing computers for a long time. HP announced its intention to release its new Palm WebOS based slate. Codenamed “The Hurricane”, the device will be launched in Australia by the end of the year.  HP discarded its initial intentions for the Windows 7 based touch tablet slate PC in favor of the Hurricane. Analyst suggest that this move could be the result of HPs offer to buy Palm.  At the time, Palm had been working on a WebOS based tablet that could be a competitor to Apple’s iPad.

It could even be true that by the time The Hurricane is launched, another computing firm would have come out with another tablet computer solution. This is how things are working now. The use of tablets and notebooks has become very common because even the middle class is able to afford them.

Has a new trend already set in?

Tablets and notebooks may be common because of their portability. Students, business people, teachers and even parents find the use of these devices as they can move them around from place to place, unlike a desktop computer. They can carry with them their applications, documents, databases, movies and music wherever they go. These devices also have chargeable batteries that make them even more portable. They can be charged and used later, meaning that one does not always need electrical power to operate them.

Tablets and notebooks also take less storage space. Unlike a desktop that needs a dedicated table in an allotted space in a room, a tablet or notebook can be folded and stored in a handbag or even under a pillow.

Tablets and notebook computers also have features and facilities that are not found in desktops and other computers. Tablet computers come with inbuilt web cams, microphones, speakers and so on. They also come with higher computing power, faster processors, larger memories, larger hard disk storage, better screen resolutions and many more.

Compared to the features they have to offer, the Tablets and notebook computers come at a low cost. Users are now able to afford these new technological advancements as it is essential for their daily lives. Initially when the huge computers that can take up full rooms came, they were so expensive that, only large multinational companies could afford them. Now the cost has decreased and there is an increase in the features of all kinds of tablets and notebooks.

Buzz: HP's webOS Tablet Debut

On April 28th HP announced that it would acquire Palm, the hand held computing pioneer undergoing some tough times, for 1.2 billion dollars. During this announcement it was said that HP plans to release tablets running the ground breaking Palm webOS software. An industry rumor doing the rounds suggests that the first of the tablets would be launched sooner than most experts expect.

The tablet supposedly goes by the code name HP Hurricane and is reportedly scheduled for release in Quarter 3 of this year. There aren’t any technical details available as of now.

It would be an outstanding piece of product development if this is accurate. Since the deal between HP and Palm was only announced in the last week of April of this year, it may take up till Quarter 3 of this year to lock. Hence it’s not surprising that several believe that it would be impossible for HP to have a WebOS powered tablet on the market prior to 2011.

Could this Buzz be a False?

Two separate reports joining hands could have fuelled this rumor. Some sources have pointed out that the Palm’s next webOS Smartphone may have a tablet shape. This could well be understood that the phone would not include a physical keyboard and not that it would be a tablet computer.

This report of Palm coming out with a tablet shaped webOS Smartphone this summer, coupled with HP’s plan to unveil a webOS powered tablet in the near future could well have been misunderstood for HP coming out with a webOS powered tablet computer!

HP onto the Tablet Mode

Reports of HP planning to come out with a tablet computer running on webOS showcase a recent trend, which has been seen in major IT giants capitalizing on the tablet market. There are a whole lot of companies that are producing tablet computers founded on Smartphone operating systems.

On the day of HP announcing that it would be acquiring Palm and the webOS, Todd Bradley, the head of HP’s personal systems group, told reporters “Between Smartphone, slates and potentially netbooks, there are a lot of opportunities here.”

Earlier this year, HP announced that they may be producing a tablet computer based on a full version of Windows 7. However, an unconfirmed report suggests that this plan may have been shelved.

Additional info on webOS

The interface for webOS, released on June 6th 2009, is designed for use on devices with touch screens. Palm Pre Smartphone was the first device to use the webOS software. The Synergy function in webOS allows users to synchronize information from several sources at the same time. For example, webOS permits users to sign in to their accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook. The contacts from all are incorporated into a single list. Calendars from different sources can be viewed at the same time. Conversations including messaging and chats are combined with each contact into a single window, enabling SMS text messages and chat messages to be viewed together.

So what’s it going to be? An HP webOS powered tablet or an HP Windows 7 tablet. Well, we’ll have to wait and watch out!

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