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Spring clean your digital ecosystem for optimized performance

Spring is finally upon us – a season that brings with it a regular custom of cleaning and reviving back our household accessories to celebrate the spring time festivity. But why leave our digital devices behind – the devices that had been running in half-frozen state all through the winter season?

So, go beyond your regular dusting sessions and give your digital ecosystem a deep cleaning to make your PC optimized and fit for the May Queen.

Clear them off unnecessary data

Your desktops, laptops, and other digital devices are the home for oodles of data that go obsolete with time. This includes unused programs, files, registry entries, forgotten apps, as well as expired permissions that usually go unnoticed and put unnecessary load on your devices’ hard drive. So, to optimize your PC and as a first step of your cleaning ritual,

  • Clear out all the unused or under-utilized programs from your laptops, desktops, or smartphones.
  • Scrub your registry with freely available registry cleaners, like CC cleaner, to clear out all the old registry entries.
  • Erase all the browsing information by clearing out the cache, zeroing out the recent document list, as well as deleting recent browsing history, cookies, download history, etc.
  • Empty out the recycle bin and fix all the old devices that you no longer operate.

Defrag your devices to increase their storage space

Invest in a good defragmenting program to free up some disk space and optimize your PC. The process will consolidate all your existing fragmented files to ensure that each one occupies a single space on the hard disk to ensure that all your files are stored neatly to speed up reading and writing on the hard disk. This will help you,

  • Add a large number of files to your hard disk.
  • Free about 15% of your hard disk space to speed up your device.
  • Improve your device’s overall performance.

Use built-in system tools for PC optimization and improved performance

Take the advantage of all the built-in software, or perhaps the third-party software, to comb through your system’s performance. The older your device, the longer the boot time gets. This is because you tend to add up to the list of programs that gets eventually stored in your device. So as a part of spring cleaning your system and devices, trim down the boot up process with the help of programs like Autoruns. This will help you disable programs that turn on automatically as soon as you boot your computer.

Increase your PC performance by simple hardware/software upgrades

It is of utmost importance to update your hardware as well as software components for optimized PC performance. If you are a Windows user, you can download all the latest updates through ‘Windows Update.’ The updates will help you plug security holes, zap incoming bugs and viruses, and add functionality to your computer and devices.  Alternatively, you can also download updates by visiting the vendor site.

Secure it completely

Once you have done the basic cleaning and have tightened up the OS, it’s time to boost its defense mechanism for real-time protection.  For this, it’s critically important to install a good and up-to-date antivirus and antispyware program that can easily detect and remove all the incoming threats and protect your computer and other devices from all the sneaky programs that hide on your hard drive.

So, update your firewall and antivirus program with all the latest updates. Now run the deepest and most complete scan that your program can offer to ensure that it is able to detect even the nastiest virus or bug residing in your computer. Also, make sure to scan the attached hard drive, if any.

Did you leave your smartphone behind? Your Android-based mobile device should not be excluded from a security sweep either. Top it up with a good and advanced mobile antivirus software to ensure that no digital virus penetrates into your smartphone. Also monitor all the old passwords and replace them with new and more secured passwords that are able to manage and secure all your sensitive data, credit card details, and other personal details well.

Create a complete and all-inclusive backup

Once you have cleared all system debris and plugged all security holes, now is the time to include a native backup support for all your programs and files. You can do this either on an external hard drive or a recordable media that is able to hold all that’s stored on your device. Make sure you back up all your family photos, documents, videos, songs, and anything that you have collected and stored on your device.

Give it a squeaky clean

Once your system’s interiors have been refurbished, it’s time to don up its exteriors through physical cleaning. Carefully wipe your monitor with a damp cloth, clean the grime settled on your mouse, and power clean all other accessories to remove any oily buildup or remnants of your spill ups. Shake the keyboard and vacuum clean it to remove all the dust particles and blow out all the dust and debris off the fans.

Congratulations! Your PC and your Android devices are completely optimized and fit for anything that you would throw at them.

However, if you do not have the time to brush off your system’s dust and debris, we can help you out. Call our expert technicians and we can help you spring clean your computer and other digital devices for optimized performance.

Best Windows 7 Registry Optimizer

In today’s fast life, everyone wants faster systems to work on. To achieve the faster speed, they try out PC optimization and Registry cleaning. But it’s not possible till you do your system’s basic settings correctly. Proper configuration with some special tools is needed to easily boost your system’s speed. In recent times, Windows 7 has big presence in market, as it’s new with many additional features which push people to purchase Windows 7 for better PC experience.

But problem with Windows7 is that Windows7 has so many new features, which may not function well with older version software. So, everyone needs the updated version software. Windows7 registry optimizer plays very important role in improving system speed and correcting the crashes and error messages occurring because of corrupted and faulty system registry entries. The reason behind that is very simple. The registry stores all the essential data and the settings, which you require to use again and again.

The registry database stores the information which is very important for your PC. The registry permits Windows to memorize all the settings of your latest email details and website passwords which makes it amongst the most important parts for your system. But, this database is continuously being damaged because the Windows PC reads 100’s of registries every time you make use of your system. So, in the end it feels very confused and saves many unnecessary files in the registry.

Registry optimizers are programmed in such a way to thoroughly scan Windows registry and all the corrupted or damaged files causing problem. Though, as all the Windows versions integrate ‘registry’ database to the core system, a lot of registry tools aren’t prove to be efficient on Windows7. Windows7 is a new system which has many unique settings so; numerous older registry cleaners can simply delete the important files and will cause immense damage to your PC.

There are also many registry cleaning tools available on Internet, but if you’re searching it for Windows7, you need to be very sure that you are capable for using the tool which is going to work best for your system. Many people have facing the problem is that Windows7 has numerous unique features, and people are unable to deal with these facilities which actually can damage your PC.

There are lots of Windows7 registry optimizers existing in market. There are points which need to be considered before buying any registry optimizer for your Windows7 system. The most important point is to discover the optimizer which can constantly find the errors in Windows and repair them without affecting system’s speed and functionality.

Another good reason to buy Windows7 registry optimizer is that it doesn’t remove unused information. It thoroughly scans all the information, which in the end saves your PC from damage and big loss.

Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003
Call Now: +1 833-522-1003