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Google TV: Review and Features

The search giant, Google has a habit of coming up with new technologies. Google TV is the latest product from the house of Google. Google TV is all set to give competition to Apple TV. Let us take a complete tour of Google TV.

Below are the features of Google TV:

  • Search your television

Now, you can search whatever you want to watch using the Google TV. Just type in whatever you want to watch and Google will get you that. With the help of Google TV, you can flawlessly search the content on the web while watching TV and can access the content just by performing a single click. Also you can easily switch between TV and the web without changing the input mode of your television.

  • The web is now a channel

The search giant Google has loaded the Google TV with a number of features like Google Chrome and Adobe Flash Player 10.1. With these, you can access anything on web, watch your favorite videos, view photos, play games, chat with friends etc.

  • A new world of apps for your TV

When it comes to any Google product, support and applications for that product is unlimited. Google TV comes pre-loaded with applications like Netflix, Twitter, CNBC, Pandora, Napster, NBA Game Time, Amazon Video On Demand and Gallery. Also in near future, applications from the Google Market will work on Google TV.

  • Your phone = remote control

With the Google TV at your place, you can use your Android based mobile phone or your iPhone or multiple iPhones or Android based phones as a remote for Google TV. Apart from this, you can also use your voice to search the Google TV.

  • Fling a video to your television

With Google TV, you can share anything from a website to whatever you are watching or listening to on your phone to your Google TV by just pressing a button.

  • Watch it now

Now with Google TV, you can access over 40,000 shows and movies by subscribing Netflix just for 8.99 or Amazon Video On Demand (shows start at 99 cents!).

  • YouTube perfected for TV

With Google TV you can watch enormous videos on YouTube. Just imagine watching a video related to your favorite content on a 40 inch TV in HD. Apart from this, you can even create new channels on the fly.

  • Watch and browse, simultaneously

Now, with Google TV, you can watch your favorite TV show or your favorite movie and can browse web simultaneously with the great Picture in Picture technology.

  • TV gets a homepage

Always wanted to get your favorite site as your homepage? Now, you can enjoy this facility in your TV as well. You can select your favorite website as your homepage. Sop that whenever you switch on you television, you can get directly go to your favorite TV shows.

  • Find your favorite episode

With Google TV, you can find and watch your favorite TV shows quickly. Google TV has a special page that lets you quickly find and watch any episode no matter whether it is on TV or the web.

  • Create a TV playlist

Got an important work to do and cannot watch your favorite TV show? Now, there is no need to worry. Just send your favorite TV show to Google Queue and you can watch it later. Also you can subscribe to your favorite websites and video podcasts and can add YouTube videos.

  • Record from the search bar

Now enjoy many enhanced TV and DVR features by combining Google TV with your DISH. You can record a show right from the search bar and can search all of your recordings at once.

  • Rock out in your living room

With Google TV you can listen to your favorite music on your home theatre system by creating a personal radio station on the fly with Pandora or listening to any song, any time, with Napster.

  • The ultimate picture frame

With the help of Google TV, you can watch your favorite images on your LCD or LED TVs. You can stream photos from Picasa, Flickr etc on to your TV.

  • Over-the-air updates

With Google TV there is no need to worry about the latest updates. Google TV updates itself automatically, So that means, you will get the latest features and updates for free and that too without any hassle.

Google Plans Music Service Tied to Search Engine

The leading search engine provider Google is planning of releasing another service to their customers. Google is going to setup a music store which will be customized with their search engine. Google announced the startup of music download service last week where some other popular sites will be associated with them.

Behind the scene

Starting a new business has been a recent trend  for Google to enhance its market share. In the last 10 years they showed how to dominate a sector. This time they chose music as their product. Many download sites are giving facilities of uploading and downloading favorite music. But in this context Google is going to gen an advantage. As they are aiming to provide the sore by default with their search engine, they will not have to work hard to make it familiar to general people as Google is the largest search engine of the virtual world. Along with this Apple and Amazon is also doing the music release business for last few years. But Google’s focus to dominate the whole tech world could be hindered with their expansion. So Google is looking concentrating on this issue. From the last year the company began linking to partner websites like iLike and Pandora through its search engine, allowing people to stream songs with one click from its search page.

Google’s announcement

Google is going to come up with the new music store within the starting of 2011. In fact they are going to provide the music search and download service with their sear engine along with their Smartphone and operating system ‘Android’.

Cloud streaming of tracks

Google is going to provide a new service to the users by using the cloud computing method. Likewise their product Google Docs, they will enable the customers to listen the music without downloading or installing it into the PC or mobile. The track can be enjoyed directly from the internet source. This could add a great value to this new product.

Competitor’s View

With the news of Google’s music store release, tension in the market ran high specially iTunes of Apple is in a great threat. Last time Google launched smartphone when iPhone market is slightly affected by it. But Google’s OS Android opened new market for smartphones and in the same way iTunes could fell into loss due to new music store of Google.

Primary services

Google is going to provide the opportunity of buying and downloading favorite music primarily. In near future they plan to expand the business more with the cloud streaming of music. But this web store will get more advantage as it will be associated with the largest search engine.

The overall innovation till today by Google has a great impact in the current tech industry. This new innovative step of cloud streaming is going to take the virtual music industry a long way at a stretch.

New Launch of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Service for iPhone

The very day when Apple upgraded its previous version of iPhone OS into the new and highly featured OS version 4, Microsoft also launched its very new Windows Live Messenger service for iPhone in the iTunes library. Well, as for now, the newly launched application doesn’t yet make use of the multitasking facility offered by the new OS. However, it does allow certain push notifications that permits it to run perfectly at the background and also pop up messages when you receive any instant message.


Well, similar to the computer version of this Windows Live Messenger, this new iPhone application helps highlight certain social updates along with pictures while using the instant messaging system. This new, well designed application provides four buttons for selecting any of the four modes, namely, Buddy list, Social Updates, Photos and Chats.

The Social tab added in this new version largely duplicates the application that you see on Facebook. However, it adds several other services which are equally interesting such as, Twitter, Pandora, Flickr, etc. The new version app allows you to filter highlights on the desktop client such as “Photos”, “me” or any other Status messages. Moreover, you can easily add comments to any content you wish to, but can’t hide the contact stream which would help you become extremely beneficial for the small screen it provides. However, holding one particular digit about the update will simply help you come along the contact’s Live Profile or get back to the service from where it came. The application also includes a small hotmail icon along with an indicator for the inbox which when clicked will help you load the Hotmail Browser on your iPhone and check your messages.

Social Networking

The Friends tab is yet another mode offered by the app which is displayed onto your Messenger’s contact groups which starts with Favorites option. The application however, doesn’t show your Facebook contacts for chatting into your Buddy list. Thus, you don’t have to set up your status (such as Busy, Available, Invisible, etc.). However, this can be easily done by simply holding your finger down onto your icon of your social page. You also have the option to change your current buddy list image using the slide-out menu and also sign out from any computer from any location.

The application sends you notifications on your mobile when you are surfing any other app or are on a locked screen. This application is similar to that of Meebo and allows you to combine Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and AIM contacts.

The Chats tab allows you to only receive nudges that uses the vibration of the phone and shakes off the display. You can also enjoy a wide range of smilies to add expressions to your chats. It also allows you to upload pictures from your iPhone and also onto the SkydRive albums within small time duration. Overall, the newly designed application is quite decent and user-friendly, thus giving you the option to connect to all your loved ones from any place, any time.

James Cameroon’s “Pandora” – Is there a reality to it?

If you have seen the movie Avatar then you know how the movie’s plot is different from the real world. So is the world of Pandora just a figment of imagination that Director James Cameroon used in his movie, or is there some reality behind fiction?

James Cameroon is an environmentalist at heart, and he loves everything about our planet earth. The dwindling resources of Mother Earth are a major concern, and the event that was held at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) saw a few important people come together to discuss just that. What was on their agenda, it seemed like they all wanted to know if Pandora could be a reality. Apart from James Cameroon, there were four other panellists, all impressive heads at CalTech.

Everyone right from environmental Microbiologist Dr. Jared Leadbetter, Dr, Jesse F. Adkins from environmental science and Dr. Robert Hunt who apart from being an astronomer and visualization scientist at NASA’s Spritzer Space Telescope was also the moderator at the board meet.

All of them were majorly concerned about the technology and science behind what was depicted in the movie Avatar, more so because there was a message regarding our environment in the movie.If you’ve watched the video then you could easily tell that Pandora had only a touch of exploration to it, and also the exomoons could be existing worlds unknown in some part of our solar system.

We are glad there seems to be some kind of thought gone into bringing about a link between film fiction and reality. There is a huge “What if!” questioned on everyone’s mind and this has been bought about by the movie itself. That’s not all, the main idea behind the movie that James Cameroon created was to change the way people felt and thought about our planet earth. He wanted to bring about a lot of curiosity in the minds of people to wonder if things that they had seen in the movie were really possible or not.

Without a doubt, behind the movie you can see the director’s passion and love for his environment. His love for nature had begun at the first Earth Day that was celebrated in High School. He seems to have taken this love far into his movie, and infact looked beyond what his mind could nourish him with. The concept of the movie is brilliant and what’s even intriguing is that a lot of thought is currently being put into whether the world of Pandora really exists. No one knows if it really does exist, after all it’s the director’s mind that speaks and has nothing to do with research or experiment.

However the event gives everyone a hope that it could exist and that it is possible to unveil a bounty that no one knew existed earlier.

To show off his love for nature James Cameroon along with Earth Day Network and Fox Studios planted approximately a million trees right across the world. A feather on his hat would be if all that was said about Pandora really turns to be true.

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